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  1. I've never been impressed with the GPS in this phone.
  2. Since it sounds like you have a minimal number of apps, just blow it up and start from scratch. Can't go wrong with that approach. If you start restoring apps and data from a backup, you're likely to just recreate the issue.
  3. And I know it's only me and four other people in the world that care about this, but for the record, the barometer sensor still fails as it did under KitKat. So far, that is the worst part of the update, everything else is smooth, with the possible exception of a less sensitive GPS, jury is still out on that one.
  4. I've had substantially better battery life today than a typical Kit-Kat day. I wiped everything and clean installed lollipop, then restored apps with titanium backup (very few did I restore data). With an hour of screen time and 8 hrs off the charger, I'm at 70%, with an estimated 15 hrs remaining. Very happy with that.
  5. Anyone else having GPS issues since updating? Can't find me at all. Tried everything under the sun.
  6. I just have to shake my head. Denver International doesn't have LTE within 5 miles of the airport and yet they are showing it as having Spark coverage. Hopefully that means they are very close to actually turning on at least one or two of their sites on-field. Maybe when I land in the foot of snow tomorrow, I'll be pleasantly surprised with some 4G warmth.
  7. Can someone explain what these RDFs are? I have never been able to view them.
  8. That's not the phone, it's the network doing what it is designed to do. You'll be disappointed when your replacement phone does the same thing.
  9. The N5 was one of the best RF performers, so it's a pretty tough standard to meet. However, having had the N5, I would say the Note 4 is a very good performer on LTE. It's pretty rare to have dropped to 3G with the Note in places I had LTE on the N5. I have no concerns about it's RF performance.
  10. Aside from the echo that the other end can hear while on a Wi-Fi call, the speakerphone quality is great.
  11. Mine always passes the self test as well. You have the same issue. That value will never change as long as you are in SLC. Won't even fluctuate.
  12. Also, if you live above 3000' or so elevation, try this and see what you get. Dial *#0*# go into sensors and see what your barometric sensor reads. I think there is either a hardware issue or a firmware bug where at higher elevations, it doesn't initialize properly and doesn't work. When I am below about 3000' and reboot, it starts working normally again. Second phone that has this exact same symptom at nearly identical elevations. There should be a value near your elevation displayed and the value reported should constantly fluctuate like the other sensors output you will see on that
  13. Anyone tried speakerphone while on a wifi call? Everyone I talk to says they can hear themselves echoing, but a regular network call is fine.
  14. Don't use a VPN if you are. That caused that exact behavior for me in Canada until I disabled it.
  15. Thanks, Santa, but I'll be in Leon, Mexico most of the day for work - probably avoiding the windows and wearing a Kevlar vest in the hotel. Not happy about it either. On a side note, I am going to be selling my Nexus 5. I'm not sure if it's kosher to post that here, and if not, please delete this post. I thought I'd give fellow Coloradans first crack at it, if not, it's going to swappa.
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