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  2. In the new updates for the Samsung phones n66 is now enabled for tmobile and cell mapper has a case.
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  4. At the moment T-Mobile only broadcasts 5G on n71, n41 and mmWave (very isolated deployment). In the future there will likely be n25/2 and n66, but probably not this year. As others have said, the 5G icon shows if the band you are connected to is enabled to serve as an anchor band for 5G. At the moment, B2 and B66 serve as potential anchor bands. B12 may be an anchor band in some areas. B71 is not used as an anchor band at this time. The only way to know for sure if you are actually on a 5G band is through an engineering screen or one of the signal apps mentioned.
  5. Dang, yeah not on the list. But never hurts to ask. Might still get something for trading it in (if that's something you want to do).
  6. Do you have a source in the field indicating n66 is in use? I don't believe it is on T-Mobile. Might be for VZW or AT&T. VZW uses n2 here. TMo is n71/n41 exclusively.
  7. T-Mo Unboxing video: Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Unboxing | T-Mobile - YouTube Also a few more review articles: Samsung Galaxy A32 Review: Samsung Galaxy A32 Review & Rating - Gadgets Now Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Review - PhoneArena
  8. The 5g icon means the tower is capable of 5g, it does not mean you are on 5g. The only way to be certain about being on 5G is via your phones secret menus or via apps like SignalCheck B66 = LTE via Band 66 , n66 = 5G (aka NR) via Band 66. If you are on non-standalone 5g, then it uses an LTE carrier along with the 5G channels. LTE carriers can be B71, B2, and B66 (I am likely forgetting one). 5G channels can be n71, n41, and I believe they plan to start (or just started) n66.
  9. Given the highest level device is an LG G7 (my wife's), and its not on the acceptable list, I don't think we'd be able to do it....but I suppose I could find and call a store and ask to be sure.
  10. I am confused on something in the lte / nr area... and I have reason for asking because of a current hotspot that I'm using.. The difference in 5g and LTE. I see LTE B66... is there a n66 and LTE66? I see people talking about the 5G icon when they are on B2... is there a chart or something that breaks it down?
  11. Yeah, we got this (as a text message) on my son's line, that was already paid off. For an iPhone12.
  12. Ah, yeah that would do it. This one targeted the three lines that didn't have any payments left on them. Email came on Thursday. I went to the store to do one of the upgrades and they did say it was a company wide promo. If there are any other lines needing upgrades and are paid off, might be eligible.
  13. Actually going back to my original post it was definitely a different promo. The text came in Tuesday after Easter about it and it does explicitly say 50% off with eligible trade in. And it was probably just targeted at my specific line too, my wife didn't get that text.
  14. Possibly....or maybe they just really only gave half credit for the G8X (keep in mind this is the base phone I have and not the dual screen btw, though the regular G8 didn't have a dual option anyway). Without it being officially on the list of acceptable phones for the 'free' deal though its hard to complain I guess.
  15. I traded in my Dad's LG G8 and got the S21 for free + tax. Upgraded it to the 256MB version for $2 a month. Maybe a different promo? I should add, the phones were completely paid off, so that might have impacted the promo.
  16. Whatever calculation was done, it was done automatically by the system. I checked 2 other lines and no change there (one was a G7). So I suppose they just didn't publicize the G8X, though if they accept a regular G8 it would stand to reason they'd take a G8X too. I doubt they'd credit anymore for a regular G8 than I got though. I'd be curious to see what the system offers someone with a V60 5G. I kind of wish I'd have been able to get at least an S21+ 256GB for half off, its a little hard adjusting to the size downgrade to 6.2, but now that I finally have a Supcase for the S21 I'm
  17. They took an LG G8... G8X ought to have been enough. Although now that I look at the fine print, it doesn't list the G8X. Weird. The phone ships separate of the return kit. If they even ship a return kit. The last time they just emailed a shipping label and it went into my spam so I missed it.
  18. Yeah the G8X wasn't worth enough for that level of credit for me. The funny thing is, I've yet to see or get anything email or otherwise about turning the LG in as part of the deal though. There was nothing about it whatsoever in the box the S21 came in certainly.
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  20. Used their trade in deal for a "free" S21, or greatly reduced S21+ or Ultra. Went with the Ultra, $250 (plus tax) to upgrade and no monthly cost. Not gonna complain!
  21. Yeah same experience here. There are no DAS nodes in any of the tunnels besides the tunnel under the East River between Bedford and 1st Ave on the L train. Maybe in between stations that are super close together like Beverly Road and Cortelyou Road on the Q you can hold onto signal between stations since they're literally a block away from one another. But in between most other stations I drop out of service on both T-Mobile and Verizon.
  22. Was surprised when I read your message. So, I ventured out with a Verizon friend. The coverage between stations was exactly the same as T-Mobile. None of the carriers provide coverage in between stations on the subway.
  23. CAREND

    LG G8X Thin Q

    Thanks. BestBuy has the dual screen for $500, so I was thinking of going in that direction. Thanks! I love the essential phone, but it's definitely running behind on speed.
  24. My bill that is always emailed to me is always like $650 when in reality it's not even close to that Sprint sucks!
  25. Gotcha, thanks Mike....I'd only read the Business Wire article back when the news first hit which really didn't give date specifics. And I was cross referencing that with another release strictly about the new phones (A52 and A72 as well) themselves which touted April 9th release, so I just assumed that the free upgrade was also available out the gate too ha.
  26. The R211s are still coming, should arrive later this year, last I heard they may/may not come with wifi built-in, don't know about cell coverage. The plans for the L-train renovation happened, T-Mobile is taking their sweet time jumping on it though, as Verizon and AT&T are already on it, per this tweet: The F train tunnel between East Broadway and York Street is next for cell coverage. Still no idea if T-Mobile will add LTE lowband, B12 or B71 on Transit Wireless's DAS, as Transit Wireless said they were ready for B71 after the auction in 2017. Yes, Sprint is st
  27. From the official T-Mobile press release: "The Great Free 5G Phone Upgrade and Great Unlimited Trade-Up start April 18 and last all year long."
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