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  1. If you need some help with figuring things out let me know, I'm sure I still have my PRL diff app/code kicking around somewhere in my backups.
  2. International cleanup basically. PRL Comparison of PRLS 55021 to 55022 -Removes- Geo:21 SID/NID 1525/65535 IUSACELL - MEXICO CITY MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24577/65535 Portatel Del Sureste - CHETUMAL MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24587/65535 Comcel - GUADALAJARA MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24589/65535 Portatel Del Sureste - QUERETARO MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24591/65535 Telecomunicaciones del Golfo - PUEBLA MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24593/65535 Portatel Del Sureste - VILLAHERMOSA MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24615/65535 Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24647/65535 Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24649/65
  3. I haven't looked at the PSC stuff yet for a pattern but here's what I have from my notes (figured I would share in case others need it as well) 310-410 AT&T - 1c = 1 carrier(channel), 2c = 2 carrier, etc. HSPA Pattern CID 11961 belongs to site 1196. The 1 is the sector/carrier designation. The sector and carriers are as follows for the first 3 subset of HSPA channels. 1=1c, 4=2c, 7=3c of the Alpha sector 2=1c, 5=2c, 8=3c of the Beta sector 3=1c, 6=2c, 9=3c of the Gamma sector 2nd subset of HSPA In most cases 4000 is added to the site number, in rare cases I
  4. Very nice looking. Definitely couldn't map out any of my sites without this app. Would it be possible to add a column or two at the end of the CSV file? The LTE GCI without the sector on the end and a band number based on the network and sector ID? I currently throw these in by hand with some Excel formulas. It helps to narrow things down on sites.
  5. Neighbors on different bands also show up on mine from time to time. I figured that was done by design of the LTE table on the site. I would watch it jump from band of 17 to 4 then to 2 on the same site.
  6. I am behind on this thread but I can pm you the pattern I found on HSPA cells. They also translate to the LTE side of the site to match things up.
  7. Cleaned up the changes so it's little less to dig through as there was a lot of 1X scan channel reductions on Cricket, VZW, and MetroPCS. Decent changes on some of the partners like C Spire, they stopped the battery killing constant EVDO scan for Sprint while you are on C Spire. Cellular One roaming in East TX is back (it was removed last revision). Read on... Full analysis here: http://prl.digiblur.com/ PRL Comparison of PRLS 25019 to 25020 SID/NID 1788/65535 Inland Cellular Telephone Co - WASHINGTON 08 WHITMAN- EVDO changed to: Enabled EV-Scan: Unk EVDO(006D:6164) P/850 C/468 C/5
  8. Careful on that as the phone is missing LTE bands 2 and 5.
  9. That is true about the mapping on Sprint as people are looking for where that LTE signal is. I have mapped tons of high traffic areas on AT&T that were lit up a good 2+ years ahead of Sprint. And this was in a heavy AT&T customer market. It's just the nature of the beast. I am sure there are many areas where Sprint isn't mapped as well.
  10. Playing with the Moto G LTE side by side with the Nexus5 impressed me. Excellent phone in RF, speed, and definitely price. HTC's track record on phones has left me to not even look at their products the past couple years.
  11. Although different bands but I think this radio is awesome as well. Watched it slip between band 17, band 4 and band 2 with ease. Even some of those transitions were different channels. I would have never noticed unless I wasn't looking. Never dropped LTE through some very rural roads for 3 hours. Excellent work on this side of the modem.
  12. That odd kinda sorta DAS cascade threw us off for while especially with it not listed as a DAS. Glad to see all the pieces come together on that mystery.
  13. Another GCI range to add to your chart, some folks in the NOLA area found a DAS with GCI's ending in 04, 05, 06. It's an odd one since it covers many streets. After some digging and researching things, this video was also found by JWMaloney. If you feel like doing a 310-410 conversion as well for 0F, 10, 11 being B17 and 16, 17, 18 being B4. Their B17 DAS's seem to be 13, 14, 15 for B17. Not sure if that mess up anything as I have no idea what they use on PCS or Cellular LTE bands for GCIs.
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