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  1. It will be an exercise in growing pains. I'm just hoping that we see some of that network synergy sooner rather than later with both pre merger entities acting as native coverage for one another during the transition period. As of now I have never wandered onto a T-Mobile tower with any of my devices. Lets hope they can do a broad spectrum 5g release. I'm holding out for the Note 10 5g and hoping they are able to integrate both chipsets for mm wave and repurposed existing spectrums.
  2. It seems to be a nice gimmick but how useful will it be for non-business users? It is nice to be able to have the immediate response from mobile, normally I would access such chats via laptop or desktop though, so i guess it has its use cases
  3. Congrats. It really is worth it. They didn't even charge me a connection fee for last mile and since I was already on their 300MBps plan before the upgrade my pricing did not change
  4. does this carry over on to the iOS 12.1.2 software?
  5. I know this is an old post @bucdenny but cox has been offering Gigabit (1,000 Mbps) speeds for over 5 years here. I have had it out here in the "boonies" of ECV/SMR long before ATT or any other piggybacked to light up those dark fiber lines here. (honestly thought Google was going to beat them to it) Just did a quicked wireless vs wired) on same gigabit wifi network comparison. *Note, wireless test device is a note 9. obviously the wired device (computer) had a lower latency than the wireless device but I was still and always have been impressed. of course ive been running a mesh net
  6. If that's the case and someone can confirm, that would be very helpful to those of us that try to help fill out map coverage. If not sensorly, I am sure there is or can be another to pick up the slack (albeit from scratch)
  7. @kylegriffin1 @LindaLawrey https://t.co/CNbDZ67q08

  8. Get it 2gether @nbc couldnt set my dvr to REC heroes reborn & finally VOD today. FFS i do laundry & come back 2 find i cant finish the EP!!

  9. If you have a direct line to Masa we could probably help focus his priorities from here on out from both a technical perspective and end-user standpoint and sum up the experience fairly well and in a concise manner insomuch as what is and is not working thusfar.
  10. Thanks Robert. I just started a monthly donation. I've been so busy with life that I have ignored this wonderful forum for too long.
  11. It's back! @Dominos is giving away 50,000 gift cards sometime soon! First come, first served. https://t.co/pQeiMkKIM6 #DominosQuikly

  12. I believe you have to install the app itself and allow permissions to edit your contacts. Google disallowed this feature awhile back because of numerous user complaints and data security breaches. I know some people want it, but I am glad it was removed. One of the main concerns (besides the obscene amount of access/permissions that the app and facebook connectivity want) is that it took and uploaded all contact data from your phone (not just facebook contacts) and then subsequently overwrote them or deleted them if say a friend changed what is viewable in facebook. This was an egregio
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