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  1. @Nicozelyk @bigwizfr Oui. Il y aura une version bêta pour Android.

  2. Zoom/Dézoom via souris ré-activé à la demande générale

  3. RT @jamesvincentuk: @sensorly Been Mapping Trips Mad! See all that purple @EE 4G coverage round South East Wales? IT'S MINE! Shows 4G as it…

  4. If they show the signal strength in the app, I don't know how they do it since there are no public APIs for that.
  5. Hi everyone, What's available is some indication of the radio access technology. But we still don't have signal strength so we wouldn't know whether to draw dark purple or light purple
  6. Fix for "French" being shown when it shouldn't is being distributed by PlayStore right now
  7. Qui utilise la V3 et habite dans une ville avec un accent ou, mieux, une apostrophe ?

  8. We ditched google maps because we wanted a background over which we could see the map colors: the coloreful iOS and Android backgrounds don't work because we've got too many colors and nuances. (The new SDK we use actually costs money and yes we use OSM. If you know of a better alternative, let us know !) The new map SDK is actually much much faster than the old one, we're just having a big traffic spike because of the gigaom article, we'll be back to normal tomorrow. We'll looking over the other comments this week to see how to improve the app based on feedback. Thanks
  9. La nouvelle appli Sensorly est dispo sur @GooglePlay ! https://t.co/nHQLEsMEy6

  10. Hi everyone's we've just initiated a rollout to 20% of our user base after getting great feedback from everyone and working hard the past couple of days. It's been great getting so much help in so little time, let's do it again ! If anyone is still interested in helping us beta test upcoming releases (there will some this week), we'll be glad to have you onboard. Thanks
  11. La carte #4G de Bouygues Tel disponible sur Sensorly : http://t.co/2IeYNBDpwV

  12. Can you send a screenshot through the group of that compare issue ? We're going to put back WIMAX tomorrow, sorry about that.
  13. That's it for today. Thanks for joining. Let us know if you run into anything fishy
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