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  1. As far as I am aware this is only going out to a select few, mainly those that are still on the first generation or maybe second generation MBs and haven't used them in a while. Those that have the third or "Gold" version like I do or have continued to use their MBs will continue to be able to keep them, at least for the time being.
  2. Consumer hardware would indicate to me either devices, or small cell or in home devices (think magic box), not network gear.
  3. I have a "Sprint" 20 FE, that code does not work for me.
  4. Probably not needed yet. Haven't seen any of those in this region.
  5. Nice! B71 and B41 ready to go! Plus PCS/AWS if they have it.
  6. I'm not sure what AT&T would be using in your area. I don't think they are using the same large antenna that T-Mobile is using for the B71 deployment.
  7. Different vendor in the northeast. Most of the midwest and west is seeing the smaller squarish antennas.
  8. Good to hear they continue to build out. Not sure how much spectrum they have to put toward N71 in Denver, may not be super fast but it's still 5G. Once they can really utilize the B41 spectrum for N41 across the city like Sprint did with B41 LTE, the capacity and speeds should really take off.
  9. Band selector has kept me locked to Sprint band no issues all week. That sounds like a network issue. Definitely not caused by the SIM concern you had.
  10. 5G will disconnect whenever data is idle. Not sure why you would be completely dropping data unless there is an issue handing off between sectors/sites. Sounds like there may be an issue with at least one site in your area. Are you using the band selector app? I've found that handoffs between towers is really rough when I'm using that to specify which LTE bands I want to use.
  11. If you still technically have a Sprint line, the SIM that came with your phone is the correct one for it. The S20 series does not need a different SIM to operate natively on the T-Mobile network.
  12. I would have used the SIM that came with the phone. Since you already had a T-Mobile line, I'm not sure it makes much difference. That SIM swaps going on are for Sprint customers moving over to T-Mobile.
  13. Old T-Mobile SIM? Have you had a T-Mobile line previously? If your S20 activated and is getting service you should be okay. However I would have expected a SIM to come with your S20 already installed if it was indeed new.
  14. The large antennas with the crease down the middle support B/N 71 among others, so yes 5G. B/N 41 will broadcast from the smaller squarish antennas.
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