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  1. Is that a T-Mobile code? I have "Sprint" still and that code doesn't work. Just updated to 11 tonight on the FE.
  2. Are there still issues showing up? A couple updates have been applied to the forums in the last few days. I haven't used Tapatalk in a long time to know what issues might be there.
  3. Yeah I would not recommend flying directly in front of cell sites. I tried that on a site in Colorado and got incredible interference. It actually stalled completely and only the return to start function would work.
  4. When you say center, are you talking about the RRUs? The Nokia M-MIMO B/N41 is the center antenna is it not?
  5. Not near you Mike, but I haven't been able to roam on USCC on even newer Sprint devices (not ROAMAHOME) since this Spring. Older Sprint devices do, but my LG G8 didn't even roam on USCC in Nebraska. Pushed me to Viaero. My dad's G7 was able to roam on USCC at the time.
  6. 312-250 still shows in the engineering screen. I've taken to using the split screen, keeping engineering on one part and SCP on the other.
  7. Yep sites with that PLMN allow you to connect whenever in range and is treated as the same T-Mobile network. Working well here in Omaha in T-Mobile low spots that have Sprint keep sites.
  8. Interesting. Last I checked I was getting 25+25 on the 312-250 sites around here, along with 41+41. Never saw 25+41 so didn't expect that. Samsung S20 FE with the standard SIM, so roamahome I suppose.
  9. I don't know if it was a throttling issue or a network one, but basically my entire trip on I-80/I-76 through central and western Nebraska into northeast Colorado I could barely load maps or stream music on Spotify. Basically less than 100Kpbs performance.
  10. Sprint allowed us to roam on USCC across Nebraska, but now that T-Mobile has taken over that went away and we're forced on Viaero. Wish they would let us back on USCC.
  11. No native T-Mobile until recently in Omaha and Lincoln. The rest of the state is roaming. South & North Dakota were the same until the 700/600 build out started. Why the Dakotas got the love and not NE... not sure. Sprint will fill in some of the gaps... but the rest of the state is pretty bad! Roams on Viaero, and basically doesn't work. Edit: Not sure why I forgot this... pretty sure USCC is the reason why. They hold the 700 licenses that T-Mobile typical has across most of Nebraska, so T-Mobile didn't have to build anything out here aside from the more densely populated areas of Oma
  12. Well, with the iPhone 12 you're now on the T-Mobile network instead of Sprint, so that's going to affect LTE coverage and speeds. 5G at the moment is only N71 in your area, which is relatively narrow low band channel, so it's not going to offer incredibly fast speeds. It also depends on how congested the anchor LTE band is. As they add N41 and potentially widen other LTE bands by incorporating Sprint spectrum speeds will likely increase.
  13. N71 has is live in many areas around KC, not complete coverage but pretty widespread. N41 hotspots have been going up since summer. Maybe a dozen or so sites around JoCo at the moment, could be a few more since I was there last.
  14. Well that would be sweet. Would give us 20x20 AWS + 20x20 PCS.
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