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  1. Bob Newhart

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    The only reason that I wouldn't have any roaming enabled is if I'm in a building on the edge of Sprint coverage, with the signal coming and going, it could cause it to use up the battery. I always have roaming enabled.
  2. Bob Newhart

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Very soon, you will mostly just roam extended for data, which does not count against the 100MB(?) monthly limit. Even now, if you reached the roaming limit, the data will just stop, no charge, no concerns.
  3. Bob Newhart

    Netgear 4G LTE Router Gateway/New Plans

    With the Sierra Wireless tech docs, they say they offer ota firmware updates. Are they transparent? How are they initiated? Looking at pfsense, it has the support for that module via USB. The Cradlepoint solutions seem more expensive. https://www.amazon.com/CBA850LP6-NA-Cradlepoint-Cellular-Broadband-integrated/dp/B01EO0Q6DQ
  4. Bob Newhart

    Netgear 4G LTE Router Gateway/New Plans

    This is really good, thanks.
  5. Bob Newhart

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    You do need to have data roaming enabled to use T-Mobile's LTE data. On the iPhone you need to enable voice roaming to be able to enable data roaming. When on Sprint's voice and on T-Mobile's data, you will see Sprint as the provider on the status bar. When on Verizon (or other like US Celluar)'s voice and T-Mobile's data, you will see Extended as the name of the provider on the status bar. Soon, you will only be able to roam on Verizon (and others) voice, not any non-LTE data.
  6. Bob Newhart

    Netgear 4G LTE Router Gateway/New Plans

    I need one that can use an outdoor directional antenna. Does this Sierra modem support wiring an antenna? How would I activate this on Sprint? Would I just take a SIM out of a Hotspot and place in to the Sierra modem, or would I need to work with Sprint to get it working? Thanks for the help. I'm looking for a backup internet solution, where I can throttle the speed at which the data is used.
  7. Bob Newhart

    Netgear 4G LTE Router Gateway/New Plans

    Is the Netgear 6100D modem/router considered the best residential device that has Ethernet ports?
  8. When the companies know what 5G actually is, then they can deploy it. Right now, it is just 1 higher than 4G (?). I personally think if there is a merger that the new company name should be Sprint. Not T-Mobile, it needs to be a better name without a hyphen. Sprint is far more than wireless, look at their fiber network around the world, that is of very high quality. This is one of the big reasons why T-Mobile want Sprint.
  9. Bob Newhart

    Network Vision/LTE - Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands Market

    Are there any recent speed tests in PR?
  10. I have been places with the iOS app, where the app sees native 1x/EVDO/LTE coverage. It is never shown on the map. Never had an issue with the Android app.
  11. Has anyone found that the iOS iPhone app actually successfully logs and reports coverage for Sprint? I found that only the Android app works for reporting coverage, at least over the last month.
  12. I have never seen any preferences be restored from my google account, these are on Samsung S7/S8, LG V30, Nexus 5X, etc. I do prefer that all apps are installed with their defaults as having no noises, no notifications, no anything. It makes a happy first impression. Just my preference.
  13. Bob Newhart

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    I personally would wait for the next iPhone model, hopefully for the addition of the the 600 Mhz band. You can roam on T-Mobile's 700 Mhz band with the current iPhones, it would be nice to roam on their 600 Mhz band when available. With or without the merger.
  14. I would like the default install of this app to have NO alerts enabled, no status bar icons and to disable the reset data connection button. An option to disable screen edits, so when I press the screen, I don't accidently initiate an edit, then having to press cancel. Or use the Google save/restore app settings feature they make available.
  15. Bob Newhart

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Sprint is building towers, brand new towers. There is a limit to how many they can build though.