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  1. I figure somewhere in the country new equipment is being installed on T-Mobile sites for the former Sprint bands. That should tell us which markets will be converted first so keep your eyes open!!
  2. Sort of like many golf courses: fancy designer built course gets lots of publicity but soon goes bankrupt. Next owner buys at a heavily discounted price. Thinks first owners were just bad managers but fails. Third owner get golf course at huge discount and makes money.
  3. Just wait until you have some criticals in tbe log before you call them as well. Take screen shots of criticals in log and power levels above 50db. Tell them to check logs before you reboot and offer to send them your screen shots showing the logs with critical and above 50dB upload power levels. Tell them how old your cable is. Your goal is to get them to send a tech out to your place. Good luck!!
  4. No charge here in Ohio. I had the route carefully planned to avoid crab apple roots. Needs to be marked with special flags. They cut straight thru. I had an arborist look at it and then Spectrum paid for two years of tree fertilizing.
  5. Yes one of my cm600s was doing that. Fixed by have cable replaced. My SNR downstream is around 39dB, upstream is about 44.5dB
  6. Don't forget that recycling your modem likely erases useful error logs.
  7. If your area is covered by a recommended or ordered stay at home/quarantine and/or school closures/spring break it could be overloaded by more gamers and work at home folks. Switching to Spectrum business might then be the answer. Typically you get higher priority and quicker service (not true with other business offerings such as wowway).Spectrum business rates have fallen a lot in recent times.
  8. Spectrum could say it is the modem if you own it. (Likely not since you did not include logs which modem owners typically get.) Power levels are too high upstream generally speaking, but need the modem model to be certain. However lack of correctables points to network overload. Typically a new cable run to your house is the best solution if more than a few years old. Alternate best solution is to trim a few inches of the end af each cable. Alternatively a newer modem may sometimes solve the issue since they typically cover more of the less used frequencies.
  9. During the spring and summer T-Mobile was increasing site amperage in preparation of the merger. My sources were later confirmed by permits and their completion.
  10. The court decision said Boost Mobile was the most profitable part of Sprint.
  11. For areas with only T-Mobile or Sprint signal you are correct. The question is more for areas with both carriers. My assumption is they basically want to keep Sprint users in a holding pattern where both networks are workable until market is merged. Do basically emergency site upgrades for broken Sprint markets that are far down their market merging list to retain customers. Goal one was more spectrum closely followed by goal two of retaining customers needed for better economies of scale.
  12. They will want to avoid the quagmire of supporting two networks longer than they have too. Do low hanging fruit improvements to Sprint only where needed and convert Sprint Markets as rapidly as possible. The real question for us is which ones get converted first? Many ways to choose. T-Mobile has more of an eye for ROI/cash flow.
  13. Dish's strategy is to just go after 70% of the county, which works for many people who rarely step out of the urban areas. Those who valve cell service more want coverage everywhere hence AT&T and Verizon. The new T-Mobile aims to close that gap. In today's bi-polar political world, each area under appreciates the other.
  14. Why divide it by states? Metro areas subzidize most rural areas, at least for things likes roads and cell service.
  15. In the Columbus OH market Sprint has more macro sites than T-Mobile. T-Mobile has just a handful of small cells versus hundreds for Sprint. T-Mobile likely has many more indoor sites. T-Mobile does test better on root metrics, likely do to better backhaul.
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