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  1. Upload carrier aggregation on a small cell is not something that you see all the time. It must be fed by fiber instead of LTE relay.
  2. Can't say I've experienced that at all. In fact it's been kind of the opposite for me. Throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn I've been seeing some of the fastest speeds yet. I'm regularly getting over 150 Mbps on a full signal. A few days before New Year's I was inside a bar on the Upper West Side with some friends and getting 280 Mbps.
  3. I honestly prefer the design of the app, I use it when shopping on my phone since a lot of apps have integrated Google Pay as a payment method, and it does a good job of storing tickets and pulling ticket confirmation information from my emails and storing them to find later. Also almost every store I go into has NFC set up now. The three big exceptions were CVS, Target, and Walmart. Both CVS and Target activated NFC within the past year and I shop at Walmart once or twice a year (literally) so I always have the Walmart app on my phone set up with Walmart Pay just in case.
  4. I can echo that sentiment. From the first release, it was pretty stable. Every bug that I encountered, I reported, and it was fixed in the next update. Samsung is pretty proactive about fixing problems as long as they know about them. I'm still on the last version of the beta and the only thing I miss is Google Pay. Everything else works pretty much perfectly.
  5. AT&T got the update this morning so unlocked should be sometime within the next week.
  6. I'm on the same page as you. I'm hoping the answer to that is yes.
  7. Lol this is the funniest part. Softbank could've paid of Sprint's debt but instead they let Sprint go it alone just to get the merger to go through and it might not even do that. Can you imagine the position Sprint would be in right now if it didn't have to penny pinch?
  8. Patiently waiting for it to hit my unlocked S10+. I just want Google Pay back lol.
  9. This is the first time that they're admitting they're growing fast and their network can't handle it. If you watch the T-Mobile subreddit, this is something that people have been saying for the better part of 2 years now. T-Mobile already lost their "fastest network" crown to AT&T and according to Ookla, Sprint is either matching or exceeding their average speeds in most markets.
  10. The last time I did that on my S10+ and I went back into that menu, the toggles had been reset to their default positions automatically.
  11. Jumping off of my previous issue with VoLTE with Verizon customers. It seems like Sprint to Sprint HD voice works fine both for incoming and outgoing calls but with Verizon users, it won't activate unless I call the person. Incoming calls from Verizon sound horrible.
  12. Sascha Segan's take on T-Mobile's 5G network. https://www.pcmag.com/news/372478/t-mobile-5g-secrets-revealed-heres-where-it-doesnt-work-w
  13. But he posted a second screenshot that showed that his upload speeds were consistently around 20Mbps no matter the time of day while his download speeds fluctuated a lot more.
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