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  1. Agreed. I bought a set of the new Galaxy Buds on Amazon last week when they were in stock. They do sound fantastic. I only wish they supported APT-X HD for my Essential PH-1. The proprietary format they are using sounds just as good though, so long as you use a Samsung device that is compatible.
  2. Yes, that's why I think Samsung is not being honest about what the third lens is for. I'm guessing it is not a real zoom lens, but I'd like to be wrong. It's just the excessive noise and artifacts that say it's digital zoom.
  3. Something I've noticed is that the "Telephoto" "Lens" images produced by the S10/S10+ look soft and full of digital artifacts consistent with using 2X Digital Zoom. I also noticed this with my Note 8 as well. That makes me think that there isn't really a "Telephoto" lens on the 8, 9 and 10 series. The whole point of a true telephoto lens would be to produce clear, optically zoomed images without softness or artifacts. I think they are screwing with us LOL.
  4. Was anyone else denied/rejected for their Galaxy Buds registration? I pre-ordered my Prism Blue S10+ at my local Best Buy store on 2/24 and picked up on 3/8. I then submitted the registration through the Shop Samsung app around 2PM ET on 3/8 with a picture of my store receipt and Pre-Order Agreement. I received an update in the app this morning saying "We couldn’t approve your registration because: Your purchase did not occur within the retailer pre-order period." I can't help but wonder if this is because Best Buy was having all sorts of system issues and ultimately had to cancel my order and re-sell in a new transaction. The thing is, I have the Pickup tag still on my box showing date picked, 3/7, so that should suffice, I would think. I'm not very happy with Samsung and Best Buy. After work, I'm heading to Best Buy to talk to the manager so they can make this right.
  5. I think the reason why they did this was because I didn't have any lines available. I'm approved for 15 and all 15 are in use, despite having requested one of my lines to be canceled out immediately, which of course they failed to do. They are going to wait until the end of the billing cycle . I may still call to see what they can do. I mean, if I have 15, why not approve me for 20. Never missed a payment or been late since 2000.
  6. So I get to work this morning and found that my Gen2 MagicBox was deactivated when Sprint shipped out my Gen3 unit. Apparently it will take until Weds to get a MB3 from Louisville, KY to Hickory, NC (Charlotte area). If they were going to deactivate my old unit, it would have been nice if they would have overnighted the Gen3 to me.
  7. I called Magic Box Support back this afternoon and the gentleman promptly placed an order for an "AIRSPAN MAGIC BOX GEN 3." The order confirmation page shows it as a "Sprint Magic Box Gold." Does Sprint still attach these as a line to our customer accounts? I'm approved for 15 lines, but they are all currently in use.
  8. My Gen2 died about a month ago. Just called MB support and they told me the MB Gold is out of stock and to call back a week from Friday. I'm thinking I need to call back and check tomorrow morning. The girl kept hitting mute and didn't seem to know what she was doing. Meanwhile, I have a return kit being sent for the Gen 2.
  9. Sprint held back the first Pie update for a little while and the security updates since, but not this one. I'm not sure why the change, but I like it. Perhaps they only hold back updates if the modem is updated and needs re-certifying or something along those lines.
  10. My wife and I noticed this behavior while "Roaming" on T-Mobile this weekend while on HWY 16 in North Carolina near Charlotte.
  11. No surprise here, but the Charlotte, NC results show that Sprint has a lot of catching up to around here. 30.63 / 8.05 - AT&T 25.32 / 7.74 - T-Mobile 7.28 / 2.12 - Sprint 30.95 / 6.46 - Verizon
  12. Some Mini Macro's have gone in since early last month here in the greater Charlotte area.
  13. What sort of issues exist? Last weekend I upgraded my wife's S7 Edge to the S9+ and she's very happy with it so far. She used to drop calls 2-3 times during her short 10 min commute to work, now she holds on to her calls for the entire drive. Happy wife, happy life, right?
  14. @lilotimz, do you know what the SIM SIMOLW506TQ is used for? According to https://bestcellular.com/product/simolw506tq/, it covers a wide range of phones for Sprint.
  15. As someone who could benefit from a Sprint/Charter relationship, I can get behind this! We need all of the small cells, strand mounts and backhaul we can get in NC/SC to fill in the very many gaps that exist on the Sprint network here.
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