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  1. Those square-ish antennas are T-Mobile? Nice tornado siren to haha.
  2. Never a good idea to broad brush the whole network. We know your area struggled, but there were many markets where B41 was essentially ubiquitous, and had excellent capacity and speed. Essentially everywhere I went in KC I was on B41, and rarely struggled with speed. Same with Denver when I visited. Others clearly had similar experiences in other markets.
  3. Hmm... Okay. Expected them to be slightly larger. Need to find a Nokia MM Wave antenna then.
  4. I think that's MM Wave? I haven't seen them side by side yet so I'm still struggling a bit.
  5. I was under the impression that those were MM Wave, and the 2.5/N41 antennas are slightly larger.
  6. We do not currently have the breadth of information that we got from Sprint. If you know of any potential sources though... let us know.
  7. The Sprint signals will be going away entirely at some point, so yes you'll need new notes.
  8. The S20 has been parked on T-Mobile since the 5G update earlier this year. I would expect those devices are not part of the test with 1 million other devices supposedly being moved over to T-Mobile.
  9. Any idea who this would be offered to? Seems pretty vague.
  10. Yes... however starting to clutter this threat a bit.
  11. Only $100 for 300Mbps? Cox charges ~$70 a month for 30Mbps out here in Nebraska. 😭 [sorry.. off topic]
  12. Those have been going out for the last month. VoLTE was opened up while on T-Mobile roaming a few weeks ago.
  13. Most of the power is radiated outward, so being directly under them is safer than being directly in front of them. Plus the radiation is non-ionizing, it only heats things up. You'd have to be very, very close to start to feel that effect. So, while I wouldn't want to sit there all day every day, an hour or two probably doesn't have much effect, if any.
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