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  1. Yeah same experience here. There are no DAS nodes in any of the tunnels besides the tunnel under the East River between Bedford and 1st Ave on the L train. Maybe in between stations that are super close together like Beverly Road and Cortelyou Road on the Q you can hold onto signal between stations since they're literally a block away from one another. But in between most other stations I drop out of service on both T-Mobile and Verizon.
  2. Is n2 Verizon's primary NR band in NYC? I've been confirming a bunch of Verizon sites on Cellmapper and I noticed that there aren't that many sites with Band 5 on them but pretty nearly every site has Band 2. I've also noticed that there are a ton of Verizon sites that haven't been upgraded in what seems like years. They still have those smoky yellow antennas on them. They're probably going to upgrade them and put CBRS, C-band, and Band 5/n5 antennas on them at the same time later this year. Some will probably get mmWave antennas too.
  3. Wow that’s awesome! In a matter of weeks they went from 60-100 MHz. Patiently waiting for that in Brooklyn T-Mobile really need to get around to increasing backhaul substantially though because I’m getting similar speeds at 60MHz here.
  4. Just watched the webcast. Some cool stuff in it: Great Free 5G Upgrade: T-Mobile is giving everyone a free 5G smartphone. Trade in your existing mobile phone, and T-Mobile will give you a brand-spanking-new, Samsung Galaxy A32 5G smartphone for free, exclusive to T-Mobile postpaid customers. This offer applies to new and existing customers, and ANY (literally any) old phone in working condition. Great Unlimited Trade-Up: People with limited data plans on Verizon and AT&T can trade up to both unlimited data and full access to T-Mobile’s expansive 5G network all at the same o
  5. Fastest LTE speeds I've ever received on T-Mobile. This was taken indoors about half a block away from eNB ID 43383 in Gowanus. A 5G speed test in the same spot was actually slower at around 380-400Mbps. Also seeing much faster speeds in my home on LTE. I'm consistently getting ~270Mbps down and 55Mbps up inside my house. I'm unable to confirm if my site is using 20MHz of PCS but I don't know if that alone can account for speeds these high. There must be some sort of backhaul upgrade.
  6. Funnily enough certain speed test apps are whitelisted on T-Mobile plans. T-Mobile is reporting that I've only used 469.8MB of data this billing period but I've also used 21GB on the Speedtest.net app in the same billing period. A single speedtest in my area uses around 900MB-1GB of data.
  7. Verizon will say anything to attempt to explain their way out of why they won't be doing any macro densification for C-band, just as any other carrier would in their position. The long and short of it is that everyone, including their own investors, believes that Verizon needs to densify but they don't want to spend the money to do so the requisite macro densification after spending so much on spectrum alone. They're trying to make BRS/EBS seem like it's worse spectrum to back up their claim but virtually everyone (including T-Mobile aka the only carrier that owns both C-band and BRS
  8. I always thought it was smarter for T-Mobile to partner with one of the existing streaming services instead of trying to create their own. I'm glad they chose YouTube TV since I already use it and it integrates well with Google Home and the Chromecast with Google TV if you're in that ecosystem. Also pretty beneficial for both Google and T-Mobile since it could potentially draw customers to both services.
  9. I never anticipated that T-Mobile would cannibalize Sprint's network as fast as they have. This time last year, Sprint's LTE and 5G network consisted of: Band 26: 5MHz Band 25: 10MHz + 5MHz Band 41: 20MHz+20MHz+20MHz n41: 40MHz Now it's: Band 26: 5MHz Band 25: 5MHz Band 41: 20MHz + 20MHz n41: — With parts of Long Island going to 80MHz, I wouldn't be surprised if in the coming weeks we see Band 41 reduced to a single 20MHz carrier (excluding the separate 10-20MHz that's on small cells) so that T-Mobile can expand to 80MHz here. I kinda feel bad for people wh
  10. T-Mobile said during their investor day presentation that they plan on aggregating n71 with n41 this year and using n71 as the PCC, allowing for greater range on n41.
  11. Looks like someone in Nassau County found that T-Mobile expanded n41 to 80MHz.
  12. If I were you I’d check Cellmapper to see what towers are in your area. Additionally the sim should come in multiple sizes. You can choose the correct one for your device.
  13. Drove up to Middletown, NY and had 5G most of the way. I only dropped out of service in one area during my drive but every carrier struggles in that area according to their coverage maps. The Verizon iPhone 12 that I had on hand was down to 1 bar of LTE and T-Mobile kept switching between 1-bar of LTE and no signal. In Middletown, 5G was pretty much everywhere that I went though the low site density meant that if I went indoors I would often drop down to 1-2 bars of 5G and a handful of times I dropped down to LTE. I think T-Mobile is either oversubscribed or needs to increase backhau
  14. eNB ID 42182 in the Lower East Side near the Williamsburg Bridge seems to be one of those sites that can give 1Gbps speeds. I was running a Speedtest near it and saw my speeds climb above 850Mbps but I was driving away from it and speeds dropped down to just over 600Mbps by the time the test ended. Also got 490Mbps on mmWave from site eNB ID 56661 in Midtown around 59th St and 3rd Ave. I ran an LTE speed test from the same site and got nearly 300Mbps down before the network kicked me over to Band 41. On Band 41 I got speeds of about 100Mbps down and 7Mbps up.
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