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    I don't remember which blog it was but it had the best headline announcing the closing of the brand, "Sprint sacrifices Virgin".😂
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    Just because he can, doesn't mean he will. And he doesn't mean he is required to. He is thinking like an investor, not a philanthropist who is trying to find the best thing to serve the people, with his money. Believe me, I am not defending him. And he is not required to do with his money what you like, just because the government does not approve a merger (which they have already, by the way). The last hurdle really is just the state's lawsuit. I've never really been for the merger, anyway. I've always said Sprint can go it alone. Even when many here have vehemently disagreed with me. And it really torques me to see Masa's quotes that he was always capable and prepared to fully financially bail out Sprint. But basically let it languish intentionally as a better proposition to sell. But the most likely scenario is he would still continue to try to sell Sprint and further let it languish EVEN if the merger fails to occur. There are other suitors out there. Probably DISH or cable cos. Look how motivated Charlie Ergen seems to be. He just can't sell to a U.S. mobile company T-Mobile's size or bigger. That leaves just about everyone else in the world, except AT&T and Verizon. I would say if this all fails and the merger doesn't go through, the odds of Masa doing what was said in that quote and magically pays Sprint debts and turns the yellow carrier into the Number One network is virtually nil. So I wouldn't go hoping for it all to fail waiting for that scenario. As optimistic human beings, we have a tendency to extrapolate one sentence or idea into a full blown unrealistic personal fantasy. Taking one general theme or idea, and then we automatically fill in every sub-supporting scenario with our wishes and decisions all magically supporting it. Except it won't be your optimism that makes all those supporting decisions, it's Masa's desire to make as much money as quickly as possible and get rid of the investment that will be making those decisions. Trust me, you won't like all his other decisions even if he did pay off the debt. Masa has proven not to be a good owner from the customer's perspective. Probably, the best thing is to hope for is Masa to sell. For all my Charlie Ergen bashing, he doesn't seem so bad at the moment in context. All hail the new king! Any new king... Robert
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    Ookla data shows Sprint's improvements over the last two years. Started off Q1 2018 in last at 23.6Mbps average download speed. They finished Q4 2019 in second at 39.5Mbps average download speed. T-Mobile finds themselves in last and Verizon in 3rd as congestion catches up with them. https://imgur.com/a/uvn9sBC
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    Cincinnati Market is live with Fdd Tdd CA Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    Like others have said (thanks guys!), Lite is outdated.. very outdated. I just don't have enough time to maintain two separate apps, which is why I'm working on combining them into one app, and paying will "unlock" the Pro features instead of having it be a separate download. It is a complicated task but in the end it will be far easier than the way I have it now. Other things take priority because those who do kick in some beer money get my time first!
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    This is the Beta 2 update for Android 10. They seem be be coming out about once a week. It has VoLTE and additional aggregation, although they are both turned off by default. Just a few weeks away from final!
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    4x4 L2500 at 256 QAM can provide ~280 mbps DL per carrier. Aggregate that with 3x3 L800 and I would be unsurprised by your speeds. Also, interband CA is enabled in Phoenix.
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    Forgot to mention but Monday 1/13 the Sprint S10 5G got the android 10 update. Sent from my SM-G977P using Tapatalk
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    I was debating whether to get the OnePlus 7T Pro as a secondary phone, but I couldn't decided between the Sprint OnePlus 7 Pro 5G or the T-Mobile OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren version. Upon researching them, it's a shame that the Sprint version has less ram, an older processor and slight less battery but whats worse is that its not as future proof as the T-Mobile version since it has less bands. (Understandable since the McLaren version just came out recently and the Sprint version came out last May). The Sprint version doesn't have NR 5G band 71 / 600 MHz that T-Mobile uses for their 5G. So if the merger gets approved, the T-Mobile version can use both Sprint and T-Mobiles 5G. The Sprint one only uses the Band 41. Bummer.🤬 Band Compare The kicker is that according to numerous youtube videos of both phones on their networks, the Sprint version seems to be able to deliver better speeds. Decisions, decisions. TS
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    Yeah it should be able to go faster, but honestly does it really matter? On macros and SCs, the added speed is more about the capacity to handle more users. But on a MB where you'll likely only have a couple users (or at least only a couple simultaneous users), I don't know why faster would make a difference on a phone. I doubt anyone would notice 80 vs 140 Mbps outside of speed tests. Now that I think about it, I wonder if something internally is limited to 100 Mbps. If it was, that, combined with the ipsec VPN overhead, might explain the ~80-85 Mbps max speed. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    I would not rule out b26+b41 if the phone supprts it, especially if the b41 is a higher qam etc.
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    https://wmata.com/about/news/Wireless-service-now-available-in-all-Green-line-tunnels.cfm#main-content Progress!
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    3xCA on Central Ave in Colonie is rocking. Sprint has made nice improvements in upstate. Still more to go coverage wise but it’s better than it was 2 years ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Figured I would throw up a photo of one from the ground. You can see it on the top rack on the left of the 8t8r antenna. It really illustrates how small they are compared to the old antennas.
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    yes. another test after rebooting router : https://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/5640435048
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    Signal check pro might tell you that. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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    No just no. TMO or Sprint do something but not those two. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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    It was "by year end" but in Sprint language. "By year end" in Sprint language translates to "by the end of the next year" in normal English.
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    Freaking Monroe..wtf!? Kirkland, Bothell, and Woodinville don't have Massive MIMO. Hell, even Duvall doesn't have it but Monroe does. Also the aforementioned tower has 3 Samsung Massive-MIMO panels, as expected: one pointing down I-5 towards Seattle, one pointing up I-5 towards Everett, and one pointing down I-405 towards Bothell. I was surprised how much smaller they are than the older panels right next to it. As an aside, I went on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail over the holidays. Wow are the eNBs different there. Up here, outside of MM/SC cells, each tower has a single eNB for all bands. In Kentucky, it seems like each band on each tower has its own eNB (meaning tri-band towers have three eNBs). Even worse, for B41 the Cells look like MM/SC. Made it really hard to map very many towers. Sent from my LG-LS998 using Tapatalk
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    Call first or go to the AT&T corporate store nearest you. Ask for the stand alone iPad plan for $20 a month with unlimited data. It was originally designed to be an add on to single line phone plans but is simply usable with only an IMEI and a credit check. I just used the IMEI of the iPad they had in the store. If this does not work Best Buy may have this option. If you also like, Jim over at LTEfix knows a guy that can help you out. The mobley option is now unattainable, the unlimited RV plan is toasted, and the new connected car modem plan is like 30 or 40 bucks stand alone. This is the way to go if you do not have post paid service already and If you do, well I believe you can just add an iPad line like this.
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    No I deleted the data for it and it worked.
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    An oldy, but seems relevant again.
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    On iOS, the application is Sprint Call Screener and can be downloaded from the app store.
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    Makes sense to have B26 as primary carrier since upload transmission from handset to tower is much weaker over B41, yet this preserves B41 download advantage.
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    Since my wife is a judge I know exactly how the system works.
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    The press views this merger as win or lose while the DOJ and FCC say this: "Thus, the key question is whether any additional relief is necessary to protect competition and advance the public interest." ( from the above source). You can also see that other carriers (AT&T and Dish) and cable companies (Comcast and Altice) were trying to keep info out of the public eye. They appeared to be about 1/2 successful. A real treasure trove of documents.
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    How a Top Antitrust Official Helped T-Mobile and Sprint Merge
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    No. Capitalism + Freedom = Spend your money the way you want to. Even if other people want you to do it differently. Lots of rich people fail. He is allowed to make less returns on his money then you would, or lose all of it. There is not only one road map allowed. I am not endorsing his decision. I wouldn't have done it his way. Robert
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    Carriers will often park an idle connection on a low band so it will show a higher signal for customer confidence and improved standby battery life, but then will switch to a better performing mid band or high band when a meaningful data session occurs. Does it actually stay there if you start using it? What happens if you cycle airplane mode and then start using it? 'Robert
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    Negative. That is FDD-TDD DL CA utilizing a 10 MHz B25 carrier as PCC for DL /UL with 20 MHz B41 aggregated on the downlink.
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    What about the email from Masa saying he'd pay off all the debts? Apparently that's not the case or he was going to do some under the table dirty stuff.
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    Found a new Verizon site in Seattle that uses JMA antennas. This is the first non-Amphenol site I've seen Verizon build here in at least a year and a half. https://imgur.com/a/HyHl578 Pretty much all other Verizon sites utilize 2x6-port antennas or a single 8 port antenna manufactured by Amphenol. Info on those here: https://s4gru.com/forums/topic/7691-vzw-equipment-spotting/?do=findComment&comment=546650 https://s4gru.com/forums/topic/7691-vzw-equipment-spotting/?do=findComment&comment=546778 I wonder if Verizon will be primarily switching over to JMA here or if this site is a one-off. The currently deployed Amphenol antennas have pretty exceptional lowband range; I'd be surprised if JMA has built antennas that can top them.
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    Softbank would not suddenly wave a magic wand and all debt would disappear. Sprint would have to be absorbed or recapitialized in some fashion (ie devalue current shareholders), which would require a realistic plan that would have to pass muster. Then 5G investments could very easily put Sprint back into the poor house. It all goes back to economies of scale. It is more likely that Sprint will have greater difficulty getting capital without the merger, since their value in any other merger will decrease, if such a merger is even possible.
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    Is this year end in Sprint language or normal people language?
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    This further forces me to go with another carrier if the merger doesn't go through.
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    Interesting turn of events. https://www.foxbusiness.com/media/dish-network-ceo-ergen-to-take-stand-and-defend-t-mobile-sprint-merger
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    Got Android 9.0 today with October 1, 2019 security patch. If anyone has issues with Hotspot & Tethering disappearing from settings try either ##BRAND# and/or ##72786# and reset for both. It happened to me.
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    I think the only reason you believe this, is because Samsung has been doing a bang-up job adding features that even Google themselves are implementing. Not to mention all the under the hood stuff.
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    Signalcheck lite is a legacy app with the accompanying legacy code at this point so bugs like what you experience are patched in the Pro version but not the lite version which hasn't been updated on a while. Mike is working to replace completely merge it into SCP Pro or another combination but it's a TBD. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    More interband goodness. I might move to Denver. The experience was amazing and so was the Sprint network. Sent from my SM-G977P using Tapatalk
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    Forget 5G. I have witnessed interband CA between b25/b26 and b25/b41 and it was game changing for the reliability and indoor experience. Everyone who said b26 should not use CA don't know what they are talking about and have not experienced the awesome indoor abilities that come with it. Have you ever seen b26 like that? Don't worry I will wait. This makes Ericsson markets severely behind in network reliability. I just realized how much better Sprint would be if this was nationwide. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Welcome RAvirani. Coffee and cake in the lounge.
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    My 2nd gen updated today and enabled WiFi backhaul. Not going to use it, since it has a good B41 connection. Made three calls, VoLTE has not connected yet. SW Ver. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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