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  1. My brother's V30+ finally got the update last night, VoLTE showing up in the menu. Don't know if he has tried it yet. In the last two billing cycles, he has used a total of 2 minutes of call time... so I doubt I'll get a report haha. Now if they could push the update to the G7... I'll be happy
  2. Dkoellerwx

    LG V30

    According to??
  3. Have we gotten actual reports with V30s using VoLTE? Two of those on my account and no success so far.
  4. Dkoellerwx

    LG V40 thread

    I just happened to see that the V40 has Quick charge 4.0 and quick wireless charging enabled. First LG device with those specs I think. Have you been able to try that out? We should hopefully have VoLTE replace calling plus in the next couple months b
  5. 1x800 is usable at greater distances from the cell site than any other LTE signals. Plenty of reasons why LTE might not be available or reliable. Plus they seem to be adjusting roaming levels, allowing it when Sprint LTE signals are just weak, not all together absent.
  6. Dkoellerwx

    Network Vision/LTE - Boston Market (all of Massachusetts)

    192Mbps download? Must not be a relay site. 2 carriers?
  7. Dkoellerwx

    11/9 Coverage Map Update

    I think he was just saying the map didn't show VoLTE. As far as I know, that is not a feature being shown on the coverage maps.
  8. Dkoellerwx

    LG V40 thread

    I don't know why Speedtest does that, but it is the same on occasion on my device. Mine also does not show UL CA information in the engineering screen, though it is enabled. Plus you can tell based on your upload speed that it is enabled.
  9. Dkoellerwx

    11/9 Coverage Map Update

    AT&T roaming will be gray since it is not extended service. Remember extended means data use is counted as native, it does not count against your roaming cap.
  10. Dkoellerwx

    LG V40 thread

    This seems to be a bug on LG devices with 2xCA upload enabled. I've noticed this happening on the V30 and the G7. The only difference between these devices and the G5/6 is the addition of 2xCA upload. If you have a decent B41 signal and try again, it usually works on the upload.
  11. You can adjust services for each line independently. You may have to add it for each line.
  12. S8/S8+ only ones with that active right now.
  13. The article has the agreement posted in it showing the spectrum and locations being swapped.
  14. Are you reading the same article I am? None of what you are saying is in the article. I think you are bringing in personal speculation or that of others that you have been reading.
  15. The swap doesn't affect your area so I'm not sure what you're getting at.