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  2. The town I live in in a different state there was a flagpole site T-Mobile came in and modified the flagpole site and it works very well now has all the proper bands as well.
  3. That’s what they’re doing in Phoenix to all the sites that can handle all that equipment. I wonder what they are going to do with flagpole sites and the small cap assemblies they put on metal power transmission poles. Those are usually only B66 because they are so skinny. I guess we will see, awful lot of those here in the suburbs for aesthetic reasons.
  4. Fully modernized T-Mobile site colocated with Sprint in Denver, CO. 694Mbps with 80Mhz of N41. Not bad.
  5. Lots of N41 antennas around Denver. Saw nearly every T-Mobile site I could spot along I-70 in far west Denver, and along 6th to just south of Downtown with N41 antennas. Both original and updated antenna versions. My phone wouldn't let me connect to most of them for some reason. So either they were new, or we were moving too fast, or idk what. Did find another fully modernized T-Mobile site at Iliff and Oneida that I was able to test. Has 80Mhz of N41 on air, 10Mhz of N71, 5Mhz B71, 5Mhz B12, 15Mhz B2, and 10Mhz B66. Site is co-located with a Sprint B25/26/41 site. 694Mbps down and
  6. Is it easy to put back together in a way where they wouldn't know that you look it apart?
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  8. It depends on the device, and what the carrier_policy file from the ROM dictates. On devices still receiving updates, they'll probably enable it. Older ones not. For example, the Pixel 1 has b41 disabled entirely with a T-mobile SIM. No way to enable it without a software update, which won't come. On newer devices, they typically leave all bands enabled, but limit the carrier aggregation combos that a device will use/report based on the SIM and PLMN. Since T-mobile didn't use B41 before, they probably don't enable those CA combos. But they should get enabled with an Android update for the
  9. That's very good. I'm glad to see T-Mobile building out there coverage. I have T-Mobile they have tremendously improved their LTE coverage in my area along with fringe coverage performance. Hope to see more improvements.
  10. Ok update with in the last couple days (while I’m isolation) I have noticed while on my home tower (Fashion Square Mall less than 1/4 mile from my apartment) it has gone back to normal with 200+ upload and 60+ upload.
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  12. Speaking of strange setups, found this out in Bushwick. No idea what that little antenna is.
  13. Meanwhile, here's what's happening at TIDAL: Jack posted a whole thread about this. Here's some background: https://www.theverge.com/2021/3/4/22313108/square-inc-tidal-majority-stake-jack-dorsey-jay-z (Note: Sprint invested $200 Million for 33% of the Company back in 2017.) Between the 800 MHz rebanding finally being done, and TIDAL now getting new ownership by Jack's company "Square", we live in interesting times.
  14. I was able to get this installed now on my 12 Pro with the iOS 14.3 jailbreak. A fun part is that I was able to then install a tweak called CarPlayEnable and now I can have CellularInfo showing up on my car's entertainment system to check out new LTE bands. Still wish I knew enough to work on getting the actual signal levels to display, but I was able to get another tweak called SignaldBm installed to replace the signal bars with the RSRP level in the status bar, so that works for now.
  15. Interesting. Certainly could be an Android 11 hiccup.. please keep me updated if it keeps happening. Rebooting is always the quickest and most likely resolution when things are stuck on stupid!
  16. Waze was running during the issues. I let it go for two days before I rebooted. Once done, no more issues. SCP location service at high accuracy, update interval 4000. So far so good, it was the first reboot after Android 11 update...I’m not that technical, maybe the phone was stuck on stupid and had to reset.
  17. Thinking a little more about this -- the geocoding feature that translates coordinates to a street address is separate from the actual location service that gets the coordinates. There are limits on geocoding requests (the specifics are not published), but I had never run into them and I expect if that was the issue, it would display an error instead of an address. Having one address constantly returned makes me think your coordinates are not changing, so the geocoder is working but not getting any new information. If it happens to pop up again, and you have the coordinates displayed on t
  18. Interesting.. the location is provided by an API that shares device location information between all apps that request it. What are your location settings in SignalCheck? Did you happen to try opening another app that uses location features (Google Maps, Waze, etc) when you were having that issue?
  19. Looks like rebanding is finally finished. https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/103032263115410/800 MHz Monthly Report March 2021.pdf - Trip
  20. Was finally successful in convincing a friend to switch from Spectrum, which has given him constant issues, to T-Mobile, as there's an n41 site <1200' from him, plus another ~3500' in a different direction. 306/36 with 22 ms ping and 6 ms jitter. If I had a better n41 signal I'd absolutely pick a unit up myself. EDIT 2: From a few minutes ago. That ping is downright excellent for cellular.
  21. AT&T and Verizon used to be the slowest with updates now T-Mobile is the slowest.
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