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  2. @WiWavelengthAny chance you can do one of those antenna performance based on FCC filings for the iPhone 13 series? That would be amazing to see how far they've come with Qualcomm hardware and 5G!
  3. So far can't tell any issues on Android 12 beta and S21 but if the author wants any specific testing let me know!
  4. What they had reported previously was that EV-DO would go away 1/1/2022, but 1X (presumably 1X 800) would last until 6/30/2022. - Trip
  5. Not sure if this is old news. Official T-Mobile Network shutdown dates: T-Mobile 3G UMTS: July 1, 2022 T-Mobile 2G GSM: December 2022 Sprint 2G/3G CDMA: January 1, 2022 Sprint LTE/5G: June 30, 2022 https://www.tmonews.com/2021/09/t-mobile-unveils-official-network-shutdown-dates/
  6. Last week
  7. Yep! But that mmWave spectrum has been deployable for quite a while now - last years iPhone supported n260/n261, and so did the Galaxy series as far back as the S10. The only phone that T-Mobile currently sells that supports n258 is the OnePlus 9 Pro 5G. Having a mainstream device such as the iPhone supporting n258 will greatly increase T-Mobile's amount of deployable mmWave. Tampa, for example, would go from 600MHz of deployable spectrum to 1000MHz (400MHz n260 + 200MHz n261 + 400 n258). NYC, which is currently only operating with 100MHz of n261, will go from 500MHz of deployable spectrum to 900MHz (400MHz n260 + 100MHz n261 + 400MHz n258). Hopefully, having more deployable spectrum will push them to expand deployment.
  8. Got the Sept 1st update on my AT&T phone today. Let's see how long it takes T-Mobile this time around.
  9. You sure it was n258, not n260? AFAIK the S21 series doesn't support n258.
  10. I wonder if the inclusion of n258 will get T-Mobile moving at all. I haven't seen any progress on mmWave in years. In fact, I've just seen it *removed* from sites.
  11. Went digging through the comments section and this will be available on the iPhone 12 line as well https://twitter.com/TMobileHelp/status/1437857426363981826?s=20https://twitter.com/TMobileHelp/status/1437857426363981826?s=20
  12. Definitely! Having it across both flagships will definitely incentivize deployment even more.
  13. But yet my S21 has had it for awhile and used it in Tampa Airport this spring. Now on Apple maybe they will use it more.
  14. Yep, trying to go back to stock and Smart Switch sucks ass, won't go over 5Mbps stuck at 64% I gain like 1% per 5 minutes like wtf Samsung.
  15. New iPhones have n258. Now all we're missing is n262. Soon enough it'll make economic sense for T-Mobile to do mmWave deployments since all of their spectrum will be supported by phones.
  16. Literally two seconds ago I was saying that this would be a good opportunity for T-Mobile to launch a 5GUC icon in their status bar given that their n41 deployment is pretty mature in some cities. I'm pretty excited about this. Also worthy of note is that the new iPhones support n258 which means in markets where T-Mobile owns that spectrum, it now makes sense to deploy it. For example, in NYC that's now 400MHz of spectrum that iPhones on T-Mobile have access to that they didn't previously.
  17. Interesting, this shouldn't be iPhone 13 specific in the future.
  18. Did you clear cache? My S21 seems very snappy this afternoon, though I do use a different launcher.
  19. Yeah I don't particularly care about esim but the lag and typing there are major issues I'll be going back to stock when I get home.
  20. Last time I was on a Samsung beta they pushed updates pretty quick. But yes the first one had issues and was much better with just one update. Guessing it'll be a while until TNX is available by esim - T-Mobile users are getting errors trying to activate so they aren't supported either.
  21. Android 12 beta is out, esim is supported! But it's a bit rough and a bit laggy.
  22. I asked revik2 on reddit and got the following answer (for my situation which is slightly different from yours):
  23. We just came out of solar minimum, so there has been more activity, and it will increase in the next couple years. But nothing so far that has disrupted GPS networks.
  24. I spoke with T-Mobile on Twitter this morning and got yet another answer. Their answer was that my wife's line is eligible for upgrade today, but that my other phones will all need to be replaced, but will become eligible at a later date as they're not replacing equipment that still has payments due at this time. This, of course, is not what I've seen mentioned in other places, or in the e-mails I've gotten. So, go figure. - Trip
  25. Not sure if or how much this plays in, but there's been some increased solar activity of late that I've seen a few articles randomly on - that sort of things sometimes can wreak havoc with satellite communications
  26. Can't say, as I don't have a 5G capable phone yet. Is it really worth it?
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