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  1. https://www.rcrwireless.com/20200806/5g/raycap-releases-5g-concealment-panel
  2. Sounds like you have become quite desperate during this pandemic. Lol
  3. 600 repack is reported as finished. https://twitter.com/AjitPaiFCC/status/1282720582447124482?s=19
  4. Columbus permits have lacked antenna detail for a while now, which may be related to anti 5g site violence, competive secrets, or the FCC leadership wanting licensing sped up / fees reduced.
  5. Disappointed so far at their n41 coverage based on reports. Doubt it will be at Sprint density given their habit of only adding radios to sites "when needed".
  6. Band 71 has been reduced to 5x5 recently in Columbus OH. No spectrum change. I assume they put it into n71.
  7. So are you now on T-Mobile all of the time or perhaps roaming on T-Mobile when Sprint Shentel signal is weak?
  8. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/16/30percent-of-americans-missed-their-housing-payments-in-june.html?&qsearchterm=house payment
  9. Band 41 through a Magic Box is faster for a lot of customers. They may not have an ISP or a good ISP. By my definition, bad ISPs don't offer true speeds greater than 200Mbps down, are unreliable, ban or slow down certain sites and ports without telling customers, have no option to get rid of a data cap. AT&T for example offers 1Gbps in new condos and upscale homes, but leaves out neighborhoods with buried cable and even most neighborhoods with above ground cable (they had plans which they dropped). So many people's choice on internet is dial-up at 53kbps, ISDN dialup at 128kbps, ADSL at 3Mbps, VDSL with at most 75Mbps, rarely WISP, satellite has caps and can't do Zoom etc because of lag. (Most of these should be good markets for SpaceX etc.) Then you also have budget reasons. 30% of American homes skipped their house payment this month. Why pay for internet twice? Many homes only internet devices are smartphones and tablets with LTE.
  10. Cash flow wise Dish may have gotten Boost for nothing. https://www.fiercewireless.com/operators/dish-to-raise-1b-for-general-corporate-purposes Boost was the most profitable part of Sprint according to the anti-trust judge.
  11. Only certain plans are eligible. Other than paying activation fee and monthly taxes, there seems to be no catch. ED1500 does nit seem to be eligible.
  12. https://www.thetechie.de/2020/06/t-mobile-initiates-4-billion-bond-sale.html?m=1 The layoffs make sense to lower the bond costs.
  13. I have a Sprint phone and 3 Tello (Sprint) as well. Definitely from two nearby Sprint sites base on known PCIs plus earfcn. Locking onto b25 on my T-Mobile network phone gets nothing. Edit: My T-Mobile normal is b71 from 1 of 3 nearby sites. A fourth T-Mobile site is getting b71 but not public yet. All of the T-Mobile sites are Sprint Co-Sites. Inside that perimeter lies 4 Sprint Sites. These two b25 neighbors are the center most.
  14. I have been seeing band 25 from a local Sprint site on my T-Mobile MVNO phone occasionally for the last few weeks in the same way as I do band 71 sites before they become public.
  15. With the Fed basically throwing money at public firms perhaps this needs to be all rethought. I wonder what percentage of T-Mobile customers are currently being carried due to Covid-19? If this level is relatively small, perhaps they should be borrowing lots at this time to speed up the process significantly. However they should not become error prone. properly done, they have a very good window of opportunity.
  16. In most metro areas there is enough for both. Getting Magic Boxes off b41 to wifi will given them 20Mhz. In small city areas with 55MHz effectively then are activating 15Mhz LTE. Hard to determine if that is to leave 20Mhz for 5g or not.
  17. Because they plan to dump most Sprint sites (most of which are co-sites). They need to get to being one network, one accounting system etc as soon as possible since those areas are where the synergy is. Failing to do so quickly will crush their capex, since it is paid for from profits rather than a sugar daddy or smoke and mirrors. You want everyone focused on achieving a few simple objectives.
  18. https://www.businessinsider.com/att-layoffs-thousands-jobs-cut-covid-19-june-2020-6 https://www.channelpartnersonline.com/2020/06/16/cwa-says-att-job-cuts-to-impact-thousands-nationally/ There may be far more layoffs. The Fed expects the economy to take several years to recover. The scale of the layoffs depends on possible additional funding from Congress. Workers no longer in under supply so firms will do as they must or as they wish.
  19. Assuming network build success, T-Mobile will need lots of stores in small towns/rural areas to match the duo. Building up will take longer. Eventually they will thin out their network support ranks once they reach a unified single network.
  20. Let us know if you pickup n41. Thanks
  21. Does the band selection work? (n71 will still need an anchor band of course). Can you get n41? Thanks
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