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  1. They haven't had stock for a while now.They are working on the 4th version now (Airave 4 LTE) but It's been pushed back due to manufacturer issues, so the really short answer is who knows.
  2. This happens on the MB Gold version as well for me. I just have to reset the thing couple times and it does the trick.
  3. Update scared me. It kept restarting over and over again. Finally after the 4th reset it went through fine.
  4. Just ask Sprint for one for free. Why pay for a free device?
  5. So after finding the perfect spot(only took me a month haha) I'm now getting great results! 13/3 now vs 1/0 old.
  6. Wifi and Ethernet not working is a known issue.
  7. They did the same thing to me, but mine was suppose to cancel, but didn't. I just called back and said they ordered the wrong one and I would like the latest version aka Magic Box Gold which is what I'm getting tomorrow.
  8. Wrong one! It needs to says Magic Box Gold
  9. Ask for the Magic Box Gold, once the order is placed, then ask for a return label for the old one.
  10. November 1st Security Patch Out!
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