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  1. So I read on Reddit that Pixel 3 directly from Google could be activated on Sprint with eSim? Has anyone done this? Is the feature available right now?
  2. So, I guess not using it would be better and probably wait for new version.
  3. Last chat with Sprint Support, was told Airave is out of stock. How often will they restock?
  4. Is it the newest one? Last one I got doesn't have the option to disable wifi even after login.
  5. Will the MB using ethernet BH function the same as Airave? Could I use it in area that Sprint's MB checker says not available?
  6. Is the new Airave that won't broadcast a WIFI access point out yet?
  7. Actually, I think it is my hardware issue. I sometimes have trouble pinging the gateway. But I did manage to change TTL. Is there any significant difference between the rooter project and plain vanilla openwrt?
  8. Got you. That could be why my other LTE devices seems unstable right now.
  9. I have a hosted email address I could use (actually I use a wildcard hosted email so that I could figure out who leaked my info). For MR1100, I have tested and it worked with AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile. I can't get it to register with Sprint, even-though in network scan, Sprint will show up. But maybe somehow on the firmware level, they block it.
  10. Great. I will see if Techship will approve my account, since I am not a "company". Also, are you able to have MR1100 work on Sprint LTE?
  11. Any really great place to buy them? So far there is only one seller on ebay that sells EM7511. Semi-conductor doesn't sell them.
  12. LM960 Is kind of expensive. Is there any slightly cheaper one you would recommend?
  13. So, you have the netgear run on AT&T network? Are you aggregating the connections?
  14. By the way, is it possible to flash openwrt to MR1100?
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