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  1. We've confirmed the location of three M-MIMO installs in Omaha. There may be at least 2 more we have yet to identify. All the info in the premiere thread.
  2. Nokia RRU. The antenna's are slightly more generic and are used by multiple companies. Is it possible to get a slightly clearer image of the ports and RRUs on the new antenna? It's possible it is a 16 port antenna, but it looks like an 8 port one. Keep a watch and see if they add any new equipment soon.
  3. KS/MO market clear sites have also been updated to the standard market codes. However they're still using the normal Clear endings for 2nd/3rd carriers so it's confusing SCP into thinking they're MMs or SCs.
  4. Yeah doesn't look like there is any B41 at this point. Where is this site exactly? Any live signals yet?
  5. Hey Dan, accidentally removed images when trying to hide your multiple posts. Sorry about that.
  6. I make fun of everyone including myself for mistakes on the internet. If that makes you feel discriminated against I can't really help that. At least you don't get death threats for making mistakes like those in my line of work do. You know how to enable CA using the MSL. We've talked about it before. It's in the same area as band priority. Dial ##DATA# and select LTE. Instead of view, hit edit and enter the MSL. For many Samsung devices, it may be 000000.
  7. No it appears they're using 16 port antennas, so tri-band. M-MIMO antennas will be separate and much smaller.
  8. M-MIMO installs have started in KC so I'd imagine they're doing them in STL as well. Before I left in October Springfield had at least one site permitted for M-MIMO.
  9. We noticed that today. Unsure if that was an error or if they're intentionally marking C-Spire as native rather than pseudo-native (extended). The end experience likely isn't any different, unless they are allowing users onto the C-Spire network even within the Sprint signal footprint.
  10. The true strength is best represented with the RSRP option. (Network Type and Signal strength).
  11. The G7 does support it, but I don't think it's enabled yet unless you do if yourself with the MSL. Another user has reported it in California on the S9 (beta software).
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