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  1. Comcast Mover's Edge commercials: Your friends are dicks if they're too "busy" to help you move. Find new friends when you move is the msg

  2. It's Nagisa's birthday. #TV_Free

  3. Ugh. Weekend over. Goodnight my fellow followers #offlineforsleep

  4. Thanks for all the #FF shoutouts. I appreciate all of the support and everything. Toonami in 24 hours. See you then.

  5. The hell? Commercial already. It just started #BewareTheBatman

  6. The Matrix is broken! Too many de ja vus #SpaceDandy

  7. Dandy can't spell his own damn name #SpaceDandy

  8. 6 hours to go until #Toonami. Who is ready for the best night of the week again?

  9. RT @ToonamiNews: 12 hours until Toonami and an all new episode of #AttackOnTitan. Who's ready?

  10. Goodnight my followers. Weekend is over unfortunately. #offlineforsleep

  11. RT @ToonamiNews: Trending News: #BlackLagoon is trending alonside the Vampire Twins & Toonami to end it's night. Thx @JMB_70056 4 this http…

  12. Well Faithful. I'm going to call it a night. I'm beyond tired and need to get some beauty sleep. Keep #Toonami going strong. See ya.

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