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  1. Dkoellerwx

    The S4GRU BYOD Sim Compatibility Chart

    I had to read your post a few times before I understood what you were asking. Some punctuation in there would help out a bit. I don't think the 51.... is going to work in your phone. (Ah Tim posted already).
  2. Hard to see exactly but looks like original NV dual band + 10 port dual band (B26/B41)?
  3. T-Mobile data usage is being treated as native, meaning no caps. However while roaming, your device will always show roaming, it will never show another network besides Sprint as native (at least so long as the networks are separate companies).
  4. Insert image from URL is what I use, should work fine with Imgr. Just have to make sure you have the direct .png link or it won't work.
  5. Yeah that's not going to happen because that would be lying.
  6. Dkoellerwx

    Network Vision/LTE - Missouri Market (includes St. Louis)

    Thus far I have not seen a single site in the Kansas or Missouri market that has been widened to 10x10. I'm not sure why, they have the spectrum and LTE coverage is up enough that they should be able to trim 1x and EVDO if they haven't already. B25 2xCA is live on every site that has a 2nd B25 carrier.
  7. Just curious, what do you mean by this? Do wish Sprint had coverage there, or that while roaming, your phone still displayed Sprint? The latter won't happen since your phone has to display it is roaming. That said, roaming on T-Mobile so far as we know is unlimited, so no data worries there. That will never happen so long as the two are separate companies. That would defeat the purpose of roaming (supplying coverage where you otherwise wouldn't have it).
  8. Clear equipment can do 3xCA *in some cases.* Not all Clear markets have the proper equipment for that. And even then, it's a 2T2R, with no beam forming and a somewhat more limited range. Swapping out the equipment makes sense if the market is far enough along that upgrading to 8T8R capable equipment helps improve capacity.
  9. They are flying through B41 upgrades in midwest and plains markets. Places I didn't expect to see B41 for a long time. So no, it has not been forgotten. They are on a pretty good pace to have the great majority (that's what was promised, not all) of sites upgraded to tri-band.
  10. Are you going to start a thread on Hurricane Michael?

  11. Dkoellerwx

    Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Is it allowing CA? Sometimes when new equipment is fired up CA isn't always enabled immediately. If no CA, that is great speeds.
  12. Qualified because you speak in absolutes when that is not possible.
  13. I see 10+Mbps pretty regularly now that UL CA has been enabled on Nokia B41. And anywhere that has decent B41 coverage, the B25 speeds are generally 10+ as well on the upload. With a decent signal of course.
  14. Dkoellerwx

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Read my post again. That's not what I said.