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  1. Regardless if they are limited to single carrier they do not cover a huge area, so with Docsis backhaul they perform quite well.
  2. Has been awesome, smooth, fast connection, VoLTE has been great! Also, after taking off the factory screen protector, the in screen fingerprint sensor has been quite a bit faster and more accurate, still not as good as a classic one, but im good with the tradeoff.
  3. MMS works perfectly fine on my end post update. But then again, I never had any issues.
  4. From 34th and Park Ave... http://imgur.com/gallery/CKvqN1n Those M-MIMO pings are crazy!
  5. Most likely is M-MIMO I've seen a few new ones crop up in that area last couple of months.
  6. What area is it? I've spotted a couple more in Murray Hill..
  7. Sprint will end up with quite a 5G coverage advantage on day one. The question is, how long will they be able to hold that.
  8. With about 300-400ft LOS outdoor coverage and non existent indoors penetration per site, it's probably gonna cost a buttload of money and sites to cover anything meaningful.
  9. SK telecom has over 30k sites live with 5G. I don't think we're beating any of the big players to ubiquitous 5G.
  10. Here are some shots of engineering screen/strand mount in Oklahoma. https://twitter.com/OKWireless/status/1112844337442947073
  11. I have a ceramic GS10+ picked up at launch and have never experienced the issues reported by many users. Maybe just luck or maybe there might be a difference between the normal GS10 vs the ceramic ones.
  12. Sprint has over 56 million customers, do we need to really go down this rabbit hole?! Is Sprint perfect? Nope, is any carrier perfect!? Nope. You should go with what works for you, if Sprint was somehow not meeting my needs, I would have moved on a long time ago. I'm not with them to save a buck, I'm still with them because the network meets my needs (and I consider myself a pretty heavy data user) and customer support has always taken care of any/all my issues. As a plus, I personally enjoy the community Robert and gang have created here, which has been extremely educational and enjoyable.
  13. That's definitely not the rule but the exception. These are my typical speeds here.. http://imgur.com/gallery/6U4rAie Edit: Also wierd that you got you less than stellar service considering there is M-MIMO site a block from the Garden and I regularly hit 150mbs+ in that area.
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