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  1. https://www.fcc.gov/transaction/t-mobile-sprint Looks like the clock is still running and the extension of time has been denied as of today
  2. cyclone

    Sprint to Begin VoLTE Soft Launch in September

    Left twix source claims left twix first to fall into wrapper and be packaged. When asked about right twix, source claims no knowledge of right twix because source is only left twix. A key word could have been added to source claim..."among" Would almost place bet on Sprint announcing VoLTE same day as new iPhone released and new iPhone models being HPUE. Same thing happened with CA
  3. To be precise, they included it back 2 years ago with the CDMA variant iPhone 7/7+ back in 2016. That phone had the Snapdragon X12 modem which was fully capable...if it was enabled. From my understanding the Qualcomm versions were limited to match the Intel modems. So here's to hoping this year's iPhone gets this new Intel modem: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/wireless-products/mobile-communications/xmm-7560-brief.html
  4. it's not really a lie, as much as a misunderstanding. It looks like existing customers are eligible for the discount, but you have to add a new line to your account. I would argue semantics and say that switching plans makes all existing lines from the old plan become new lines on the new plan and should therefore be eligible under BYOD terms if device is currently paid off. Like a purchase of a used car, it's not new but it's new to the plan. Seeing as the plans themselves don't come with commitment contracts, I wonder if the loophole of adding a new line and then canceling the old line still works? You would get a new phone number, but you get a discounted price on the plan as well.
  5. Footnote 7 reads: 7 $50/mo for line 1, $30/mo for line 2 and $10/mo/line for lines 3 – 5. Add’l $20/mo/line without BYOD/Full SRP phone. Compared to Verizon Beyond Unlimited and AT&T Unlimited &More Premium; features differ. This should mean the price of the Unlimited Plus plan includes a built in $20 markup for those who lease. I wonder if I can switch to this plan, and pay off my current lease and get the $20 discount. Or do you need to BYOD or buy a new device full price at the same time as getting the plan?
  6. Mobile hot spot speeds reduce to 3G instead of 2G after the allotted amounts. That's a big step up!
  7. Hopefully this will spread out to other Six Flags locations. Fiesta Texas is in desperate need of a new cell site and small cells thanks to being in a literal quarry mine dugout.
  8. cyclone

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    I'm beginning to think the update had no effect on my phone regarding my Yahoo emails. I woke up today and checked them using the iOS mail app only to see an empty folder. I've downloaded the yahoo mail app and they are all there, so something is amiss between my phone and the mail server
  9. cyclone

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Don't want to say the update (11.4.1) today fixed the problem because I checked immediately after updating and no change, but I just checked before leaving work and my emails are current now...
  10. cyclone

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Anyone having issues with yahoo email? Starting Saturday, the iOS mail app was missing about a week's worth of emails and now it's only showing June 12th as the most recent email. It keeps telling me with numerals when I get new email, but they never load. I've already deleted the account and added it back, but no change.
  11. It's actually not a limitation on the kickstart unlimited plan, as they don't offer any shareable data such as mobile hotspot. This is a change to the Unlimited Freedom plan with differing texts from one page to another
  12. Has anyone noticed the change of text in the shareable data section regarding Mobile Hotspot, VPN, P2P? It's not shown on this comparison table, but on the regular page under Shop -> Plans -> Unlimited, the new text mentions an auto buy-up of 10GB of data once you reach the 10GB limit instead of a decrease to 2G speeds.
  13. Any chance of raising the limit of hotspot to 20GB (like the newly advertised Boost plan) or the throttled speeds up to 3G (like T-Mobile)
  14. The issue with low upload speeds are found on those that have their phones running background programs such as photo backups. With the upload speeds already lower priority, in congested areas or areas with weak signal, this causes a traffic jam if you want to throw in something simple like texting into the mix. Especially those with iPhones operating through iMessage. It's not a constant problem, but it's a noticeable problem in very real and possibly frequent scenarios, i.e. tourism. I'd much rather have the 100/100 over 200/8 option. To keep with the analogy, data is referred to as traffic for a reason and lets remember that in popular areas, traffic happens twice a day and the lanes need to be ready to handle both sides of the flow.