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  1. The week before Thanksgiving, I was in Osaka for work and received that same text about free high speed data when I was there. I was expecting to have to pay for the week pass for LTE. Service was solid around Osaka and Kyoto as well.
  2. How much spectrum is available? Ventura county has had 1x800 for quite a while, but I've never have seen B26. It would probably have made it through the building at my old company, as it was a concrete tilt up. I got band 41 by my desk, since it was next to a window, but mostly 3g in the interior of the building.
  3. I'm not sure...I've never seen band 26 in Ventura county or for that matter Santa Barbara county. Was it due to San Bernadino public safety? The RRU's have always been there though since network vision started, at least at the sites I've been to.
  4. No, I've never been to any of the 4 sites that have these new permits. That particular one is marked on the sites complete map as 3G only.
  5. Thanks for the heads up! In Ventura county, it looks like they started submitting permits in October. Here's a description of one of the permits: Install (2) new 800/1900 MHz panel antennas, Install (2) new 800/2500 MHz, Install (4) 800 MHz RRHs and [1] new 2500 MHz RRH's.
  6. I received mine yesterday...I have an Airave still. I still have devices that use the Airave and I even mentioned it to the guy, while ordering the wifi connect. The guy didn't put the order in through his system though, he had to send an email to get it ordered. The system wasn't setup at the time for him to order it.
  7. I used that number to order one, thanks! Took just a few minutes, even though the person I talked to wasn't sure of the order process yet.
  8. I think if you're reading that footnote in the press release it was referring to the IPhones needing that version of iOS, not that it's restricted to Apple devices.
  9. I think it'll be sprouting up all over....there are permits that have been approved on sites that already have LTE. I just saw them working on a site off the 101 in Oxnard, putting up the 2.5Ghz equipment. It was up the other day, but wasn't painted yet to match the monopalm. This morning it looked like they had painted the equipment and put it back up.
  10. Yep, I think it's been live for a week or so. I noticed it last week have I was picking up my daughter from school.
  11. Thanks for the heads up! I just cycled airplane mode and picked it up from my desk.
  12. There's definitely more than 2 sites in Camarillo, although the one near Lewis does not have LTE yet.
  13. Data service is pretty decent for the most part, considering they aren't done with upgrades yet. Remember that some of the light purple on Sensorly was mapped some time go, before a lot of the current sites went live. It takes quite a few mapping passes to get the light purple to turn darker. I've gotten LTE in way more places than I've ever gotten Wimax. Camarillo itself will be better once that last site gets it's backhaul. Funny enough, it was the first site that was live in Camarillo.
  14. Maybe try a profile update? You definitely should be getting LTE when you're out and about in Oxnard, Camarillo, and Ventura. It may not be everywhere, but you'll be connected a fair amount of the time.
  15. I don't have an Iphone, but does it have a CDMA only mode?
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