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    Sprint’s first small cell in Northwest Oklahoma City, using Nokia’s 2.5 GHz mini macro. This pole went up in September, and the equipment was added in late October or early this month. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sprint will never go out of business. The only options they have at this point are succeed or get bought out. A carrier with 60 Million customers doesn't just close up shop.
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    The way I think of 5G in layman's terms is by following the history of "cord cutting". Cord cutting allows the user to stop using an expensive wired connection in exchange for performing the same or similar function over a different wire or over a wireless connection they are already paying for thereby saving money. Many years ago, people started to realize that they could get rid of their wired home telephone and its associated charges and only use their mobile phone or Voice over IP (VOIP) for voice calls. This "telephone cord cutting" movement was primarily caused by the mobile phone companies offering unlimited calling across the country at no extra charge included in their mobile plans. Telephone cord cutting has since become a huge trend with most people using their mobile phones but many businesses going to VOIP which changes voice calls from using the voice lines to using a data connection over the internet. Interesting enough mobile phone calls are also moving to VOIP over the mobile network which is commonly called VoLTE (Voice over LTE). People more recently started "entertainment cord cutting", which most often means getting rid of their satellite and cable TV subscriptions. This type of cord cutting for entertainment started a few years ago and that trend is also increasing. Streaming entertainment is a fast growing trend as can be seen with huge numbers of people subscribing to Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, DirecTV Now, etc. Unfortunately the current 4G LTE networks cannot handle huge numbers of people streaming over the mobile network so they have a number of restrictions on data usage such as de-prioritization and bandwidth limits for heavy data users and forcing mobile delivered videos to a lower quality and bandwidth. This causes most "entertainment cord cutters" to keep their wired internet connection or live with poor streaming quality for their entertainment. 5G "internet cord cutting" allows people to get rid of their wired internet connection and go solely with 5G wireless for their home and their mobile devices. 5G networks promise high enough bandwidth and low enough latency to use it as your primary internet connection for everything the average person would need including running their streaming entertainment at full speed. Running wires to every house and business in an area is very costly and customers pay higher fees to wired providers partially due to that extra cost. 5G allows similar speeds to wired internet to be delivered to the same location or the same mobile device by a wireless signal. Running wires to a local broadcast tower is less expensive than running those same wires to every building in the area. 5G opens the possibility of providing wireless high speed internet for less money, adding additional choice of internet providers, and adding wireless internet coverage to areas that have no wired internet available. 5G networks can handle many more simultaneous mobile and fixed location devices and can have much higher bandwidth than is available on today's 4G LTE networks.
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    V30+ just got its VoLTE update!! Nice to see the list finally growing!
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    How awesome is this?! courtesy of a lucky Reddit user. New MB!! I would love to give this thing a go! https://photos.app.goo.gl/3ZkANeVcAxB4bapM7
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    Spent some of my morning mapping on RootMetrics. I managed to turn a bunch of red hexagons to the darkest blue on their coverage map. I also broke my personal record here in Crown Heights.
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    As you guys are all excited to find a 10mhz carrier, I found a small cell popping up in the storage room at my office. They replaced the power panel the other day and brought in fiber. Today they are putting the hole in the roof (and patching the leak around the boiler.) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The coverage map was updated today and it includes T-Mobile roaming as Extended! Take a look: http://coverage.sprint.com
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    Per some requests, we're going to try out an AT&T discussion thread along the same lines as the T-Mobile discussion thread. We're going to see how it goes. Enjoy! - Trip
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    Yeah... Depends on the individual it seems.
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    Just an update -- in the last 6 - 8 months, Sprint has added Bell, Telus, ICE and Sasktel as roaming partners in Canada (it's on their partners page as well). I go to BC every few months, and while it still defaults to Rogers as primary, I was able to connect to both Bell and Telus; the speeds were slightly slower than Rogers. I noticed that it tends to prefer Bell to Telus when I've been in areas where Rogers has weak coverage... that said, with all 4 networks, you should have coverage pretty much everywhere up there. N
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    Coverage expansion is badly needed !! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Sprint is already deploying 5G.. I don't know if having nearly 60 million customers is "low count" They could easily deploy it in urban areas (as they are) and have true "5G" and have a huge advantage over all the other carriers for quite a while.
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    Oh ahaha .. I'm actually leaving TMobile. I want to go to either Boost Mobile or Verizon prepaid. T-Mobile completely over sold their Network here and their data deprioritization pretty much made me run at 0.87 megabytes a second.
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    I don't see it being a problem.
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    US Cellular roaming on my Pixel 2 in Nebraska. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    I've seen as low as 20ms on LTE but usually it's 30-60ms. If 5G can hit 20ms with 5ms jitter consistently then it basically is a drop-in for wired connectivity (5ms jitter is about what I see for cable, 20ms last-hop is what I saw with DSL).
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    A penthouse is a type of dwelling at the top of a tall building. It can be owned like a condo, or leased like an apartment. Sometimes, the building can be completely commercial in nature and only have one penthouse home on the top. Most iconic penthouses in the Manhattan sense are owned. And even the ones that are leased are usually by an individual owner leasing out their penthouse, versus an apartment style were the entire building is owned by a single owner with all units leased out. But now I am grossly off topic!
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    If they migrate all customers to PCS and AWS they better have a state of the art small cell network in every city since that is what Verizon did with their PCS and AWS holdings here in New York City and congestion is a thing of the past. This merger is the most idiotic decision in the history of the business, especially when the 5G era is about to begin and Sprint was going to have the upper hand.
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    41+41 UL CA is already live almost nationwide. 25+25 UL CA is possible although it isn’t live today. 25+41 is a bit trickier although we may see it at some point down the road...
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    Magic boxes have been updated with software that makes them VoLTE aware. However VoLTE only works if the magic box is connected to a macro tower where VoLTE is enabled.