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  1. It looks pretty right on for Omaha. I actually can get n41 in a slightly larger area than what they show on the map.
  2. Doesn't show anything special. "Ultra capacity" is n41, so generally you'll need to check the engineering screen to see which 5G band you're connected to (n71 or n41). If you're on SA 5G, SCP may show 5G 2500 or something like that.
  3. It all gets swapped out. The new B41/n41 equipment can handle larger n41 channels. So instead of maxing out at 60Mhz, it can broadcast 100+Mhz. Need new equipment to support B12, B71 and B66 in addition to B25 that Sprint uses.
  4. Mine gets quite hot when using wireless charging. Especially if the ambient temp is over 75, then I have problems with it getting too hot. It also gets very warm when using it outdoors while it's hot out. Not exactly surprising, but it does seem hotter than phones I've owned in the past. When charging indoors and not in direct sunlight, it doesn't get too terribly hot, but is noticeably warm.
  5. Have a couple posts that might help to at least get you started. There are a couple more posts relating to the band selector following the post quoted below.
  6. We have 01-03 for B66. 0B-0D for B2. 3D-3F for B71. B41 is on a completely different GCI, but ends with 83-85
  7. Yes, with the exception of SMR. Although it's generally on a market basis, not a site by site basis. T-Mobile is already shifting Sprint PCS spectrum over to their B2 channels where they can. The G-Block (reason for B25) will likely not get used until T-Mobile starts to deploy n25. The B41 spectrum of course is already getting recycled into n41 and their 2 B41 channels. As more Sprint B41 gets shut down, the n41 channel will be widened, or more channels added. SMR will probably (though not confirmed) go to Dish at some point, as I don't think T-Mobile has any plans to keep it around.
  8. But it's still there now, and in some areas better than T-Mobile. By the time they shut it down, many/most of those sties will be converted to T-Mobile, so it won't matter. But right now, it does matter. We're all aware of the timeline and what that means, especially RAvirani.
  9. The fact that you were already connecting to T-Mobile signals on your V30 is a good sign! The FE will likely come with a Sprint SIM in it, so just activate it as you would have activated any device previously and see how your performance is. Currently, there isn't a huge benefit to SA 5G unless you live on a fringe signal area and would benefit from the larger n71 carrier VS the narrow B71 carrier. It sounds like that isn't the case, so NSA 5G will work well for you and provide greater throughput than SA 5G. SA 5G will only become the better option (aside from the exception noted above) once n66 is more widespread and we start to see carrier aggregation between n71, n66 and n41.
  10. Depends on where you are. Sprint still has the larger network in Omaha/Nebraska. T-Mobile works fine, but having easier access to Sprint sites is still valuable here, and the Sprint SIM helps a little with that even though it is technically using T-Mobile first (TNA).
  11. This isn't an ideal solution, but download the Samsung Band Selector app. I posted instructions on how to use it earlier in this thread, not too long ago. You can set your phone to only look for B2, B4, B12, B66, and B71 which will lock out the Sprint signal.
  12. I've been asking that question for months. As far as I'm aware, there shouldn't be anything preventing them from widening it to at least 60Mhz, as that is what Sprint had on air before the merger. It seems like they have the appropriate amount of spectrum here, so I don't know what the hold up is.
  13. Ah. Same issue that SCP runs into when reporting the PLMN. That's unfortunate. Thanks for sharing the data you have though.
  14. Ah, didn't know that. It's possible the site was broadcasting the keep PLMN, but it didn't show in SCP without the alternate ID setting turned on (under preferences and general).
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