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  1. xdfgf

    HAM Radio

    Very very interested in HAM, CB, radio astronomy, and Sat phones. I've wanted to get a license for a few years but I struggle finding an organization doing the test, as well as the time to study and take the test. Thanks for starting this thread
  2. xdfgf

    Sprint Drive

    So every time I walk into a store they pretty much attempt to give me one of these things. I don't really need it but I am intrigued by it, and if I had a car that could benefit from it I would use it.
  3. Received my g3 magic box and now I can get service in driveway. Small victories can save a day
  4. So I was sent a gen 2 on "accident" and they sent me a return kit for it. I opened the gen 2 box to snag a picture of the id codes and such from the MB for a little safety when I return it. In the box was a free 4000mah backup battery. Are these included with the gen 3s as well?
  5. Camera upgrades is what Im following most. Shooting a lot of 4k footage for youtube training vids lately, and the s8+ is OKAY but hoping for some big improvements in video capabilities
  6. So the note has come meaning the next gen galaxy s phones are right around the corner! I have absolutely LOVED my s8+ and I am set on getting the s10+ Hoping for more storage and camera improvements, ambivalent about the in screen fingerprint reader that every article seems to mention in some way. Did anybody else skip the note to hop on the Galaxy S hypetrain?'
  7. Anything special needed to get the hospitality version? Want one to put in our dining room for guests
  8. I was really hoping for some improved cameras but not much else. Im so on the fence its not funny. My 8+ functions relatively well, getting a little slow sometimes, but overall I have no complaints. Im definitely leaning towards waiting though in bcb hopes of more camera improvements
  9. This is fantastic stuff. Please continue. Subbing
  10. Hoping they will still be of use. Would love to put one in my restaurant to compliment the wifi
  11. Oh man. Ive been pretty neutral on the merger but Tmobile has brought its A game to rural Kentucky. Kinda excited to get in on it Just watched the video, guess Im full on board the hype train now
  12. Definitely following this phones development as a replacement for my s8+. Early release rumors are even swirling with as soon as July for the note. Pretty excited
  13. So my MB is stuck in a reboot loop it looks like. Haven't been connecting in several days and its just a rolling screen of the sprint logo followed by a black screen. Gonna tinker a bit tonight and see if it stops then
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