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  1. Yes... however starting to clutter this threat a bit.
  2. Only $100 for 300Mbps? Cox charges ~$70 a month for 30Mbps out here in Nebraska. 😭 [sorry.. off topic]
  3. Those have been going out for the last month. VoLTE was opened up while on T-Mobile roaming a few weeks ago.
  4. Most of the power is radiated outward, so being directly under them is safer than being directly in front of them. Plus the radiation is non-ionizing, it only heats things up. You'd have to be very, very close to start to feel that effect. So, while I wouldn't want to sit there all day every day, an hour or two probably doesn't have much effect, if any.
  5. The issues I saw the G8 right after the upgrade have gone away. SCP has been working fine for my uses since last month.
  6. Dkoellerwx

    LG G8X Thin Q

    SCP was a little odd on the G8 after the Android 10 update, but Mike got the issues I was seeing worked out. I would think the update is reasonably similar to the one for the G8, so I would expect it would be fine?
  7. Yes, just like Philly. I can't think of any reason for them taking Sprint's 5G off air so quickly unless they were in the process of switching it over to T-Mobile's equipment. (Low band would be B71, mid-band B41, and high band is the mm wave 5G)
  8. 5G never commercially launched in the St. Louis market, they just opened up access. Since it was never formally launched, apparently T-Mobile felt they could just shut it off. Maybe an early market for conversions to T-Mobile mid-band 5G.
  9. Sprint is still on that tower, and is still by itself so they haven't taken it town or consolidated yet. You'll need to go back at some point and see what actually changed.
  10. Glad to see you are back! Didn't realize you had an older account. Looks like your account has been upgraded so that's great. To be clear, we're talking T-Mobile 5G? Were you able to connect to Sprint 5G before the update earlier this week? We have M-MIMO 5G antennas in several places around town, but I don't believe we ever had it confirmed that 5G was active on B41.
  11. Anywhere there is T-Mobile coverage, if you fall off of Spring, you can roam on T-Mobile.
  12. A touch off topic so I apologize, but I didn't realize we had another Omaha member on here. If you wouldn't mind sharing your experience so far I would be interested to hear it. I'll link the Nebraska thread below. It hasn't been used in a while, but now seems like as good a time as any to revive it!
  13. Well everyone needs to work their sources then! I would... but I don't have any ha.
  14. I'm pretty sure that was the point of the post. How much information from one source or another made its way here. We were spoiled with all that information. Seems doubtful we get much out of T-Mobile.
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