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  1. Went digging through the comments section and this will be available on the iPhone 12 line as well https://twitter.com/TMobileHelp/status/1437857426363981826?s=20https://twitter.com/TMobileHelp/status/1437857426363981826?s=20
  2. Went to a store today and found out that I am not allowed to do the trade-in offer and put the phone on my free Line On Us number. I would have to put the "financing" on a paying line or buy the phone outright -_-
  3. Does the phone need to be tied to a line? I have an old phone sitting around, but it's an old TracPhone. I have a free line on my account standing by. Would I be able to get the Samsung phone and activate it on the standby line?
  4. I hate to be pessimistic, but good luck fighting for a nearly decade old plan put together by a company that no longer exists. Just going to have to prepare for the inevitable...you're going to lose that plan eventually
  5. Has anyone downloaded the iOS 14.5 beta to see if this has been enabled? This update is also bringing dual-SIM 5G
  6. Are these the chips provided under TNX? Are iPhone's given access? I have a 12 Pro and haven't seen SA 5G or even N41 in San Antonio or along the way from here to Dallas when I traveled for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The iPhone Field Test Mode now has a section called Radio Access Technology in which is a field called kCTCellMonitorDeploymentType. Mine is currently populated with "5G NSA (1)" and I am connected to band 66
  7. I should have clarified that I was already on ROAMAHOME since late September. Wouldn't I already be accessing all of T-Mo's towers? So far I haven't noticed too much of a difference, but I also have only been in strong 5G signal areas
  8. Went to a T-Mobile store today and did the TNX SIM swap. Ran into an issue with my phone not getting any service after getting the SIM swapped and confirmed in the system. The lady helping me had to call some support number to try and figure out why my phone showed to be activated on T-Mo, but "no service" was showing on my phone. After doing some digging, apparently Sprint had not been updating my devices the last few years. Was told that my "current" device was an iPhone 6s. Now, I've done annual upgrades since then and always activated through Sprint's website with no apparent issues. Could this be related to why I would get intermittent service problems over the past few years? I would get random signal drops or cycles as if I had put the phone in Airplane Mode. On a side note, the lady also stated that TNX allowed me access to more towers than using a Sprint Tower...is that true? Just got this today, so haven't had much of a chance to test known areas with bad service. Will be doing PoGo Community Day this weekend and the two parks I hit are places where I normally switch to 3G to avoid data drops, so can test it out and update.
  9. Probably just a nationwide release of T-Vision instead of a few metro areas as well as doing away with the required box fees
  10. Sprint's homepage discusses the trade-in deal and if you hover over the info radio at the end of the text, you'll see a popup with the following:
  11. My concerns with using the iPhone 12 launch as a mass migration to the T-MO network are being forced to give up my current Sprint plan or being stuck with a CDMA iPhone variant yet forced to function on a GSM network. At work (and various places around town) I am unable to get a decent midband signal so when I make phone calls, they are VoLTE only and consistently choppy or simply drop being unable to use any GSM or fallback network
  12. where in my account do I go to see? I have only been able to see T-MO bands since yesterday and I went looking around and don't see it mentioned anywhere
  13. I just noticed my phone is not connecting to my magic box. Went to field test mode and saw my phone is bouncing between B66 and B2. My phone does still show Sprint at the top and I don't see anything about the addon to my services enabling the use of T-MO's network
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