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  1. Much better than I thought. Is this LTE or a new technology?
  2. Those speeds are pretty bad, considering Verison's UWB is getting 1.2Gbps. Is Sprint just aggregating multiple 20Mhz blocks on LTE and calling it a day?
  3. That wouldn't be related to VoLTE, would it? I imagine your experience is from recent bandwidth upgrades to your area.
  4. I got this awhile back right when a new site came live. Basically 5G for me. 😃
  5. Verizon needs some help with their discounts system! I thought this was too funny not to post.
  6. Hey @Mikejeep, it looks like LTE shows no connection on my Honor 8 running stock. Do you know what could be causing this? I sent in a diagnostics report in case that helps.
  7. Another promotion by T-Mobile that I, as an existing customer cannot benefit from. That said, I'm grandfathered into a great deal already so I can't really complain too much.
  8. It's an interesting device. Really liking the blue color, but I doubt the US will be getting it.
  9. Aw dang I was doing a speedtest to force CA haha. I'll start downloading a larger app and resubmit.
  10. Sure I can grab it tomorrow when I'm back in an LTE CA area. Where can I get it? Standard logcat?
  11. This is on my Le Eco Pro3. Marshmallow 6.0.1 OS. I only recently noticed it because I just came back to this device. It definitely does show whenever CA is enabled. I just did a speed test to force CA and took a screen cap of my settings with the pulldown. Definitely an accurate reading on this device.
  12. Sprint's new 10x10 network is actually a lot better than before. Data portion is more often useful than useless. I'd say this upgrade is a welcomed one but one that was overdue. That said, they should aim for 15x15 asap. B26 should be placed on the back burner only and let B25 handle most data.
  13. What is stopping Sprint from enabling both radios at the same time? CDMA + LTE? That seemed to work well prior to the triband device releases.
  14. I can't see this tower anymore. The trees around it have grown over my vision of it. ????. I was stoked though because I tested last week and it was still 5x5. Strangely there's no building permits so it must've all been enabled on existing equipment?
  15. Hey Mike, I got a false positive on B41 earlier. I think I was on either B2 or B4 (it fluctuates often) on T-Mobile. Unless this means it temporarily scanned for B41 on T-Mobile? Edit: I updated to your latest release as well.
  16. Sprint activated 10x10 B25 at my house. Pretty impressed. This is on the Nexus 5x.
  17. After 120 days (when I can use an upgrade on this plan), I'll probably pick up the G6 for that heavy discount. We'll see if that sale is still available then lol. Nexus 5x can pick up 10x10 B25, but I don't think it has 256 QAM capabilities.
  18. Hey guys. I'm back on Sprint (well, I took advantage of the free year w/ a spare number.) It looks like Sprint still has some speed issues (from initial observation downtown.) And that B41 seems to be majorly Clearwire still. Will keep a look out. My max test downtown has been 7mbps.
  19. Realistically, Sprint needs to focus on primary markets (capacity/coverage WITHIN major markets) like T-Mobile did in its early LTE stages, then after the healthy customer growth, focus on rural coverage/expansion.
  20. After searching around, it looks like my Nexus 5x isn't working because it's registered as a Prepaid device (when I used it on Ringplus). I am going to see if I can submit a ClickIT ticket to get this thing moved back to postpaid eligible.
  21. Sprint says my Nexus 5x is carrier-locked (despite me being able to use it freely on AT&T/T-Mobile/Ringplus)...Anyone know how I can bypass the level 1 care and get a ClickIT ticket submitted? I'm trying to take advantage of the free year plan so I can monitor upgrades in my area on Sprint.
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