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  1. I spotted another one today that is a co-located site. Unfortunately T-Mobile is still only running B2/66 on a lower rack to boot. To me at least, the even more odd thing is Omaha has a significant amount of sites permitted right now, but this one is not.
  2. Anecdotally based on permits there is reason to believe that may be happening in Omaha sometime soon.
  3. T-Mobile has the entire BRS/EBS spectrum in Omaha so that isn't the issue.
  4. Omaha probably isn't indicative of an "average" market in this merger. T-Mobile HAS to keep a fair amount of Sprint sites here or else they'll fail.
  5. I actually stumbled on the affiliate agreement tonight in edgar (I was surprised to find it). Note what goes into the calculations on 11.7.2 and 11.7.3 and especially what doesn't in 11.7.3 (e) https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/354963/000114036115031058/ex10_2.htm
  6. Entire Business Value itself appears to be a relatively made up term that I've only seen associated with Sprint affiliate agreements.This part isn't accurate. EBV is a defined calculation, and it is Shentel's wireless business only.
  7. And that is where this potentially gets really complicated pending the agreement in place with them. I would be very surprised if they could just simply both go their own ways in the market as going concerns with any agreement still in effect. We know from the Shentel negotiations right now that with them there are basically 4 potential options: 1) Continue to be an affiliate 2) If an affilate agreement can't be worked out, T-Mobile has the option to purchase at a pre-agreed upon process price 3) If T-Mobile fails to exercise the purchase option Shentel has the option to purchase T-Mobile's network and subscribers in their service area 4) If no agreements on 1 through 3 are reached, T-Mobile has to walk away from Shentel's market. The terms may be slightly different with Swiftel, but I wouldn't be surprised if they very similar. If that is the case, it is quite possible they literally can't go their own ways very easily. This type of situation is what led to the affiliate lawsuits that led Sprint to buy nearly everyone out after the Nextel and to some extent Clearwire acquisitions. As an aside, this is also a market where Sprint only acquired any BRS/EBS very recently due to the SpeedConnect acquisition. And in the case, of Sioux City, new T-Mobile still does not have any BRS/EBS spectrum at all.
  8. Where is that coming from? It isn't accurate... And the T-Mobile AT&T situation isn't really analogous here at all. Correct. They're basically getting the best MVNO deal in the history of U.S. wireless, paying very favorable wholesale rates, but they're still paying.
  9. More often than not, that setting does very little other than the initial scan by the device and then the network puts the device where it wants it. T-Mobile from the start has said they don't want to degrade the network for customers on either side. Phasing out band 41 lte right now would be a serious degradation.There is more than enough BRS/EBS spectrum in most places especially in the near-term to allow Sprint customers to remain on 3 carrier band 41 LTE.
  10. I'll take that back a bit, because it also appears to me via ULS that Sprint/T-Mobile have the entire BRS in San Angelo as well...
  11. It looks like that in addition to SpeedConnect letting leases drop, a few months after this post Sprint outright took control of the BRS they had been leasing from SC as well as assuming the lease on the EBS A block that SpeedConnect had.
  12. Sprint T-Mobile has EBS in San Angelo. BRS and especially EBS is inherently messy for tracking, but I don't see anything that jumps out as inaccurate on those maps i.e. in the Concho Valley, Sprint not having any BRS is accurately reflected, etc.
  13. That would make sense. T-Mobile has a site at that intersection.
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