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  1. I have little faith in Dish, especially after reading that their stock took a hit when they agreed to finally put their spectrum (plus sprint's newly aquired assets) to use. Bottom line, Wall street has always seen those assets as a way for Dish(and them) to turn a quick profit without having to ever build out any sort of real wireless network.
  2. Churn is also down YoY, despite of them weaning people off crazy promotions. It's all a show for the merger. Dire situation it is not. Also, you say Capex is not helping?! I hope you mean you personally, because deployment is still on-going.
  3. 1.2B in Capex spent isn't the sign of a company that is completely defeated... For comparison "T-Mobile spent $1.8 billion on cash capex, excluding capitalized interest, compared to $1.3 billion in the first quarter of 2018 and $1.1 billion in the fourth quarter of 2018." If you truly look deep into the numbers, Sprint really didn't do that badly at all. Especially considering they have rangled in most of those super discount heavy promotions. In fact, most wallstreet analyst had them pegged worse than they did. Even ARPU is slightly up Y over Y. At the end of the day, Its really about looking doom and gloom to finally get that merger approved, that is Masa's number one priority.
  4. FYI, looks like 5G is unofficially live on a ton of sites in NYC. Connected from 41st to 47th St 51st to 80th St and from upper east side into the Bronx (with some LTE to 5G and vice versa swapping in btwn) handoff between LTE n 5G is ultra smooth with zero interuptions ( in a moving car while on a video call all the way through) Speeds hovered between 90mbs and 480mbs (uploads btwn 4mb and 30mb) Happy to finally take advantage of my V50, and glad that the TMobile deal didn't change the current 5G deployment here in NYC at least for now.
  5. 5G live on a bunch of sites in Manhattan and some in the bx. They are moving fast before the official launch.
  6. Looks like 5G is coming online in a bunch of sites!! Hit a couple of 5G sites near Yankee stadium!
  7. Found 5G coverage between 41st and 43th street on the west side (7th ave all the way down to west side hway and 2nd ave and 3rd ave between 42nd and 43rd st). Averaged btwn 150-250mb peaked around 400mbs.
  8. Looks like 5G is live on Times Sq. Speeds were nothing spectacular, but solid nontheless considering it was packed as usual.
  9. Power outage in midtown. Looks like backup generators are doing their thing since cell service has not been interupted so far.
  10. Didn't know it was dynamic, that alone justifies moving all spectrum to NR as soon as possible.
  11. Current SA NR uploads look very promising so far. Do you think NR+LTE UL ENDC would help improve at the edge signal in a meaningful way?
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