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  1. It's interesting that the S21 Family of devices seem to be so problematic for customers on Sprint/T-Mobile. Do we know if these devices specifically have a bad radio? My sister and wife, both have an S21+ have issues with calls. My sister has a T-Mobile SIM and my wife has a Sprint SIM and both experience calls dropping or sound dropping out for seconds at a time on a regular basis. It is to the point that they want to get rid of Sprint/T-Mobile and dump the S21+ ASAP.
  2. My wife's S21+ arrived today. There is a T-Mobile SIM in the shipping box, loose, but the phone says Sprint Kit, so I think the Sprint SIM is inside the phone. Not sure yet as I will let her cut the seal. Her S9+ falls back to Sprint 1x in her school, so I think Sprint SIM will be the way to go... for now. I don't think T-Mobile works very well in her school due to no towers being nearby.
  3. I might upgrade my wife's S9+ to an S21+ 256GB. She may not want it since it doesn't have a MicroSD Slot or a 3.5mm Audio Jack. She teaches Elementary School Music Full Time and often needs to connect her phone to the speakers in her classroom or on the mobile cart I built her just for teaching during COVID. Sure, she could own multiple USB-C to 3.5mm adapters, but that should not be necessary on a $800+ "Smartphone." All this stripping away of features is ridiculous and makes me glad I spent $179 for my Moto G Stylus (2020). I placed that on a Kickstart v1 line and it works great! It does everything I need and has MicroSD and 3.5mm audio. Plus, it support AptX HD for much better Bluetooth Audio. Samsung refuses to give us this basic feature that improves audio considerably with compatible devices. If Moto would commit to a guaranteed minimum of 2 or 3 timely OS Version updates and 3 Years of security updates, It would be hard to not recommend Motorola phones once again. They just need to add Wireless Charging and it would be a slam-dunk.
  4. I broke down and upgraded my personal Sprint line to a shiny new Note 20 Ultra 128GB. Samsung.com and Sprint/T-Mobile are offering $500 to trade in my old iPhone 6s, which essentially cost me nothing to obtain. I was also able to use a 5% Referral discount, Samsung Education Discount, and Rakuten (ebates) cash back ($70). so that basically brought the cost of my Note 20 Ultra down to ~$630 plus Tax. Not bad IMO. I just wish the 512GB model was available as it would have been worth the extra $.
  5. I am also thinking about ordering a Moto edge just to drive around and look for 5G in my small-ish metropolitan area. I also picked up a Moto G Stylus and really like the phone. This is coming form a Samsung Galaxy S10+ too! I just wish it had NFC and Wireless charging. I'm loving the headphone jack and apt-x HD Bluetooth support built-in. If Moto-Lenovo would increase the frequency and timeliness of updates, plus commit to 2-3 years of updates, including 2 major OS updates, I would jump ship from Samsung.
  6. Has anyone bought and activated one of the Moto G8 Models, specifically, the Moto G Power or Moto G Stylus on Sprint? If so, I was wondering what your experience has been. I'm considering upgrading my kids' Essential PH-1 phones with these since the camera and screen size is everything to them. This device seems to have plenty of speed and storage, along with an SD card slot, which is welcomed. Also loving that it has a headphone jack, which I am still a big fan of. My only concern is potential poor RF performance and Lenovo's laziness in providing timely (or any) updates for their devices. Please share if you have any experience with either device. Thanks!
  7. Is there any way to connect an external GPS antenna? While my phone can get a good GPS lock, the MB Gold does not seem to be capable of doing so. I don't mind taking this thing apart if it is possible.
  8. Yeah, I tried shutting my MB's down, assuming that B71 would easily get deep into my office. I get -118 on B26 at my desk, so I thought it might just work well, especially for VoLTE. Nope, nothing, I get B26 or if I shut off the Sprint bands, I get nothing from T-Mo in the middle of our building. I wonder if T-Mobile will be putting B71 on most (or all) of their tower sites. It is pretty sparse in my part of NC (Hickory, NC).
  9. Similar here in NC. I was connected to a further away Sprint site, then T-Mobile, B71 and finally both are gone and I'm on Carolina West Wireless B4 LTE with Sprint 1x800 bouncing between two different sites about 3-5 miles away. I believe Sprint and T-Mobile are on the same tower about 1/3 mile away from my house.
  10. To be honest, I really loved my Note 8 on Sprint. I turned that in to get my S10+ and to this day, I still miss my old Note 8. I would be glad to have the Note 8 with VoLTE. Hopefully Samsung will shift to 3 years of OS updates, especially with the global economy being affected.
  11. Of course they called for a delay. Anything to stop progress from occurring.
  12. It's pretty clear that a good number of Galaxy owners still want the headphone jack. Samsung can guarantee they will get additional device sales next year if they choose to keep it on the Galaxy S Family. I still prefer my older headphones/earbuds that are wired to any bluetooth models I've tried. I have the Galaxy Buds and while they are okay, my Shure iEM's sound superior in every way.
  13. I just want B41 to work on my S10+. My phone's RF seems to be degrading day by day. It used to be that at -108, B41 would stop working. Now at -105 it struggles to work and that means that most of the time, my data does NOT work. I'm hoping the next update will fix it. Heck, even my Essential PH-1, which can be an RF nightmare works when my S10+ does not. Pretty sad IMO. Samsung really screwed up. And now, removing the headphone jack from the Note 10 guarantees I will not be upgrading to another Samsung device as I'm sure the S11 (or whatever they will call it) will not have it either. I find it really strange that Samsung made a big deal about the S10 family still having a headphone jack, which was cheered at the big Samsung announcement, but now they are removing it. What kind of company does that crap?
  14. Does anyone here have an issue with Band 41 not working well (or at all) on their S10 series device at signal levels of -104 dBmv or worse? It's like the phone can't reach the tower to send requests. I never had this issue with my Note 8 and it worked well up to around -120 dBmv. I can't help but wonder if my launch-day S10+ is defective.
  15. My wife has an S9+ and it would be nice if her phone had it. I will likely shut it off though because she's a teacher and her phone flips between B26 LTE and 1x/EVDO while at work and the majority of her commute. I'm actually shocked that NC/SC are even live right now. I wonder if this is just a test/glitch because these states are seriously hurting for coverage. We desperately need more macro sites in both states.
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