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  1. This software upgrade is only usable on sites already using the stated Nokia equipment? Are Ericsson and other markets going to need to be swapped out or pushed to find a similar software update?
  2. I'm just ready for these "new low cost plans". Hopefully us single line accounts don't get screwed out of promotions. If not, I'll be holding onto mine for as long as possible
  3. You are aware that those are all community aggregated and not actual data? Just checked my area and it is extremely underrepresented from sites I know of. You should definitely take that map with a huge salt lick
  4. So he's cool with a mega company controlling home internet, home phone, mobile phone, satellite/steaming tv, and an entertainment media company which includes a news broadcasting company...but two smaller mobile phone companies merging to offer better competition to mobile phone service is a surprise? Color me shocked that he's "surprised" that the merger was allowed 🤯🙄
  5. maybe they are so used to running on a fiscal year that they forget to translate to actual year end
  6. If Son didn't do anything wrong, Sprint would be buying T-Mobile. That was his plan all along, right? Instead he has made wrong choice after wrong choice. Now he's rummaging through the rules of the capitalist business playbook to get a ROI through this merger attempt by trying to attach himself to the combined entity to leech off it's assumed success. Should have just played the short game by setting up his direct purchase, Sprint, for success instead of playing the long game of merging. Isn't that how capitalism works? You spend money to make money?
  7. This case it starting to sound like an episode of Judge Judy. Son has not only been confirmed to be withholding funds to Sprint to make a merger more appealing, but he's also offered to fund the competition? Is it possible the courts can just order Son to pay a fine for wasting everyone's time and costing Sprint money?
  8. Isn't December 9th the date of the trial with the states? Didn't they say previously that they wouldn't finalize the merger until AFTER the lawsuit was settled?
  9. Wish they would at least open up full spectrum access in the mean time. Isn't that just enabled through a carrier update?
  10. By soon, you mean Friday with the release of the new iPhone? Wasn't that how the first bit of downlink CA was brought live? I think it was back with the iPhone 6 or 6s
  11. After several "technical difficulty" popups sending me back a step or two, I managed to get an order placed at 7:14am...with an October 11-18 delivery 🙃 so much for Priority Status. Here's to hoping that date drops as it gets closer to release date
  12. Carriers not doing deals this year?
  13. After digging through https://www.apple.com/iphone/LTE/ I think it is safe to say that the new modem inside each of the 11 models is this: https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/product-briefs/xmm-7660-brief.pdf
  14. They've gone back and put the old antennas up, and it worked for like a day. They are still there, but it's back to a non-useable data area again. The signal is fine, which makes it worse because I have about a 5 mile stretch of my drive to and from work where I can't even stream apple music. I know two site managers for this area so I'll reach out to them if it's not fixed by end of next week.
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