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  1. 5mhz+ B2 is live all over Queens. Also hit a couple N41 sites.
  2. That's encouraging to see, especially since B2 is used in CA on almost all configurations.
  3. I'm surprised TMobile is so inconsistent with bands deployed per site. Some sites have full on builds some are two or three bands and others host single bands. While Sprint might have been weak off the beaten path, they consistently deployed full builds on almost all macro sites in NYC.
  4. If you notice on the speed test it says LTE, that means despite of what the icon is indicating, he is connected to LTE and not N71 or N41. Speed test is more reliable than the carrier icon on the top. Also, I fully expect(ed) T-Mobile to be worse than Sprint in NY for quite a while.
  5. I've heard a few markets that 71 got downgraded so I assume the temp dish agreement expired. Was also looking forward to seeing more N41 sites especially with 60mhz worth of spectrum, but alas have seen very little movement in bringing more N41 sites online and have yet to see any sites with over 40mhz.
  6. Man, that was the only really nice thing in some areas around me having 10x10 N71. Now my N71 speeds went from 20-30mbs, to 3-6mbs.. This merger has been a total bummer so far.
  7. The highest speed I've been able to achieve on N261 with a strong signal is around 400mbs. Assuming 100mhz even on 2x2 should be able hit well over 800mbs. Definitely not related to network traffic since barely anyone was in the street. Buddies Verizon phone on mmwave typically hits 500mbs during day and 1gb+ late night with same device.
  8. Nice find. but yes, pretty much what Ive found when connected to N261, I'm assuming it's a backhaul limitation. The whole mmwave deployment from T-Mobile definitely seemed like a stopgap solution to keep V and ATT at Bay marketing wise. Also, I wonder what happened to that 60mhz N41 site Milan found. Seems all sites I've found are 40mhz.
  9. Finally connected to some N41 in midtown (28th st indoors). Speeds were between 200mbs and 300mbs still using 40mhz of N41+B2+B71 Funny enough ground level is N261, speeds were similar to N41.
  10. Those devices will default to TMobile (which of course means N71/N41 for 5G)at home first then roam on Sprint where Tmobile isn't available.
  11. I thought about this, and it would make sense to have these default to T-Mobile as home first then roam on Sprint when necessary. This coincides nicely with T-Mobile's announcement of adding another million Sprint users to T-Mobile's network as default.
  12. One plus 8 https://www.sprint.com/en/shop/cell-phones/oneplus-8-5g.html?ensembleId=OPIN2017SLV&credit=A2&contractName=0-yr-lb-18months&deviceQuantity=1 V60 https://www.sprint.com/en/shop/cell-phones/lg-v60-thinq-5g-dual-screen.html?ensembleId=LGV600DSKIT&credit=A2
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