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  1. Bob Newhart

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    The cost of living where T-Mobile is in the PNW is a LOT higher than KS. T-Mobile will keep KS because they can pay people less. The T-Mobile campus in Bellevue is FULL. The Overland park buildings are sold and leased back. They mentioned that in the KS news.
  2. Bob Newhart

    iPhone 7/7 Plus User's Thread

    That is the first step. More steps from Sprint now.
  3. Have you heard that VoLTE roaming will be in effect? I have heard it will not be. Non-voice roaming data goes via the TMO-S gateways. When you roam from Sprint towers to T-Mobile towers, the device IP address changes, latency goes up, as all data goes via Sprint's gateways, similar to how international roaming works.
  4. Bob Newhart

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    And 5G is ... what? All it is now is 1 number higher than 4.
  5. What do you mean? On my iPhone Xs, while roaming LTE on T-Mobile, it shows Sprint as it has an 1xRTT voice signal available.
  6. Possibly from the increased latency? All your data will go via a gateway miles from your location.
  7. People pay for cell phones and service for a reason. If we wanted just to use unreliable WiFI, we wouldn't pay for cell service. WiFi in stores usually requires 'ok, agreeing to the conditions', every.... single.... time. Not an option.
  8. Bob Newhart

    iPhone 7/7 Plus User's Thread

    The ability to roam on T-Mobile for all the other iPhones previous to Xs/XsM models.
  9. Seriously? WiFi is not a replacement. Using Voice and data at the same time is very common. When you're in a store, speaking to your spouse about a product, sending pictures back and forth about what you're supposed to pick up, etc. That is VERY common. CDMA voice calling is on the way out. VoLTE is better.
  10. Bob Newhart

    S10 family rumors and news

    I'm hoping for a flat (non-curved) screen. An assignable button, that can be used for a camera shutter operation. Two USB-C sockets.
  11. Bob Newhart

    Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    It depends on the site AND band. In areas where band 12 sucks for T-Mobile customers, you can be guaranteed that band 12 is not available for Sprint customers.
  12. Bob Newhart

    iPhone XS Thread

    I don't believe that iOS 12.1 is all it takes, that is part of what is needed for phones other than the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Those two model don't have iOS 12.1 and they can roam, if they have been updated.
  13. Does it roam even with roaming disabled on the phone? I saw someone say this on reddit recently. When you say it shows up as native Sprint, isn't this because your phone sees the Sprint 1xRTT voice?
  14. Bob Newhart

    iPhone XS Thread

    ? It is what I have been told. The updates to all the phones, iPhones and Androids, that allow the new roaming is a staggered release. This is what it is.