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  1. That's funny the link is alive and well, my sprint rewards
  2. Yes, I have the app on my phone, got the link in my email from sprint, app on both Google and Apple stores
  3. They also have band 41 in Chambersburg also. Was just up there last week
  4. kg4icg

    Network Vision/LTE - Washington DC Market

    I did this last week in Ashburn, loudon county.
  5. kg4icg

    Current Sprint PRLs

    On my LG G7 also
  6. I guess until after the merger is approved and complete and LG sends out a updated firmware, that this will be saying roaming. But yes seeing a lot more of this on my G7
  7. Don't forget, it's usually how we tell time, the old fashioned way.
  8. Speaking of roaming, got a little today as I was approaching Mount Weather on Route 7 WB heading to Winchester, VA. This was western Loudon County.
  9. Plus that little spat still going on between Qualcomm and apple in which Qualcomm is stating that apple has been forwarding Qualcomm ip to Intel which is a whole other can of worms that's been opened.
  10. But it was under Qualcomm that sprint worked with to help set it up and tune it, this is the first time Intel has done this and no one knows.
  11. Maybe because the androids have the 845, and the iPhone is going with Intel solution for their modem.