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  1. If you need some help with figuring things out let me know, I'm sure I still have my PRL diff app/code kicking around somewhere in my backups.
  2. The legacy site that just won't stop. Downtown Baton Rouge legacy rebuild. New single band antennas, new coax, and legacy cabinets moved from the roof to the sidewalk during the building construction. Figured some of you would get a kick out of these. http://imgur.com/D2d0auP http://imgur.com/TGetuhh http://imgur.com/GAJtN4F http://imgur.com/5oJCJ9R http://imgur.com/tKMYV2t
  3. Still have my email notifications on this thread I see Yes, it would take a bit of work to swing back the yellow side. I still keep an eye on the Nextel sites around town to see if they are making a move yet. The kicker for me is still the downtown area is a Sprint wasteland combined with the no coverage inside the house. However I did notice they finally converted to a full build by the house instead of the LTE GMO configuration. I didn't see any 800 signals from it yet though.
  4. International cleanup basically. PRL Comparison of PRLS 55021 to 55022 -Removes- Geo:21 SID/NID 1525/65535 IUSACELL - MEXICO CITY MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24577/65535 Portatel Del Sureste - CHETUMAL MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24587/65535 Comcel - GUADALAJARA MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24589/65535 Portatel Del Sureste - QUERETARO MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24591/65535 Telecomunicaciones del Golfo - PUEBLA MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24593/65535 Portatel Del Sureste - VILLAHERMOSA MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24615/65535 Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24647/65535 Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24649/65535 Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24651/65535 Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24677/65535 Portatel Del Sureste - MERIDA MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24679/65535 Portatel Del Sureste - CAMPECHE MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24681/65535 Portatel Del Sureste - VILLAHERMOSA MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24685/65535 Portatel Del Sureste - TAPACHUL MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24749/65535 Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24799/65535 Portatel Del Sureste - Cd del Carmen MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 24801/65535 Portatel Del Sureste - San Cristobal MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 26883/65535 Portatel Del Sureste - TUXTLA GT MX Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 25107/65535 Removed. Geo:21 SID/NID 25100/65535 Removed. Geo:23 SID/NID 32649/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14827/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14828/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14829/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14830/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14831/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14832/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14833/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14834/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14835/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14836/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14837/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14838/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14839/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14840/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14841/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14842/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14843/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14846/65535 Removed. Geo:25 SID/NID 14847/65535 Removed. -MCC/MNC Removes(LTE)- LTE Area-Geo:21 334/FFF RoamInd:Intl SID Link:IUSACELL - MEXICO CITY MX LTE Area-Geo:23 702/FFF RoamInd:Intl SID Link:Unk LTE Area-Geo:24 510/FFF RoamInd:Intl SID Link:Unk LTE Area-Geo:25 404/FFF RoamInd:Intl SID Link:Unk LTE Area-Geo:27 302/FFF RoamInd:Intl SID Link:Bell Mobility - MONTREAL PQ -MCC/MNC Adds(LTE)- LTE Area-Geo:22 510/FFF RoamInd:Intl SID Link:Unk LTE Area-Geo:23 404/FFF RoamInd:Intl SID Link:Unk LTE Area-Geo:25 302/FFF RoamInd:Intl SID Link:Bell Mobility - MONTREAL PQ
  5. They signed off on it and put it on their site. Their problem.
  6. Wow.. With that bad of a test report then the real world tests will be interesting. Edit.. As in the fcc should have done a better job.
  7. Interesting that 12 and 17 aren't both listed the same.
  8. In the wireless world I'm a believe it when I see it type of person now.
  9. Only half the puzzle though. Like for instance there are no band 29 numbers since it is receive only. I take the numbers as a grain of salt. Hopefully the real world tests will be good.
  10. I honestly don't look at the numbers as we have seen some phones with bad numbers end up being good and vice versa.
  11. Nexus6.. https://apps.fcc.gov/oetcf/eas/reports/ViewExhibitReport.cfm?mode=Exhibits&RequestTimeout=500&calledFromFrame=N&application_id=830965&fcc_id=IHDT56QD1
  12. OTA'ers rejoice! Yay! Or as others call it. cordcutters.
  13. I haven't looked at the PSC stuff yet for a pattern but here's what I have from my notes (figured I would share in case others need it as well) 310-410 AT&T - 1c = 1 carrier(channel), 2c = 2 carrier, etc. HSPA Pattern CID 11961 belongs to site 1196. The 1 is the sector/carrier designation. The sector and carriers are as follows for the first 3 subset of HSPA channels. 1=1c, 4=2c, 7=3c of the Alpha sector 2=1c, 5=2c, 8=3c of the Beta sector 3=1c, 6=2c, 9=3c of the Gamma sector 2nd subset of HSPA In most cases 4000 is added to the site number, in rare cases I've seen 4600 added. 1196 would become 5196. The sector and carriers are as follows for the second subset of HSPA channels. (sectors 4-6 seemed to be skipped) 1=4c, 7=5c of the Alpha sector 2=4c, 8=5c of the Beta sector 3=4c, 9=5c of the Gamma sector In summary, 11965 would be Site 1196 Beta C2 and 51969 would be Site 1196 Gamma 5c. LTE Pattern Last two digits of GCI to determine the band 0F, 10, 11 - B17 16, 17, 19 - B4 08, 09, 0A - B2 00, 01, 02 - B5 84, 85, 86 - B17 indoor DAS 64, 65, 66 - B17 wide area DAS Example GCI - 02C3CC0F - Remove the sector ID and convert to DEC - 02C3CC becomes 181196. The first two digits are the market/region ID. 1196 again is the site ID and matches to the HSPA side of the site. Occasionaly some sites will use the 4c,5c HSPA site IDs with the 4000 added to the number. I've seen this on older Band 4 upgrades with RRUS11 B4. I've seen them going back to the original site IDs(non-4000 incremented) when they've been converting them to B17/B4/B2 sites with the AIR21 B4A/B12P antennas with RRUS12 B12 with the A2 B2 backpack.
  14. Very nice looking. Definitely couldn't map out any of my sites without this app. Would it be possible to add a column or two at the end of the CSV file? The LTE GCI without the sector on the end and a band number based on the network and sector ID? I currently throw these in by hand with some Excel formulas. It helps to narrow things down on sites.
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