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  1. Yeah I was extremely impressed to the point where I though it might be a mistake. But it was a 4G LTE connection and nothing else. Unless something else was wrong or there was erroneous data, I don't know. I typically get 120 down inside my apartment but, curiously I can't stream Amazon Music nor Google Play music for more than 30 seconds without it then buffering for a minute or two or even longer. Makes streaming music absolutely impossible. How can this be with such great throughput? This has been the case for over a year. It isn't a new issue for me, unfortunately. Any ideas?
  2. Yeah it was within 100 yards of a tower clearly with massive mimo but still ..I never thought this was possible on 4G even with 3xCA.
  3. This is by far the fastest speed I've ever gotten and this is on 4G on a Galaxy Note 10+. Not even 5G capable. This was in front of Bobby Jones Golf Course on Northside Drive in Atlanta. Is this even possible? WiFi was disengaged for sure.
  4. I keep forgetting to post this but does anyone else have trouble streaming music on Sprint who uses either a galaxy S9 variant or Note 10 variant? I've had both phones over the last few years and have never been able to smoothly stream music even though I'm in very strong signal areas where streaming HD video is no problem. This makes zero sense to me. I can't stream music on Sprint. Like what the actual fudge? This was using both Amazon Music as well as Google Play music.
  5. Now that is interesting. I assumed they tanked (Sprint's call scores)due to crappy voice over LTE. I should have checked that. I still can't use VoLTE here in Atlanta because it's absolutely horrible. I don't really care though because I use wifi if I need data while on a call. But that's extremely rare that I would ever need data while on a call anyway. 1x still greatly outperforms VoLTE as far as in building use in my experience, hence why I don't use it. I can't even make a clear call in my own apartment on VoLTE.
  6. You can always disengage it. Simple toggle. I leave mine off at all times now to ensure reliable phone calls.
  7. I had the S9+, upgraded to Note 10+. Quickly killed VoLTE. Calls on 1x are amazingly more reliable and penetrate very deep into buildings and even basements. Perfectly clear. On LTE? I'm lucky to make it 15 or 20 feet inside of a building and the call breaks up and cuts out entirely. They'd better leave that as an option for the foreseeable future or until Tmo sweeps in and works their magic.
  8. Same. I want to see this ironed out. Very disappointing. I hope the new TMobile works their magic on this because data wise band 41 is awesome. I would go so far as to say it even over delivers (especially indoors it goes much farther than people had imagined). I think Sprint's network is fantastic most places I go - a stark difference from early 2012 when I couldn't even watch a you tube video on useless 3G at 150 kbps. Let's get this fixed, guys.
  9. Is that so? Well it definitely shows in their call quality rankings with rootmetrics that it doesn't most places so count yourself lucky. To be clear volte is failing for me in areas where I have a very strong band 41 signal (pulling over 75 down). It's perplexing. What was once an extremely solid strong point for them has now become their weakest quality.
  10. Yeah I had to completely disable voice over LTE again as the call quality is absolutely miserable on LTE and that's here in a very mature and very well built out market (Atlanta). Shameful.
  11. Yeah I'd rather just disable volte. Their voice network over 1x was always EXTREMELY reliable. They knew that. Hence the holdout for so long.
  12. I wonder if it's based on unique user reports versus just reports in general? I'd be curious to view those metrics. It probably is highly situation/site specific. How could it not be? Either way I'll always speak up and believe in the power of my voice in all arenas in life.
  13. 100% I know they have responded well here in Atlanta. Never feel like your voice doesn't matter. That's tantamount to not voting!! If everyone figured the same and didn't report, nothing would get done, I assure you!
  14. I mean Sprint really did quite well. Very well. But the importance of that extremely quick 5G ping time (latency) can NOT be overstated! Nice!
  15. I mean it sounds pretty good to me for non mm wave 5G
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