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  1. The dividing line for TNA appears to be band 66 support. VoLTE not required (Sprint LG V20). Just additional 700Mhz service by the phone still prefers usual triband (Sprint LG G4 and G5) but will roam on 700Mhz.
  2. You could always try walking into your town or counties building permit office and asking. They likely track at least new sites. Make certain you tell them you like 5g and are trying to see when you will get it.
  3. Has anyone here bought an unlocked S21 (Ultra 512GB), loaded T-Mobile firmware, and then been whitelisted for T-Mobile roaming on US Cellular? My understanding is this is possible and that T-Mobile firmware is required to be whitelisted.
  4. Columbus Sprint conversion site to T-Mobile update: tower hands arrived before sunset and unloaded. Said Sprint stuff will be demoed first, but Microwave and b25 will remain. Will only be adding AWS. Said no n41, 600 or 700. So I took pictures of antennas but not a big pile under tarp. Personally think they are not allowed to admit and 5g equipment. Lots of wackos out there. Checking on the visible antennas, there are three Nokia VBNAEHC-01, which are AirScale MAA 64T64R 192AE B41 320W AEHC (AAEHC) capable of 5g. There will also be larger racks with plenty of room for them to stand on.
  5. Are you able to flash T-Mobile firmware to unlocked without breaking knox (being rooted)? My understanding is T-Mobile firmware is required to be able to roam on US Cellular (in parts of WV, WI, IA, OR etc) and even then you likely need to be whitelisted? At least with the unlocked you can also get more ram and storage.
  6. I haven seen another case like this in Cincinnati. It took several months before it showed up on the FCC website. This might basically be a test period, which is what the CEO in the above case later acknowledged iirc.
  7. Others should also be watching out for Starry taking over Sprint co-location sites: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton and Columbus, Ohio; Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada; San Antonio, Brownsville, Lubbock and El Paso, Texas; Jacksonville and Tallahassee, Florida; Indianapolis, South Bend, Fort Wayne and Bloomington, Indiana; Nashville, Chattanooga and Memphis, Tennessee; Richmond and Virginia Beach, Virginia; Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana; Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin; Birmingham, Huntsville and Mobile, Alabama; Fayettevill
  8. Talked to the electricians today. They have at least done another site in Columbus. They started first in Cincy and Cleveland. They are also doing the conversion of many of the Sprint co-locations to starry.com WISP. My feeling that the Starry.com conversions were related is now confirmed. They have also done a few greenfield sites. They also used the term "keeper sites" without my using it.
  9. Converting of stand alone Sprint sites has begun in Columbus Ohio. Sprint cabinet placed on pallet, metal flooring removed. Concrete poured and set, two new T-Mobile cabinets placed, ice bridge work started. Electricans have been working on the ground even during the last two days of rain. Permit says remove and replace, so 60 Mbps Sprint service likely will rapidly deteriorate soon, but 8/0.25 daytime T-Mobile service should drastically improve.
  10. Can bands be turned off? How is SCP performance?
  11. Noticed my Magic Box is using PLMN 311490. Wonder if they might actually retain some of them into the T-Mobile only network.
  12. Rumors but no 888 reality yet. That, plus chip shortages and AT&T difficulties keeping phone prices high at T-Mobile.
  13. The salesperson at the store gets a commission. Make certain it is the strongest signal where you need it. They don't really want you to change back -- ie get a free line first with a t-mobile sim if you need to test).
  14. I think T-Mobile was keeping their powder dry for the EBS auction for rural and other areas, hopefully later this year. I don't think the Duo will let them get it super cheap and will rather try to adjust the rules against T-Mobile for more EBS.
  15. In terms of mmWave, he said the technology to tap the spectrum has come a long way. “When it was first launched by Verizon, I think the ranges were in the order of 500-900 meters,” said Irizarry. “We’ve been testing with Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm and some of the handset folks. MmWave for the home ranges up to 5 kilometers. I do think there’s a place for wireless to offer competitive offerings to the existing fixed broadband offerings.” Irizarry is from US Cellular, https://www.fiercewireless.com/tech/t-mobile-s-ulf-ewaldsson-says-time-has-come-for-fixed-wireless Obvious
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