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  1. I haven't noticed any changes over here in NYC. I'm hoping that one of the more immediate improvements will be increased backhaul given the amount of users the combined network will have to handle pretty soon.
  2. Seems like they're serious about only selling devices compatible with both networks going forward. That's a good sign.
  3. The whole point of the merger is to get Band 41 and Sprint's customers.
  4. The way it has worked for me the past 3 times I've done it is that I've chosen my trade-in device beforehand and I get the discount applied immediately. If you later decide not to send in the trade in device then Samsung will remove the discount. If you do send it in and it's accepted then the discount remains.
  5. The menu that gives the most info on Samsung phones is *#0011# It shows you everything you're connected to at once. For example you can see that Sprint is only using 40MHz for 5G here and then aggregating it with 40 MHz of LTE.
  6. One thing the reviewers didn't talk about at all is the vastly improved vibration motor. When you take a picture it literally feels like a shutter inside of the phone is closing and opening again. It's kind of amazing.
  7. Outdoors it is 175 Mbps down and 10.7 Mbps up. So my indoor 5G speeds are like my outdoor LTE speeds.
  8. The phone comes with a screen protector pre-installed. It's not tempered glass but it's pretty good and I'd honestly refrain from removing it/switching it out unless it gets scratched up quite a bit.
  9. You'll need to get a new one because I had to switch SIMs to move from my S9+ to the S10+. Your best bet is to just go to your nearest Best Buy and purchase a BYOD SIM kit. The part number for the SIM you need is SIMOLW516TQ.
  10. I finally got my S20 Ultra yesterday evening. It turns out that 5G is deployed a lot more than I imagined. I connected to 5G as soon as I walked out of my house this morning and I'm even connected to it right now at my desk at work. This is indoors. This is outdoors.
  11. Turned out my entire neighborhood is covered in 5G. I connected as soon as I left my house and disconnected from my Magic Box. Edit: I also have 5G at my desk at work. 164Mbps down and 6 up indoors, 358 down and 21 up as soon as I walk outside.
  12. Regular old SIM swap worked from my S10+ to my S20 Ultra. I just went to the activation screen on Sprint's website, put in my IMEI and SIM card number and voilà.
  13. My guess is that it'll mostly be used in areas that currently don't have Band 41 but do have Band 25. It'll allow them to skip the Band 41 LTE deployment entirely and shove people onto n41. That way down the line when Band 41 gets shut down in favor of n41, they won't have to worry about migrating anyone from LTE to 5G on that band.
  14. It seems like Sprint has been doing a lot of work for 5G but has been holding back on announcing any new cities. I have a strong feeling that when they announce that the merger is complete, the new T-Mobile will start announcing a lot of these cities and take credit.
  15. Well would you look at that, they delivered it to my house anyway. I'm really excited. Does anyone know if it takes the same SIM as the S10+ or do I need a different SIM?
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