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  1. Nope. Not on Sprint anymore. I'm on TMO now. I was just making an observation on what seems like an unnecessary fee. If Sprint offer unlimited why would they charge overage fees instead of just bumping you up to the next data tier. Or just you know. not charge it. It doesn't make sense to me. -Luis
  2. Thanks for the info! That makes more sense. I keep reading contradictory information regarding 700MHZ deployment. Also I do wanna point out to another poster regarding this being a patch. I semi agree? It seems like it came out of nowhere but I'm guessing not many people will complain unless they like the whole data bucket sharing thing. I've personally hated sharing data. I'm not a big consumer on average but my father is and I don't want to be penalized because of his fees. Which is strange to me that Sprint is charging overages since they offer unlimited data... Hmmm... -Luis
  3. I don't understand what you mean by pump and dump. Please explain. -Luis
  4. coverage is very varied by location. I can tell you that sprint does not come close to att levels of coverage in Miami. But they are talking about the equivalent for four lines on sprint not 7. You should only compare apples to apples, just got they compared 4 lines for att and big red. Sure the framily is cheaper when you have 7+ but that's not they are taking about. Also this isn't a shot at sprint but at att. They made the chart just for comparisons. -Luis
  5. Alright, no worries. I was just really confused, I never even mentioned Framily! It was actually someone else who I was quoting. At the same time, I don't believe it was meant to misrepresent sprint, but rather state that the data allotment goes down to 4GB, much like how sprint has a 4GB data allotment (I presume). -Luis
  6. They tacked on an additional 1.5GB of data to their lowest data plans. Is there any movement on the whole Sprint TMO merger? -Luis
  7. I had a rather horrible experience with them. I've had to get 3 replacements and all three broke. So my phone is going commando now. Maybe it's just my luck, they were nice when they were still intact. -Luis
  8. I just wanna state, that hold music sounds like crap ALL THE TIME. This article is clearly biased and uninformed. /Sarcasm. But it will be nice to test out the VoLTE. I know that TMO has some lag when connecting calls, and I've experienced the same on AT&T. So it would be nice to see if they can fix that.
  9. See but that all comes down to personal opinion, and preference. I would never chose a system just because of the controller, or for such a minute detail, that's just insane. The truth is that the sale of the XBONE are lagging, the supply is out there. Almost every store I have called in Miami, they have XBONE in stock, but the PS4 flies off the shelves. Now, every store is different, so I can't say with certainty that is true for all of the US. This. I made a point the other day to a friend, who stated that loyalist to the XBox will always get the next gen. I disagreed because it's easy to defect with consoles. Unlike phones where all your content is digital and can be transferred to a newer phone, old games aren't playing on newer consoles. I loved my XB360, I was so ecstatic when I got it. I loved playing Mass Effect on it, but simply because the PS4 has identical hardware for $100 less, I would go with the PS4 over the XBONE. -Luis
  10. Mondays In Flames

    LG G3

    This could be the Korean version, since their phones have those antenna's to pick up Digital TV (which sounds pretty awesome to me). -Luis
  11. This was a much needed update. I'm glad they finally have started listening to their customers. I haven't used my 360 in months primarily because I needed Gold for so many things. Maybe now their sales won't lag behind PS4's but unfortunately the damage has already been done. Also people saying that the XBONE, has had better deals is primarily because the system does not sell. The retailers are the ones who put the deals up because it is not good for them to have such large stocks. Makes them look bad, desperate times calls for desperate measures. -Luis
  12. So whatever issues my phone was having with battery as of two days ago seem to have magically disappeared. Battery is back to normal. Thanks to all who gave me suggestions, maybe something you guys told me to do worked and I just didn't notice! -Luis
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