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  1. Downloading the new security update for my unlocked S10+.
  2. Any chance the higher end iPhone 12 got the X60 modem?
  3. I am having this issue as well on my S20. I can be driving for miles on the freeway and it doesn't update. I have both Verizon and Sprint.
  4. Unlocked model got an updated signal bars. B41 showing 4 bars our of 5 bars with RSRP -115 to -120. Anyone see this as well?
  5. Our phones are enabled and ready. Just waiting. We just gotten B26 months ago. Hopefully summer we get VoLTE.
  6. Seems like I hit the max on 64 QAM. I am on S10 Plus, will I see 256 QAM?
  7. Noticeably speed improvements at the edge of B25. Seeing double digits and not needing to drop to B26.
  8. Dang that upload speed is nice!! Finally we have B25 15x15, B26 5X5 and B41 20+20+20. Just need B26 and B41 on all sites.
  9. Welcome 15x15 to San Diego!!
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