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  1. I would say given the Everything Data plan wording and the premium price paid for Everything Data, you should have unthrottled. If true, for me personally, this makes the purchase of any 5G phone from T-Mobile undesirable given that TNX is required to get 5G at all. Where I live inside the Columbus Ohio beltway, the speed ranking is Sprint, then AT&T, then T-Mobile, then Verizon. T-Mobile has improved, but not enough to change their ranking. T-Mobile would likely win if they converted one of the two Sprint only sites near me to T-Mobile (no permits seen). The throttling should be
  2. I was excited until I heard about the missing SD card. I don't like sharing my photos with Silicon Valley and others.
  3. An alternative way to store hits would be the last date it was hit, then it would be easy to see Sprint sites disappear (eventually) or better yet, get converted. How were you thinking of using the counter? Thanks
  4. another exciting aspect is Wi-Fi 6E, which includes the huge 6GHz band. Wonder if it will also include the just announced expansion of the 5GHz Wi-Fi band (https://wifinowglobal.com/news-and-blog/fcc-adopts-new-5-9-ghz-rules-unlocking-gigabit-wi-fi-in-5-ghz/)
  5. Sprint had a clause in the agreement that if a merger occurred they could buy them out! Kudos to the folks that put in that clause!
  6. https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/12/08/exclusive-here-are-the-official-galaxy-s21-s21-and-s21-ultra-teasers/ https://tech.hindustantimes.com/mobile/news/samsung-galaxy-s1-appears-on-geekbench-with-8gb-ram-snapdragon-888-71607164583801.html Last time I bough a Samsung, they tried to kill me with an exploding phone(s). May finally be ready to go back. LG seems to be getting forever weaker. X60 modem capabilities with integrated into the processor chip, dramatically improved CA, 5G version of VoLTE, etc.
  7. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe T-Mobile only adds frequencies to sites as they are projected to be needed, but does fully supply backhaul, where as Sprint added all bands to every possible site in recent years since it came out of a capital budget, but did not have enough operating funds to add proper backhaul to most of its sites.
  8. A major asset that Shentel will provide to T-Mobile is the ability to get a state #1 ranking with Root Metrics fairly easily. This is something a marketing driven company like T-Mobile should appreciate.
  9. We can only hope that T-Mobile plans to take full advantage of its full b41/n41 spectrum. This is a very good sign.
  10. It is one of the first devices with Wi-Fi 6E (extended), which has the traditional 2.4 and 5Ghz along with the massive 6Ghz spectrum.
  11. I would kick this back to iansltx. It matches what I would expect until a market is converted to a greater degree. Although we are hearing exceptions now, for roaming to T-Mobile (and back to Sprint if you need it) you need to be on Sprint.
  12. Which carrier is billing you and which carrier is providing your primary service?
  13. Just set SignalCheck Pro to display the ip address (plus turn off wifi) then touch the ip adress and SCP will tell you which wireless carrier is being used.
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