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S4GRU Posting Guidelines (a.k.a. The Rulez)

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OK, now is the time for this thread, and in fact it's probably way overdue. I am starting this pinned thread as a running list, or a W.I.P. (Work in Progress). I will add to it when the Moderating Team and I come up with a new guideline, or if a new situation not addressed by these guideline occurs.

Please note that how and when the guidelines are applied or enforced are up to the discretion of S4GRU, Administrators and Moderators. The severity of the offense and how it is handled is an area that S4GRU staff need flexibility based upon the circumstances involved.


"To provide a forum for discussion and education about wireless spectrum, networks, and Sprint Network Vision, in particular, in an online community that is mature, intelligent, and free from uncritical negativity."

The mission statement is very important to us, because it is the foundation for which all rules and guidelines stem from. S4GRU endeavors to maintain the mission statement as our core philosophy and only consider rules and actions in context within the mission statement.


Insults and name calling. Insults, name calling, threats or overtly critical comments directed AT other members or staff are not permitted.

Negative comments. We understand that Sprint's network suffers in many places, especially the legacy network.  However, negative comments about Sprint or S4GRU must be constructive in nature, relevant to the topic and the conversation, illustrate facts, be made rationally and intelligently and cannot have an attack tone. Rants will not be allowed. We do not host Sprint complaints. Complaints about Sprint should be directed to their customer service channels.  People come to S4GRU to discuss Network Vision deployment and do not want to sift through uninformative complaints to find useful information.  Trolling is prohibited

Respect your leaders. It is acceptable to discuss and even debate points with S4GRU Staff in forum posts and comments. S4GRU Staff includes Administrators, Contributing Authors and Moderators. However, overly aggressive, insulting or combative language that appears disrespectful of the all-volunteer S4GRU staff will not be tolerated. Here is a link to our current S4GRU Staff: http://s4gru.com/ind...50-s4gru-staff/

Multiple posts. It is not permissible to post a new thread in a category, and then post it again in another category because it seems relevant there too. Additionally, posting a question in one thread and re-posting it in other threads is also not allowed. An exception to this rule is if something new becomes relevant to multiple existing threads, it would be permissible to post the same thing or link in more than one thread. But the post must be relevant to the discussions in both threads.

Content. S4GRU is not geared to the the general public, but rather to wireless enthusiasts who are generally adult aged. However, anyone may come along and read your comments, including children. Please do not exceed a "PG-13" content rating in your posts. Moderators and Staff may notify you of content they deem exceeds a PG-13 level. X-rated or obviously pornographic materials are prohibited and may be subject to post moderation, account suspension or being banned.

Copyright. Posts/comments are required to maintain and protect the copyrights of other members, other sites and any other copyright holder. Please see this link for guidelines regarding posting articles from other websites.

Sales/Spam. Promoting or actively selling goods or services in S4GRU threads, posts and comments is prohibited in all forms after June 12, 2012. Exceptions require Administrator approval in advance.

Post/Comment Moderation. S4GRU Administrators, Moderators and staff reserve the right to edit, remove or put on moderation queue any post, comment or profile of any member at any time.

Illegal, Unethical or Violative Content. It is not permissible to post content that helps to encourage or facilitate the breaking of, or circumvention of, laws, statutes, Terms & Conditions of U.S. domestic governments, companies or organizations. Some examples would include instruction how to break the law, evade law enforcement or how to bypass wireless companies network management controls.


Creating multiple accounts.  It is not allowed to create additional member accounts without prior permission from the Administrator.  Creating multiple accounts may lead to you being disciplinary action including being banned, depending on what is done with additional account and severity.


Problems at other 4GRU sites.  We will consider allowing members who have been banned from other 4GRU sites to use S4GRU, depending on severity.  Pre-approval is not required to create your S4GRU account, but you will be notified if it is decided your issues rise to the level that we will not allow a S4GRU account.  If you continue to cause problems or threaten other 4GRU sites after creating your S4GRU account, your S4GRU account could receive disciplinary actions up to being banned or account termination.

Sharing Sign In Credentials. It is not allowed to share your account sign-in credentials with other parties. Posting credentials in a public forum (sites like bugmenot.com, etc) is prohibited. Offenders found to be sharing or posting their accounts will be marked as spammers and their accounts terminated and banned.

Private Messages. All rules/guidelines pertaining to threads, posts and comments also apply to Private Messages to other members, unless specifically exempted by S4GRU.


Chat Room. All rules/guidelines pertaining to threads, posts and comments also apply to the S4GRU Chat Room (also known as The Lounge), unless specifically exempted by S4GRU.


Social Media sites. All rules/guidelines pertaining to threads, posts and comments at S4GRU.com also apply to S4GRU Social Media sites, like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, where not in conflict to these sites Terms and Conditions.


Speed Test Images. Posting examples of slow speed tests are not allowed.  We all know slow looks like. We already know there are parts of the Sprint network that really stinks.  Zero looks like zero, no matter how many times it is posted.  Violative posts will be removed.  Repeat offenders many be subject to further action by S4GRU Staff.


Sponsor Content. Content posted by S4GRU (including data and maps) in Sponsor and Premier Sponsor sections are not for distribution or to be posted outside of Sponsor and Premier Sponsor forums. Exceptions to this are only to be given by the S4GRU Administrator and permission must be received in writing. S4GRU is dependent on donations to keep the site active. Violating these rules may cause S4GRU to not be able to raise the funds necessary to keep online. When violaters are discovered, their S4GRU accounts will be terminated and no refunds given.


Donations. Donations to S4GRU are freely given by members to help support the significant costs of keeping S4GRU online and operating. S4GRU does not provide any guaranteed service or material goods in exchange for donations. Donations are not refundable, nor tax deductible. Anything that S4GRU provides to members after a donation, like access to maps or forums, is not a service and access is not guaranteed for any period of time. Donations are not required for membership, but S4GRU reserves the rights to limit memberships in the future for any reason.  S4GRU can reject and refund donations for any reason and deny Sponsorship status.

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Some minor changes have been made for readability/understandability over the past few weeks.  You should keep current with the posting guidelines and take a moment to read them again.  :tu:



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    • I may have missed it, but what are the the benefits of moving over to TNX on a 5G device that would automatically have TNA (prefer the T-Mobile network). It doesn't seem like it would change the network experience all that much. My devices are all TNA, and on the T-Mobile network all the time except while near Sprint Keep sites. I'd prefer to keep the easy access to Sprint sites since Sprint have a bigger network than T-Mobile here.
    • Has anyone on eSIM switched to T-Mobile eSIM?
    • Unfortunately, I'm seeing the gaps in the customer experience for TNX and I'm wondering if I should just leave the "T-Mobile Unlimited Freedom Plan with Included Taxes/Fees" behind and bring everything over to a T-Mobile Plan/Account at a certain point for usability and management sake. iOS: The experience on iOS has been fine. When I upgraded my 3 iPhone 12 Pro's it was easy to update the E911 Address for Wi-Fi Calling right on the device. Quick and done. Google Pixel 5: The experience on a Google Pixel 5 on eSIM for Sprint was mediocre. I received conflicting information about whether the device was eligible for TNX. Chat said yes, so I ordered a SIM and installed it. The device threw an error and said to take it out. Chat then said that device wasn't eligible for TNX. Is this in fact the case? Has anyone here put a Google Pixel 5 on TNX? Samsung: The experience for two Samsung Galaxies on our account was actually terrible. For the S20+ 5G: I put in the TNX SIM and after I enabled Wi-Fi Calling, I wanted to update the E911 address on the device. Nope, the address update button in the device menu took me to the T-Mobile Login Screen. I contacted chat and they said I had to do it on the Sprint website. Ok, so I went to the Sprint Website and to Account Dashboard. I selected "Options" for the device, and selected the Update E911 Address link. I then got taken to an absolutely ancient portion of the Sprint website that hadn't been part of the recent redesign and I was able to update the address.... but the interface looked terrible and like it wouldn't actually work. I still can't update the E911 address on the device itself. Ridiculous. For the S21 5G, which was a device upgrade on that line from an absolutely ancient BlackBerry KEYone (Don't ask. They held on forever hoping keyboards would come back): After activating the device with the T-Mobile SIM Card that came with it, I went to activate Wi-Fi Calling on the device. I then went to update the E911 address on the device and the button took me to the same T-Mobile Login page as it did on the S20+. So I went to my Account Dashboard and it showed the S21 on the line and that it was on the T-Mobile network. It showed that Wi-Fi Calling was enabled under account services. I then went to Manage Device -> Options -> Update E911 Address for WiFi Calling, and the ancient content page loaded.... and it still showed the old device on the account. I contacted Customer Care via Chat and they removed the old device from the account and it then showed the S21 on the page. I then tried entering the address for WiFi Calling and it wouldn't accept it. When I hit "save" it threw an error for the address, which makes no sense since this was the valid shipping address for the device via UPS. So I put in a ticket with the Advanced Tech Support to have the Network Team go and manually try to enter the address on the backend or figure out what's going on here. C'mon T-Mobile..... TNX is good. The customer experience for account services management you're having Sprint run on the Sprint website actually stinks, and we're starting to see the cracks where Sprint's legacy content that was never updated (and probably never will be) or that customers get misinformation about device eligibility for TNX (Google Pixel 5) can negatively affect the TNX customer experience. In my case, I'm having a miserable time trying to update the E911 Addresses for Wi-Fi Calling on my Samsung devices and its because TNX broke Sprint's E911 Address management on Android devices. iOS devices however seem to work fine for these updates to be made on the device. Not sure why that is. Interested in what people think. UPDATE: Looks like the folks on the backend fixed the E911 Address issue for the line with the S21 as the Sprint Website is now accepting the address as valid.
    • This one I found particularly interesting. They filed to upgrade the T-Mobile (orange) to n71 and n41 a while back. Then this week, they filed to keep the two surrounding Sprint sites (blue). The T-Mobile one is very tall with a huge footprint, so I understand why they might want to use the Sprint sites, but just very interesting they filed to upgrade it and then decided against it (as best I can tell).
    • Oftentimes they're locked into contracts with their contractors, otherwise they would just cancel the T-Mobile site's upgrade. 
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