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  1. dkyeager

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Since people often don't like change, I could see a mad rush once the merger is approved but before it takes effect. The first of three hurdles has been jumped (national security demand that parent firms get rid of Huawei has been accepted). DOJ and FCC remain.
  2. dkyeager

    SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    At least in Samsung markets with AirHarmony small cells, the PCI of small cells is 450 or greater. EARFCN would be another way, but that sometimes gets location specific. GCI would be another way, but then you would need to know the MM cutoff point for each market (we have those for Ohio)
  3. Accepted and then verbally confirmed on Reddit:
  4. dkyeager

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    The best incoming SNR or RSRQ is where you want to place the MagicBox. Right now you may have a lot of retries.
  5. dkyeager

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Don't forget to check the SNR or use the RSRQ. You might also be better away from the window. Also check to see if it using B41 -- it might be on B25 backhaul. You could also be above the best signal, depending on your floor in the condo.
  6. Sprint is slicing these root metric wins finer and finer. The reality is Sprint came in a distant forth in Seattle. http://www.rootmetrics.com/en-US/rootscore/map/metro/seattle-wa/2018/2H Sprint has one outright win for this six month period when they used to get six or seven in recent years. Some of this is how Rootmetrics counts upload speeds the same as download when the usage ratio is more like 10 to 1. PCmag understands this so Sprint has done better there. When the duo starts doing the same with TDD for their MM 5G spectrum I expect RootMetrics to alter the formula to balance upload speeds with usage . But this can not overcome limited backhaul capacity and years with very limited CapEX. Recently Sprint has done a great job improving its network, but the competition has done better. This will however help with reducing churn.
  7. dkyeager

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    T-Mobile is going to do as they wish, subject to FCC limitations. The Sprint executives will likely be on some beach figuring out whether their drink umbrellas are adjusted correctly while they watch their enhanced investment portfolios and figure out what they want to do next, if anything. The joys of golden parachutes! Most of the Next gen sites I have seen are rural locations often with only Sprint on the tower. This fits Sprints historical pattern of doing rural areas first. The comments could point to collusion if the merger review drags out for another year like I think and urban former Clear sites are not Tri-banded as permits indicate. The more interesting paragraphs: "So we've recently improved the liquidity again by expanding the term loan B by just over a billion dollars and more importantly in many regards from my respect putting in place this amendment to the term loan B documentation which then allows us to potentially significantly up size the spectrum notes if the merger didn't get approved, and if we had to pay for standalone life." "...this last quarter we returned to wireless service revenue growth year-on-year. We expect that level of wireless service revenue growth to continue for the foreseeable future... ...Now we don't expect that level of growth to expand materially, but we do think that the level of growth that we've now got is sustainable. So once you get through a few quarters of that, all of a sudden you start to generate year-on-year wireless revenue, service revenue on a full year basis. So there's a revenue growth story." source: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4226498-sprint-corporation-s-management-presents-bank-america-merrill-lynch-leveraged-finance?part=single
  8. It can take several months to fully optimize B26 LTE 800. Same with 1x800.
  9. dkyeager

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    OK, so no free lunch. I saw that as they could remain on their Sprint plan but perhaps be limited in some fashion or get a new T-Mobile plan. Traditionally T-Mobile just moves people to new plans that are typically better and then T-Mobile gets the cost savings of reduced back office expense and easier customer service.
  10. dkyeager

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    "Free agents", this implies that a person could go out and buy a top of the line phone on lease or installments or 24 month contract that they can not really afford and expect that when the merger is approved in the first half of next year, as mentioned by Legere, their outstanding amount would be forgiven. Is that really what you meant to say? I could not find it in the article or transcript (perhaps I missed it). I would hate to see others get in trouble based on this.
  11. dkyeager

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I assume they will update firmware for VoLTE for as many phones as economical, along with other bands. This may not occur until an area is moved over.
  12. dkyeager

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Assuming approval, the big question for us is where do they want to start market wise. T-Mobile typically goes to where they can get the best return on investment, which has historically meant urban areas. However they could start with old T-Mobile oversubscribed markets, markets where they are losing the most Sprint customers, or the easiest markets to complete (ones with small sprint market share), or areas where Sprint spent the most on roaming which could now overload T-Mobile if present in those areas. The first few markets could also just be used to test their approach.
  13. dkyeager

    Google Retiring Fusion Tables Dec 2019

    It is important that we all sign-up, as google uses this as a proxy for interest and whether they should invest time and money.
  14. dkyeager

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    If the merger is approved, T-Mobile plans on becoming completely self-funded. They will issue bonds in dollars and Euros for $19 billion of debt refinancing, $4 billion for liquidity, $7 billion for loan B debt. This includes bi-lateral with Deutsches Telekom, for a total of $19 Billion. That will give the new T-Mobile $70 billion in high yield debt. They do have consents for Sprint and T-Mobile bond holders. This article also mention $10 billion of integration spending. source: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4226264-t-mobile-us-inc-tmus-presents-bank-america-merrill-lynch-2018-leveraged-finance-conference?page=7 Note: secured loan B debt is defined as: "senior debt and are usually not subordinated to other indebtedness of the borrower." It may not be allowed to be prepayed. Source: https://content.next.westlaw.com/Document/I03f4d8b5eee311e28578f7ccc38dcbee/View/FullText.html?contextData=(sc.Default)&transitionType=Default&firstPage=true&bhcp=1
  15. dkyeager

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I assume that MagicBox Ethernet backhaul has been user tested and failed. Disappointing. Has anyone tested WiFi backhaul?