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  1. Looks like here at least in ABQ, they have had some capacity upgrades that I've notice and that's about it, but I went ahead and ditch Sprint and moved to T-Mobile, had enough.
  2. Had to call again to get my Airave registered and asked about this tower and indeed it did have upgrades few days ago and also some maintenance due to drop calls and data issues along with getting FCC licensing approval.
  3. Strange indeed! I'm thinking they are maybe having problems acquiring B41 as you said too. It's been a forgotten tower and along with few others that haven't been getting much love.
  4. I been trying to get an Airave to work properly for about two weeks Every person I talked to the passed couple of days they have brought up a tower issue, but the latest thing I heard was a license issue today. The agent said this is the first time she ever saw this note. She said normally is a ETA on a fix and the only note was the techs are working on a long term solution for this tower. Not sure what this means. I should note this was coming from someone in Kansas call center so I would think she has more information then the other call centers oversea's. I'm going to try and keep an close eye on this tower and try and see if I can talk to the workers if I see them there.
  5. Something I've never heard of before, so apparently the tower at Coors and Montano right by Dions and CVS is having some sort of licencing issues and they don't have a ETA on a fix and the agent I talked to said they are trying to find a long term solution to fix it. This is also causing issues with drop calls and data issues too. Anyone heard of something like this before?
  6. I had this problem on the Airave few times and Tech Support had to refresh our devices and even the Airave and it was fine.
  7. @ScipioUSA My Airave 4 is being replaced now and they are giving me a Voice Pro instead.
  8. Mine has taken some incredible photos! I try to setup my shots instead of just point and click.
  9. Maybe Tim could help you? He has a few folks to poke at.
  10. I think you're the only one here that has a Voice Pro.
  11. Samsung might be feeling ill. We might need to send help.
  12. The eero also doesn't like my Airave either. That's why I removed it off the network.
  13. Awesome! Since switching to the Note 10 I got my first VoLTE experience today!
  14. https://support.eero.com/hc/en-us/articles/207908443-How-do-I-configure-port-forwarding-
  15. Port forwarding: Open UDP ports 53, 67, 500 and 4500 bi-directionally
  16. Modem/router combo, but I disabled all the router part and have the eero do all the work.
  17. Odd because mine does and I don't have multiple static IPs. 🤔
  18. No no no! Ok, look at my setup. https://imgur.com/yxvJBZr This is how I got this figured out. I want you to do this. Modem has 4 ethernet ports, plug the airave into the first port with the black cable, now plug the eero into the second port with the white cable, now the eero has an extra port, plug the ethernet cable to the switch yellow cable, then the blue and yellow cable for the tv/tivo can be connect to the switch.
  19. Did you try plugging the Airave to the ethernet ports on the modem and see, while still having the eero hand the other network? You will want to do a factory reset to the Airave just in case so it can activate.
  20. My setup: I placed the modem -> Airave modem -> eero -> switch -> which has multiple computers/Xbox/Hue hub connected I had to remove the Airave from the eero network because it wouldn't work, but does work with the modem. I didn't bridge my modem since eero doesn't suppose PPPoE yet.
  21. Could you take a picture of the back of the modem? What is the modem model again?
  22. Looks like my new phone! Perfect timing too!
  23. I asked the international folks and this is what I had to do when I went on my cruise this summer. For Samsung: Make sure that you are connected to a working Wi-Fi connection. 1. Go to Settings > System Update. 2. Tap Update profile. 3. Once it's done, tap Update PRL. After the updates disconnect from Wi-Fi, we need to do the following steps: 1. Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile Network > Data Roaming. 2. Network mode & roaming network should be set to Automatic. 3. Turn off everything under domestic roaming. 4. Turn on everything under international roaming. Just incase you didn't receive the welcome message. Here is the link and all you need to do is to manually put this on your browser. http://intlroam.sprint.com 1. Kindly Turn off your Wi-Fi 2. Open your Cellular Data 3. Put the link on your browser or click the link inside the welcome message 4. Follow the steps if you want to purchase the $5/day or $25/week https://www.sprint.com/en/support/solutions/international/tips-using-sprint-device-while-traveling-international.html?ECID=vanity:traveltips
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