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    I find it funny that all the T-Mobile fanboys are pressed over Sprints b41 all of a sudden and wanting to use it. But when it was used on Sprint, it was considered horrible spectrum and that T-Mobile was better positioned with spectrum. If T-Mobile isn’t using it then it’s no good. The same goes with DSS. Right now they’re trashing it but as soon as T-Mobile implements it, it’ll be the best thing since sliced pie. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Never a good idea to broad brush the whole network. We know your area struggled, but there were many markets where B41 was essentially ubiquitous, and had excellent capacity and speed. Essentially everywhere I went in KC I was on B41, and rarely struggled with speed. Same with Denver when I visited. Others clearly had similar experiences in other markets.
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    That simply isn't true by any stretch of the imagination. Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Philly, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Cincinnati, Columbus, Louisville, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Seattle, Dallas, Kansas City, Charlotte ...there are many, many more examples all over the country of great legacy Sprint markets. Every carrier struggles here and there but to say that band 41 wasn't well and widely deployed in many, many metros across the country is simply untrue. Facts are facts.
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    Even after all the pics I've seen on here over the years, I still have no idea what I'm looking at when I see a tower. [emoji16]
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    That's an extreme version of what I said. Generally TMO is, in my mind, a relatively rock solid, customer centric company. I never said they were trying to "pull the wool" over anyone's eyes. That would imply malice. They weren't doing that but I thought I was extremely clear in stating that all companies seek to paint themselves in the absolute most positive light from the same set of data that others might draw a different conclusion from. Such is the nature of these things. It has always been thus and it likely always shall. That statement is 100% true. Sprint was a master at this, if you'll recall.
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    Some of you do realize the merger just closed 4 months ago right? Things take time. I don’t think they prepared for a pandemic or other roadblocks. Geez lol
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    Moto Edge is on sale. I think it’s the cheapest 5G smart phone right now. Specs are pretty good and it does activate on Sprint/Tmobile. I may buy it so I can locate N41 in my area
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    Eh band 41 is all I'm ever on in most major and even minor cities and I travel a LOT. Calling Sprint band 41 coverage "Swiss cheese" in nature is woefully incorrect. They did a fantastic job with that, coast to coast, covering the vast majority of locations where Americans live, work and play. I'd argue that they even exceeded their own expectations substantially. To top it off, it's lightning fast. Fantastic spectrum that was underrated off the rip but that blew us all away once deployed. TMO will only make it better. At least that's my hope. But, hell, it was largely fantastic before!
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    You sound a bit testy. I think the overall point is that based on current technologies that 100+ mbps is realistically pointless for mobile use. The reality is that the memory technology used in phones is not capable of that level of data transfer at a sustained rate. So it seems petty to criticize the network. Most people are not getting 100+ mbps on their wifi connections at home. Setup a speed test server on your own home network and try sustained speed tests, I guarantee you will not maintain 100 mbps connections for more than a minute or so.
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    We don't really need any of those things, if you're being honest Well then we don't need cell phones either. The ones that hung on the wall did just fine by that thought concept. Loved those sticky pay-phones too! Maybe Pony express better than phones period.
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    Don't buy into all the Pep-rally ... Capex is only slight ahead of last year at this time. Should be higher if you're really building up the network. Gotta read the numbers first and turn the volume down on Mike and Neville with their Magenta pom-poms. 2H 2020 Capex is going to near 6.7B. (it's less than 4.7B 1st half..on par with last year.) That's better but still not if you want to be playing with the big guys. AT&T and Verizon both are looking at Capex numbers approaching over 20B each. I agree with the derrph above... ok, you're 2nd in size with subscribers, but until you have the network fixed you have to spend some money. I routing hard for T-Mobile, but my service and many others aren't great. Many of my friends with 5G phones are only getting fair speeds that would be equal to what LTE could provide. (less than 100mbps) That needs to change... quickly.
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    Look like T-Mobile is the #2 carrier overtaking AT&T. Now we just need a matching network that resembles being number 2. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Happy Day 1 everyone...I think Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looks like T-Mobile is planning to shut down their 2G/3G shortly after the new year... https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/07/23/t-mobile-will-soon-require-volte-on-all-phones-incomopatible-devices-kicked-off-january/
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    T-Mobile must've heard my complaints about n41 because I ran into it a bunch of times today in Manhattan and in Brooklyn. I've also seen a bunch of sites that have n41 panels installed but that aren't active. A few of the sites with inactive n41 also have those new Ericsson AIR 3446 antennas that support mid-band FDD 5GNR. Fun fact for people wanting to test n41. If you're on the Prospect Expressway in Brooklyn, there is a site that is eye-level with the highway that has n41. Here is a speed test from it and take a look at that signal strength and upload!
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    It really is b/c Sprint could have been that wireless carrier. Especially in the 5G realm. All SoftBank had to do was build out 2.5 nationally, participated in the 600mhz auction and upgrade the back haul.
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    Like I suspected, TMobile definitely does not have nearly as many "connections" as ATT. As all companies do, they are cherry picking certain data and presenting the numbers in a way that paints a rosier (more magenta??) picture than reality might otherwise suggest. Do they have more postpaid customers? Apparently but barely. But ATT has far more customers and connected devices when using the term "connections" and that is a much clearer picture of the actual situation. I'm all for TMobile but don't misunderstand the data. https://www.theverge.com/2020/8/6/21357737/t-mobile-att-bigger-number-2-wireless-carrier-earnings
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    I'm not telling anyone to take "a long off a short pier" (Sic) I can live with you disagreeing with me. We all have opinions. I still stand by T-Mobile needs to do more and talk less.
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    Yep, I am still on Sprint, but I do have a T-Mobile phone to play with. I find t-Mobile service was much worse than Sprint service in the places I traveled in the last month or two. The T-Mobile network just does not have enough sites and therefor band 2, 4, & 66 just can not cover much of their territory. Since those bands quite often fail to provide the service, the band 12 and band 71 have to do the lifting. Those two bands are ave available to latch onto, but they are always totally congested. T-Mobile desperately needed the Spectrum owned by Sprint and also the additional cell sites that Sprint had. Even with that, they STILL need to add more NEW sites. T-Mobile was a marketing powerhouse. People believed what T-Mobile put out. However, it was a bunch of hype and the service was not nearly as good as claimed. They got away with this for a long time, but without more spectrum they were slowing going to have big issues. They do have a chance to fix this if they ever get the Sprint and T-Mobile networks combined correctly. That remains to be seen. Before anybody jumps all over me for this post, I do agree that T-Mobile was fine in some areas. It sure was not fine in a bunch of other areas. Band 71 did not fix it either. It helped, but did not really fix the issues in many places.
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    I actually stumbled on the affiliate agreement tonight in edgar (I was surprised to find it). Note what goes into the calculations on 11.7.2 and 11.7.3 and especially what doesn't in 11.7.3 (e) https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/354963/000114036115031058/ex10_2.htm
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    Dish acquired Ting. That's another 286,000 people on the Dish network. https://ting.com/blog/ting-mobile-its-a-dish-thing/
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    This is really nice article about the end of the Sprint brand... https://www.fiercewireless.com/operators/industry-voices-moore-a-farewell-to-sprint Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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    Found this just across the river from Louisville today.
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    I can only speak for own market but Sprint's Band 41/n41 network in NYC was significantly better than T-Mobile's current Band 71/n71 network. We also largely avoided the mini-macro debacle and went straight toward traditional small cells which Sprint was continuously deploying up until the merger closed. T-Mobile would be doing itself a favor if they kept all of those small cell locations and switched the equipment to mmWave capable equipment. Sadly it looks like they don't really want to do that.
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    It wasn't horrible spectrum. It was just horribly deployed. Sprint needed a more dense network to make it work, but they never added towers. They really wasted most of that spectrum and never got good use out of it. Every step Sprint made was the wrong one with the EBS/BRS band. Opting for mini macros in some places was a half-assed attempt at adding capacity. They should have just spent money on better performing 8x8 radios/panels that had more robust coverage and performance. Also, Small Cells wasted 40 Mhz of spectrum because Sprint didn't want to pay for proper backhaul. And the plan to go all in on small cells was a joke. Thinking that macro towers weren't needed was just a huge swing and a miss. Sprint did everything they could to cut corners, and it showed by the Swiss cheese coverage of B41.
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    Yes. That's an 8 port dualband (4xLow/4xHigh) antenna in the middle, a 4 port midband antenna on the right and a massive MIMO 2.5 antenna on the left.
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    Pour one out folks. It's been a good run.
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    Was in Kansas City Sunday & Monday and found a few sites changed over to NR41 on T-Mobile and speeds where between 250-360 down and 36-60 up. Rickie
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    My list is waaaaay shorter - I keep and use phones longer as I've never (especially in more recent years given how little really changes) felt the need to always go grab the latest/greatest....and I have no specifics memory of anything before my first psuedo smart phone. My first 2 phones once I ever got one were some basic Nokia model, followed by a 'feature phone' that I also think was still Nokia-based. Past that: HTC Fuze (AT&T, started out with them with my first phone when they were Cingular - think this is basically the same model as the Touch Pro Ian mentioned above, which was a WinMo phone) Epic 4G (my first Android experience, when I switched to Sprint) Motorola Photon Q (alas, the last of the QWERTY sliders) Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S5 LG G5 LG G7 LG G8X
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    I hope they address why they took down the free popeyes chicken sandwich lol.
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    Not necessarily. Depends who bids for it, how much they get and what they have to pay for it. Had the merger not occurred (with Masa failing to infuse any cash into the business), Sprint would be in an even worse position as T-Mobile could have picked some up, unless AT&T or Verizon grabbed it all. Sprint was already circling the drain. This would have finished them off in my opinion. Sprint didn't have the money for lowband, and it wouldn't have had the money for this spectrum either. The efficiencies realized through merger synergies should allow T-Mobile to pick up some if it wanted to.
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    The *vast* majority of markets had at least 60Mhz deployed, more if you count small cells and magic boxes. There were only a few areas where they were limited to 40Mhz due to spectrum issues.
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    n41 is officially in my neighborhood! It's not on my home site just yet but it's getting closer. This site was about a 5 minute drive from my house. Still 40MHz according to engineering screens. The site it was on didn't even have 600MHz antennas on it so T-Mobile clearly sees Band 41 as priority number 1 right now.
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    Turning off Sprint's band 41 is not working well for anybody. All those Sprint Subs get dropped to band 25 or 26. Why do they think this would not cause severe congestion and get people upset. I would not give them a good grade on how they are handling the network upgrades/conversion. If they keep terrorizing the old Sprint Subs, they will see them fleeing out the door. All they seem interesting in doing is getting a 5G network established very quickly while ignoring all the havoc they are creating.
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    They check for a sprint.com cookie is all. If you delete all the cookies for sprint.com, then it'll redirect to tmobile.com. That's why incognito works, since it clears all cookies from the session when you close it and you start fresh each time. They're probably looking for a particular cookie that's set if you've ever logged in in the past. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    You have to show up in Incognito to get the redirect. As for network stuff, T-Mobile does indeed not have enough capacity on their network as it stands right now to pull everyone from Sprint over. Sprint has more capacity per customer basically anywhere B41 is deployed. The most TMo can do is allow roaming, and encourage Sprint customers to buy 5G phones, which will use T-Mobile by default. They pushed 1MM customers over several weeks ago and my guess is that there's a reason they haven't done so again. They need another 6 months to get n71 where it needs to be deployment-wise...and get n41 out to more markets...to drop the load enough on TMo LTE to move over another chunk of 4G-only customers from Sprint. It's a delicate dance because you have to refarm PCS 5 MHz at a time, and do so only after there are few enough Sprint customers that the post-refarm experience isn't horrible.
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    When I go to sprint.com, I get routed to tmobile.com now
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    I cant believe today is the official last day of Sprint. Not sure if I want to celebrate or cry or both lol
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    Just noticed today that band 2 in my area just west of STL went from 10x10 to 15x15.
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    That's for cops nothing to do with cellular Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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    Got my new outdoor POE powered WG3526/LM960 setup roughed in. There’s definitely some cable management and maybe some antenna tuning left to do but I’m happy with the speed results especially since this is during peak usage time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It is a T-Mobile tower and it has Bands 2, 12, and 66 on it according to Cellmapper. Sidenote: That's a really cool tower. I've never seen one painted blue like that.
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    Lol I legit absolutely do not get this chicken sandwich obsession. I mean....it's a chicken sandwich. Unless it's performing sexual favors at zero cost, I'm not amazed. Also...spam calls? Uh..ok.
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    July 24th The “Call Screener Plus” App becomes free.
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    Ok, it's about spam calls. So, who won the bet?!
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    What, T-Mobile wouldn't want to carry on the tradition of different SIM SKUs for different phones?
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    It's not a CDMA vs. GSM thing. Verizon has had transferrable SIMs for awhile. It's a Sprint provisioning thing. T-Mobile will probably just get rid of Sprint provisioning altogether by doling out TMo SIMs rather than fixing the Sprint side.
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    potential new "uncarrier" announcement this thursday https://www.reddit.com/r/tmobile/comments/hqhhv5/sievert_you_feeling_like_this_industry_needs/ being teased as being network related
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