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  1. Drove out to Mt. Arlington, NJ and Kenvil, NJ and was surprised by how good T-Mobile's coverage was both on the drive there and while out and about. I was on 5G what seemed like 98% of the the drive out there. I only noticed one time when it dropped down to LTE for less than a mile before picking up 5G and staying on it for the rest of the drive. I was even more impressed by performance within both towns as speeds and coverage were similar to, if not better than Verizon in most areas I went. This includes indoors. While at a restaurant, Verizon dropped down to 1 bar of LTE and occasional
  2. That would make sense but it isn't what they're doing here at least. They're still building out a lot more small cells. T-Mobile has built very few new macros in NYC, especially when compared to other carriers like Verizon (but that's because Verizon's network was originally spaced for 700MHz and 850MHz and they needed to densify). T-Mobile still has the highest macro density in the city by far in spite of that. The good news here is that the DoIT in NYC updated regulations to allow a new antenna design for small cells going forward and collaborated with all 3 nationwide carriers to devel
  3. Tutela released a new report analyzing Verizon's 5G network: https://www.tutela.com/blog/impact-analysis-user-experience-improvements-from-verizons-5g-rollout
  4. Yup! But T-Mobile has reduced them to a single 10MHz carrier now. I'm 99% sure that nearly all small cells here, regardless of carrier, are all fiber fed though. It's just a matter of provisioning.The newer 2/66 small cells I've encountered are generally pretty fast though not 100-200Mbps. Usually they're 50-60Mbps but I don't think that's a limitation of backhaul as much as the equipment in use here. New York has really strict small cell regulations that limit the kind of hardware that can be used.
  5. I can kinda see where he's coming from but I also think he's trying to downplay the significance of mmWave once again. I can only speak for NYC but T-Mobile has now merged with two companies who had massive small cell networks here. MetroPCS at the time of its merger had the largest small cell network in the city to supplement their weak macro coverage and Sprint had over 1,600 small cells in NYC by January 2019 with Sprint rapidly adding more up until the point of their merger with T-Mobile. As a result T-Mobile has something like 2,000+ small cells and 1,000+ macros in this city alone.
  6. I'm not certain. Shortly after the merger I moved my line over to T-Mobile so I don't have access to the MySprint app anymore but I wish that there was a way for me to report that. It would've been super helpful.
  7. Visited Los Angeles this past weekend and T-Mobile's network left a lot to be desired in most of the areas I visited, especially their 5G network. I spent the most time in West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, Universal Studios. I visited other places but not long enough to give a good summary of network performance. LAX: According to Cellmapper there are three T-Mobile macro sites that serve the airport specifically. That means that outdoor signal and speeds are great, but inside the terminal both signal strength and speeds dropped off significantly the further away from the site you we
  8. I was on Box St in Greenpoint last night and finally got to experience T-Mobile's network for an extended period of time in the neighborhood. While outdoors, I generally had a decent LTE signal but poor 5G signal. It seems like my phone was bouncing between two T-Mobile sites, eNB 42891 in Greenpoint and eNB 41061 in Long Island City. Performance was usable but still much worse than what I typically see in other neighborhoods throughout the city. Even after midnight I was only getting maximum speeds of around 30Mbps outdoors on LTE. As soon as I went inside any building, I'd drop down to
  9. It's super dependent on where you live. In NYC since most cell sites are on top of buildings, you can look at public building permits and usually they're listed as "-AL" which is an alteration permit. In the notes they'll usually talk about "telecommunications equipment". Very rarely is that actually carrier named though. On the other hand for Greenville, NC where I visit family pretty often, you can search the public permit database for any carrier and find all permits for that specific carrier. Searching for T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, or U.S. Cellular beings up permits for their sites
  10. Nope. The only sites that get backhaul provisioned like this in NYC are sites that have LAA, mmWave, and Band/n41 like this site. If a site doesn't have that combo then speeds peak around 700Mbps. That isn't slow, but what a lot of people are realizing is that T-Mobile's network is only limited by backhaul at this point. Verizon has their own fiber network here and they provision lots of their sites, with multi-gigabit backhaul. When they turn on C-band here, they'll likely be able to match T-Mobile's performance despite having less spectrum on air. If T-Mobile wants to maintain their sp
  11. Unable to confirm since I'm on iOS but the site does have LAA antennas and here's an LTE speed test from the same site around the same time.
  12. I finally got those gigabit peak speeds on n41 that T-Mobile always talks about.
  13. n41 when you give it sufficient backhaul mmWave from the same site 10MHz of Standalone n71 from the same site This is the same site where I got nearly 800Mbps a while back, eNB ID 41047.
  14. Finally got the chance to test SA n71 speeds on my home site this morning. I noticed my phone was stuck on it for a few minutes. I also got over 300Mbps on my home site on LTE for the first time. Side note: 80MHz is definitely active in Crown Heights. The most noticeable improvement is upload speeds which are now going as high as 118Mbps but averaging 112-115Mbps.
  15. I have no idea if it has increased to 80MHz in Crown Heights but pings and speeds are pretty much unchanged. I'm still getting the same ~600-650Mbps speeds in my house as before.
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