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  1. Anything I can send that might help? I'm trying to send reports when I can but I'm not sure if it's actually capturing whatever is causing the crash since most of the time I don't get a crash notice.
  2. I don't think there's anything market related that could cause that. I'm not running any Samsung beta software, just the normal updates.
  3. I cannot run SCP for any length of time on my S21 anymore. I can start it, put it in the background, and within a minute or two it's just gone. No crash message or anything. I have not taken the step to uninstall and reinstall yet. But I may do that soon to see if that clears anything up.
  4. I'm getting frequent crashes and Android complaining about battery drain the last few days. I'm not really sure why. I try to send feedback but sometimes that crashes too. It seems to happen when my phone decides it no longer wants to use VoLTE and switches to 1x. So it might just be my device, but really not sure.
  5. We just came out of solar minimum, so there has been more activity, and it will increase in the next couple years. But nothing so far that has disrupted GPS networks.
  6. It comes and goes. Every now and then if I put it in my pocket the GPS will bounce around and it will suddenly think I'm no longer home and shut all the lights off on me. (Routines with smart lights via the home app). I've also had trouble with navigation after the latest update where it will constantly think I'm a block over or am moving the wrong direction and totally messed with the instructions.
  7. The only way to see bandwidth reliably is through the engineering screen.
  8. Ever since the August update I haven't been able to connect to 5G, and now tonight VoLTE is not working. I'm on Sprint 1x800 and T-Mobile LTE. Bluetooth has also been really flakey, dropping out when I normal don't have any issues. Anyone else running into anything like that? I am still TNA on my S21 Ultra.
  9. n66 is active on my S21 Ultra, so if the device supports it I would think they would allow it to be turned on soon since n66 is going live in some markets. I believe T-Mobile is going with n25 rather than n2 to make use of the Sprint PCS G-Block, but that is not enabled on any device that I am aware of yet.
  10. Our first (known) Sprint casualty in the Omaha market. Sprint used to be the third tier, but equipment vanished between Friday and today.
  11. Yes, smaller channels still can perform well. But it sounds like he needed reliable and fast. Smaller channels can still have fast peak speeds but may not be as reliably fast. We only have 40Mhz on air here in Omaha and I can get peak speeds of over 400Mbps. But, during the day, that falls into the 50-150Mbps range. Perfectly fine for most usage of course, but if you need reliably faster speeds, it may not be the best option. Edit: My experience is NSA 5G. I'm not sure if the internet offered is 5G only or if it combines LTE channels as well. If 5G only, then you will not even see the speeds I just mentioned if you only have a 40 or 60Mhz channel available.
  12. Only if you have 100Mhz of n41 available at your home address. Otherwise you are not likely to see anything close to what Though said.
  13. Is this maybe a regional vendor issue? I have not seen this problem on any of my devices (S20 FE, S21, S21 Ultra) on Nokia equipment in the Midwest.
  14. No complaints with my S21 Ultra. Works as expected throughout my travels so far (Kansas City, Omaha, Des Moines, Denver, Chicago, New York, Iceland).
  15. Sounds like mainly older Sprint plans. But not sure, I haven't given up on TNA yet.
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