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12 hours ago, BlueAngel said:

Quite the improvement.

Not on coverage. They are really behind on installing band 26 in the city where it is really needed.

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12 hours ago, BlueAngel said:

Quite the improvement.

Sprint is slicing these root metric wins finer and finer.  The reality is Sprint came in a distant forth in Seattle. http://www.rootmetrics.com/en-US/rootscore/map/metro/seattle-wa/2018/2H   Sprint has one outright win for this six month period when they used to get six or seven in recent years.  Some of this is how Rootmetrics counts upload speeds the same as download when the usage ratio is more like 10 to 1.  PCmag understands this so Sprint has done better there.  When the duo starts doing the same with TDD for their MM 5G spectrum I expect RootMetrics to alter the formula to balance upload speeds with usage . But this can not overcome limited backhaul capacity and years with very limited CapEX.  Recently Sprint has done a great job improving its network, but the competition has done better.  This will however help with reducing churn.

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    • I mentioned it earlier the Tampa market thread, but i made my first VoLTE call today on my iPhone XS.

      I got a spam call during a game I was playing. Normally this cuts off my data session and it takes a while to reload, but this time after declining the call, the game carried on like nothing happened. I thought that was odd and checked the carrier info on my iPhone XS and saw IMS was active for SMS and Voice. Woohoo!

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    • So, TMobile has stated that if the merger goes through, you'll be able to go into a Sprint store but be put on TMobile's network. What if you already have a plan on Sprint.  Would I be able to get say a OnePlus 6T, activate it on my account and it be on TMobile's network?
    • Just noticed this today (MM2/SC2) anyone else?

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    • Mini Skirt

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    • Hopefully it'll be released soon since VoLTE was just activated today here. It's working on my S8+. My understanding is only the screen and the battery are different between the S8 and S8 active models. If that's true and all the other internals are the same, I don't know what the holdup could be. 
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