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  1. Both prior accent issues now solved! Thanks Nice feature.
  2. Yes I did restart app. Also rebooted Moto and turned off other signal apps. No accent. Restarting app also was needed on LG V20 if you want to turn accent off (turn off setting then restart app needed). Thanks
  3. Accent seems to work fine on my Sprint LG V20 using Android 8. I have not tested it yet switch to T-Mobile or AT&T or Verizon etc. No accent on my Moto G7 Power Unlocked and rooted with Android 9 on T-Mobile network using Red Pocket sim. I assume accent is triggered by PLMN, but maybe by sim carrier? Diags and beer money sent for both so you can compare if needed.
  4. The social contract of the Magic Box is broken: In exchange for backhaul, 1/2 of the signal goes outside to light up possible RF shadows. In my case it was also supplying a small shopping center with a small grocery and a bar/ restaurant that otherwise did not have signal. Since I am supplying the backhaul, the Magic Box gets moved from the window to the building center, since the outside beneficiaries become parasites on my WiFi. Many people don't have Wi-Fi. The added expense may make T-Mobile unaffordable unless 600MHz reaches them. T-Mobile is building 600MHz rapidly in my area with many sites coming on line just in the last few days. Still early. Remains to be seen if 600MHz will have good site density. At least for now this does imply that 4g band 41 LTE does not go away. In many urban areas, 5g n41 will have the tremendous benefit of dramatically improved uploads when stand alone 5g goes live later in the year because the effective channel size will go from 20 to 100MHz along with greater spectrum efficiency. It could be 5 to 10 times faster.
  5. Also note that T-Mobile has stated it will rollout 5g stand alone by the end of the year. This will eliminate the need for anchor bands and dramatically increase n41 upload speeds.
  6. Not certain this will be true. More bandwidth options with n25 than n2. But n25 could be longer term. Why throw away 5x5? They have so much PCS spectrum I am not even certain about DSS except for n66/b66 and n12/b12.
  7. Likely means older Magic Boxes are soon to be junk. I will have to check my MB screen menus.
  8. I use NSG SCP and Cellmapper on a bootloader unlocked rooted moto g7 power unlocked. New for $179 on Amazon (many models but can give a link if needed). Used on T-Mobile and AT&T. ..
  9. Columbus 600MHz spectrum was just whacked 5x5 in a dispute with Dish.
  10. In my market about 75% are co-sited with Sprint! Cellmapper helps to narrow down the others. The I load the address into SCP once I find those sites. For just knowing what band and where you signal is coming from SignalCheck Pro can't be beat!
  11. Do it quickly. My impression is T-Mobile really wants to move people to their network ASAP, even if it causes lots of pain. August 1 is rumored to be the end of Sprint retail.
  12. My router typically only gets rebooted for firmware updates or major functionality changes that I have implemented. Otherwise stays up for years. Last time it was down is when Hurricane Ike remnants hit Ohio in 2008 and caused week long power outages, which killed local internet in a few days (I have two ISPs, UPSes, generator). ISP's battery backups and generator use had improved considerably since that time. Making changes appears to be the greatest reason for router instability. So put internet connections on a UPS, reboot after major changes, and otherwise enjoy.
  13. The key difference between this and true Clearwire (Sprint) is T-Mobile Clearwire is always flagged as roaming.
  14. LTE or LTE B? would be good. I personally prefer to know that it is unknown. Thanks!
  15. Samsung bandwidth selection app still works?
  16. I sent debug info for common situations where T-Mobile band 2 is seen by SCP as band 41 on Sprint. Occasionally is reported correctly for a a short period of time. Debug on the LG G4 showed the correct band along with a LG v20 on Sprint and a Moto G7 power rooted on T-Mobile (the PCIs on the other bands were different.) Thanks
  17. The cheapest is Red Pocket annual plan sold on E-bay for $60. Actually covers any carrier. I believe now you might have to pay $4 for their sims.
  18. https://www.fiercewireless.com/operators/at-t-to-stop-using-5g-evolution-ads-after-unsuccessful-appeal The fake icon will likely live on
  19. 1) Has anyone here been switched over to the T-Mobile network as their primary like the S20 users? 2) Has anyone had any issues with getting the Samsung Band Selector app to function now (it did work previously)? I am just trying to see what T-Mobile is doing with Sprint phones, which appears to be without users permissions. Fine if you like in an area with great T-Mobile service. Not so good if t-Mobile is mediocre where you need it while Sprint is great or you have a very functional Magicbox or Airave.
  20. Boils down to battery and camera.
  21. One of his comments stated was he was on the same level iirc, which I took to mean in a building across the street at the same floor level.
  22. The OnePlus 8 is known for its ability to be rooted. If you like Network Signal Guru this could be important to you (note that you can currently switch bands on many Samsung phones). Otherwise the most important feature is the 5g. In my market, Columbus, OH Sprint is strong and has more macro sites than T-Mobile and hundreds more small cells. While Sprint's signal is good, its backhaul can be weak, ie you can not get great speeds even at 4:30am. T-Mobile typically has much higher speeds in more areas, but they do have plenty of poor speed areas. On average they rank much better than Sprint. I use T-Mobile through an MVNO, so I primarily can comment on coverage, but I can not comment on plan details and my speed results are not definitive. Much more clear if you are in a poor Sprint market -- if so, why wait? So the real question is when will T-Mobile offer the best deals to switch over. This is complicated on whether we will sink into an economic depression or soon no longer fear Covid-19. Looking at other mergers the best deals are when the sites have been upgraded and are being tuned. If you wait until they start to turn off the old sites, then the deals are often worse. T-Mobile will likely reallocate band 25 according to demand so I would not count on Sprint speeds getting faster. T-Mobile could be playing this differently. There whole strategy is to get people over to 5G. They have already started to move people over with S20s and some iPhone users have reported the same. If you look at it from a modem perspective, the x55 modem is fine, the x60 modem with 5g VoLTE and better 5g SA support is certainly better. The x50 modem equates to WiMAX and those folks should immediately accept the upgrade offer if possible. Older phones might get their firmware upgraded to T-Mobile if still popular else just be offered a discount at some point.
  23. T-Mobile does B25 MBFI for roaming in its Sprint accounts. I have twice seen on a LG G4 band 41 with Clearwire PLMN near isolated fracking plants. Other possibilities in other remote places according to tower hands. The latest spec revisions given far higher bandwidth to n25 than n2. No guarantees, but B25 definitely not dead yet.
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