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    All: I've been busy the past two days converting maps to BatchGeo. Which will we use to host our maps temporarily for a month or two while we work out a better long term solution. If you want me to recreate a map in one of your threads, send me the CSV file of the data and the the thread URL and I will create it in BatchGeo. I'd like to try to keep the site not looking like we were napalmed and burned up all the maps. I'm happy to create the maps for you. No matter how old the data. I like having historical data from years past, especially instead of broken links and missing maps. BatchGeo is limited to just 25,000 markers. So maps with more than than will need to be broken down into multiple maps. There is no extra charge for additional maps. We just pay a flat $99 per month fee. THANK YOU EVERYONE who have been helping with the maps. It is greatly appreciated. Robert
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    chamb made a donation today and moved up several spots. Thanks!!! Robert
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    Samsung released the official release dates for One UI 2. S10's are getting it in January. S9's, Note 9's, and Note 10's are getting it in February.
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    T-Mobile's 600MHz 5G network in action.
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    I've got the same exact problem. Because I need to take an elevator anytime I leave my place, I'm always outside with no-service since sometime phone will even refuse to roam (or maybe TM isn't available). I'm worried it's one of those things where Sprint will blame Google and Google will blame Sprint. I wish there was a group chat where I can have both support folks arguing with each other.
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    New update and still no volte
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    T-Mobile Shares Fell on Report That CEO Is in Talks to Join WeWork I'm hoping John stays ... bringing Sprint and T Mobile together requires his expertise.
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    Bought a week pass when at the Munich airport coming in for the trip I'm now returning from. Vodafone in the MUC airport, with a mix of B20, B3, and B7. The former two were 20/10 or so speeds, the latter Around 60/30. Coverage was rather spotty at the Sofia airport, but once I got landside, coverage in and near Sofia was solid, using A1's B3 network. A1, the largest carrier in the country (by a small margin), is apparently trial'ing 3500 MHz 5G-NR, and their network was quite strong at the conference center (National Palace of Culture) and nearby, with speeds reaching 129/27 and about 160ms latency. Carrier aggregation is being used. Travelled to Plovdiv, where speeds were 30-40 down, 10-20 up. On the way there, and on the way between there and somewhere else we went for a wine tasting, things would sometimes drop to HSPA, at which point no data would pass. But I had LTE most.of the time. I definitely did too many speedtests though...at 4 and change GB I got throttled to 2 Mbps in each direction in Bulgaria, and maybe 1 Mbps in Germany. I'll definitely only buy day passes the next time I head out of the country, but even throttling data was still reasonable.
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    Board Room Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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    470-512MHz. Congress authorized the sale of T-Band in 2012 to be auctioned by 2022 with a 2 year relocation process. FCC is now asking congress to scrap the plan. https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/fccs-pai-joins-call-for-congress-to-ax-t-band-auction https://transition.fcc.gov/pshs/docs/T-Band_FactSheet_July2016.pdf Specifically 11 cities public safety are impacted. However, I imagine that the equipment would support public safety 450-470MHz. Currently 470-512 is not part of any LTE bands. It also covers TV spectrum channels 14-20. That would leave 16 channels (96MHz) left for TV in UHF.
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    Looks like the dead line has passed and dead maps are showing up. If anyone needs help with mapbox let me know.
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    I saw a few speed tests of T-Mobile's 600MHz 5G in Puerto Rico and they resemble 20x20 LTE honestly. It'll be a great 5G foundation but what T-Mobile really needs is Band 41 to complement their mmWave and low-band.
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    https://www.t-mobile.com/coverage/5g-coverage-map - Trip
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    Same Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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    Abandoned Hotel Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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    i sent a diagnostics report from my app last night, oneplus 6 on android 10 where its not updating data very frequently.
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    Sprint has gone back and forth with in-footprint roaming for many, many years. Robert
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    Follow-up to my post of November 22. According to the FCC doc, here are the antennas: Report https://fcc.report/FCC-ID/NM82Q6U100/4205443.pdf says that it has these antennas: WWAN: <Ant. 1>: Fixed Internal PIFA Antenna <Ant. 2>: Fixed Internal Dipole Antenna <Ant. 3>: Fixed Internal PCB Antenna WLAN: <Ant. 1>: Fixed Internal PCB Antenna <Ant. 2>: Fixed Internal PIFA Antenna Bluetooth: Fixed Internal PCB Antenna WiGig: Fixed Internal Array Antenna 5G NR: Fixed Internal PCB Antenna So at least there are numerous antennas, and it appears that I found most of them. I already tried unplugging them one at a time, but the signal level stayed consistent. So multiples feed the signal level -- and some of the antennas are clearly set for receiving different polarizations. So I'll need to unplug them all, then connect them one at a time to identify which is actually my 4G LTE band. The four u.fl ports appear to be test ports. So I'm focusing on the six MHF4 ports for the time being. Time to buy one of those MHF4 tools. More news to follow... Scott
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    Backhaul comes out of operating budgets, which are never as sexy as capital budgets for new tower equipment. More backhaul would directly affected the P&L. Sprint has the low cost customers, T-Mobile has the value and trendy customers. AT&T and Verizon have customers looking for the most reliability. AT&T previously had better international options while Verizon was the safe choice. Then of course you have customers that actually look at who has the best service in places that they need it.
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    Blue Bayou Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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    Most likely MHF4, or possibly u.fl size ports. I found what look to be u.fl on the T-Mobile Askey board and I am tearing it down after a late snack to find out the same thing. I have a ton of these handy in my lab but you can get MHF4 here and u.fl here with 2 day shipping. It's where I get all of mine and they work great. Just select what type of SMA jack you want on the opposing end in the dropdown.
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    Are there any new Carrier aggregation configurations checked as enabled on the beta? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's where my mom lives! I was just there like two weeks ago. T-Mobile was good for the most part. I saw a couple of sites with 600MHz panels up.
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    That was short lived, gmail is not loading for me and constantly crashing... Back to stock. Not having much luck with this beta.
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    Pretty sure the idea is to preserve maximum bandwidth for the New Radio launch.
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    Band 71 @5MHz aggregated with band 2 @10MHz, these are the only channels available on this site. Interstate 95 N of Florence SC. I don't know why everyone keeps spreading misinformation about these bands not aggregating, just like certain roaming bands being restricted, this is untrue. Y'all should stop.
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    I got the invite for Tmo home internet. Even though I use standard lines for internet I will take em up on this offer. Will be looking to see if the sim survives a device swap, if it is geo locked as all the tools on Reddit say, and what kind of optimization this line suffers.
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    Can confirm. We started at 10MHz here, I went to test out if my embedded cat18 radio would pick up band 71 and it sure went right down to 5MHz.
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    Toy Story Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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    Settings, Network, Mobile Networks, Add. Sprint is listed. Select it and sign into your Sprint account. Select the line you want to put on the phone. This will not work if you're currently using the same phone with a physical SIM on Sprint. You have to swap the line to another phone first, and then you can activate the Pixel with eSIM. The reason is that the phone's IMEI is already on the line, and the eSIM activation apparently fails if all it's doing is swapping the SIM ICCID. It has to change ICCID and IMEI in Sprint's system. On the Pixel 4 or 3a, since it has two IMEIs, you probably can actually switch directly from physical to eSIM without an intermediary. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    World Series Party [emoji322] Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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    So I made the switch back to Sprint after leaving for Verizon 3 years ago. I must say I am quite happy with the service and I am loving VoLTE. It has been very reliable and speeds are great too. (Unlocked iPhone XS)
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    Try going into the system app settings for SCP and under location permissions change it to allow all of the time. That seems to have resolved a similar issue for me on 3 XL.
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    So, as a final closeout to this topic - I did call Sprint back for one final try on getting CDMA to work. The tech I talked to solved the problem in about 5 minutes. Turns out that Sprint had never activated the device. She proceeded to do so, And within about a 1/2 hour, all the lights were green, and I validated I could make a call off the Airave. One would think that the unit would come pre-activated. One would think that the setup instructions would include calling Sprint to activate the device. One would think that sometime in my previous calls to Sprint, somebody would have noticed that the device was not activated. Amazing!
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    Early testing I'm seeing better dbms from SCP on the p4xl compared to my s10+ but better speeds on S10+. I'll do more testing and screen shots to come. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    The coverage map was updated again today. It looks like we've lost a huge amount of roaming on the west coast. WA-542, WA-547, WA-530, WA-20, US-2, WA-207, WA-410 and US-97 (between US-2 and I-90) all appear to have no service now. Roaming on the east-west highways surrounding I-5 in Oregon is gone, and roaming in west Oregon and northern California have vanished too. I'm hoping this is an error...if not I will likely be an AT&T customer very soon.
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    Crazy to say but this is very typical in NYC now. I've yet to break the 600mbs.
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    OK, I have no idea what they'r talking about but supposedly Altice's 19,000 small cells in the Long Island area have not improved Sprin't's performance: https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/altice-s-19-000-small-cells-long-island-don-t-help-sprint-s-network-much-say-analysts
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