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  1. Softbank hopes to sell 30% of its Japanese Wireless company https://www.rcrwireless.com/20181016/carriers/softbank-moves-forward-launch-japan-ipo-report.
  2. I have seen 5mhz in this part of the country, but never 10 or 15 especially for the third carrier. Plenty of markets would be ideally served by 20+20+15 and 20+20+10 is an improvement.
  3. You are correct. I was just giving a practical interpretation based on current results in many markets. Unfortunately the phone manufacturers have gotten quite sloppy with the debug screens and they often don't work or don't work consistently. Network Signal Guru does report this accurately, but root is required and not all root methods work with it nor 100% of phones.
  4. It is possible on a LG G2 to turn off 1x1900 BC1 and/or 1x800 BC10 in NSG.
  5. One area that people often get confused on is the carrier count versus carrier aggregation. B41² typically means Carrier aggregation but not always. It does always mean there are at least two band 41 carriers at that site. B25² 10x10 means there is a second b25 carrier that is 10x10 as compared to the usual B25 5x5, thus offers twice the speeds and is a little bit more resistant to interference. Sometimes B25² 10x10 indicates carrier aggregation but typically not.
  6. That also appears to be the Magic Box plmn.
  7. I had the same thing happen inside a house in an area with strong Sprint signal. I believe it is because the B26 signal may have briefly dropped and then the T-Mobile signal does not let go. It was 700Mhz with more bandwidth. I airplane moded it and b26 returned.
  8. What are the usual earfcns for small cells in your market? In most markets those would line up with 8T8R from a macro site.
  9. dkyeager

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    We have noticed on a Magic Box in my market that speeds took a dramatic hit for a week or so while Sprint appeared to be working on changing the host site QAM, specifically 64QAM disappeared. They later it was restored. We hope that 256QAM support was added to that site, but we had no one who went up to test that.
  10. In at least the Columbus area, rural sites are getting triband first. Of course a lot of sites were already triband. Urban areas might be last when you consider former Clear sites getting B25 & B26. The B26 will make a big difference for VoLTE. Yet to find a GMO site that they have not converted to all RRHs, which gives about a 20% boost in coverage iirc.
  11. dkyeager

    iPhone XS Thread

    Interesting, the plmn is T-Mobile. Most people have seen it as Clearwire, although obviously T-Mobile based on band.
  12. Stuck on restart is also a symptom of a network issue. I personally would go to the nearby sites and take photos. Check to see if crews are present. See if all are working. If the sites are being tuned it could take a few days.
  13. dkyeager

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    These folks may no longer be in contract as two years have likely passed since their last phone purchase. We only have a very few cases of where people have been noticeably throttled on Sprint, so they likely already fall under this policy. I would separate the data prioritization policy from the billing in this situation as one falls under network and the other marketing (who does not want churn and should be making money when they are collecting for an unutilized subsidized phone unless there is a heavy utilization of their higher roaming allowances). An alternative view is the contract carries on month to month.
  14. dkyeager

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    With small cells you can often see signal redirected to the small cell immediate area before it has power and then before it goes live. Seams like what I describe above would meet your definition: https://cdn.rohde-schwarz.com/pws/dl_downloads/dl_application/application_notes/1ma186/1MA186_2e_LTE_TMs_and_beamforming.pdf
  15. dkyeager

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Active smartphones in cars are followed by MIMO which can bring the Band 41 to your Magic Box, which then locks onto that signal. Unlike a smartphone, the Magic Box does not let go. Just do not unnecessarily reboot the Magic Box.