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  1. 100% they do! Sometimes they tend to the issues quickly, other times the solution is not that straight forward or it's low priority. I've had pretty good success with it. What would have been nice, is to get some sort of confirmation or update that they worked on the issue rather than find out weeks or even months later that they fixed it and you had no idea it's even been looked at. Bottom line, report it!
  2. At this point it would make sense to build a single SKU device for both Sprint/Tmobile, but i guess its not that simple considering the CDMA requirements on Sprint.
  3. They just recently lit up the smaller third carrier due to spectrum limitations. It's only 10mhz vs the usual 20. So nothing north of 170th street sees either 5G or 60mhz of LTE. But on the bright side that extra 10mhz is definitely helping and I also noticed more network optimization. Best thing to do is report any place where you notice any slow speeds, since the network has been working pretty well for the most part, they tend to these minor pockets faster than usual.
  4. It's been the opposite for me as well. Been finding that Sprint is going back and adding more capacity on a few sites where they are spectrum limited (north of 170st in the Bronx and beyond.)
  5. Which apps? Try clearing data and cache most apps work fine with 10.
  6. Makes sense to have B26 as primary carrier since upload transmission from handset to tower is much weaker over B41, yet this preserves B41 download advantage.
  7. The One UI beta has all those features. So expect it once that update is finally pushed in its final form. Also, no way in hell it's gonna be a 179mb update.
  8. I think the only reason you believe this, is because Samsung has been doing a bang-up job adding features that even Google themselves are implementing. Not to mention all the under the hood stuff.
  9. No, its because Speedtest has considerably more servers to ping (meaning less hops and closer in proximity) from than any of those other servers you mentioned. Typically, the fastest speed would be considered the most accurate.
  10. Its unfortunate, I do not believe TMobile will be anywhere near as good as those advocating for the merger especially in the beginning, not to mention they will need to divulge all Sprint lowband. Regardless, this is what Sprint needs to replicate in all markets, starting with markets that lack macro density since 5G has been awesome in cities and are less in need of this.. Unfortunately, with this merger looming who knows what parts of the network deployment take priority. Bottom line, the "new" TMobile will be worse for a long time before it gets better. Here's hoping Sprint continues to deploys this and the merger fails.😤
  11. Rejoice!! Did you see, Android 10 beta finally has Volte built in for even GS9 and it operates as expected!
  12. You obviously didn't see my second screen shot. Also M-MIMO has been great with cell edge performance especially on uploads.
  13. Sprint 5G upload is on 2.5 which realistically is gonna cover less people than most of TMobile's bands. My main point is to illustrate how much more stable 5G uploads are against Sprint current TDD config on LTE.
  14. 2:30am or 2:30pm has very little effect on uploads, most of the time only the peak speeds are affected by off peak vs peak times. They are almost always stable. http://imgur.com/gallery/B1LjEuW
  15. Gotta disagree with you there.. 5G has given me pretty solid and consistent upload speeds, at the very worse Ill see between 3 and 5mbs with very little signal and 15-30mbs on a strong signal.
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