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  1. If the merger go through, they probably required to maintain CDMA for a while (1x voice) to support roaming from regional carrier.
  2. So, what exactly is 5G New Radio. I saw a YouTube video that Nokia demonstrated 3CA + 64T64R. Is that what's in the NR? Seems like just one step up from current 3CA + 8T8R
  3. I also PMed you S/N and MAC address.
  4. I think previous Airave. (From Airave 2 age), Calls started at Airave could transfer to Macro site. I don't think Airave 4 could transfer call back to Macro site.
  5. I feel like Airave 4's CDMA voice quality is much better than when my phone is parked on Macro Cell
  6. @lilotimz Chat support told me "According to the address provided[,] the lte network is not being provided to the airave 4" It looks like Airave 4's LTE functionality is tied to Magicbox.
  7. I am wondering if the Airave 4 are essentially a Magic Box and a CDMA voice airave merged together. Since I am not in a Magic Box area, maybe that's why LTE don't work.
  8. I dialed *99 with my Airave 4 and got error message. Based on signal check, I am definitely on my Airave
  9. Here is a CDMA only report http://imgur.com/gJ9eMs6
  10. Dish doesn't have much low band, I believe. They do have some 600Mhz. But the bulk of their spectrum is in AWS and PCS H block as well as some satellite bands converted for terrestrial use
  11. Sprint have enough spectrum but not enough cash.
  12. I do hope FCC is going to enforced the deadline and hand the spectrum to whoever really want to be a carrier. I doubts the current FCC will do that.
  13. I am in an area where Magic Box is not allowed. Don't know if same thing keep LTE off-limits to my Airave. When the rep ordering me the Airave, she did say that when punching in my address there are some weird error messages about the area not compatible. But she went ahead and ordered the Airave anyway.
  14. Yes. But Dish didn't show any will to actually be a carrier.
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