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  1. Pretty sure they can slowly repurpose LTE portion of M-MIMO to 5G nr so that shouldn't be a problem in the very long run. Just like Clear equipment, and those have served their purpose quite well over the last 6 years.
  2. Refarming is still ongoing, some markets are seeing 10x10+5+5 and 15x15.
  3. Looks like Samsung Clear sites are starting to see CA upload as well! Good stuff!
  4. nexgencpu

    Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    About 5mb up with low signal(-108dBm), which is pretty solid.. The northern Bronx is stuck at 2xCA for now, so speeds are not amazing.
  5. It's due to refarming of CDMA carriers. Hopefully VoLTE will be solid(from my early testing it seems to be) once it's launched.
  6. nexgencpu

    Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    This is getting fun! CA Upload from Clearwire site in the Bronx! So it seems Samsung sites are 100% ready to go. Still no CA UL on ALU sites.. http://imgur.com/gallery/M3zpJmb
  7. HAHA AWESOME! Good way to kill merger talk! Quite frankly thats become stale and boring. Now this is what I'm talking about!!! FINALLY 4x4MIMO on B41 and its on an ALU site! thats pretty amazing in itself!
  8. How do you know its not 256QAM? I've noticed that the device engineering screens are not displaying it properly. NSG is needed to confirm.
  9. What device do you have? And can you post engineering screen shot so we know what your connecting too.
  10. I'd rather let him post his own thing. Definitely don't want to take credit for his find. Believe me, you will see it soon!
  11. When I refreshed the page and saw the engineering screen shot I thought I was losing my mind for a second, lol. That is awesome to see! Looks like 4x4 indeed, need some NSG to really confirm all these things. BTW, Lil Birdy sent me screen shots of 4x4MIMO B41 live in Alu market, producing speeds 3x faster than a standard 2xCA device.
  12. Post engineering screen shot, I'm pretty sure 10x10+5x5 can produce these speeds. It's live all around my way and I've seen speeds upwards of 60mbs during off peak times.
  13. This is usually because they are testing something specific and do not want other bands to interfere. Usually something good comes after this..
  14. I think NYC is unique in the sense that all carriers are super dense and are using pretty much most of their spectrum (Refarming is only way to get around this and Tmobile has some unused 600Mhz, but what about 5G?) But the other 3 players already have most of their spectrum at play and also 4x4MIMO live.