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  1. Almost $20 billion. Hottest markets are in random order: market_number market_name price_mhz_pop PEA008 Dallas, TX $1.382261 PEA015 Phoenix, AZ $1.258463 PEA010 Houston, TX $1.250934 PEA020 Denver, CO $1.240004 PEA009 Miami, FL $1.237690 PEA004 San Francisco, CA $1.236883 PEA002 Los Angeles, CA $1.235332 source: https://www.sashajavid.com/FCC_Auction110.php
  2. Not quite so fast: https://www.t-mobile.com/news/business/update-on-our-cdma-network-transition-plans
  3. https://auctiondata.fcc.gov/public/projects/auction110
  4. Auction 110 is for 100Mhz at 3.45GHZ of excess government spectrum and had a reserve requirement of about $15 billion to cover the costs of consolidating and moving spectrum, primarily by DOD. Two days ago that was in doubt with only about $9.5 billion bid after numerous rounds. In a single day it appears to have exceeded that and grown to $15.5 billion. This spectrum is in the mid range bands for 5G. https://www.sashajavid.com/FCC_Auction110.php
  5. Maybe one type of firmware causes it to happen more frequently. We have all scattered accross many carriers plus the unlocked version. Maybe also the hardware version?
  6. You can see a reference to the Celero 5G on their website, but you are redirected if you click on it.
  7. Looks like they maybe actual sites, rather than just protection. Very good. Of course site density will tell the true story. Hard not to be suspicious with all the games Dish has played with spectrum over the years.
  8. My LG V20 gets no GPS in many markets. Then I pull out my AT&T phone for navigation. T-Mobile needs to fix the Sprint billing migration, including "free" phones and "free" lines. Then those of us on the T-Mobile network without serious issues can migrate over. I don't mind picking a new plan. The Magenta Max looks like a plausible replacement for my ED1500.
  9. As a LG V20 owner (first Sprint phone with VoLTE in its FCC cert but never used), I am well aware that the Vo5G in the S21 may never be used (but their is always hope).
  10. Others have also tried this with their S21s. No luck yet on Vo5g.
  11. In a number of markets TMO effectively controls all 194MHz of band 41. Now I think n41 greater than 100MHz would need 5g CA.
  12. How does Dish spectrum align with those frequencies? Perhaps they will get wider bands better suited for 5g. Of course horse trading with other carriers and speculators also possible.
  13. Using the old Sprint spectrum plus their existing B5 I assume. Any complicating factors that would require FCC approval?
  14. Just spotted my first decommission in Columbus (Norwich Township or Hilliard - neither have permits online for the public). It was a co-location near Cemetery Road and I-270 at Lyman Ct.
  15. Is that what you meant to say?
  16. This is the new free phone from T-Mobile. With turning in a working old phone of 2000+ vintage and $16.20. $9 charge and credit for 2 years. Gets both NSA and SA 5g. Picture quality can be poor in low light without adjustments or different camera software. Max speed I have seen so far with this budget phone is 310.
  17. Two presets for only T-Mobile and Sprint bands would be nice The merger of the two networks is like Covid -- every few weeks something changes. Therefor having maximum flexibility with selecting bands is idea [until T-Mobile puts Sprint out of its misery]. Rather than torturing us at this point, I wish T-Mobile would concentrate on a limited number of markets and get the T-Mobile side finished up in those markets and move to the next set of markets. Basically just leave the band 26 and 1x800 up for the remaining local and traveling Sprint users. Of course it can be said T-Mobile is working on the engine of a car moving 80MPH.
  18. On a T-Mobile OnePlus n200 5g, the Mobile Data:active etc always changes as it should but the screen below does not always change while stationary. Android 11. Diagnostic sent. Also *#*#4636#*#* is the closest to diag screens. Thanks.
  19. The dividing line for TNA appears to be band 66 support. VoLTE not required (Sprint LG V20). Just additional 700Mhz service by the phone still prefers usual triband (Sprint LG G4 and G5) but will roam on 700Mhz.
  20. You could always try walking into your town or counties building permit office and asking. They likely track at least new sites. Make certain you tell them you like 5g and are trying to see when you will get it.
  21. Has anyone here bought an unlocked S21 (Ultra 512GB), loaded T-Mobile firmware, and then been whitelisted for T-Mobile roaming on US Cellular? My understanding is this is possible and that T-Mobile firmware is required to be whitelisted.
  22. Columbus Sprint conversion site to T-Mobile update: tower hands arrived before sunset and unloaded. Said Sprint stuff will be demoed first, but Microwave and b25 will remain. Will only be adding AWS. Said no n41, 600 or 700. So I took pictures of antennas but not a big pile under tarp. Personally think they are not allowed to admit and 5g equipment. Lots of wackos out there. Checking on the visible antennas, there are three Nokia VBNAEHC-01, which are AirScale MAA 64T64R 192AE B41 320W AEHC (AAEHC) capable of 5g. There will also be larger racks with plenty of room for them to stand on.
  23. Are you able to flash T-Mobile firmware to unlocked without breaking knox (being rooted)? My understanding is T-Mobile firmware is required to be able to roam on US Cellular (in parts of WV, WI, IA, OR etc) and even then you likely need to be whitelisted? At least with the unlocked you can also get more ram and storage.
  24. I haven seen another case like this in Cincinnati. It took several months before it showed up on the FCC website. This might basically be a test period, which is what the CEO in the above case later acknowledged iirc.
  25. Others should also be watching out for Starry taking over Sprint co-location sites: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton and Columbus, Ohio; Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada; San Antonio, Brownsville, Lubbock and El Paso, Texas; Jacksonville and Tallahassee, Florida; Indianapolis, South Bend, Fort Wayne and Bloomington, Indiana; Nashville, Chattanooga and Memphis, Tennessee; Richmond and Virginia Beach, Virginia; Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana; Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin; Birmingham, Huntsville and Mobile, Alabama; Fayetteville, Greensboro, Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina; Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse and Rochester, New York; Little Rock, Arkansas; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Colorado Springs and Fort Collins, Colorado; Louisville, Kentucky; Tucson, Arizona; Springfield, Massachusetts; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Charleston, South Carolina; Jackson, Mississippi; Decatur, Illinois; Wichita, Kansas; Spokane, Washington; Boise City, Idaho plus some addition in places where they already exist: Boston, New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Denver https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/news/2019/06/24/boston-based-isp-eyes-expansion-of-50-per-month.html https://dyajmw2sca9cs.cloudfront.net/press/pdf/Starry+Auction+102+Results+-+FINAL.pdf
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