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  1. We noticed that today. Unsure if that was an error or if they're intentionally marking C-Spire as native rather than pseudo-native (extended). The end experience likely isn't any different, unless they are allowing users onto the C-Spire network even within the Sprint signal footprint.
  2. The true strength is best represented with the RSRP option. (Network Type and Signal strength).
  3. Dkoellerwx

    Shentel / Sprint LTE - (was ntelos - West & N&W Virginia)

    The G7 does support it, but I don't think it's enabled yet unless you do if yourself with the MSL. Another user has reported it in California on the S9 (beta software).
  4. Where is this site? Are there any other antennas visible?
  5. Not sure what you mean by that. Nokia is still there. Ericsson was the original and continued provider of B25 and B26 equipment for your area, and now provides B41 equipment as well. Where is the NV (B25/26) antenna?
  6. Dkoellerwx

    LG V40 thread

    I'm not really very familiar with wireless charging, so I'm not sure. If it's RAVpower and not a Samsung charging plate, I don't think there should be any major differences between how the S9 and the V40 charge. But again I'm not really sure.
  7. Dkoellerwx

    LG V30

    If the phone has the latest update, it has VoLTE. Whether the market is accepting VoLTE calls is a different matter. I don't think VoLTE is active in the Seattle market yet as they continue to roll out B26. Therefore the phone may not allow her to turn it on until she is in a market that is allowing VoLTE calls.
  8. Are you certain that's new? That looks like a PCS only antenna. Unless there is a SMR capable antenna there as well, I don't see why that would have been installed, if it is in fact a Sprint antenna.
  9. Dkoellerwx

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Since you have the capacity available, your Magic Box should likely give you pretty reliable speeds most of the time. But like nexgen said, it is more about providing a clean, strong signal where there otherwise might be a weaker, less stable signal than providing ultra fast speeds. Since the Magic Box is likely only going to serve a few users at a time, it doesn't need to broadcast 3 carriers and push those 200+Mbps speeds to remain reliable.
  10. Thanks for the report! Pictures would help us confirm if M-MIMO has indeed been deployed. We do have an Orlando thread already started for network upgrade and other related information. Please use that going forward. Thank you!
  11. There is no password. Tapatalk continues to have problems going directly to the sponsor forums. If you use the recent posts stream or something like that, you can get to sponsor threads. Honestly, just going directly to the website is easier now than using Tapatalk since the mobile site got updated.
  12. Dkoellerwx

    LG G7 ThinQ

    That's too bad that it cracked. I didn't even realize that could happen. Mine's been in a case basically since day one. Haven't had any issues with pictures, all look good to me haha.
  13. My brother's V30+ finally got the update last night, VoLTE showing up in the menu. Don't know if he has tried it yet. In the last two billing cycles, he has used a total of 2 minutes of call time... so I doubt I'll get a report haha. Now if they could push the update to the G7... I'll be happy
  14. Dkoellerwx

    LG V30

    According to??
  15. Have we gotten actual reports with V30s using VoLTE? Two of those on my account and no success so far.