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  1. I have the S20 ultra, been on it for a while now. It's on 5G every where I go, and yes I'm getting good battery life on it. Though I should have waited a week and got the V60, oh well.
  2. Well I picked up the S20 ultra 5G from sprint store, my V50 wouldn't sign on to 5G as of last week, but was on tmobile bands. The S20 ultra primarily using tmobile frequencies, 2,4,12,66,71 so far.
  3. When its'on LTE, it says LTE, when it's on 5G, it says 5G, my phone is on 5G in the DC area. I know the difference, especially when I'm getting a ping less then 25ms
  4. If that was so, It wouldn't be on my V50 right now. Also getting bands 4, 12, 66 on my V50 from T-Mobile.
  5. It was a few days for me when it came back, they are doing some tuning I guess, you can do a profile update if you wish, but just give a couple of days.
  6. Mine is still on 5G, for a few days they were doing some work on 5G in the northern virginia area, then it came back.
  7. Problems, what problems, I don't have no stinking problems. Well maybe, they say I'm a little on the looney toons side.
  8. Yes I'm in Virginia', and it's a normal function of the phone, having volte, wifi-calling and regular cell calls, hear no difference
  9. I know, though it is a cat 18 device, my V50 on 5G gets 12-17ms pings and 27 and above pings on 4G
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