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  1. Hi. I saw some various conversations about it when searching, but not really a detailed thread or post; It would be nice if there was a centralized/running list of confirmed in the real world phones that are such 'gigabit class'. Citing or referring to phone specs is nice, but what matters is the real world results of those specs. Perhaps a sticky thread or post somewhere, or even the first post here edited for them. /wave
  2. Like ingenium mentioned, using separately named ssid is to give better control over which bands are used and make it dead simple to identify which band is being used. To make it real easy for guests and non-techs, instead of naming ssd with ghz or band (ie 2.4/g or 5/n/ac), label them fast and slow. Then people will understand why their internet is slow, if they are connected to the 'slow' wifi, and try to connect to the 'fast' one if possible.
  3. I have this router from sprint, using merlin firmware, I get ~125mbs over wifi to ipad mini and gbit ethernet to pc with charter. That said, the router is in the garage and I have an additional access point inside house (same ssid, connected over gbit network) so most likely connecting via AP/gbit. But the router itself, is definately capable of 125+meg, when using current merlin firmware.
  4. they could simply say, 1080P+ streaming available when/where network traffic allows. subject to network de-prioritization as necessary to combat congestion.
  5. I would not surprised if apple dropped everything but LTE, no cdma/gsm backup. For providers without volte in place, place calls over updated facetime audio that functions like google voice over ip.
  6. I sent back mine after they took away unlimited. Then I went to that old business unlimited hotspot, until that went away. I bought an ipad mini 2 when it was on sale ridiculously cheap via sprint business At some point my $50 iphone plan got changed to a $60 iphone plan + 3gig hotspot, so I just used that when needed. After the unlimited tablet plan became available I get unlimited lte via ipad mini, and it comes with 10 gig hotspot for like 30$ (minus auto pay credits). I waited forever for an ipad mini 5 but they didn't announce one at the last apple thing, so I recently upgraded to mini 4. Aside from the additional cost for the tablet, the unlimited tablet plan is the best deal going if you use lots of (tablet) data.
  7. there is a 33 gci between arnold/imperial area off 61/67
  8. I can't find any public source to substantiate, so consider it more rumor: sprint and tmo are in active merger discussions, according to an 'industry news blurb' on a company newsletter. Whether that assertion is based upon industry gossip/expectations, or our xo team has something more fact based, is certainly up for debate.
  9. the calyx page seems to work for me @ https://www.calyxinstitute.org/member/membership-levels and I can log in to my account, not that it does a lot as far a the device, it has never been very stable for me here in st louis, I suspect it has issues with the mixed clear/sprint towers here, as it loses internet while still showing 'connected', which either takes a reboot or a manual disconnect/connect to get working again. the battery life is not that great either. I am not likely to renew, I got the unlimited tablet data plan and it comes with 10gig hotspot on my ipad mini2, so between that and my phones I rarely need this hotspot service anymore.
  10. 10.3 out not sure if these changed from what they were before... carrier sprint 28.3 prl 55061 also interesting, not sure if this is new, but carplay now supports wireless
  11. I can regularly pull 120ish on my charter cable through the asus with no issues. I am using the un-sprintified mod and merlin asus firmware. I would suggest turning off all extra services and wifi, unplug anything that might be in the usb ports, and plug only 1 computer into the asus: Make sure any QOS or speed limits are removed or disabled in the asus web config. I don't remember which section they are in. arris <> asus <> 1pc/laptop that is known to get more than 90mbs speed tests if that gets you above 90, then you can start enabling wifi and other services to see what affects the speed. otherwise not sure what to advise, I don't know if the sprint QOS will limit your total speed or not.
  12. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/03/report-sprint-betting-big-on-trump-could-merge-with-t-mobile-or-comcast/
  13. In america, everything is relative to washington dc and the original 13 colonies. That is why the south is south and not so much south east, and states like missouri are the 'midwest' and not so much central.
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