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  1. The S9 has WiFi Calling and Calling Plus is in a hidden menu. Also the iPhone has Wi-Fi calling even when you do BYOD.
  2. In the press release from today John Saw says "In 2018 and 2019 Sprint expects to deploy thousands of Massive MIMO radios" so while we may not have a concrete number we know it's probably a lot.
  3. Paynefanbro

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    This honestly is my dream scenario.
  4. Whoops, that's what I was thinking of. Thanks for the correction.
  5. Looks like Sprint isn't the only one fed up with the cost of small cell deployments. VZW and AT&T are complaining too now. https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/at-t-verizon-take-aim-at-lincoln-nebraska-as-small-cell-battle-goes-local
  6. Figured it would be one of the two companies but I'm not certain it'll be a flagship. Just like the HTC Bolt was Sprint's first gigabit LTE capable device, this could easily be a mid-range device that has 5G capability as its main selling point. Even Samsung mentioned that the S10 won't be its first 5G capable device.
  7. Paynefanbro

    Caribbean Roaming Experience

    I didn't get a chance to run a speed test at all because before I knew it, my device decided to switch to Band 41. I just happened to check and it said Sprint Band 13.
  8. Paynefanbro

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    There's no way of telling if we've connected to one though since they're pretty much indistinguishable from other sites in the debug menu of our phones and on SignalCheck. So while we've only spotted one (thanks to a photo of it from Sprint), there may be many others around. It also doesn't help that the NYC market is made up of 1,000+ macros.
  9. Paynefanbro

    Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Update from 8/2/18 earnings release regarding Sprint partnership with Altice:
  10. Paynefanbro

    Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    When Clearwire was deploying WiMax way back when, they opted to put a site on Yankee Stadium as opposed to a DAS too. I wonder what stops carriers from doing a DAS?
  11. I recently went on an 8 day cruise from NYC to the Caribbean that stopped in Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. My first stop was Grand Turk and there I opted for the free roaming. My S9+ automatically connected to Flow's (Cable & Wireless) LTE network where I received speeds of around 120kbps on average with boosts of up to 150kbps. Something worth noting is that on speed tests, the server prefers to default to Sprint's Miami server as opposed to local servers. Speeds were more than adequate for any amount of web browsing and honestly felt much faster than in reality. It helps that using Chrome will save you data by not loading pictures on certain sites unless you click them. In Puerto Rico, I connected to Band 13 on the way into the port in San Juan but once I was in the city, my phone never left Band 41. While the phone was usable, speeds remained significantly lower than what I've come to expect from 3xCA in the mainland U.S. Data speeds peaked at around 25-30Mbos but on average were in the 5-10 Mbps range even on LTE+. Signal remained strong everywhere though. Finally in the Dominican Republic, I entered in Amber Cover which is in Puerto Plata. My phone latched onto a weak Band 2 LTE signal in the port from Altice (called Orange Dominicana in SignalCheck). I had trouble loading pages though. Once off of the ship and out in the open, I had a much stronger signal which allowed me to browse the internet without a hitch. Because it was the last day of my trip, while at the beach I decided to purchase the 24 hour high speed pass for $5. My speeds went from 120kbps to 65Mbps in less than 5 seconds. In some areas speeds were slower, particularly at the port where it struggled to break 2Mbps. Now, back on the boat my phone is flipping between weak Band 4 LTE and overloaded Band 5 HSPA+ from Claro (called Verizon Dominicana in SignalCheck Pro). Here is the difference in speed from before and after purchasing the high speed pass.
  12. Paynefanbro

    Network Vision/LTE - Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands Market

    Well Band 13 from Open Mobile seems to be fully integrated. I just got to San Juan and my phone automatically connected to it.
  13. Paynefanbro

    Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Great detective work! I used to live 5 minutes from there but I've never been to that marina.
  14. Paynefanbro

    Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    I thinks it’s in southern Brooklyn but I’m not sure exactly where. The only landmark in that picture is the crane looking thing and I don’t know where that is.
  15. Paynefanbro

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Sprint is already spending money on upgrading a ton of sites despite the fact that most of them will be deactivated. I truly believe the merger has not and will not influence their 5G plans right now. It will continue as normal because if the merger doesn't go through, the money spent will have been worth it and if it does go through, the money spent on upgrading those sites will be a drop in the bucket compared to their combined revenue.