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  1. Columbus 600MHz spectrum was just whacked 5x5 in a dispute with Dish.
  2. In my market about 75% are co-sited with Sprint! Cellmapper helps to narrow down the others. The I load the address into SCP once I find those sites. For just knowing what band and where you signal is coming from SignalCheck Pro can't be beat!
  3. Do it quickly. My impression is T-Mobile really wants to move people to their network ASAP, even if it causes lots of pain. August 1 is rumored to be the end of Sprint retail.
  4. My router typically only gets rebooted for firmware updates or major functionality changes that I have implemented. Otherwise stays up for years. Last time it was down is when Hurricane Ike remnants hit Ohio in 2008 and caused week long power outages, which killed local internet in a few days (I have two ISPs, UPSes, generator). ISP's battery backups and generator use had improved considerably since that time. Making changes appears to be the greatest reason for router instability. So put internet connections on a UPS, reboot after major changes, and otherwise enjoy.
  5. The key difference between this and true Clearwire (Sprint) is T-Mobile Clearwire is always flagged as roaming.
  6. Samsung bandwidth selection app still works?
  7. I sent debug info for common situations where T-Mobile band 2 is seen by SCP as band 41 on Sprint. Occasionally is reported correctly for a a short period of time. Debug on the LG G4 showed the correct band along with a LG v20 on Sprint and a Moto G7 power rooted on T-Mobile (the PCIs on the other bands were different.) Thanks
  8. The cheapest is Red Pocket annual plan sold on E-bay for $60. Actually covers any carrier. I believe now you might have to pay $4 for their sims.
  9. https://www.fiercewireless.com/operators/at-t-to-stop-using-5g-evolution-ads-after-unsuccessful-appeal The fake icon will likely live on
  10. 1) Has anyone here been switched over to the T-Mobile network as their primary like the S20 users? 2) Has anyone had any issues with getting the Samsung Band Selector app to function now (it did work previously)? I am just trying to see what T-Mobile is doing with Sprint phones, which appears to be without users permissions. Fine if you like in an area with great T-Mobile service. Not so good if t-Mobile is mediocre where you need it while Sprint is great or you have a very functional Magicbox or Airave.
  11. Boils down to battery and camera.
  12. One of his comments stated was he was on the same level iirc, which I took to mean in a building across the street at the same floor level.
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