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  1. Nice Flexi zone we have there! Good find!
  2. The Boogah King small cell is now live and boy what a difference in coverage and speeds it is. From barely 1-2 mbps on B25 / 26 at -110s range to 20-30s on B41 in the -80s to 100s range. Side note to all the folks around -- stay safe and wear those N95 masks!
  3. Carriers do short term leases to coordinate a swap over after a formal deal on paper is done. Carrier A and Carrier B formally swaps spectrum on paper then do a short term lease each other back the spectrum so both carriers can continue to use the spectrum they individually held. Then at some point and time in the future, a coordinated handover occurs where the leases end and immediate ownership is taken as per the formalized swap agreement. Ex: A Carrier Spectrum 1900-1910 MHz, B carrier 1930-1940 MHz. Formal Swap so A carrier has B carriers spectrum and Vice Versa. Formal short term lease so A carrier and B carrier will still have usage and temporary ownership of the spectrum that was agreed upon to swap. ~ 6 months later ~ Coordination for spectrum handover is complete and a set date is decided Set Date: Short Term lease concludes -- spectrum coordinated in handover at X time on X day. B carrier owns 1930-1940 MHz and A carrier owns 1900-1910 MHz. This is what occurs in spectrum swaps. There are further spectrum swaps that are pending the FCC that are not yet formalized yet including major markets such as Dallas, TX and New Orleans, LA. Take a break.
  4. And iPhone's have it active with the newest beta but it isn't "officially supported" right now sooooo....
  5. Columbus, OH is VoLTE launched among a lot of other markets currently not announced.
  6. But does the call go through in those markets (outside chicago, pittsburgh, indy)?
  7. According to posts on from Sprint employees on Reddit you do get the new allocations.
  8. What happened was T-Mobile and Sprint inked a spectrum swap and subsequent leasing deal for each others spectrum that is valued at XXX amount of dollars. Spectrum is expensive and particular usable midband spectrum so the cost was highlighted. When a spectrum swap occurs the companies don't immediately hand over the spectrum. What occurs is the entities most of the time will do the formal swap on paper but immediately lease the spectrum back to each other for a specific period of time where they will coordinate a proper handover when both sides are ready. In this case Sprint and T-mobile likely both have LTE carriers on said spectrum and thus at a certain point and time in the future they both will coordinate a swap over to the spectrum they swapped. This is primarily to prevent their respectives sites from causing interference to each other.
  9. lilotimz

    T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    ^ Airscale B4/66 radios attached to Nokia RAS.
  10. This is just another regular spectrum realignment as in the past. Nothing more, nothing less. Whatever you hear from people who have very clear biases and misconceptions does not mesh with what happened in reality.
  11. A quick thing I made up yesterday after looking at the FCC documents. This is currently what was agreed to and there are additional markets still pending.
  12. lilotimz

    Hello All

    Welcome! Maps are generally "theoretical" based on a whole sleuth of what came by summed up as black magic (RF is weird) so it's always a YMMV. The biggest issue is the essential phone you got only exacerbated what issues as it has one of the worst if not worst RF performances on any devices I've ever experienced. If your old signal was weak already then it' may just be non existent with a worse RF performing device. In that case your only alternative is using WiFI or getting a LTE Femto Cell (Magic Box / Airave 4) in a few weeks when they become available.
  13. LTE-Advance means anything above LTE-Release 9 generally speaking. Things like carrier aggregation, LTE relay, small cells, multi layer beamforming, etc etc. Gigabit class means it uses a combination of LTE-A technologies in order to each up to gigabit speeds theoretically. In this case it's utilizing 3 carrier aggregation of 20 MHz TDD plus 256-64 QAM on downlink uplink and 4x4 MIMO on eNB / UE. Thus 3x(112.5*1.33*2) for devices which comes out to around 900 mbps if you have a device capable of doing 12 MIMO streams (4 MIMO + 4 MIMO + 4 MIMO).
  14. lilotimz

    Network Vision/LTE - San Antonio market

    Potentially! They did advertise "enhanced uplink connectivity" for their latest sw pdate.
  15. To be "gigabit class" you need a device capable of 4x4 MIMO on 2.5, 3x 20 MHz B41 CA, 256/64 QAM DL-UL. Sprint has been quietly turning on 256/64 QAM + 4x4 MIMO since summer time which has been the major cause of network issues recently (plus VoLTE).