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  1. Your not alone, Reddit is lighting up over it, people in good Sprint 5G coverage loosing that to T-Mobile 600mhz 5g....merger first step not going well...
  2. Yesterday was out and about, even on roaming, all worked well on the latest beta update for data flowing thru. Some slowness at times but 99% better. Rickie
  3. Just installed update, so far so good but see when i venture out of the house tomorrow. Rickie
  4. Mike, Just got my new S20+ today and updating everything and data in SCP updates sometimes, and sometimes doesn't. Sent you report. Sounds like issue your talking about in here right? Rickie
  5. Nex-Tech is a roaming alliance partner of Sprint and in alot of the area they use Sprint Licenses. Great company.
  6. Mike, You going to be able to show 5G on the app and log anytime soon so we can go back and look at logs when we get 5G connection? Rickie
  7. If your talking the Adjust LT timing Advance, no it's not on. I will give you some samples over the next few days.
  8. Downloaded update, TA on my home tower say 9(.44 miles) but it's really .75 miles away. Not sure what else might need to help the cause?
  9. So T-Mobile having last minute business update call at 9am et in the morning....
  10. I’ve started roaming a week ago on at&t lte that I didn’t use to. Voice goes to hspa on att. Speed slow but useable.
  11. Looks like 5g launching officially in NYC, DC, LA & Phoenix as coverage maps updated with it today!
  12. I got mine on Pre-order and been playing since Friday with it, overall agree with many of your thoughts, great overall phone even if not in 5g area. My home tower sector has been having B41 issues for months and Sprint won't listen to me, but other places I've been haven't noticed much of a difference. Hope to go to KC soon.... Rickie
  13. Got 7 towers around Lake of the Ozarks, MO area that have, or currently getting Triband antennas from dual band. This is mid mo lots of rural area but big tourist area so upgrades in full swing. Rickie
  14. Nope still no LTE roaming of any kind on my s9+ Rickie
  15. Exactly what I told Sprint, still working with some other contacts there to find out some info.
  16. I knew that much, but why they locking us out of it since it's native. Rickie
  17. So Sprint is telling me LTE Roaming with USCC is not possible on S9+, any one done any LTE roaming?? Rickie
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