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  1. Dkoellerwx

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    I couldn't remember if it was introduced in the 8 line or not.
  2. Dkoellerwx

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    I am not sure if the Note 8 supports Upload CA.
  3. Dkoellerwx

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    What phone do you have?
  4. Good to see they are bringing it online in Samsung markets now!
  5. I think I meant to quote tyroned... haha. But yes, agree. And so far all of the CA configurations I have seen show the FDD carrier as the PCC when mixing FDD and TDD.
  6. The UL 2CA would suggest that B41 UL CA may be supported. However it doesn't specify if the UL CA is FDD or TDD or both.
  7. That was what I guessed but still got a good laugh. 😂
  8. Police mobile? Need a direct line to 911?
  9. Yes, that screen indicates 2xCA UL is enabled on the G7, however in the engineering screen I don't see evidence if it yet.
  10. The most recent phones so support 2xCA UL on B41. G7, S9, S9+, there might be a couple others.
  11. I have not seen it. I'm using an LG G7 which supports it, though the engineering screen does not show a spot for a SCC upload carrier. You only have one site with Nokia equipment? All of the ones around me except one are Nokia. The Ericsson site still doesn't seem to have functioning 3xCA DL so I doubt it has 2xCA UL.
  12. Dkoellerwx

    Network Vision/LTE - Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands Market

    Is the left hand antenna dual or tri-band? If dual, I didn't know those existed but that's neat.