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  1. Nice! That definitely beats my 600mbs on Sprint.. How's the coverage?
  2. Thx for the comparison, for me it could have simply been the fact that when I owned the S10 it was still in it's infancy (got rid of it months after purchase) and subsequent updates helped it's performance. Needless to say, I've been super impressed with GS20U's FP consistently and performance. The only thing they could have done better is possibly made the FP area larger, aside from that, been pretty happy with it.
  3. Turn off AOD. I also think that 120hz also speeds up the animation, so that helps as well.
  4. Let the device screen time-out then use the FP while the screen is off, see if that makes any difference.
  5. Fingerprint is quite a bit better than the last one. I think its been optimized much better especially right after waking the device. S10 was almost always slow to wake, in turn, causing the FP scanner to feel less reliable and slower.
  6. Keep in mind, data needs to be active, when idle it might not register valid current connection. So while running speed test jump to the engineering screens.
  7. Yup it is indeed 10Mhz my mistake. So makes me wonder what they have up in Westchester.
  8. Just here to say holy bejesus!!! this phone is awesome! Finally got mine today! I know I'm late to the party. Pre-ordered on the 21st through Best buy, but they obviously couldn't release it till today. Also finally able to activate my Galaxy watch 2's VoLTE along with it(couldn't do it with LG V50 for whatever reason)
  9. Thx! In order to get the engineering screen up it's ##DATA# on the dialer then click on NR.
  10. I know it doesn't as of yet, but it does show EARFCN thats what im more curious about.
  11. OH WOW that does surprise me, considering i have not even seen a full 60Mhz of B41 spectrum(I believe the 3rd carrier is still 15Mhz) north of 170st.. Can you get a screen shot of the engineering screen(s)+SCP
  12. Yes, but that doesn't emphasize the need to have the support of hugely populated states that contribute quite a bit more than others in general to our economy.
  13. States that contribute the most to GDP just so happen to basically help subsidize cell service advancement to the rest of the country for the most part. Without the high concentration of customers from places like CA & NY, i cannot see them being able to offer any type of meaningful service in places that barely crack a million POPs.
  14. Exactly, Here in NYC I believe Sprint probably has equal or more Macros+SC sites than any of its rivals. But a lack of backhaul did Sprint no favors.
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