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  1. In theory I'd think they'd be able to get that to happen changing the configuration of the antennas already there, yea? I'm not an expert on that kind of stuff but I'd think the fringe coverage could be improved without even having to add new towers.
  2. I can attest to 35 north of the cities being pretty bad. I've used a Nexus 5 and 6 on that trip and both of them jumped between LTE and 3G in between most of the towers. It's really quite unacceptable when we all know that LTE800 is theoretically perfectly capable of traveling the distance required for perfect handoffs. It just doesn't happen that way on Sprint.
  3. LTE 850 appears to be working fine now on the latest build on my Google Pixel.
  4. You know what, something that I bet caused it was that I moved from the latest Android O Preview 3 back to Android 7.1.2. Sorry, totally should have mentioned that. Is the O codepath different?
  5. I'll get a diagnostic but it did work in the last release. The only word thing I could think of is that my work has a repeater which covers B5 since we're in a basement. Does that seem like it would affect anything? I'm in a big city so it's extremely difficult to willingly get B5/B13 besides near the repeater. (I'm pretty sure it was fine before, though.)
  6. In this latest beta update, the icon for Verizon's Band 5 is broken. It just has a regular "LTE" icon now without "B5" on it. EDIT: Actually, reporting on it seems to just be broken. This is with the old build, an old screenshot I had lying around: And here is what it currently looks like on the latest beta build: Bands 2, 4 and 13 work just fine, however.
  7. Really appreciate the update Mike! It actually makes me sad my current provider is not Sprint anymore as it seems they benefit the most from these changes. Will definitely keep using this on my phone though and may look into tracking more Sprint again since this seems to make it far easier to do so!
  8. I bet it'd be good for coverage and service, very bad for pricing and customer support. Unless a fourth major carrier comes into play again, I feel like overall a merger would be bad for consumers.
  9. You'd think they'd have enough towers and would just need to adjust the antennas, but I'm not sure if that's already been done and they're content with the service on I35 now.
  10. Personally, I'll probably check it out when I'm at the Metallica concert this upcoming August. I'm sure it'll be pretty decent by the time these events start coming up.
  11. I don't know exactly where you're talking about, but I'd tend to agree. The most infuriating seems to be I35 going up to Duluth. Minneapolis and Duluth have great LTE, but on the way there it's just constant switching between 3G and LTE 800. Just so frustrating when in theory they should be able to at least cover the entire freeway.
  12. Sweet! I just went through Nebraska on a road trip and was dragging on 1x roaming. Interested to test it out on the way back!
  13. Minneapolis and suburbs are updated. Spark coverage was added, still a bit optimistic, at best, but the "Good", "Fair", and dead zone areas where LTE doesn't get to very easily seem to be more accurate in my area. Also, the massive push for Duluth, MN's towers being NV Complete and Spark enabled has been reflected in the map.
  14. I don't know where you are in the MSP area, but the downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul areas are VERY good. Lots of Sprint B41 in addition to many Clearwire conversions. For the past 6 months I've had no issues save for my N6 double texting which has been fixed and isn't anything to do with the network.
  15. Honestly, I'm not sure. I'm not the main account person so I can't get the exact numbers right now; it could be more than that but I'll try to double check. When I'm home this weekend I'll try. Oh, and I think the account has the Wells Fargo discount.
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