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  1. Without rural areas, metro areas wouldn't even exist, for one simple reason, food. That is before you get to any other reason. Why divide anything? All areas are needed.
  2. Have you tried powering it off for a night, let it cool down, then plug it in the next day. See if the CDMA works then.
  3. That just gets you to the front of the queue, in case there is a shortage for certain models. As a lot people will be ordering them.
  4. PM'd you. Lease credits I hear.
  5. There is something, it is pretty good.
  6. The firmware in the Airaves is 'buggy' on its very best day, it opens up a hole where it can access the rest of your network.
  7. With Sprint, the cell site backhaul is most likely the slowest point in the network. Some sites have 10Gbps connections, most don't.
  8. As ingenium says, the Airave4 makes two VPN tunnels to the Sprint servers, all traffic goes via these two tunnels. One tunnel for CDMA 1x Voice/data and one for LTE data. No ports needs to opened/forwarded/No DMZ. Do NOT use DMZ, unless you really enjoy opening up your network to attacks.
  9. No Airaves/MBs support VoLTE right now. The MBs will one day, no idea when that day will come.
  10. The Airave4 creates connections FROM the Airave TO Sprint's servers, no incoming connections need to go directly to the device via DMZ.
  11. No DMZ is needed for any Airave device. Mine works great mostly, sometimes need to reboot, which is something I should never have to do.
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