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  1. It has been previously discussed that the network thinning will complement either other. The best of both networks will remain. More Sprint sites than T-Mobile will be decommissioned or moved, but where Sprint is stronger (or the only one present) it will remain.
  2. I don't know the details on that.
  3. VoLTE is coming to the GS9. Work is underway now to transition from Calling Plus to VoLTE. It was likely supposed to get it sooner, until work on VoLTE was stopped last year.
  4. 1x is usable much farther away from the site, and with more obstacles to the site. The first screenshot appears to be a good distance to the Sprint site. I have noticed my phone hangs onto the roaming signal for some time after getting back to a strong Sprint signal, which is what appears to be happening in the second image.
  5. Somewhat off topic... T-Mobile roaming is not seen as native by your phone, it is still roaming even though it is unlimited. Your roaming indicator comes from your 1x signal, which in your screenshot is still connected to Sprint, thus it shows as native.
  6. That's bizarre! I wonder if there was some sort of zoning or permit issue that prevented them from attaching it to the light pole like normal, or if there is some sort of RF advantage having it that low.
  7. I've never encountered a standard Ericsson B41 site not using the pattern. The Ericsson M-MIMO sites I've encountered have seemingly random GCIs.
  8. I must've missed the fact that they were selling the campus. Not surprising I suppose. Still. Wow.
  9. You're concerned that LTE roaming is not working in areas it used to, that it is affecting multiple devices and you can recreate the issue. Try to escalate beyond first line support if you can. Sending messages to the Marci or Combes twitter account for your messages can help escalate the issues to someone that might understand.
  10. Strange. I wouldn't have been surprised at all if the 6/6s had issues. I don't know if those are explicitly supported when it comes to LTE roaming. The others should work. LTE roaming is enabled on a site by site basis, it's possible something changed on which sites are supported in those areas. It is relatively close to native coverage. The only thing I can suggest at this point is to continue to make noise through support chat and/or on Twitter, and hope that T-Mobile native coverage comes sooner than later.
  11. Is your current device the iPhone Xs, and in what particular areas are you having this issue? In mid-Missouri USCC LTE roaming is active as documented by other members. Other members have had specific device issues with roaming that only a device replacement fixed.
  12. Re-provisioning the phone on the network. Just means activation without support either in person at the store or online. Most phones are activated this way now when you turn on a new device. It can be activated by dialing #SCRTN or from a prompt in the menu on some phones.
  13. He has a point though. Clear posts are important when trying to help. Everyone makes typos, myself included. But if we can't understand the posts, we can't help. I ask that everyone does their best to post clearly so that we can actually help.
  14. I imagine T-Mobile access will come back relatively soon, so hopefully you can hold out.
  15. You could try going through support, especially on Twitter to see if anyone can tell you what is going on. However roaming issues have historically been very difficult to get diagnosed and then addressed.
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