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  2. Depot Grill A Twin Falls, Idaho institution
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  4. Perfectly said! Couldn't of put it more eloquently! Entner is an just an investment analyst... not a network engineer. Like our buddy (Craig Moffet) at the other investment firm who constantly thinks he knows what is what with Sprint and T Mobile and is constantly putting out mis-information time and time again. 🙄 (Huge rolling eyes!).... LOL. Philly is a sort a test market for T-Mo re-configuring and deploying Sprint's spectrum, from what I understand. It's not "temporary deployment".... I think T-Mo is totally going through it and and setting it up as a core New T Mobile region. Just my thoughts. I think we'll know more in a week or two.
  5. No idea why sprint website wants one. I called and they have no clue too
  6. ICCID = SIM CARD NUMBER. Without a SIM card there is no ICCID...
  7. Yeah, both Virgin Mobile and Boost are MVNOs nothing to do with core. Now Altice is a facilities based MVNO which means that at some point all data and voice is routed over Altice's core. Nextel???? It is true that Sprint still has legacy CDMA that is routed over it's core but T-Mobile's HSPA+ is also routed our its core network. I think he's just talking out of his behind.
  8. I don't know, but he kinda lost credibility by including Nextel in that statement! [emoji16]
  9. OK, I don't know what the hell Entner is talking about in this segment: "However, unlike turning on the 600 MHz in just a couple of days with a software upgrade, Entner said turning on Sprint’s spectrum for T-Mobile users is going to be more complicated. He explained that Sprint’s backbone and core network is very unique and not standard. It has to work with Boost, the former Virgin Mobile and Nextel, making “the core network a little bit difficult to work with.”" https://www.fiercewireless.com/operators/t-mobile-doubled-capacity-speeds-days-spectrum-boost-during-covid-19 Can anybody that knows shed some light on this?
  10. Dish has an option to buy it in 3 years. They may decline the $3.4 option but with supposedly large penalties. Dish just might not want to mess around with a 3rd low frequency band. Plus they probably cannot afford the price. They need that money for deploying their other spectrum.
  11. I wonder if Dish, Comcast will let T-Mobile use its 600Mhz spectrum beyond the 60 days under advantageous lease agreements. It will be win/win situation for everybody.
  12. So.. I have a Sanyo Taho by Kyocera. It is a sprint phone. Sprint BYOD accepts the IMEI but it wants me to enter the sim card number to add a line. It does not give an option to order sim card from sprint directly. It is an old flip phone and does not really need a sim. Settings does not show ICCID. I have a few Kyocera Kona flip phones too. BYOD accepts the IMEI but needs sim card number. Which I don't have for it (and no way to put a sim card inside the phone either). No idea how to find ICCID Any help?
  13. So T-Mobile will have to keep filing those monthly "Band Reconfiguration" status reports to the FCC until the rebanding is complete. Here's the most recent one: https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/10402116410705/800 MHz Report April 2020.pdf (Dated April 2, 2020) Still one public safety licensee and one non-public safety licensee remaining after all this.... Hopeless.
  14. They will try to trade to make them more contigous for future 5g. Likely will be done as part of mmWave trades along with other bands.
  15. Cover Song (original for the song was via the Isley Brothers in 1959)
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