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  1. Yes. If it lets you do 4K your good. Make sure your in a area that’s fast enough though
  2. Video is only throttled on TNX lines that are legacy. The Premium plan is NOT throttled even on TNX
  3. The good news is they will port you back over without issue usually. The bad news is Sprint LTE is going offline in June 2022 and even before that Tmobile will be taking spectrum from Sprint before then meaning your network experience is going to suffer anyway. You might as well switch.
  4. If n71 has weaker signal at your house than b2 then you are using intercell CA that tmobile quietly rollout. It takes n71 from towers that have it and aggregates it with towers that are within reach that doesn't have it. All for that 5G icon.
  5. In the new updates for the Samsung phones n66 is now enabled for tmobile and cell mapper has a case.
  6. So I don't know if you know this but last month tmobile quietly sold its 33% of tidal back to the company. Tmobile wants nothing to do with Tidal.
  7. Can anyone tell me if there device on TNX is allowing to use CA with tmobile or sprint b41? Mine doesn't but TNA still let's you on Sprint or Tmo.
  8. Sprint plan. Tmobile plans are outdated and now the worst in the industry in my opinion.
  9. That was a early issue with the first people like me that got on TNX they have now corrected the issue.
  10. Your wrong about Williston. Tmobile just gave Williston n41, b41, b71 n71 and b66. Previously it was 5mhz of b12 and 10mhz of b2. Believe me when I found it a few days ago I was shocked. And yes they are now faster than Verizon in Williston. I have all 3. ATT also upgraded to 5G almost around the same time. They routed the radios thru the 600mhz antenna and when the do that b2 and b66 gets a 20-30% coverage increase from what it was with the older equipment. Then standalone n71 goes further even more than b71.
  11. Your opinion won't change. Tmobile is very good in Gainesville Fl. And lots on n41 is online. They have 20mhz of b66, 20mhz of b2, 10mhz of n71, 5mhz of b71 and b12, and 60mhz of n41 as well as 40mhz of b41 online in Gainesville.
  12. Yep. Now unlocked is the only one left waiting for Android 11
  13. I'm on beta 6 and it says it's officially out but it's not showing up for me and I'm on TNX with S20 Ultra. Must be because I have a unlocked S20 Ultra.
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