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  1. No beeps either, but it didn't really bother me with or without it.
  2. I would recommend you contact support and have them put a ticket in.
  3. Yup,There is no B41 near me that I can get, so far I'm only able to attach to B25 and B26 (very weak signals). I currently don't have the earfcns off the top of my head. I can grab that when I'm out and about tomorrow.
  4. Well if anyone interested in the debug screenshots https://imgur.com/a/EdrPKwt
  5. Just got my replacement and just sent you a log. Do you also want the LTE Engineering or anything too?
  6. Thanks! I'll keep that in mind in the future. I also got the folks direct number for ticket support too, but the looks at things they are overnighting me a new one.
  7. I called them yesterday about it and they put it on my account after I gave them the MAC ID, the Serial Number couldn't be found they said. Today it still won't active and they decided to just send a new one, unless someone finds a way to fix it before the new one gets here.
  8. So my Airave is DOA and will no active what so ever, so they are going to be sending me a replacement. 😢
  9. As soon as I can, I will. I'm currently unable to get it activated and I'm having to wait for level 2 support to call me.
  10. Mines here! Airave 4 LTE https://imgur.com/gallery/XjgM91n Super small campared to the 3. Setup wasn't bad other then the power is in a strange location on the unit, hard to plug in with big fingers.
  11. Ah! Mine doesn't show it, so I'm going to have issues activating it today!
  12. When you look at your account, does the Airave show up as a line? I'm wondering if that's the reason you're having issues?
  13. That switching program looks decent. I'm going to have to look into that.
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