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[finished] Sensorly is looking for Android beta testers today !

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"That's it for today. Thanks for joining. Let us know if you run into anything fishy"


Hi everyone,

We've been beta-testing our new Android V3 app for the past week and we're ready to open it up to more testers to increase the odds of finding a bug before we launch on Monday. So if you're around right now and would like to participate, read on...


What's new

  • new greyish map background to make the coverage maps easier to read
  • following our traditions of quick updates, we're introducing "blazingly-fast-to-update-speedtest-maps" : when you run a speed test, it's available to everyone as soon as it's uploaded to the server
  • we've added a news feed that we use to give important metrics about the area you're viewing like : best speedtests, latest speeds, distribution of speedtests, etc
  • we've redesigned everything to be cleaner, cripser & more in line with modern Android guildelines
  • and we still have our nifty compare feature to see who really covers an area the best

How to participate

We want to keep this to S4GRU members so please reply to this thread with a "me", then head to https://groups.google.com/d/forum/sensorly-beta-testers-android and request an invite. Add a link to your "me" post in the message.

I'll be up for a few more hours (we're in Europe) to accept requests so don't take too long

The app works with any Android phone running 2.3 and up.


Here are some screeshots, enjoy.












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Love the new app. I feel like it is a lot more social and that I am actually contributing to the data. Before it felt like my data was going to a black box that I hoped someone was going to use. I just got the two highest scores in Laguna Beach! Over 20 mbs :-)


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