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  1. With the latest OneUI 3.0 beta update today on my Note 20 Ultra, 5G reporting works again! (also I realize now this is the beta topic and I probably should be using the other when the issue isn't related to a beta, but since I already posted here I figured I'd give closure to the issue!)
  2. Is there a specific method that needs to have its return fixed so I can be more specific when reporting? Also, might it be possible to still indicate an NR connection without signal strength as a workaround or would that be something that you wouldn't wanna do unless this makes it into the final build? Thanks for all you do!
  3. I believe this is a known issue to do with Samsung and not SignalCheck, though correct me if I'm wrong; I did lose my NR status completely when updating to the OneUI 3.0 Beta. I do still see the 'CONNECTED' status for 5G State in CellMapper but I'm guessing they broke some of the APIs that let you check more detailed info like signal strength within SignalCheck?
  4. Ah gotcha, thanks! It's the first and only tower I've seen with 15mhz B2 in the area though I haven't been in either of the downtown area since before the pandemic started, I mostly frequent the east metro area from Woodbury through River Falls.
  5. . Just noticed on the way up from the Twin Cities to Duluth that B2 was 15MHz on one of the towers kiiiinda in the middle of nowhere by Rush City MN off I35. TMO didnt have 15 befoee anywhere, right? Wonder if there were so little Sprint customers to justify larger B25 so they refarmed it for B2 like in some cities?
  6. Here's another good source I've seen from the user lart2150 on reddit posted on the T-Mo subreddit: https://coverage.lart2150.com/# They use the T-Mo map and scan it to take all the info you can see in specific spots and show it nationwide. It shows pretty clear holes in the Madison market, it's definitely not great. Meanwhile back up here towards the cities I think it's probably one of their better markets.
  7. Not to take this too far off topic (let me know if this would warrant a new thread!) but has T-Mo made any comment as to what it plans to do with Sprint towers, particularly in areas where coverage is sparse? I traveled on I94/90 between Eau Claire and Madison and coverage is *bad*. It looks like not only are they not able to deploy much B12 since just after Eau Claire is US Cellular territory but they have also not done any B71 upgrades in the area (perhaps there was a straggler TV station that had to move and didn't until later?) so it's all B4/66. I know there are Sprint towers in positions
  8. In theory I'd think they'd be able to get that to happen changing the configuration of the antennas already there, yea? I'm not an expert on that kind of stuff but I'd think the fringe coverage could be improved without even having to add new towers.
  9. I can attest to 35 north of the cities being pretty bad. I've used a Nexus 5 and 6 on that trip and both of them jumped between LTE and 3G in between most of the towers. It's really quite unacceptable when we all know that LTE800 is theoretically perfectly capable of traveling the distance required for perfect handoffs. It just doesn't happen that way on Sprint.
  10. LTE 850 appears to be working fine now on the latest build on my Google Pixel.
  11. You know what, something that I bet caused it was that I moved from the latest Android O Preview 3 back to Android 7.1.2. Sorry, totally should have mentioned that. Is the O codepath different?
  12. I'll get a diagnostic but it did work in the last release. The only word thing I could think of is that my work has a repeater which covers B5 since we're in a basement. Does that seem like it would affect anything? I'm in a big city so it's extremely difficult to willingly get B5/B13 besides near the repeater. (I'm pretty sure it was fine before, though.)
  13. In this latest beta update, the icon for Verizon's Band 5 is broken. It just has a regular "LTE" icon now without "B5" on it. EDIT: Actually, reporting on it seems to just be broken. This is with the old build, an old screenshot I had lying around: And here is what it currently looks like on the latest beta build: Bands 2, 4 and 13 work just fine, however.
  14. Really appreciate the update Mike! It actually makes me sad my current provider is not Sprint anymore as it seems they benefit the most from these changes. Will definitely keep using this on my phone though and may look into tracking more Sprint again since this seems to make it far easier to do so!
  15. I bet it'd be good for coverage and service, very bad for pricing and customer support. Unless a fourth major carrier comes into play again, I feel like overall a merger would be bad for consumers.
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