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  2. Still capped at like 8 down, glad I have a VPN though so it doesn't really bother me much.
  3. Anyone know if they fixed stream bandwidth restrictions on TNX? I want NR CA now that the site nearest me has n41, but I don't want a 1.5 Mbps video throttle when I have 8 Mbps right now
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  5. It has only been a month since I was last in Boston but this past weekend I went back again and things have marginally improved since September. Thanks to iOS 15 it's now more obvious when I'm connected to n41. I was spotting it in a few more areas than last time. For example, in the South End I never connected to a strong signal of n41 but I did see my phone bouncing between 1-2 bars of n41 and full signal on n71. Speeds on 1 bar of n41 were around 40Mbps in my testing. T-Mobile coverage map is starting to be a bit more accurate I guess. Separately, most of Boston College's Main Campus is covered by a site on top of 2000 Commonwealth Ave. A month ago I was getting speeds of 40-50Mbps on campus but sometime in the past month T-Mobile fully upgraded the site. Yesterday during the commencement celebration for the class of 2020 I was getting nearly 700Mbps outdoors despite thousands of guests being on campus in addition to the thousands of on campus students and faculty. Even LTE was great at 190Mbps. Inside Conte Forum where the event was held, my phone dropped down to n71 and speeds remained consistently high at around 80-100Mbps. 5G and LTE speed test: T-Mobile didn't bother painting the antennas post-upgrade: There's still one other stealth site in Newton that covers part of Boston College's Upper Campus that hasn't been upgraded yet. It's still LTE only and has typical 30-40Mbps performance. I haven't seen any permits submitted for that site though so I'm not certain when it'll get upgraded.
  6. I cannot run SCP for any length of time on my S21 anymore. I can start it, put it in the background, and within a minute or two it's just gone. No crash message or anything. I have not taken the step to uninstall and reinstall yet. But I may do that soon to see if that clears anything up.
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  8. CA is only supported on the S21 and I assume iPhone 13 right? Has it been added to any previous Samsung? I know VoNR was added to the S20/N20 series after launch.
  9. Thanks for the heads up on the October update. It's out for the Note 20 Ultra as well.
  10. Just got the October update and it's still missing...
  11. Multibeam antennas for massive capacity. The MatSing ball is the really impressive antenna here. Those have 48 independent cross-polarized beams that are 6 degrees by 6 degrees arranged in a 12x4 (horizontally by vertically) pattern.
  12. What is that on the 2nd rack from the top?! I've never seen those antenna's before.
  13. Here's a better view of the high capacity site at Woodbury Commons. Verizon is still LTE only here. No 5G.
  14. Security update is out October 1, 2021 (SM-N981U)
  15. Yeah I went hunting with the modular and had no luck. I am only seeing the icon, no NR info, just LTE in SC Pro. I went back to the where I spotted it with the handset, scored a 5G logo and sent you a couple diagnostics. I had to absolutely rekt my bootloader to get service mode to load on my crappy ATT bloatwared phone but it was not populating any NR info either. I was only able to see the logo with LTE 750/14 active. I tried 66/30 only and did not populate the logo again. It is possible just one site has some ENDC finally and that is reflecting? I will keep seeking it Thanks for any help and all that you do for us.
  16. I'm always interested in diagnostic reports, feel free to send! Are you only seeing the system 5G icon, or are you seeing 5G information displayed in SCP? If it's standalone (LTE+5G), you will only see signal strength information. 5G cell ID info is only reported with standalone connections.
  17. Ah, thank you! I also haven't seen new 2HH-38A-R4-V2 deployments in either. The deployment of the AIR3246 lines up with most of the new B66-only eNBs I have seen on Cellmapper. Seems like some of the towers have the panel running with split-sector active, and some don't.
  18. DISH Selects NEXSYS-ONE's 5G Network Deployment Platform https://ir.dish.com/news-releases/news-release-details/dish-selects-nexsys-ones-5g-network-deployment-platform
  19. I am using the Samsung A71-5G on ATT. I recently noticed the 5G icon appear on my phone! I am guessing it is n66 since there is no n5 license for AT&T in my market. I looked in my logs but did not see any 5G info when I exported them pertaining to 5G cells or trail data. I am also guessing it is DSS because I was locked to bands 30/66/14 for LTE and I could still see all of the usual band 66/30 carriers. Band 14 was my PCC during this event. Would it help to send you a log when I notice this occur again? Or if it is of no value let me know. I am going to go hunt the signal down with a modular radio later anyway but if this would provide value to the app I would be glad to help out however I can. I will save any info I get when I confirm with my modular radio, I just set that radio to the same IMEI as my phone for easy sim swapping and it should behave the same.
  20. Looks like T-Mobile is planning to deploy on a few sites along OR-126. https://maprad.io/us/search/licence/WROE619?source=US
  21. While that would be nice, it’s slowed down deployment in certain residential areas around Seattle where wooden utility poles are the only/best option today. In some cases, they’ve gone with lower masts on small grocery stores which really aren’t ideal (due to much higher clutter loss).
  22. That's a great idea. I hope they're able to stick to it and get some towers built in places where only power line towers exist today. - Trip
  23. Just heard back - this is a rule of thumb nationwide. Not sure how strictly other markets are following it but the team here is pretty adamant about it.
  24. I'm not certain what those 3 eNBs are at all. They've confused me for a long time and the trails on Cellmapper don't make any sense to me. 58611 hasn't been seen in nearly a year so I think it's safe to say that it doesn't exist anymore. 131684 appeared at roughly the same time 58611 stopped being mapped. I'm not certain about the other two though. The PCI pattern in the area doesn't make it easy to determine if they're small cells or macros. The cover a large enough area for it to be macros but the signal strength and shapes of the mapped areas don't match up to any sites in the area.
  25. Yeah, I saw that. Doesn't really explain why they don't have permits for the poles in Fairfax County, for example. - Trip
  26. I live in Lake City FL and they have L41 and N41 active on the watertower site down town. I was able to get similar speeds 1.5 miles from the site when I had clear line of sight to the site. Also they recently got permits to add N41 to several more sites. Also they just got the first permit that I have seen in the area to convert a current Sprint only site to T-Mobile. The plan details are here https://webportal.columbiacountyfla.com/AlfrescoDownload.aspx?Site=BuildingAndZoning/BuildingPermits&NodeRef=6abd2930-76bb-458c-b7e3-fa71dc841a10
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