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    Another new beta rolling out now! Minor changes since the update a couple of days ago -- Sprint 10x10 is displayed again, in-app purchases are back again, and Airave 4 stuff is fixed. A public update is also going out that rolls up all of the changes to this point, except for in-app purchases. More coming soon! Thanks for all of your help.. I sincerely appreciate it! -Mike
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    The latest update to SignalCheck Pro will be available on Google Play within the hour! As always, some much needed bugfixes and a few new features. Here is the full changelog with some details: Added ability to look up network registrant by clicking on IP address. This is kind of cool -- if you have the mobile IP address display enabled (which constantly uses small bits of data to anonymously ping a public server -- so there may be a battery impact, however minimal, if you keep this on 24/7), if you click on it you'll get a popup showing the owner of record for your IP. Added option to display carrier aggregation info on Android 9.0+ devices [BETA]. This is cool but very unreliable at this point. This is a newer Android function that needs further improvements by device manufacturers. Sometimes it's accurate, sometimes it's not -- SCP will report whatever your OS is reporting. Unfortunately I cannot do much more to improve this functionality until vendors/manufacturers fix things on their end. Added indicators for Sprint Airave 4 CDMA/LTE connections. Resolved issue with CDMA site notes and logging not working when connected to Sprint Airave 4. These changes should provide full compatibility for users connecting to Sprint's brand new Airave 4. Thanks to your diagnostic reports I was able to tackle this shortly after the device began shipping! Resolved issue with no signal alerts not triggering. This alert probably never worked for most users -- but nobody mentioned it! Should be fixed now. I personally find this alert extremely useful. Added additional information to Logger Statistics screen. Hope to add more stuff like this in the future, stats and data are cool. Added option to apply a correction factor to LTE timing advance (TA) value. Some devices report LTE TA as approximately one-half of the actual value. Enable this option to manually apply a correction. If device manufacturers correct this in the future, simply disable the option.. and hopefully someday it can be removed completely. Removed option to exclude logcat output from diagnostic reports. This option was needed in early (4+ years ago) versions due to issues with force closes. This is no longer an issue and only provides confusion -- and less information to help me diagnose crashes. The only logcat output included in diagnostic reports is whatever SCP generates, and all reports are completely anonymous unless you provide identifying information. Resolved force closes when permissions were denied/revoked. Resolved internal exception when installing version 4.52. Resolved issue with EARFCN values off by 1 for some LTE band 66 and 71 cells. Resolved issue with missing LTE data on some Android 7+ devices. Resolved issue with missing popup when permissions were denied. Updated help screen. All should be self-explanatory. Squashing bugs never ends! As always, I sincerely appreciate everyone's support and please let me know of any issues! More new stuff in the pipeline.. Thanks, -Mike
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    Night and day difference so far just got to work, phone is working and I had no issues streaming Spotify on the way in.
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    Sooo... This is a thing. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    I also would not be shocked if the States were thrown out of Federal court for now. They technically do not have a case until the Feds APPROVE the merger. They have not been harmed until that point. Suing because the Feds might approve a merger may not be sufficient. Actually harm most likely is required, not potential. Robert
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    Got my Airave 4 and have it setup. It uses the same earfcn as my Magic Box, 39874. CDMA 1x uses channel 1125, which is right in the middle of the 15x15 B25 carrier, so I'm guessing it's misconfigured. I ran a packet capture on it during setup. It requests 2 IP addresses, one for the CDMA side and one for LTE. This is in contrast to the Airave 3 which used a single IP. So the internals are very much completely separated on the 4, much more so than on the 3. Both IPs are for the same MAC address (ie, the Airave 4 ethernet port has a single MAC, but 2 IPs assigned). At startup, the CDMA side does an NTP query to the hardcoded, private address for some reason, before falling back to querying the NTP pool. The LTE side also queries the pool, but does not try the hardcoded address first. The CDMA side then looks up SEGW-Airspan-Combo-3G-GLOBAL.SPCSDNS.NET and opens an IPsec tunnel to it. It then looks up segw06.femto.sprint.net and establishes an IPsec tunnel to that address. This is the same domain range as the Airave 3. Valid options seem to be segw01.femto.sprint.net through segw10.femto.sprint.net. This tunnel is what is used for CDMA, so I'm guessing the first tunnel was used for configuration? The LTE side looks up SEGW-Airspan-Combo-GLOBAL.SPCSDNS.NET and establishes an IPsec tunnel to it. It then looks up SEGWAKR-PUBL.sc.spcsdns.net and establishes an IPsec tunnel to that address. I believe the latter is the tunnel for LTE, and the first is the configuration tunnel. The LTE side is similar to what is seen on the MB Gold. The Gold first establishes an IPsec tunnel to SEGW-AIRSPAN-IFUR-GLOBAL.SPCSDNS.NET, and then a tunnel to SEGWSKT-PUBL.sc.spcsdns.net. Note the similarities in the addresses. It's also interesting that the Airave 4 uses hardcoded DNS servers, querying 3 of them at the same time for the final IPsec tunnel.
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    Saw said that once DSS becomes available they'll be able to use 100MHz of spectrum for 5G and 60MHz for LTE simultaneously.
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    I was against this merger from the beginning. And now, after seeing that Sprint & T-Mobile are willing to divest spectrum, I'm more against it than ever before. Hacking apart 2 companies to make 2 more makes absolutely no sense. T-Mobile and Sprint have way too much debt now, and they will have even more after the merger. At this point, the FCC should withdraw their approval, the DOJ should sue to stop it, and the 2 companies should just go another route. There are plenty of other companies that have plenty of money and can afford to absorb the debt load of either company. Otherwise, if Sprint & T-Mobile are allowed to merge, prices will have to be raised to astronomical proportions just to afford the monthly debt payments, and even then, The New T-Mobile could still fail, the new 4th carrier could still fail, and where would we be? 2 nationwide cellular carriers! This show from Legere and Claure needs to stop! It's gone off the deep end!
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    Sprint is showing some good results. Granted, it’s not 1gbps but it’s exceeded Verizon in terms of coverage and reliability. Kudos to Sprint! This is the good press they needed. Playing up their strength of allowing the reviewers to walk around the city and still maintain speeds looks great on them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I hope we get an update on official VoLTE support at some point soon. Forgive me, but it seems a bit ridiculous that Sprint’s talking about launching 5G when VoLTE isn’t officially available nationwide or on popular phones like the S9/S9+/Note 9/Pixel 3 series, etc.
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    With the merger madness going on, its time to take a little break and look what the Sprint 5G network could do. Over 735mpbs in Houston Texas just before the launch of the 5G network. I wonder if they could pull over 1gpbs with the current configuration.
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    I'm tempted to get an Android phone just so I can download this app and support you.
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    At the Nationals Game today! My iPhone XS automatically connected to a private WiFi network “provided by Sprint” at Nationals Park. Check out the data speeds here during the game. Nice job Sprint! Here’s the speeds over the WiFi:
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    If you for a moment think that the attys general are suing because they have our interests at heart you have not been paying attention. I bet you there has been intense lobbying by the big 2 to extract concessions that would weaken the merged company. I have no problem such as we will match Verizon's coverage within 3 years or roaming agreements will stay in effect for the next 3 years or other such concessions but I have a major problem with spectrum concessions.
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    Sorry for all the spamming. This is my last post of the day. M-MIMO under the 59th street bridge. These are my speeds today on the Island. I also found at least 5 crown castle sites. Sprint is not on them, not sure who is. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    M-MIMO on the north end of Roosevelt Island. Crazy how much you see when you look up and know what to look for Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Full Airave 4 support is in the latest version of SignalCheck Pro, rolling out on Google Play within the hour.. yay! -Mike
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    More positive press about Sprint's 5G network. https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/3/18647432/sprint-5g-network-impressions-speed-tests-t-mobile-merger-verizon#comments
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    You guys failed to realize though, with Verizon's 5g, you have to be standing within 300 feet or less of a node to get anything, while you can drive around with Sprint's which has greater coverage.
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    Spotted another M-MIMO site in Astoria this morning. Still wasn't active and was connecting to neighboring M-MIMO cell.. Explains why my speeds were slower yesterday. Speeds this location were 75Mbps to 125Mbps at all times of the day. Really hope the old 8T8R equipment get reused in neighboring markets that lack B41.
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    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-sprint-corp-m-a-t-mobile-amazon-com-e/exclusive-amazon-interested-in-buying-boost-from-t-mobile-sprint-sources-idUSKCN1T02OV?il=0 Amazon wants to buy boost and some spectrum. The irony is, they should have bought the whole company from the get-go.
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    More Sprint 5G from ATL.. https://twitter.com/hastough/status/1133890849769697280
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    I think the whole entire suggestion of the 2 smallest carriers create a competitor is absurd!
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    Sprint's plan is to deploy standalone NR with EN-DC, as they don't suffer from the same uplink issues mmWave deployments do. This is effectively an NR PCC aggregated with LTE SCCs. That being said, I don't know if we'll see SA or NSA NR for the initial launch. Judging from the upload speeds in the screenshots I've seen on various Sprint engineers twitters', I doubt the initial launch will be SA NR...
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    Making them give up any band 41 spectrum just completely defeats the purpose of the merger.
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    I really like this picture from a Washington Post article about OPM. - Trip
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    Well there you go.. BK definitely has some "live" 5G... https://www.pcmag.com/news/369005/we-found-sprint-5g-in-brooklyn
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    Found another M-MIMO site: SE03XC055. We might need to setup a map/spreadsheet to start logging these soon.
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    Wednesday morning dose of M-MIMO. Took almost a week for the site to be online after removing the 8T8R equipment Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    $$$,$$$. Same reason why T-mobile and Vzw and ATT throws up low band only sites in rural areas. Optimize sites for coverage and then go back and add mid band and high band if there's demand. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Yep. Just a single C2A to a 2 port antenna. A super rare find! Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    So here is the mysterious Sprint B26 site in Williston, ND. I can only pick up on B26. So I suspect that's all that's broadcasting. It seems odd Sprint would just put up a 3x3 B26 site only. Sent from my SM-N960U1 using Tapatalk
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    Sprint likely doesn't have the money to get 1-2gb backhaul yet. So they are competing on coverage and reliability. It should work. Most people are not running speed tests on there devices but they do notice 5G icon. If it's there more than any other carrier and still really fast Sprint will start finally winning customers. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Sitting on my return flight from Belgrade figured I'd write up my roaming experience. I was here to speak at a conference (PHP Serbia) and the organizers gave folks Vip Mobile SIMs, but I elected to keep my Sprint SIM in and use some high speed day passes instead. Mainly so I didn't forget to swap my own SIM back in, and because that way I could do WiFi calling (which worked well). Here, you have your choice of Telenor (the default when I landed) or Vip Mobile (which I switched to shortly thereafter). Both have B3 and B20 LTE, but it seemed like Vip had better service in Belgrade, sort of like T-Mobile. That said, the hotel I was in was in the shadow of a cell site so service was a bit spotty, and the conference venue was built well enough to have iffy cell service as well. So I used WiFi in both locations, as well as the airport to a large extent One interesting thing is that my bank rejects Serbian IP addresses...fair enough, I guess...so the VPN provided by Sprint's roaming was handy.
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    If the Merger fails they should buy Sprint Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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    so...i called and placed an "order" for an airave 4...and got a magic box voice amp!!! WOOO!!! anyone else have this happen? lol. i do have a magic box also. win win?
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    There will be no spectrum divestitures. This is some hack over at Bloomberg being creative. However they could insert some vague language in the agreement saying that the new T-Mobile will give Dish favorable hosting terms.
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    The Magic Box concept is very interesting. It is basically and end run around zoning issues for small cells and allows Sprint to address issues with certain building types: stucco, full brick (modern veneer brick is normally ok) and concrete structures. Plus Magic Boxes are self-install. T-Mobile's approach has been to run cable or fiber to medium-sized buildings where large numbers of people gather which are in RF shadows where they do not have small cells. Then they install Nokia equipment that supplies about 10-15Mbps each for a large number of people. For small cells, T-Mobile goes all fiber. No doubt many small cells will have to be relocated and will likely be fiber supplied. Magic Boxes make more sense for many buildings (LEEDS and larger buildings excepted.) Why not allow Magic Boxes to use other frequencies and/or 5G NR B41? With 194Mhz of B41 in some metro areas (that is 9 - 20Mhz [19.8 actually] plus 15Mhz plus extra for buffering). So IMO keep the concept, upgrade the boxes.
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    May security patch for unlocked devices is out now.
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    Found my first two M-MIMO sites in the area: SE03XC104 (located by Wild Waves in Federal Way) and SE03XC278. They are both broadcasting five L2500 carriers.
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    I think that is totally unrealistic and completely bad! That is a completely protectionist approach in a free market. The market should drive prices not artificial price freezes. Network Investment takes capital. Terrible idea. Government should stay out of setting prices.
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    Mines here! Airave 4 LTE https://imgur.com/gallery/XjgM91n Super small campared to the 3. Setup wasn't bad other then the power is in a strange location on the unit, hard to plug in with big fingers.
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