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  1. Tim YuSprint 4G Rollout UpdatesFriday, December 14, 2018 - 11:00 PM PDT Beginning today on the Sprint subreddit, individuals can begin submitting questions in this thread that will be forwarded to Ms. Schnellbacher to answer at his leisure in a few days time. Who is Mr. Jason Schnellbacher you may ask? So go forth and submit all your questions about Sprint Magic Box's, small cells, and other Sprint related stuff!
  2. On another note, does anyone have engineering or app proof of the 15x15 B25 carrier?
  3. lilotimz

    The S4GRU BYOD Sim Compatibility Chart

    Nice catch! I'll fix that now.
  4. Found 3 more Sprint Airspan small cells (Florin/Freeport, downtown, & loaves and fishes area) and the first noted Clearwire 2.5 conversion to Sprint triband 800/1.9/2.5 in Elk Grove!
  5. It's been live since the 2nd week of October. Turn it on and leave it be for about a hour and it will provision automatically.
  6. lilotimz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    You can pop on chat or call mb tech support to ask them to activate it back on your account. Takes approximately half a hour. My gen 3 and Gen 2 had some shenanigans where both was somehow not provisioned. Both are back activated now. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  7. lilotimz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Also the donor 2.5 connection is a 2x2 MIMO 2T2R mini mac 2.5. Presumably I'd experience much more drastic improvements if say connected to an 8T8R or M-MIMO unit running 4x4 mimo / 256qam and 3 B41 carriers.
  8. lilotimz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    It was pretty much the difference of 1 mbps vs ~2 mbps. Hence I have it plugged into the router which is fed by a FTTH connection that is ready to go when Sprint / Airspan sends that OTA firmware. 😉
  9. lilotimz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Terrible photos incoming. Did a 1-1 remove and replace of a AU545 gen 1(2?). 545 was ordered and installed when publicly released on a 2nd floor bedroom window facing the nearest Sprint site. Crappy Pic. Installed Gen 3 AU587 in the center of the house on the 2nd floor loft next to the router nowhere near a window. Ethernet is plugged in but LTE backhaul preferred until Sprint / Airspan sends out a OTA firmware that enables working ethernet or wifi backhaul. Very impressive.
  10. lilotimz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Yes it's added as a line. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  11. lilotimz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    It is broken. Known issue. Fix TBD.
  12. lilotimz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Holy moly. The new 4T8R relay is legit.