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  1. You obviously didn't see my second screen shot. Also M-MIMO has been great with cell edge performance especially on uploads.
  2. Sprint 5G upload is on 2.5 which realistically is gonna cover less people than most of TMobile's bands. My main point is to illustrate how much more stable 5G uploads are against Sprint current TDD config on LTE.
  3. 2:30am or 2:30pm has very little effect on uploads, most of the time only the peak speeds are affected by off peak vs peak times. They are almost always stable. http://imgur.com/gallery/B1LjEuW
  4. Gotta disagree with you there.. 5G has given me pretty solid and consistent upload speeds, at the very worse Ill see between 3 and 5mbs with very little signal and 15-30mbs on a strong signal.
  5. These are my recent speeds in and around NYC.. http://imgur.com/gallery/sVVBkin
  6. To Sprint's credit, they have almost blanketed all locations that have enough spectrum for 5G (keep in mind it's 40mhz of NR in NYC) Even indoors Its performimg quite admirably! Verizon on the other hand will take many years to come even close to the coverage Sprint has available today. Shame it's all overshadowed by the rediculous merger fiasco. Regardless, I'm enjoying the service till the wheels fall off! 🤪
  7. I've seen a few people hit over 600mbs, but my personal best is 590mbs. But yeah, backhaul could be one of the limiting factors.
  8. Crazy to say but this is very typical in NYC now. I've yet to break the 600mbs.
  9. Mine has been mint. Probably some app that's running in the background taking more resources, id go through them one by one until you find the culprit.
  10. My point is, as many have pointed out in the past, that in order for small cells to be effective they need a healthy dose of Macro sites to compliment them.
  11. LOL no way in hell are there 19k small cells in LI alone. Just to be clear, SC is no replacement for Macro sites. But despite that, small cells have been a huge help here in NYC which has one of the most dense deployments of SC at around a thousand according to their RF guys.
  12. Was just about to chime in with same comment. Its all about looking and acting vulnerable and "needing" this merger. But they have consistently kept up far better than most expect.
  13. Lmao of course he is gonna say that, he wants boost badly.
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