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  1. No surprise here, but the Charlotte, NC results show that Sprint has a lot of catching up to around here. 30.63 / 8.05 - AT&T 25.32 / 7.74 - T-Mobile 7.28 / 2.12 - Sprint 30.95 / 6.46 - Verizon
  2. Some Mini Macro's have gone in since early last month here in the greater Charlotte area.
  3. bill875

    Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    What sort of issues exist? Last weekend I upgraded my wife's S7 Edge to the S9+ and she's very happy with it so far. She used to drop calls 2-3 times during her short 10 min commute to work, now she holds on to her calls for the entire drive. Happy wife, happy life, right?
  4. bill875

    The S4GRU BYOD Sim Compatibility Chart

    @lilotimz, do you know what the SIM SIMOLW506TQ is used for? According to https://bestcellular.com/product/simolw506tq/, it covers a wide range of phones for Sprint.
  5. As someone who could benefit from a Sprint/Charter relationship, I can get behind this! We need all of the small cells, strand mounts and backhaul we can get in NC/SC to fill in the very many gaps that exist on the Sprint network here.
  6. bill875

    Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    I agree, my PH-1 loves 1x800 and the signal levels are about the same as my Note 8 side-by-side.
  7. Well, now that they have Altice and Cox, I'm hopeful they will sign with Charter Spectrum next. Having two decent sized cable companies on board may help to convince the others to join in.
  8. I have the 80GB (40GB Double Data) Plan and also have it available, however, I did accept Sprint's "Gift" of Unlimited Data for 6 Months, so I think that is why it is showing on my account. Did you receive and accept the offer of 6 mo. Unlimited Data?
  9. bill875

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    And Donald Trump is on his way to Japan this afternoon. Any coincidence? I think not .
  10. bill875

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I tried for a second unit for my 60,000 Square Ft. office and they were not able to add a second unit to my account. Perhaps they want to limit distribution for now until production ramps up.
  11. Yes, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wave 2 outdoor access point with Internal Antennas.
  12. bill875

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    My Magic Box finally connected today in Hickory, NC (Charlotte Market), however it would not connect just 6 miles away in Conover, NC as of Sunday. Unfortunately, it does not extend the B41 signal far enough into the building for it to reach my work area. Additionally, without the MB, where I used to receive a -94dBm B41 signal, I am now at -117dBm, I believe one of the sectors is offline or has been adjusted and no longer reaches the front of our building. I believe that I am now connecting to a site that is further away and more congested. Interestingly enough, it operates without GPS lock.
  13. bill875

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Yes, it was on my account the day it shipped and is assigned a Suburban Chicago Area Code (630), despite living in Western NC (828). So I'm not sure if that makes a difference.
  14. bill875

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    No, exactly what Anthony said above is what happens to mine. I'm letting the battery drain completely on mine just to see if that makes any difference.
  15. bill875

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I may give that a try. The e-Ink screen is a bit frustrating that it doesn't go blank. It just retains the last screen that was up on the display until it refreshes with something different. I took my MB outside in clear view of the sky and line-of-sight of two Sprint towers and the MB still didn't connect after three attempts. It just stays at 20% until it asks me if I want to shut down or try again.
  16. bill875

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Getting the same here in Hickory, NC (Office) and Conover, NC (Home). The Charlotte market must not be ready, despite the Sprint Executive Relations gentleman saying my business address was available for the MB in Hickory. I was shocked that I got my MB the same week I contacted Sprint via the booster email to request it after being originally turned down.
  17. Aren't these talks with Charter and Comcast just about deploying Strand Mount Small Cells? This would be a fantastic way to densify Sprint's network. The NIMBY's won't even notice these since they are so used to the existing equipment hanging on the lines.
  18. Are you referring to: "mfg go" What does that mean? Manufacturing is a go... as in make millions of these and get them shipped now? Edit: nevermind, I see he put the following: (“mit freundlichen grüssen” which means “with kind regards”)
  19. With my 9 lines, Change Plans on Sprint.com does not offer Unlimited. Instead it says that current Sprint plans allow only up to 5 lines and that my current plan is optimal. Verizon sure is looking good!
  20. Would access to Charter's Fiber/Coax network for easy access to backhaul be a good reason for Sprint/Softbank to pick them up?
  21. bill875

    Apple iPad Mini as a child's device

    If you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for the iPad Mini 2? I see that Best Buy had the iPad Mini 4 (64GB) Sprint model for $379, but they went out of stock this afternoon.
  22. bill875

    Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge User Thread

    Yes, it is broken on my S7 edge with the last (most recent) beta. Here's hoping the final release has it working.
  23. bill875

    Sprint LTE Plus Booster for Businesses

    I submitted a request yesterday and received a call today and she sounded upbeat and ready to get the ball rolling until I admittted that the office is located in North Carolina. She said it was being offered in the Chicago market only at this time, but could expand nationwide. I asked if there was a waitlist for other markets and she said not at this time. Bummer, we could have really used it as we do not have WiFi for general employee use and we fall back to Voice only