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  1. You need to be concerned with TMobile going forward and not Sprint. That brand is obviously being killed so there is nothing to worry about. If rumor pans out, the Sprint brand will be all but retired on August 2nd. You're a TMobile customer now. We all are.
  2. And to be quite frank mmwave is largely useless at this point and will remain as such for quite some time. It's just too isolated and doesn't scale. The speeds TMO will get out of 2.5 are gonna be extremely impressive as it is. I think TMobile will find that they don't even need mmwave as much as they were planning when 600 and 2.5 are perfectly capable of blanketing the nation in a very robust and speedy network.
  3. Here in Midtown Atlanta I noticed my phone was stuck (happily) on TMobile bands for about 5 to 7 days but it's been back on band 41 exclusively (Sprint coverage was THAT GOOD here) ever since. No complaints here!
  4. Right. You can't blink coverage into existence. They want to have their invisible (quinoa) cake and, apparently, eat it, too. No, Karen. Doesn't work like that!
  5. So with "Day 1" rapidly approaching (8/1), what sort of branding changes is everyone anticipating? I'm assuming the websites will be merged more (perhaps all the way) completely. Also with the Note 20 "Unpacked" event taking place on 8/5, it seems more than likely that New TMO will use the launch and device as a showpiece for demonstrating the new combined network's capabilities. I see the Note 20 series as being the first true flagship phone that will be marketed as taking advantage of the combined company's broad and deep spectrum portfolio. This should be interesting. The Pixel 5 may or may not be just around the corner (conflicting rumors, Covid-19 related internal structure changes within Google, etc) but if it does materialize in October would be the second major Android device to trumpet new magenta's full power but at a much easier to digest price. I look forward to the elimination of duplicitous branding and what shakes out this late summer and fall device wise and network wise!
  6. Are you suggesting that Sprint was attempting to build a network with champagne taste but on a decidedly beer budget? 😂
  7. All of this is so flipping cool. I haven't been this excited since Sprint first started rolling out LTE here in Atlanta in June 2012. I feel like a kid in a candy store! #nerdtruth
  8. I'm kinda wondering the same thing. And marketing this on Sprint's website as a 5G phone makes no sense as Sprint's 5G network no longer exists. Am I missing something?
  9. I would be hard pressed to imagine they haven't, given their outstanding track record.
  10. I see from the June 2nd coverage map update that 5G coverage has been removed in Atlanta. Unsurprising but still nostalgically sad.
  11. Well I guess it isn't actually roaming anymore even if it shows as such as TMobile coverage is now native coverage provided your phone has the necessary bands to latch onto whatever technology those particular towers are broadcasting.
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