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  1. No estimates at this time. Just straight up "no" as recent answers.
  2. The posted one is the GEN 1 OG (AU545) release model with the E-Ink display. Gen 2 is the same unit with a LCD display with ID AU544. There's also a hospitality version AU546 that has better aesthetics and water resistance. I wonder if they modified that unit you got with active cooling as all the MBs and radios these days are passively cooled using heatsinks. S1000 is an indoor LTE femto cell produced by commscope / airvana. Same LTE unit that's inside Airave 3's.
  3. If something so critical as R&S at a cell site is EOL'd then they're likely long replaced. Most recent Sprint sites that are documented use newer generation Cisco routers / switches.
  4. Only Samsung Clearwire sites show up in SCP and those are capable of up to 4 LTE 2500 carriers. Many of them were upgraded with the 3rd B41 carriers in the past year.
  5. The thing to look for in general is the 41/42/43 3rd carrier endings as Nokia Mini Macs don't support 3+ B41 carriers while Nokia and Ericsson macro 2.5 equipment can.
  6. The update hasn't pushed yet. Basically the unit cannot establish a connection whatsoever back to Sprint over IPSEC. TLDR: Sprintâ„¢ speed
  7. Doesn't appear so but they do have two hybrid cables snaking up the tower. Second hybrid cable is usually used for 2.5 so keep an eye out in the near future for an 8T8R RRUS82 setup or AR6468.
  8. Fix: ##Update# & Reboot.
  9. Known outage. They've been attempting to fix it. Fix TBD.
  10. You'll need to reach out and negotiate an agreement with a LTE eNodeB provider (aforementioned -- Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia, Airspan, etc) in order to create a LTE EPC, acquire licensed radio transmitters, and a deployment plan. Coverage is far superior to 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz due to significantly higher TX power, antennas, modulation, and just difference in elevation on the transmitters. Still you'll likely need a wide deployment using multiple backhauled eNodeB sectors at least for capacity and coverage reasons. https://www.airspan.com/education/ https://networks.nokia.com/solutions/private-lte TBH reaching out to Sprint may be still your best option since they have the expertise and they're pretty much the biggest entity a lot of these vendors have agreements with.
  11. Iirc aren't like most of Fresno towers 15-20' wooden poles with all ground mounted radios? I'd think that would be the bigger issue plus any restrictions on much needed small cell infill coverage deployments.
  12. It's the ball antenna ATT / VZW ball uses for their COWs. @belusnecropolis linked it.
  13. It's 4-8 batteries in the BBU. 4 if OG NV config with 1.9 + 800 and +4 with 2.5 deployed. IIRC it's mostly rated for 8 hours when I was looking at NV documents a while back.
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