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  1. Front page article says Clearwire conversions are happening. It's likely that it'll be repurposed for one of the hundreds of Clearwire sites we have in the NYC market.
  2. Same deal here. The battery on the S10+ is a beast. Killing the battery seems like an impossible feat for me given my usage patterns. I'm mostly streaming music, web browsing, and occasionally watching videos and by the end of the day I am around 65%.
  3. It should be noted that in certain conditions the device will used a cropped image from the main sensor instead of the second lens. That was the case on the S9+ too. I can't say that I've seen the same smudginess that you guys are mentioning on my device. Here are 3 unedited pictures I took last Thursday for comparison between the zoom and the other 2 sensors.
  4. $99 but I'm sure there are some deals that you can find to get it for cheaper.
  5. I picked up the new Wireless Charger Duo Pad that they announced recently. It comes with a huge charging brick and supposedly offers their fastest wireless charging yet, at slightly faster speeds than normal wired charging but still slower than fast charging over a cable. It's really neat and now I don't need a separate charger for my watch and my phone on my nightstand. Edit: It's a 25W power adapter, likely the same one that's gonna come with the S10 5G.
  6. Even if Sprint had a $10 surcharge it would still be cheaper than Verizon while offering greater coverage, at least initially.
  7. Verizon’s 5G service will cost $10 extra, launches in Chicago and Minneapolis on April 11th Looks like mmWave isn't that easy to deploy on a wide scale... 😬 And it's expensive. Double yikes.
  8. I've only been using VoLTE for less than a week now but I have to say that I have no issues so far in either New York or Boston. Cal quality has been great (especially to Verizon customers using VoLTE) and there have been no blocked or dropped calls so far.
  9. Going off topic a bit, the merger that I wished would've happened a long time ago is MetroPCS and U.S. Cellular. Their networks would've complimented each other so well and they would've been a decent 5th nationwide carrier with a combined 14 Million customers.
  10. Stopped by the Samsung Experience store in Roosevelt Field and picked up a case. It's a really cool place!
  11. Yeah. I don't know what's stopping Sprint and Samsung from updating it to include VoLTE. I'm just glad to see that Sprint, like T-Mobile, has all carrier features available on unlocked devices unlike Verizon who blocks VoWiFi and AT&T who blocks VoLTE.
  12. Yeah but more and more are being turned on every week.
  13. Yeah. It was the BYOP SIM card set. It comes with 4 SIM cards and one of them was SIMOLW516TQ. If you go to the Sprint section at your local Best Buy, they should have a ton of them.
  14. Android Auto is not well optimized for this phone. The status bar icons get cut off by the hole punch. So far it's the only app I've found with this problem. Every other app has been perfect.
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