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  1. I can confirm the extra 20mhz on N41 are live all over the Bronx, hit speeds in excess of 300mbs! Very happy to finally see this.
  2. Bottom line: You NEED 5G phone for Tmobile in the Bronx, with it the performance is night and day, I average 50-150mbs and upto 50mb up in the Bx. Even with only 20mhz of N41 and 10Mhz of N71 it performs admirably.
  3. Thanks, Funny, I meant N41+B41(autocorrect switches N to B for some reason) but you still understood what I meant. lol
  4. Looks like mine was increased back up to 10Mhz as well! Good catch.
  5. Finally got the fold in hand, and it's just phenomenal as I'd imagined. It truly is "next generation" Btw, the radio performance on Sprint/TMobile has been quite good, beating out my GS20U+
  6. Placed my pre-order on this monster. I got an awesome deal! Got $650 for my Galaxy S20 Ultra $100 pre-order discount/bundle $100 student discount https://www.samsung.com/us/smartphones/galaxy-z-fold2-5g/ Joshua Vergara does a good job of showcases some of its features..
  7. DUDE! Im here to post the same thing but my actual home site!!! SUPER SURPRISED! I was wondering why all of a sudden, my phone calls were not breaking up! YAY to N41! only 20Mhz of it, but with CA on other bands its performing solidly, (20mbs-60mbs) I'm happy with the service now!
  8. Best experience I've had post-merger. N41 live on riverside park by 165th street with bonus pic of the spot. Beautiful day to spend with friends and family plus some Speedtesting+Macro finds.
  9. Found a couple more N41 sites in midtown, btwn 35th and 38th St and sixth ave.. Speeds were between 100 and 150mbs..
  10. Surprise surprise! Finally got the extra 5mhz of B2 on my home site (and probably neighboring sites). It definitely helps since B2 is involved in all CA combinations.
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