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  1. briank86

    Sprint to Begin VoLTE Soft Launch in September

    Any indication if VoLTE initiated calls will be able to fallback to wifi?
  2. briank86

    Google voice integration going away June 1st

    What's IMS? A full explanation is not needed, just the cliff notes.
  3. I wonder what the schedule looks like in terms of getting the spectrum in use in these areas.
  4. briank86

    HTC U11

    HTC stopped developing their own apps in some cases when Android has a viable app. Personally, I like the Android Messages app, partly since it supports RCS. But u would need to find a 3rd party texting app if u don't like it.
  5. briank86

    HTC U11

    If anyone else is having issues with Google play store crashing, like I was, from within the settings go to Apps and uninstall updates for it. Seemed to work for me. Other than that the PIP is neat with videos.
  6. briank86

    HTC U11

    Just got the play store update for Edge Launcher. After I went into Edge Sense from the settings and assigned long hold to the Edge Launcher it's enabled. It's pretty slick.
  7. briank86

    HTC U11

    Got it too. Still looking through what's new/changed. The sqround icons are interesting. Not sure how I feel bout em yet though.
  8. briank86

    HTC U11

    I went to the mountains last weekend where previously on my m8 I used to roam on Verizon for voice and 3g data. This time no connection. However, my wife's bolt roamed without a problem.
  9. briank86

    HTC U11

    The update for Alexa just showed up for me. I'm still skeptical about allowing Amazon access to always listen. I'm not super fond of Google either to be fair. Hopefully the echo dots can make me some money though or at least make a good present.
  10. briank86

    HTC U11

    Anyone get the code to order echo dots yet? I registered my MEID decimal thrice, due to their glitch, but haven't seen a follow up to actually order.
  11. briank86

    HTC U11

    My last 4 phones have been htc. All have been great and regarding updates they are very transparent. They have a website that says what stage the updates are in and if that's not enough just look at Mo Versi's Twitter feed.
  12. I used to be the same until my college english professor helped me out. Here are a couple of tips about commas. When punctuating just think about the person reading the sentence. Commas should be used every time the reader breathes or you want them to pause while reading reading the sentence. In addition, if a sentence is very long (you can't finish it on 1 breathe) and there is no place for a comma, split the thought into 2 sentences.
  13. I've seen both sides of this story and like the HOA my mom's house is in. Hers costs less than $100 per year and the main purpose is to keep up the value of the homes up. For example, front yards have to be maintained, house exteriors have to be kept up, setback requirements are enforced, etc. Subsequently her neighborhood is one of the most desirable in the city which results in high property values. I think communities should focus on the same things when it come to zoning and permitting. For example in the Bay Area as home prices increased people sprawled towards the Central Valley. City's like Tracy were growing so fast that the city couldn't keep up with roadways, water, sewage and other infrastructure. Crowding was getting so bad the city stopped allowing additional homes to be built. They were responsible and did what was needed for their community to maintain value. That same approach should be used when communities evaluate whether they should interfere or not. Unfortunately many communities see the process as a way to generate additional money, via fees and taxes, without adding much value.
  14. briank86

    HTC U11

    I regret u cancelling your order. This phone is incredible.
  15. briank86

    HTC U11

    I got the black. It looks good, but I think the blue was probably a better choice. I may try to change out at store, but if they charge a restocking fee I'll keep it. Love the phone though. Fast as hell, especially when updating apps.