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  1. I've had some serious issues with staying connected to LTE and even keeping a consistent 1x signal over the past couple of days. I can only hope for good things to come really soon.
  2. I have been on band 26 almost exclusively all weekend, even though band 25 is strong. I also noticed that on the highway all through St Augustine the band 26 signal allows me keep a strong LTE signal in places I'd drop to 1x before. It is starting to look promising, but once you get off of I95 and go onto the surface streets of St Augustine, it seems as if the signal isn't reaching as far as it used to. I have been falling back to 1x a lot more often lately in town.
  3. I love my G2. Now that it is rooted, it is an absolute beast. It just sucks, because my laptop screen at work looks like garbage now after being used to my G2 and I don't see how I can go back to another phone that didn't have knock on/off and buttons on the back.
  4. The difference between the LG interface and something like TouchWiz is the fact that my G2 never lags but using a Samsung device can be painful at times
  5. They need to work on optimizing band 26 before any claims can be made. My band 26 signal is far worse nearly everywhere I go and speeds are half as much as band 25 in St Augustine. It is rather depressing.
  6. I just had to say that Team d3rp SuperG2 is pretty awesome. I've been running it for a week now and it is stable and fast. I'd recommend that anyone give it a try.
  7. About an hour ago at work I noticed I was stuck on 1x800 where I'd normally have a full 6 bars of band 25 LTE. Airplane mode wouldn't do anything and then for about 10 minutes, it'd latch onto a faint band 26 signal for a moment and drop back to 1x800. Suddenly, I had band 26 for about 10 minutes but it was really weak. Now I am back onto band 25 but it's about half normal strength. Looking like some upgrades are coming up.
  8. So far in St Augustine, band 26 has been pretty average. My range isn't much better than band 25 and even at full strength, I only see about 9-15 mbps whereas I can switch back to band 25 and pull 25 mbps right afterwards.
  9. I am new to rooting and ROMing. If I decide to try a different ROM or go back to stock, what is the safest way to do that?
  10. I was bored at work and decided to finally figure out how to root my phone. I rooted, installed twrp 2.7 and immediately tried out the Team D3rp Super G2 ROM preview. I have to say, it was extremely easy this ROM is really polished. Definitely looking forward to future updates.
  11. I am hoping for a nice update for iOS 8. I have never been very satisfied with iOS 7,it just doesn't feel right to me. I also get a lot of random freezes when switching safari tabs or logging into https sites. Also, the lack of some sort of up/down/left/right arrows for the keyboard drives me crazy. I'd love a "dark" theme as well. The new mail app and keyboard are so bright to me. I'd use the Galaxy tab more often but unfortunately it is slow, has a crappy screen and terrible battery life, so the iPad is pretty much what I use at home more often than not.
  12. So I decided to amuse myself while sitting at home. I am on band 25 and hold both the top and bottom of my phone and it instantly switches to band 26. When I let go of both sides of my phone it instantly switches back to band 25. It will keep doing that as I hold and block both sides of the antenna of my phone. Again, the signal level according to Signal Check it pretty much the same. Outside when I cycle airplane mode, it finds and sits on band 26 for a few minutes with 4 bars of signal. Suddenly, I see 6 bars and when I check I find that I was kicked back to band 25. It seems like band 25 has a better signal overall, but it will switch back and forth.
  13. While I drove home, I was on band 26 for nearly the whole trip besides one tower. The only issue is that my LTE range is about the same or a little less than band 25. Whenever I dropped, I went right to 1x800. I wonder how much they still need to optimize before there is a noticeable range difference.
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