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  1. There's a clearwire conversion site that was recently performed along my drive to and from work. I first noticed the huge deadzone where I would drop down to 3G and finally noticed the crew on the tower. It's been about 2 weeks since they've been out there, and I'm still having service issues. My phone shows full B41 signal strength, but the data is unusable. I have attached two screenshots from Field Test Mode and did some digging. The first screenshot is while connected to my magic box at work and it shows MCC 310 and MNC 120 which registers as Sprint. The screenshot while parked outside on the newly upgraded tower shows MCC 311 and MNC 940...which doesn't exist on https://www.mcc-mnc.com/ There is a listing for Sprint at MCC 311 and MNC 490 however. Could it be that a simple dyslexic switch of the value 490 with 940 has resulted in a dead tower?
  2. Could it help with the lower levels of the nearby buildings that may not get much signal from surrounding rooftop mounts? Wonder if anyone is going to complain about radiation having it so close to the street
  3. I'm guessing they have sprint signal that is not weak enough to trigger roaming, but not strong enough to use
  4. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/07/apple-acquires-intels-5g-smartphone-modem-business-for-1-billion/ Deal should be completed in 4th quarter. I hope Apple can make the chips better and ultimately reduce cost due to in house production (I know it's a pipe dream)
  5. What's holding up TDD/FDD aggregation anyways? Is it the use of equipment from multiple vendors? Ericsson seems to have been able to achieve the feat back in 2015 using Qualcomm chips. (LINK) Is Sprint trying to avoid any negative PR from showing vendor or device favoritism? It looks like HPUE was just a failed attempt to mimic the extended range of combining 2.5 downlink and 1900 uplink
  6. Going to the release that's linked in the article, you'll find this quote: "The new standalone 5G NR software can be installed on existing Ericsson Radio System hardware." Clicking the link of "Ericsson Radio System" and going about 3/4 of the way down you'll find mention of some antenna models. Sprint is currently using AIR 6468 antennas with the updated AIR 6488 antennas replacing those. Only using those models will there be a software switched upgrade
  7. To all the people crying about VoLTE availability on certain existing phones and trying to relate that with the requirement for VoLTE being turned on for access to 5G need to realize that none of the devices they are crying about will ever see 5G and none of the 5G devices will have to "wait" for VoLTE to be accessible in settings. Two unrelated things. As for VoLTE not being nationwide, neither is the current deployment of 5G
  8. last word in the first row (from my desktop view) of the quote you made....LTE 😅
  9. Remember that the spectrum each carrier has isn't something they physically withhold from each other, but are licenses they are allowed to utilize. Sprint could easily use whatever frequency they wanted to (within hardware capabilities), but due to regulations regarding legal rights to use and to mitigate interference, are not allowed to. Back in the day, antennas and coax as well as the technology such as CDMA or GSM wasn't as efficient and manufacturers were making specific equipment for smaller subsets of frequencies to help ensure ideal conditions per frequency. We no longer need one high band, one mid band, and two low band antennas per sector
  10. I had VoLTE with the last carrier settings and still have it now
  11. After updating to 12.2 I'm now on carrier 36.1. I appreciate the changes in the "About" section with the new grouping of information
  12. I'm in San Antonio. I had intermittent connections yesterday and I'm currently connected. If it's happening with other people across multiple gen devices and affecting iOS and Android, I wonder if it's just a bad batch of software?
  13. Having a similar issue. I haven't been able to connect to MB since last week. It shows as connected to donor, but my phone just will not connect. I've reset both devices, and performed network settings update on my phone. Maybe it's time to request a MB-Gold upgrade
  14. I wish at big events like this, they would flip the priority to prefer upload > download. 13mbps on a fairly empty network isn't going to mean much when it gets crowded
  15. https://newsroom.sprint.com/my-sprint-rewards-program-thanks-sprint-customers-and-celebrates-with-valuable-perks-and-deals.htm "We are giving customers great perks – including free pizza and discounted movie tickets – on their own schedule. This is our way of saying thanks for being a Sprint customer. At Sprint, we deliver." Nice little dig, with "on their own schedule", to T-Mobile Tuesdays
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