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  1. The untouched areas where the judge could step in are likley the coverage distance/ building penetration between 1x800 and VoLTE, the handling of customers CDMA phones, billing transition, and a few areas where the new T-Mobile would totally dominate the spectrum licenses. These were all basically dictated in the Shentel nTelos merger.
  2. Closing arguments in January, likely set to encourage a deal.
  3. I would not rule out b26+b41 if the phone supprts it, especially if the b41 is a higher qam etc.
  4. The press views this merger as win or lose while the DOJ and FCC say this: "Thus, the key question is whether any additional relief is necessary to protect competition and advance the public interest." ( from the above source). You can also see that other carriers (AT&T and Dish) and cable companies (Comcast and Altice) were trying to keep info out of the public eye. They appeared to be about 1/2 successful. A real treasure trove of documents.
  5. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/15758763/state-of-new-york-v-deutsche-telekom-ag/?page=3
  6. Sent diagnostics just a few minutes ago from my Moto G7 Power Unlocked with Android 9 on Red Pocket ( T-Mobile). Main Screen Layout Padding set to 50, but not change. Same at 100.
  7. $10 billion a reasonable start, but much more would be needed. https://www.wsj.com/articles/dishs-ergen-says-banks-lined-up-to-loan-10-billion-for-wireless-network-11576627114
  8. If the merger is approved there is a huge amount of risk. The duo won' t stand still and certainly have enough money for counter attacks and more nefarious actions. Technical and marketing missteps could also become quite costly.
  9. The real question is how is Nationwide VoLTE defined. The number of phones to be covered has already been scaled back. Will that date include Magic Boxes and Airaves? What about bringing in a VoLTE phone with no CDMA support to make calls on Sprint bands (ie, just uses one SIM card or eSIM not tied to that phone)? What will the coverage area be? Will it be shown on coverage maps?
  10. dkyeager

    Pixel 4/4XL

    Yes, Samsung S9 and likely its successors, but Sprint has to allow it first and enable sites etc.
  11. You are correct at least on my unlocked Moto G7 power with Android 9. On my LG V20 with Android 8 it works fine.
  12. Softbank would not suddenly wave a magic wand and all debt would disappear. Sprint would have to be absorbed or recapitialized in some fashion (ie devalue current shareholders), which would require a realistic plan that would have to pass muster. Then 5G investments could very easily put Sprint back into the poor house. It all goes back to economies of scale. It is more likely that Sprint will have greater difficulty getting capital without the merger, since their value in any other merger will decrease, if such a merger is even possible.
  13. https://www.bloombergquint.com/onweb/sprint-can-survive-without-t-mobile-ex-ceo-claure-testifies https://www.breitbart.com/news/us-lawmakers-fault-regulators-on-t-mobile-sprint-tie-up/ The FCC and DOJ are the refs on the field. Needs to be a strong reason to overturn. Tweaks around the edges are another matter.
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