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  2. The eero also doesn't like my Airave either. That's why I removed it off the network.
  3. It's hard to make further suggestions without being able to play with your router directly and see exactly what settings are enabled and disabled, or getting a packet capture to see what's happening. Lilotimz's suggestion is probably your best bet for now. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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  5. Factory reset your Eero and redo everything from the ground up is what I'll say. Something about the eeros current configuration is blocking the A4 and just doing these Config edits are not helping much. So factory reset it to the basics and make sure the A4 works with that. Then slowly add custom settings and rules while ensuring the A4 is operational. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  6. @ingenium or anyone else, i really dont want to give up, i get no reception in my house....any suggestions?
  7. I'm not ordering one. I'm going to sit this one out.
  8. 64gb Pro Max in Green. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Who pre-ordered and which version? Green Pro-Max Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  10. Here's a bar graph that was tweeted out:
  11. iPhone 11: iPhone 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max:
  12. On Twitter. @WiWavelength did an RF Review. I'll try to post them later.
  13. Last week
  14. What is the question? The only thing missing is qam increases. But qam and MIMO kind of fight each other. QAM like strong clean signal and MIMO needs things to bounce off of(spacial defersity). Spacial defersity is why it will probably only be a 8x increase with 32x32 MIMO and not the 16x. (But that is real world vs true capacity.)
  15. Does it still show 3G in that area on the coverage map?
  16. When will all of PCS go towards LTE? I know the 3G shutdown is far into the future, but they still could refarm the rest of it. My friend has been traveling around and was running into capacity issues on LTE. I turn LTE off when this happens and tend to get the 2Mbps on EVDO since no one is on it anymore. So I suggested he do the same so he could at least get a little internet. Well, there was no EVDO waiting for him, but just 1x. I know the CDMA shutdown is near for consumers so this makes sense. This makes me think that even their B5 is at a full 10x10 now and they are just running on a single 1x carrier. Sprint has there sliver of 1x 800MHz. Even though Sprints 3G shutdown is far into the future, refarming all of PCS for LTE could give them a nice boost. Though I guess they need to get all compatible phones enabled for VoLTE first.
  17. Was thinking about this. Sprints 2.5GHz really is gold, even vs 100s of MHz of mmWave. Im not sure the TDD config on mmWave and Im also not sure what speeds 5G is expected to have over LTE, so I am using LTE known speeds and config 1.? So bare with me on these rough estimates. ~115Mbps at 20MHz carrier. So VZW is 115Mbps x5 (for 100MHz) x 9 (for 900MHz) mmWave is 2x2 MIMO. So theoretical maximum would be ~5.2Gbps. *However, current Snagdragon X50/55 only do 8xCA on mmWave (4.6Gbps). Sprint 2.5GHz is 32x32MIMO on 40/60MHz is ~3.7/5.5Gbps capacity. So Sprint will be limited on the device side due to 4x4 MIMO. But capacity wise, Sprint is ready to take on mmWave with the massive mimo gear they are deploying.
  18. There is very good service along 405 in that area. A site may have been down for upgrades/maintenance. Yes, that sounds about right. Sprint needs to do something about that area.
  19. I was traveling northbound on 405, just north of exit 12, SE 8th St. There is a big retaining wall there on the east side, the freeway is kinda in a hole there. Perhaps a cell was down for maintenance. And yes, around exit 152 is where I drop (or lose audio but not drop) VoLTE calls regularly. CDMA calls seem to live through that area.
  20. South Center hill as in going south on I-5 from the junction of 405 and I-5? If so, that area is in dire need of a site; Sprint is the only carrier without one by exit 152. A while back, there were talks of colocating onto the monopole at (47.4332995, -122.2696476), although they never really happened and I'm not sure if that site is still in planning. A dropout in downtown Bellevue? Where along the highway (exit number)? I live right around there and I've never had an issue...
  21. Ok I found out what that earfcn is coming from. Got home from work and thought I would tinker with my magic box. Sure enough it is that. At work, I am close enough to someone who has a MB
  22. Just got prompted for a new update, September security patch.
  23. I drive from Mill Creek to Fife and back every weekday, and I've had some dropouts, regularly on the South Center hill for example. Mostly south of Seattle although tonight a dropout as well on 405 in downtown Bellevue. I have some SignalCheck Pro logs if you are interested.
  24. No, but from what I've read online, it appears that the Antennas do have somewhat better performance than the XS & XS Max. I'm on SWAC, so I can't upgrade there. Oh well.
  25. I'm not pulling data in a traditional way, as Apple has locked all that info down. Rather I'm playing with some image processing that can interpret and log data that appears on the field test screen. Thought it would be something interesting to fiddle around with.
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