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  1. yep. Couple of weeks ago in the Lexington Ky market. Had to borrow employees VZW phone
  2. Mine is mere curiosity. I'm willing to send it back, but dunno how to do it.
  3. I no longer connect to my magic box. Even in the same room about 10 feet away, my phone locks on to 700mhz tmobile and won't let go. It seems to be working, but I can't really tell. Anyway to tell?
  4. Spectrum has had a major outage in Nicholasville and I've had to rely on hotspot to do my daily work emails. Very pleased with service now. When at work I roamed on Verizon 2G exclusively, I had to have wifi. This mornings surprise switch to T-Mobile has been a blessing. B66, B71, and B2 have all rotated out and been at least useful speed.
  5. Its in my hand and transitioning everything over from the note. Its the sex
  6. Tracking from fedex just arrived. Get hype
  7. I use speck presidio cases only for my samsungs. I like the grippy-ness (?) of the case, and I can't stand fully enclosed cases. I already got mine in for the ultra when it gets here. Gotta pick it up at walgreens...
  8. Thank you. Reserved the Ultra 512gb
  9. Pre order starts on 2/20 at 11:01pm CENTRAL time So midnight on the 21st for us in EST
  10. Same. Ultra all the way. I have found that I rarely use the stylus so no real loss.
  11. Oh wow that sucks. Ill be keeping my latest gen for a while then
  12. Ehh I'm mildly tempted with the Dex improvements which is the only thing keeping me in the samsung ecosystem right now
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