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  2. Visited a Sprint-converted-to-Tmobile store last week because my GNote 20 5G suddenly had a small cluster of stuck pixels that wouldn't go away (tried 3 apps that ran "tests" and made it flicker like crazy)..so they replaced my screen - and battery. Something didn't get plugged back in, or came loose...now I can literally watch the SCP app bounce from B25, B26, B41 back to B25...all within 5-6 seconds. Try to make a call with 5 bars and it suddenly drops to zero bars and the call doesn't complete. Headed back to store tomorrow to see if they can fix it... But beware the "techs"...d
  3. Just got apprised by my biz rep friend that I'm now TNX eligible. I'll switch over if I'm allowed to go back. NR CA via SA would be cool.
  4. Drove out to Mt. Arlington, NJ and Kenvil, NJ and was surprised by how good T-Mobile's coverage was both on the drive there and while out and about. I was on 5G what seemed like 98% of the the drive out there. I only noticed one time when it dropped down to LTE for less than a mile before picking up 5G and staying on it for the rest of the drive. I was even more impressed by performance within both towns as speeds and coverage were similar to, if not better than Verizon in most areas I went. This includes indoors. While at a restaurant, Verizon dropped down to 1 bar of LTE and occasional
  5. Yeah, we're definitely getting LTE and 5G on 600MHz down in the depths of the building now, but it's slow and congested. I'd much rather have LTE on PCS, even if there's no 5G on the DAS!
  6. You're welcome! Curious what you hear back from the DAS people or T-Mobile about this. T-Mobile's 600 MHz via TNX has really improved my indoor coverage/speeds vs. Sprint's 800 MHz coverage.
  7. Edit: Disregard, on further review what I'm seeing isn't close to what Trip was initially querying as I initially thought. Note to self: don't read posts while you're still working.
  8. Update came out the other day, no ESIM support.
  9. I have an active Magic Box and the eNB is 1025026-118. It is on 2518.4. This is in Raleigh NC.
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  11. Yeah, on T-Mo that's how it is. Here are the images from the Sprint eNB I found: The numbering scheme matches T-Mobile femto setup. However, last I heard T-Mobile was planning on turning all the Magic Boxes into paperweights, so if its a magic box, I'm surprised it is still active.
  12. My understanding is that femtos get eNBs >1,000,000 on T-Mobile.
  13. Does anyone have a Sprint magic box still active? I wonder what is the eNB numbering scheme for them, as I found Sprint eNB 1025011 using 2558 MHz as the middle frequency. Wasn't able to check if its 10 or 20 MHz though. If its not a magic box, the TAC is different from pre-merger Sprint and current T-Mo TACs in the area, so it can't be a small cell.
  14. Except on 5G phones, ROAMAHOME is said to have now been replaced for most phones by MOCN, which allows access to both TMobile and Sprint towers interchangeably. It is now set from the profile and no longer uses an SOC code.
  15. TMo coverage here has historically been bad, so I'm not surprised they're still using Sprint (Shentel) towers. Hoping they mostly transition them.
  16. That would make sense but it isn't what they're doing here at least. They're still building out a lot more small cells. T-Mobile has built very few new macros in NYC, especially when compared to other carriers like Verizon (but that's because Verizon's network was originally spaced for 700MHz and 850MHz and they needed to densify). T-Mobile still has the highest macro density in the city by far in spite of that. The good news here is that the DoIT in NYC updated regulations to allow a new antenna design for small cells going forward and collaborated with all 3 nationwide carriers to devel
  17. Thanks, I might do that. I want to talk to the folks who run the DAS before I engage an external vendor - they're my colleagues and I don't want to step on their toes! As far as I know, they haven't had any communications from T-Mobile on changes.
  18. I was under the impression that TNA meant you were on T-Mobile natively, like ROAMAHOME. I had that blocked on three of my lines. More evidence of T-Mobile's complete failure at transitioning in a clear manner is that I literally cannot figure out what their various things actually mean, and every time I think I understand it, it turns out to be wrong. - Trip
  19. If there's an equipment restriction limiting MIMO rank or similar, would make sense for TMo to phase them out in favor of macros, then come back in with mmW later if capacity constraints merit it.
  20. The dividing line for TNA appears to be band 66 support. VoLTE not required (Sprint LG V20). Just additional 700Mhz service by the phone still prefers usual triband (Sprint LG G4 and G5) but will roam on 700Mhz.
  21. Best I can tell, based on reports here and on Reddit, that is the PLMN for Sprint sites that are still accessible but are not likely to be keep sites. Essentially native "roaming" at this point. Most Sprint lines have been pushed to TNA if you want it or not. Happened to my other lines that don't have 5G phones without me asking for them to do it.
  22. My wife's phone shows 312-530 frequently and it's definitely on Sprint. - Trip
  23. 312-530 is Sprint "roaming" sites. It's native coverage, but it's not a keep site and you only connect if there's little to no T-Mobile coverage. I get this occasionally in NE and KS, I'm on a 5G phone so technically T-Mobile but still a Sprint SIM (TNA).
  24. You could try emailing Mike Sievert and asking about that DAS and if they have any plans for it or other legacy Sprint DAS builds. He's shared his email publicly on Twitter: DerekKY1980 heard back on his email to Sievert about network upgrades pretty quickly. Curious what you hear back on it. Please share if you do!
  25. Has anyone heard word of how T-Mobile is approaching Sprint's in-building DAS systems? We've got an older system at work that has the "big three" carriers from the early-2010s on it... so AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. 😜 I've been back to the office a couple of times and I eventually roam onto it when I'm in the bowels of the building, but my T-Mobile iPhone 12 Pro prefers the outdoor macro network, so I assume that they haven't added 312-250 yet. It's PCS-only for Sprint as far as I can tell.
  26. Seems that fits with the delay in the acquisition of Shentel's wireless assets until just recently.
  27. Okay, then you are probably still Sprint-native. If you were T-Mobile native, you'd be seeing 311-490 or 312-250. - Trip
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