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  1. Been noticing weird anomalies around the northwest side of San Antonio over the past couple weeks. Started with my MB last week. Got to work to it disconnected and it was unable to connect until late afternoon. I've had it for well over a year if not two by now. I have come across areas where my signal just comes and goes with my phone dropping down like it was cycling through airplane mode. Last night I had dramatically reduced speeds at a usually fast location. I usually have 4 bars because I connect a block away, but i was down to 2 and speeds maxing out around 30Mbps all on a B41 connection. I usually hit between 150-200. Now I know there is a huge microwave backhaul layout here as well as several old clearwire only sites. Maybe they are getting thinned down or the backhaul is being messed with 🤷‍♂️
  2. Got to work this morning to find my MagicBox unable to join the network via LTE backhaul. I've had this unit for over a year and never seen this error message before...looks like T-Mobile is wasting no time at all Update: Looks like we had a B41 outage this morning/midday. Went on lunch break and was only getting on B25 and B26. MB finally locked onto B41 about 45 minutes ago. Guess this is just side effects of work starting in this market 😑
  3. Not gonna lie, it's quite sad that this is just Sprint 2013's playbook with the "layer cake". That was their approach to 4G with 800, 1900, and 2.5. Just more proof that Sprint should be where T-Mobile is currently, and a testament to their management. While I am excited to FINALLY see this plan get implemented, I am completely nervous about their obsession with Verizon and AT&T. I don't want them to slowly become them...or worse.
  4. I would assume LTE is a "dead" project. Improvement would just be noticed once people stop overcrowding and move to 5G just as happened to 3G after LTE came about
  5. The company was founded and is still very much based in Richardson, TX. Just because the CEO's name is Pardeep Kohli doesn't make them an Indian Company 😒 As for their reputation, they are noted as helping T-Mobile become the first network to offer VoLTE https://www.convergedigest.com/2014/07/t-mobiles-volte-is-powered-by-mavenirs.html
  6. Well they have stated that the networks are still independent of each other
  7. It's just an infographic. At the bottom it says "Be in the know Turn on push notifications and we'll let you know when you can sign in." Then gives you a link to adjust your notification settings to allow push notifications
  8. When do you think Sprint customers will be able to access T-Mobile Tuesday's?
  9. For those with iPhones, it looks like you go to LTE-> NAS in the Field Test mode. Look for tai_list and you should see TAC listed
  10. If you go down the page a bit it says this: Our Community is currently set to Read Only due the pandemic's affect on our staffing . Please try Searching the Community, we have many questions already answered, you can also check out the Knowledge base If you need immediate assistance please visit Sprint Chat
  11. This software upgrade is only usable on sites already using the stated Nokia equipment? Are Ericsson and other markets going to need to be swapped out or pushed to find a similar software update?
  12. I'm just ready for these "new low cost plans". Hopefully us single line accounts don't get screwed out of promotions. If not, I'll be holding onto mine for as long as possible
  13. You are aware that those are all community aggregated and not actual data? Just checked my area and it is extremely underrepresented from sites I know of. You should definitely take that map with a huge salt lick
  14. So he's cool with a mega company controlling home internet, home phone, mobile phone, satellite/steaming tv, and an entertainment media company which includes a news broadcasting company...but two smaller mobile phone companies merging to offer better competition to mobile phone service is a surprise? Color me shocked that he's "surprised" that the merger was allowed 🤯🙄
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