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  1. My sanity came back when I switched. I have never seen 3g since the day I switched and I could actually hear the person on the other end of the call. Plus, my price is 2/3 of sprint's plan which is nice.
  2. Without root, you can easily disable all bloat ware with apps such as ez disabler. It makes samsung phones able to have less bloat than even nexus phones.
  3. Japan town in LA is good. The museums are good to like the science center and natural history museum. Someone mentioned the observatory and Hollywood sign which are nice. The Hollywood Hills tour is also good. Lastly, I would try and get out of LA as soon as possible and head to things such as Santa Barbara, Solvang (a Danish town), the beaches such as Laguna Beach, San Diego, etc. I'm not a huge fan of LA because of the traffic and dirtiness but there is light at the end of the tunnel elsewhere around there.
  4. I hope this sentiment isn't shared at Sprint. People don't leave because of 1 Mbps connections which people wouldn't even notice a difference on their phones, they leave because sprint drops to 3g with sub 100 kbps speeds or no connection at all in major metropolitan areas. I can't recommend sprint to anyone in OC or else they won't be my friend for long.
  5. Correct. There are also apps that you can do the same thing as well. Just realize that once you restart the phone, it defaults to auto switching so you have to put in the dialer codes again.
  6. I had a similar experience in Orange County where they said there were no plans to fix the areas on the interstate and surrounding my house which would drop to no coverage. It just seems like they have no fight anymore. Then, after I switched off sprint, I receive postcards to come back. Why spend money to get me back when you had an opportunity to keep me in the first place? Also, I keep receiving two postcards at the sign time. They should probably only have one per household.
  7. We should call this what it feels like, this is a Sprint survival move. I don't believe this is under promising and over achieving or some strategic move. PS: I do not want Sprint to fail. No one wins with 3 carriers except big business.
  8. Do yourself a favor and do not get the Nexus 5x. I switched from the phone to a Galaxy S7 Edge and have never been happier. The Nexus 5x is slow, has a washed out screen, poor battery life, and large bezels. I wouldn't get the LG G5 either as the build quality is lacking and the software needs to mature. The HTC 10, although I haven't seen one, appears to be good from the reviews I am reading. I'd also consider the Galaxy S7 if I were you. Love mine.
  9. Lol how aggressive Sprint is being with advertising. I see them on TV, the sides of busses, and YouTube. Well done Sprint!
  10. I tend to think that people wouldn't care if they dropped to 2-3 Mbps since all functions of their phone would work the same including Hugh definition videos. My problem, and the reason I left Sprint, was that it would drop from 100 Mbps to unusable speeds or no signal through Orange County. No signals on the main thoroughfares is unacceptable. And then when I would report it they would respond that everything looks good on their side and to check my phone. I knew it wasn't the phone so that just frustrated me.
  11. Logically what you say makes sense, but for a tech enthusiast community that spends a lot of money on a new phone supposed to last at least 2 years and for a community that finds it fun to go tower spotting even with the wife in the car, not having 3x CA will really suck once the speed test photos start rolling in. This will cause us to get the itch and to upgrade only a year into our contract. Also, for people not on Sprint with its big B41 bandwidth pipes, this 3x CA will come in handy for those folks as they see their speeds drop.
  12. I don't expect a county/city that went bankrupt to make smart financial decisions. Heck, they'll probably delay and ask for more money.
  13. I must have missed something. Why the big concern over increasing the T&D ratio when you get speeds over 200 and then discuss the ways to increase upload. Any download and upload over 10 and I am a happy clam. Heck, my home Internet is 3 and I game on Xbox and stream Netflix with ease on my 55 inch.
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