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  2. There are some good details in the linked location below as to the various PLMN's being deployed and what they represent. It seems that plausibly (credit Jamal Baker) that:: 312-250 = Harmonized Sprint equipment in areas with otherwise poor TMobile towers, to be eventually converted to T-Mobile equipment 312-490 = Towers to eventually be removed, sold to Dish, or converted to all N41.
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  4. I don't know if it's T-Mobile upgrading sites or if its just the iPhone having a great radio but 5G coverage is now near contiguous throughout most of northern/northeastern Brooklyn. There are still areas in my own neighborhood where I'll drop down to 1 bar of 5G and I've even dropped down to LTE in Brooklyn Heights recently but for the most part 5G coverage and performance is finally at the point where it's comparable to Sprint's pre-merger 5G network (in the areas I've tested). I've also noticed that as of the most recent update on the iPhone it won't show a 5G icon if 5G isn't availabl
  5. That's so true. It'll be interesting to see how long T-Mobile keeps Sprint's legacy systems and procedures around. How much will things change by the time the next iPhone launches in Fall 2021?
  6. Anyone have an update? My stream of most recent active subscribed threads is also no longer updating on S4GRU.com itself. The threads are updating, but the stream shows old posts as most recent. I'm seeing this error on some pages: [[Template forums/front/topics/activity is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  7. It's amazing how quickly T-Mobile is integrating Sprint's network assets after the merger and putting itself on real competitive footing with Verizon/AT&T. With the launch of the 5G iPhone, uptake of new 5G devices on T-Mobile's network must be substantial. T-Mobile's midband capacity from Sprint is making a real difference in usability and speed.
  8. Yup. U Street definitely fills up in the evening! Haven't been over there since COVID began, but people are always fiddling on their phones. 😀
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  10. What's the TNX thing? I got an email saying that we need to get new SIMs for our phones (Sprint phones with Sprint SIMs). Should we do this?? First I'm hearing of us needing new SIMs. EDIT: I figured this out on another thread and ordered the TNX SIMs.
  11. Could it be simpler than this? Could 312250 be real-world testing--see which non-overlapping sites actually end up with substantial amounts of traffic on them to identify holes that these sites could fill? The thought just occurred to me, though if that were the case, then I'd expect to see 312250 everywhere at once, I suppose, with sites gradually filtered out rather than added in. - Trip
  12. It is TNA (aka ROAMAHOME) which keeps you exclusively on T Mobile unless there is NO TMobile signal whatsoever. (which is rare). TNX (a TMobile sim) can be even worse because it keeps you exclusively on T Mobile EVEN WHEN there is no TMobile signal whatsoever (with the possible exceptions of areas where there are unified PLMN's). So in my opinion what you want for now is to get TNA REMOVED (and barred from coming back automatically)! I suggest call and ask for it!
  13. The main difference is non-LTE will be TMO 3G instead of Sprint, and TMO roaming partners instead of Sprint roaming partners. It's possible network prioritization is different also.
  14. SE03312B has mmWave as well! No backhaul upgrade yet, though.
  15. With the latest OneUI 3.0 beta update today on my Note 20 Ultra, 5G reporting works again! (also I realize now this is the beta topic and I probably should be using the other when the issue isn't related to a beta, but since I already posted here I figured I'd give closure to the issue!)
  16. Another update. My mom purchased an iPhone 12 Pro Max on Verizon today. At my house, she has between 1-2 bars of n5 and speeds have ranged from 60-100Mbps so far. One thing I've noticed is that DSS seems to provide very inconsistent speeds. The same speed test in one spot gives me wildly varying results.
  17. They likely won’t get around to turning off CDMA until the end of next year. They’ve already migrated 15% of Sprint customers over to the T-Mobile network through software updates and device upgrades. I think that the shutdown of T-Mobile’s 2G and 3G network was moved up to January specifically to free up some spectrum in lots of cities to take on more Sprint customers. For example, they’ll have an extra 5MHz of AWS here in NYC. T-Mobile will probably take an even more aggressive approach to switching people over to their network next year because of that.
  18. I got an iPhone 12 Pro Max and one of the things I've noticed is consistently higher 5G speeds on it than I used to get on my S20 Ultra. I have also noticed that it seems to have an easier time connecting to and staying on 5G even in Auto mode. In Manhattan in area where I knew I should have mmWave coverage but I always had trouble connecting with my S20 Ultra, the iPhone connected and gave me over 400Mbps down. Another thing that Apple did with the iPhone is that when your device is actually connected to 5G, the signal strength indicator reflects your 5G signal strength as opposed to you
  19. Overall I am really impressed with the coverage that I get with T-Mobile particularly in the cement bunker that is my high-rise condo. It was the same coverage that I got with Sprint until 4-5 years ago when Sprint decided to thin out their macro sites and replace them with mini macros, hence my Magic Box. I have disconnected the Magic Box. I now get great signal by my bedside which is for some reason a dead zone for Verizon and AT&T. I have been parked mostly on B4, occasionally on B2. Have not encountered B66 yet. Now I would like to eventually have my T-Mobile line part of an e-sim
  20. Interesting. I'm sure at some point T-Mobile will take an audit of what's going on with that DAS and either terminate the legacy Sprint support or have support added for T-Mobile. Curious what you find out when you go in. Let us know! I've always been bewildered by the fact that carriers didn't prioritize coverage and speed improvements at major points of transit. I pestered Sprint about its Union Station coverage issues for years to no avail. That's where the most people actually use their phones the most (likely because they're talking, texting or surfing/streaming while arriving/d
  21. I agree. So far, my experience has been much better. With Sprint's network, I routinely ran into congestion or coverage issues in a number of areas in the DMV, especially the Central Business District (Downtown DC), Columbia Heights and National Harbor. Indoor coverage has definitely been better too. Curious where T-Mobile would put mmWave....
  22. And as long as they do that, then all will be well. I'm just not putting money on it happening. - Trip
  23. OK I was moved to TNX on the iPhone 6s. Did a few speedtests. Most of them averaged around 10 down/5 up but then there was that 77 down/24 up that I got close to a site. The latency is pretty bad almost all above 100ms. The process itself was fast and painless.
  24. Check your bill if you've added TNX to your account they tried charging me an "upgrade support charge" for $20, I called and had them remove it but yeah they say it's "free" but they try to get you on your bill.
  25. My download speeds have improved somewhat over the past couple of days. Obviously, T-Mobile is in the midst of merging things together. I'm now seeing 250-260 Mbps for download over 5G, but more importantly, I'm seeing 76 Mbps for upload, which is about a 7x improvement over what I was seeing on Sprint before. This makes my iPhone substantially more usable for common tasks like sending photos, etc. If T-Mobile can deliver a similar experience to Shentel's territory, I think customers will be happy with it. Maybe T-Mobile will deploy some mmWave here in DC as well (if they haven'
  26. My iPhone 6s prompted me for a Carrier Settings update. It is now at 44.1. Has anybody had the same update prompt? What changed in 44.1? Or was it a PRL update? My PRL is now 55576. I have not seen any outward changes.
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