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  1. I don't understand how this came as a surprise to anyone. Sievert was CMO, then COO, and then President. CEO was his naturally going to be his next move. It seems like he was the brains behind a lot of T-Mobile's uncarrier initiatives, he just doesn't have the cult of personality that John Legere does.
  2. Sorry I took so long to respond. Theses are all of the configurations enabled by default. It seems like every T-Mobile combo is enabled but Sprint hasn't enabled Band 41 + Band 25 by default yet. At least it's there to turn on though. I just downloaded Nova and the swiping up from the home screen makes Nova appear like an app that you can just close so I'm assuming it's still broken. Otherwise it's very stable. No app crashes or anything like that.
  3. It was my understanding that Mike Sievert was being groomed for the CEO position for a while now.
  4. I don't know if this is unique to the Android 10 beta for the S10 or not but recently HD voice kicks in when I call someone else and not when they call me. It's really weird. I've only been able to confirm this behavior with my mom on Verizon for now.
  5. Here's something cool. If you have an S10 5G using Android 10, the face unlock now uses the ToF sensor to 3D map your face much like it does on iPhones. https://www.androidcentral.com/galaxy-s10-5g-finally-has-3d-face-unlock-iphones
  6. That's really weird. Beta 3 has been extremely stable for me. The only issue I had with the past two betas was the task switcher occasionally freezing up and the Twitter app taking forever to open. Both of those were fixed in the latest update. Did you at least report your issue with Gmail app before you rolled back?
  7. Looks like in the NYC market 5G is starting to spread to parts of North Jersey and Long Island. It's pretty cool to see the pace that Sprint is deploying 5G at.
  8. RhinoShield makes a good soft plastic screen protector. I had a RhinoShield bumper along with a screen protector and back glass protector on my S10+ for a while and it was great. Now I'm not using any protector and I have a Samsung silicone case.
  9. My Magic Box got the update some time last week. I've had it parked on my 5GHz WiFi with no issues for about 3 days now. The max speed I've gotten out of it so far is 73.7 down and 8.73 up. Pings are 70-75ms at all times.
  10. Yes it can. You can use RCS through Google Messages and WiFi Calling is available in the dialer settings instead of under Connection settings. The only thing the unlocked variant of the S9 lacks is VoLTE. On the unlocked S10, you get all three.
  11. What is the latest software version? I'm not sure if my Magic Box updated or not.
  12. The beta started a month earlier than usual so my guess is that official release will be some time in December.
  13. I don't have that problem on mine. The only problem on mine is that the WiFi Calling and WiFi symbol switched places.
  14. They won't close the deal until the multi-state lawsuit is done.
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