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  1. The 3 has EVDO data, the 4 does not, if that matters to you.
  2. I see this happen too. It is known about.
  3. No normal president, as they follow the law. This time it is different, he doesn't follow the law. What orange man comment?
  4. Far from a non-issue. It is how the Trump org works, greasing palms.
  5. When they're the only consumer at that location, that speed is good and achievable. Do they have 10Gbps backhaul to these sites? I doubt they do.
  6. Anyone can upgrade early, just pay the unpaid months.
  7. Will the new menu get rid of the Calling plus option?
  8. Sprint customers do not get access to all towers or all bands on a tower. There are towers where we only get access to one band, even though the tower has 3 bands.
  9. All roaming data on TMO go through Sprint servers in a few locations. These Sprint servers have a finite capacity, as more and more phones are able to roam, the speeds for people roaming will go down.
  10. Just because there is TMO LTE, it doesn't mean you are allowed to connect. Depends on the tower and band.
  11. When the fiber feeds are knocked out from CenturyLink/Comcast, it doesn't matter anyway.
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