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  1. The cynical person in me thinks its only to the buildings they have antennas on.
  2. Tmobile will be better In those cities.
  3. Tmo tower in union IL getting updated to n41. A few months ago it was updated to b71. Good to see them investing.
  4. https://www.fiercewireless.com/tech/t-mobile-pulls-more-out-2-5-ghz-mu-mimo-5g-demo-ericsson
  5. I wonder if they did anything with hpue. Is it still enabled?
  6. Ahh my v50 was paid off. If ur In a lease with your 5g phone you won't get the offer then.
  7. TMobile is so kind they're giving me a free Samsung s20 5g on lease. I assume cause I have a LGV50 5g they're going to shut down the 5g part as soon as they can.
  8. Haha,. I went to school in Carbondale. 80 degrees with 99 percent humidity. Tough but great times. Lol
  9. I miss Arizona, but I don't know if I'm ever going to get back for a visit. Would love to check out the old neighborhood in Chandler. Our old house is still there, but everything around it has changed significantly! There used to be cotton fields along the road I walked to gradeschool, that are now big housing subdivisions. oh yeah its all different. Been going back and forth form chicago to AZ since '01 East valley is stores and subdivisions.
  10. You sure you don't want to? Its mid 80's today. lol
  11. I'm in the phx market and haven't been able to get on 5G any longer. Is that the same for other v50 owners.
  12. Heard from sprint CS that the V50 has been discontinued. Any other confirmation?
  13. Very true. But with the Advent of growing veggies with lamps. Every year they're are going to be marginalized more and more. Not a good time to be a farmer. On a side note. It's so un american to hate someone from the city or country. It's all ignorance talking. We can all learn alot from each other if we took the time to listen.
  14. Who the heck wants to live in Overland Park KS? It's like the damn Truman show. Marcello couldn't wait to leave. Lol
  15. Yay, you found Mimo. You know what tower it was?
  16. NIMBY people piss me off. But I will say that I really did feel strange when I took pics of the last mimo antenna in the PHX thread. I dunno if I'm extra sensitive or because the tower is only 40-50 feet high. But I personally notice a different feeling.
  17. Not really. I think they need to tune everything. The same places where 8x8 b41 struggled. Still struggles with mimo.
  18. PH29XC403 Half of the towers around me have been Mimo'd This one Im surprised. Ive been checking it out frequently. They did this sucker really fast.
  19. Too early to tell. I do get more stalls while using data. If that makes sense.
  20. It is. Speeds so far are around the same as with 8x8 antennas. Device Im using is Moto X2 force if that matters.
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