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  1. I live in SE San Diego where AT&T competes with Cox poorly. We didn't get Gigablast until recently in my neighborhood. I am happy that we finally was able to order Gigablast.
  2. bucdenny

    Network Vision/LTE - San Diego Market

    Where is this test being conducted? In the background does not look like Qualcomm HQ. https://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-completes-worlds-first-5g-data-call-using-25-ghz-and-massive-mimo-on-commercial-network.htm http://wirelessestimator.com/articles/2019/worlds-first-5g-data-call-using-2-5-ghz-and-massive-mimo-made-by-sprint-in-san-diego/
  3. Was connected to 1x800 briefly in San Diego couple weeks ago. Likely testing.
  4. bucdenny

    [PSA] Sprint Soft Launches VoLTE

    Since I am in San Diego, could I get the update eventhough not a launched market.
  5. bucdenny

    Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    Unlocked. I received another one a few weeks ago as well.
  6. bucdenny

    Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    Another update?
  7. bucdenny

    Network Vision/LTE - SF Bay Market

    SFO Airport B41 at this hour Sprint has no data coverage international terminal.
  8. bucdenny

    Network Vision/LTE - San Diego Market

    How did you get that list?
  9. bucdenny

    iPhone XS Thread

    Will this be the unlocked model?
  10. bucdenny

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    How to watch Sprint and T-Mobile execs pitch their merger to Congress on Wednesday https://www.judiciary.senate.gov/meetings/game-of-phones-examining-the-competitive-impact-of-the-t-mobile_sprint-transaction
  11. bucdenny

    Network Vision/LTE - San Diego Market

    10x10 along with 5x5 plus B41 being helpful in many area in San Diego. 10x10 is holding up pretty well, most area are usable data. B26 couldn't come sooner, still weak B25 coverage indoors.
  12. What ISP you have? Didn't know they offering more than 1Gbps (100 Megabyte) speeds for home ISP. 600MB/s is fast. We have 10Gbps servers maybe 10Gbps connections will be the new norm for home ISP. I have a 300Mbps (megabits) internet and Cox will be offering 1Gbps soon. Not sure that is even possible to push 600MB/s (6Gbps) on a home Wi-Fi wireless. It is 600Mbps (megabits)?
  13. bucdenny

    General Investing Forum

    Those that had invested into S, what are your next moves? Any chance it will be higher than 6.50 a share?
  14. bucdenny

    Network Vision/LTE - San Diego Market

    2.5 and 800 4x4 happening in San Diego. Spoke to foreman of this site. This site is not getting Next Gen. They don't have any 10 port 2.5/800 antenna available. They will have to come back to do the 800 4x4.
  15. bucdenny

    Build your own devices, routers, relays, IoT etc.

    Couldn't complain and IMO best solution that will work with other carriers. I mainly use them for WAN failover solutions with static IP passthrough. We use both Sprint and Verizon. We have used it for remote VPN site to site where only T1s are the only option for internet. Would love to see solution for Sprint B41 CA.