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  1. I'm envisioning the others carriers raising their flutes to toast with champagne and sprint with coors banquet
  2. Thanx Tim. I was afraid that would be the answer. Thinking back in it, at this point why would they bother on improving the network they are ripping out and trying to get people to leave.
  3. Is a software update required for older phones to activate, such as HTC U11? There is no toggle in the settings that I can see.
  4. You're killing me smalls. Can't u just let us have a few more months of sprint pride before tmo sticks a fork in it.
  5. I'm waiting for some good deals on other 5g handsets, like oneplus 8 series, to incentive us to jump ship. I ain't doing it though for a Samsung device, that's for sure.
  6. Anyone considering getting either of the 8 series?
  7. Anyone know what's happening to Saw? Does it make sense to have 2 CTO's either in the short term or long term?
  8. Whether u are for or against the merger, I think we can be happy about the fact that there are no other roadblocks from this chapter ending and a new one to begin. Hopefully it bears improvements for all, but given the industry there will always be dissent. Instead of blaming individual states/groups for delays, can we just move forward to what brought us all here, talking about new tech, network integration, upgrades, rollout plans, etc.?
  9. Do u know for a fact they haven't received some concessions already, and are negotiating further?
  10. Was in Fremont today with wicked fast 4g speeds.
  11. briank86

    HTC U11

    Got Android 9.0 today with October 1, 2019 security patch. If anyone has issues with Hotspot & Tethering disappearing from settings try either ##BRAND# and/or ##72786# and reset for both. It happened to me.
  12. briank86

    HTC U11

    Can anyone confirm or deny that the Android 9 update for U11 on sprint is related to VoLTE nationwide launch? And yes I'm still rocking this thing even though security updates are 2 years old.
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