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  1. Don't need it to be 15x15 even 5x5 on B26 would be fine to help stabilize B41's upload on the edge of signal. (Would like to point out, that B41 on M-MIMO does exhibit considerably better upload stability vs 8t8r)
  2. Considering how all pro merger folks paint them out to be, you'd think the sky is falling, but on the contrary, they are doing quite well with limited resources. In fact, if they started CA B25/B26+B41 would solve 90% of the issues involved with slower uploads and reliability.
  3. I figured that. How is that stand alone carrier performing? does it easily get overloaded? or is the load balancing actually working well enough?
  4. Its that time of year again.. And Sprint did excellent!! The upload is definitely hurting their scores, but on average they were one of the fastest of the big four..
  5. Are they running in any sort of CA config? or just standalone? non-contig CA is supposed to be a thing eventually....
  6. It is. But.. if you do the math, its center frequency ends up being 2645.8 and limited to just 10mhz. Clearly it has been a lack of contiguous spectrum and they finally decided to use what we have instead of nothing at all. Performance seems to have gotten a nice solid boost(cut the carrier size in half and your looking at around 50mbs max on a 10mhz slice of TDD on config 2) so I'll take it. Despite of it's limited nature im pretty happy and looking forward to hopefully seeing it spread further north.
  7. I'm in total shock! My home site just got 3rd carrier!!!! This is a huge deal! No site north of 169th street in the Bronx had gotten a third carrier, even as far up north as West Nyack. Am super happy about this. It's a huge deal!
  8. Is this Sprint? If so what city and device? Yes it is.. In Dallas on the upcoming GS10 5G
  9. Verizon's MM-WAVE 5G has horrid coverage, in reality cant really compare, but Sprint's using 40 or 60Mhz block of 5G NR thats peaking around 800mbs...
  10. Well there you go.. BK definitely has some "live" 5G... https://www.pcmag.com/news/369005/we-found-sprint-5g-in-brooklyn
  11. There is a site right on top of the King Plaza parking garage. I could not confirm it being there tho since it seemed to be coming from a further away site.
  12. Found live 5G in BK's king plaza. Clearly was not meant for consumer use since it kept pushing me out, but did get a few speed test from 0mb lol to 150mb... Side note: NR engineering screens were blank and SCP would show last LTE connection. But seems to be coming real soon! Super excited.
  13. Spamming?!? No way, these are awesome! It's gorgeous out so perfect day for it!
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