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  1. I agree that it was quite a stretch to say 1080p video playback was the same as using Facebook Live etc as some journalists implied using this press release. I believe the FCC has required the satellites be able to deorbit rather than become space junk.
  2. dkyeager


    1) report on mysprint in case the site has an issue 2) go to site and look at general direct of antennas. They may be point away from you. If so, a) if you have an ISP then use wi-if calling or get an airave b) change carriers if you do not have an ISP (If you are within a return period, return your phone and cancel service.)
  3. OneWeb speed test results for its low-orbit satellites: 32ms latency, 400Mbps+, livestreamed a 1080p video https://www.oneweb.world/media-center/onewebs-satellites-deliver-real-time-hd-streaming-from-space Having been involved in these type of beta tests before, what you really want to know is how it will perform after about a year with real customer usage. Plus the rate plan of course.
  4. The idea is for it to work at least for texting: https://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/aerospace/satellites/ubiquitilinks-satellite-phone-service -55 to 55 latitude, which would include Edmonton Canada, but not Scandinavia.
  5. Only LTE matters for VoLTE. 700Mhz iirc, which would also be different for Sprint to handle in setting up VoLTE.
  6. Delay I could understand. One possible reason for delay would be low band implimention. Should be good in the end but I don't know the current status.
  7. My bet is this customer service rep simply does not want to be bothered with such questions.
  8. The MVNO Ting says they have lost patience with the merger process and are going from T-Mobile to Verizon but keeping Sprint: https://www.fiercewireless.com/operators/mvno-ting-mobile-ends-pact-t-mobile-favor-verizon-citing-merger-uncertainty Likely spreading out their risks. Doubt the regulators would factor this type of decision into their merger decision at this late date but you never know.
  9. I don't see resolution of this issue coming anytime soon (could be wrong). DOJ and others keep stirring the pot so nothing settles out. Meanwhile more and more sharks in the water. Wonder when Space-X will have leaked results from their initial 60 satellite internet? This dealt is starting to resemble a black hole -- everything technical appears possible to get sucked in.
  10. if you look at Google fiber, Masa does not look bad.
  11. I think their more typical pattern is to have a good idea, publicly disclose it, then take a while to give it funding, then begin, then financial numbers don't quite come in as expected so accounting pulls out the rug from underneath the project.
  12. This sums up the view of a lot of merger opponents: Sprint/Softbank should die so I can have cheaper phone service for a few years (maybe they won't really die). In fairness, I think the view of many merger proponents is the duo needs real competition and the merger is the best way to do it. Ignored alternatives include anti-trust against the duo. Of course technology and other market forces may eclipse all of this and find another alternative... or not.
  13. In Gallipolis OH Shentel has no B41, but likely because they have b25 15×15 and 10x10 (no CA). So it might be a question of how much b25 capacity they have.
  14. dkyeager


    No problem posting this question. Don't go blindly with any carrier. Test directly or with current phones of friends
  15. Never been a fan of using b26 for capacity. Sprint needs the tribanding of former clear sites or more b26 small cells on billboards etc. (I have heard there is a height requirement to use b26).
  16. VoLTE everywhere but only for a handful of models does not really count IMO. From a customer perspective VoLTE should go back to all the phones that were certified by the FCC, which for LG goes back to the V20. Realistically, I only expect them to go forward with new phones.
  17. For the very short term, they should bring up all the site equipment they have installed but not activated. Some has been sitting out there for six months or longer. But even this will require cash, which is their key issue. Same with increased backhaul. Personally I like the tribanding of former Clear sites for it helps with in building coverage. Metro areas are also typically where the money is.
  18. Applications for about 60 permits for new AT&T small cells have been filed in the last few months and are being constructed rapidly. At this rate AT&T could have more small cells than Sprint by the end of the year.
  19. It all depends on how your frame the competition and other questions. Traditionally there are four national carriers. If you go by profit, there are two national carriers. If you go by internet data, you need to have the national and regional wireless carriers, the sizable ISPs, and satellite internet and WISP providers. Are you looking at urban or rural away from major highways? Cheapest price or most competition throughout the country? Is 5G actually important? Will Sprint survive/thrive? How long? This may be too many questions to ponder for most people. Perhaps the lunatics are running the asylum. It should be ask as to why they allowed Verizon and AT&T to become so dominate without antitrust.
  20. The real issue I believe for Sprint is the continued need to support CDMA limits their choices. No doubt the 5G focus so far has been on Massive MIMO.
  21. Only 4G is being used for uploads, similar to CA with 4G as primary, 5g as secondary.
  22. T-Mobile recently applied for 9 site permits in Columbus, OH for updated sites including band 71. Here is the typical description: "installation of (6) new antennas, (6) new RF modules (3) AHLOA¿s and (3) AHFIB¿s with RF jumpers, (2) airscale SM outdoor AMOB w/ (2) ASIA module, (4) ABIA modules, (1) ABIL and (1) ASIK, TMA¿s will be reuse. " lilotimz translated as follows: "AHLOA - B71 600 MHz + B12 dual band radio AHFIB is a 4 port radio B2/25 + B4/66 again dual band AMOB ASIA is BTS and radio box related accessories ABIA, ABIL, and ASIK is related to ground equipment Dual band radios are very new, released within the last 9 months. Only really started seeing ATT, VZW, and TMO deploy them in recent months. Vast majority of the time they stick to the 4 port uni band radios." I believe that if the duo were deploying dual band radios, they these are likely ~5g capable. lilotimz then said these T-Mobile radios are 4.9G. This in my opinion shows that Sprint is further behind than we would like to admit. Ideally all the equipment Sprint has been installing would be ~5g capable like the duo and now T-Mobile.
  23. https://www.natlawreview.com/article/states-flex-their-muscles-and-antitrust-skills-to-block-sprintt-mobile-merger https://aawsat.com/english/home/article/1786876/sprint-t-mobile-merger-approval-said-be-near-could-undercut-challenge-states https://finance.yahoo.com/video/potential-existential-threat-sprint-t-172249199.html https://lasentinel.net/t-mobile-sprint-merger-will-help-communities-of-color.html Multiple viewpoints
  24. Quick and legal proceedings generally don't go together.
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