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  1. @kylegriffin1 @LindaLawrey https://t.co/CNbDZ67q08

  2. JohnHovah

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word #5

    signal lost
  3. Get it 2gether @nbc couldnt set my dvr to REC heroes reborn & finally VOD today. FFS i do laundry & come back 2 find i cant finish the EP!!

  4. If you have a direct line to Masa we could probably help focus his priorities from here on out from both a technical perspective and end-user standpoint and sum up the experience fairly well and in a concise manner insomuch as what is and is not working thusfar.
  5. Thanks Tim. That will save some scrolling and review. It's good to be back
  6. JohnHovah

    S4GRU Gift Account/Scholarship Account New Year Fund Drive

    Thanks Robert. I just started a monthly donation. I've been so busy with life that I have ignored this wonderful forum for too long.
  7. It's back! @Dominos is giving away 50,000 gift cards sometime soon! First come, first served. https://t.co/pQeiMkKIM6 #DominosQuikly

  8. JohnHovah

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word #4

    backdoor fun
  9. sounds like its time to carry a fourth smartphone device at all times with me.... presently have the note 2, N5 and Flex with me at all times along with a vz hotspot and sims for tmob and att. anything good coming out in the forseeable future? it seems like crickets have taken over in the new device dept
  10. the blizzard in flagstaff was fun. sure made the ingress anomaly event interesting this past weekend.
  11. JohnHovah

    Google Hangouts w/Voice (Was Google Voice)

    Seeing as voice is purportedly being integrated with hangouts this year, i hope we still can keep the abilities of voice insomuch as other lines ringing, voicemail transcriptions and the ability to listen to the message but with all of the features of hangouts including emoji. i currently use both gvoice and hangouts.
  12. JohnHovah

    LG G Flex Users Thread

    no idea, but i would certainly appreciate that. although spark seems to work better on my flex than the current n5 setup
  13. It wasn't hard to figure out if you have data or not. Looking at the UBI site, there are several data options, none of which is unlimited. http://www.ubitelecom.com/plan/pindex.php Also, the Note 2 seems to fall under their BYOSD (bring your own sprint device) option and is not officially supported as stated previously. The best thing to do would be to call and speak with an UBI rep and explain your issue and see if they can do anything on their end.
  14. I believe you mean Spark enabled triband devices will show the Spark Logo. The nexus 5 does not and my g flex is sometimes hit or miss