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  1. Glad to see they allocated the 5MHz to NR. It seems like T-Mobile wants their markets to at least have 10MHz of n71 nationwide. They've also affirmed recently that they're going to start launching 80MHz n41 markets this year. I'm hoping that the next thing T-Mobile does here is some spectrum swaps with that AT&T-owned spectrum speculator that's preventing T-Mobile from going larger than 60MHz on n41 here. I wouldn't be surprised if T-Mobile intentionally bids on a lot of C-band spectrum in NYC during the auction later this year just so they have some leverage when negotiating.
  2. That would mean that T-Mobile is leasing 5MHz from Charter in NYC but I don't think that was announced. That's pretty cool if they are.
  3. T-Mobile responded to complaints by Verizon and AT&T that they shouldn't be allowed to bid on C-band or lease more 600MHz spectrum. https://www.t-mobile.com/news/un-carrier/real_competition_blog
  4. Boost Mobile's founder wants divestitures to occur for Verizon to buy out Tracfone. https://www.fiercewireless.com/operators/boost-founder-bucks-waves-fights-new-mvno-battle
  5. Spotted Band 41 and n41 near Brooklyn College today. Also spotted some workers wrapping up on an n41 installation today at the T-Mobile site at the intersection of Rogers Ave and Albemarle Road in Brooklyn. I forced my phone to Band 41 and tried to force n41 but my phone would only pick up n71 from the site. Edit: I forgot I took a pic of it. Here it is.
  6. I've been noticing a lot of split eNB's on T-Mobile sites and it's really annoying because what it means is that on some sites, my phone won't aggregate bands that I know are available. For example there is a Band 12/71 eNB split on a site in my neighborhood and because those two bands can't be aggregated my phone is stuck on 5MHz of either Band 71 or Band 12 despite the site that it's broadcasting from having Band 2/12/66/71. Sometimes these splits last for a few days and other times they stick around for over a year. This can really affect people perception of T-Mobile's network perform
  7. In my testing T-Mobile's small cells are super low on backhaul which may explain the poor speeds despite using 3 Band 46 carriers. There's a T-Mobile small cell near my home that only gives me about 40 Mbps maximum whereas Sprint small cells in the same area regularly gave upwards of 100Mbps on 20MHz of spectrum. I think it would be in T-Mobile's best interest to rethink their anti-small cell position in a city like NYC. Both Sprint and Verizon have invested heavily in small cells in the city and it paid off for both carriers.
  8. Only about 12 Million of Tracfone's customers are on Verizon. That's just over half of them. If they were allowed to keep that 12 Million and forced to sell the rest, they'd have roughly the same amount of prepaid subscribers as T-Mobile and AT&T.
  9. Super cool "Layer Cake" site! According to the T-Mobile subreddit, it looks like T-Mobile may be actually revisiting some sites in the NY metro to replace the n41 antennas that they've already deployed with the AIR 6449's.
  10. Considering Dish's recent purchase of Ting after picking up Boost from T-Mobile I wouldn't be surprised if Dish threw their hat in the ring to buy Tracfone, knowing they can't outbid Verizon but sill doing it in case Verizon needs to make concessions to get approval. Dish could easily scoop up a couple million customers and possibly a favorable MVNO agreement or roaming deal with Verizon.
  11. I can see in your picture that you're aggregating a Band 66 carrier with a 15MHz Band 2 carrier and 2 20MHz (LAA) Band 46 carriers. LAA is great where you can find it because it almost always provides insane speeds comparable to, if not slightly faster than Sprint's 3xCA Band 41. Here's a speed test I took in NYC. I believe this was 1 Band 66 carrier and 3 Band 46 carriers for a combined total of 80MHz of spectrum.
  12. I'm super jealous! While T-Mobile has started n41 deployments in my neighborhood most of the progress on the sites closest to my house are on Band 71/n71. I now get a super weak 600MHz signal in my home and can get a "fair" signal outdoors. When I joined T-Mobile there was pretty much no 600MHz anywhere around me.
  13. Can anybody identify the antenna on the far left? I'm pretty sure the two antennas on the right are RFS APX16 antennas for Band 2 and Band 4/66. The antenna to the left of that is a 4-port Commscope Band 12 antenna. All of that is pretty standard in NYC. I initially thought that the antenna on the far left was an Ericsson Air but I think it's too skinny to be that. There is a logo on the bottom of it that looks kinda like an Ericsson logo if you zoom in so I'm not sure.
  14. Found quite a bit of new n71 deployed in Sunset Park and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn today. As far as I can tell it was deployed sometime within the last few weeks since the last time these sites were mapped was in mid-August and they didn't have any Band 71 at the time but my phone picked them up today. Speeds were in the 45-55Mbps range while indoors.
  15. I think it is their plan. They'll probably try to buy C-band spectrum wherever they either lack 2.5GHz completely or in areas where they'll struggle to get carrier sizes larger than 60MHz on 2.5GHz.
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