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  1. If they didn't enable VoLTE then I would assume they must realize the network still isn't fully ready for it yet. If that's the case then why are some phones allowed to to use it? Whatever the case, there is obviously a clear reason for it. I guess we just aren't yet privy to it.
  2. Speaking of the A, I was at Hartsfield this morning and can attest to the fact that - at least where I was in Concourse D - data speeds have increased tremendously since my last visit to that concourse. I was pulling over 40 megabits per second just before boarding (D38 to be extremely specific as that airport is absolutely enormous). WiFi was NOT engaged.
  3. Oh God I really hope you're right. Calling plus was a cute experiment but, uh, I would hope that isn't representative of what the true VoLTE experience is like. From what you're saying it isn't. Any idea when the S9+ will get VoLTE support?
  4. It's not a fallback to 3G so much as it is completely useless band 26. This results in a horrendous VoLTE calling experience between the islands of nearly 300mbps data speeds on those massive mimo equipped towers/cells. In between? Yikes.
  5. I live in Central Atlanta and though I don't have volte on my Galaxy S9+ I do have calling plus and I absolutely cannot stand it. CDMA has much further range and never drops and is completely clear. VoLTE depends (obviously) on an extremely robust LTE network which - even in Atlanta - just doesn't exist. Yes it's a strong LTE showing for Sprint here but look at my words. It's really good but it is not what I would call "extremely robust." I cannot see any advantage to using it and am quick to toggle calling plus off anytime I accidentally toggle it on.
  6. I have the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. Incredibly frustrating. S9+ here. The roomie has an S8 which always connects.
  7. Yes, 2x carrier aggregation on UL has been reported quite frequently in many markets lately.
  8. Business reasons are the only reasons I could see for this being so seemingly very important. That makes sense. But I don't walk and stare at my phone. At least not after a certain spill I took while walking home from work one night while trying to text my (then) other half. I recommend others not walk and try to surf simultaneously, either. If your moving feet are involved, chances are your eyes should be as well. Nothing on Facebook or Twitter is that important.
  9. Yes, seriously. It's your opinion and I have mine. I don't need your permission for that. But pretty much any store I frequent I have the wifi credentials saved to my phone. It's quite easy and I can talk and surf most everywhere I go in this fashion (though I wouldn't care to, really). Also people need to stop stressing about always being connected 24/7. Enjoy the damn conversation and post ignorant selfies later.
  10. That's a valid concern though there are several ways to protect oneself against such threats. But a valid concern indeed.
  11. Yeah I addressed that. You CAN talk and surf. Wi-Fi. I mean I can't think of many places I go where there is not Wi-Fi, including this city bus I'm currently writing this on. But I just don't think the network on most places - including here in Atlanta - is anywhere near dense enough to offer a quality VOLTE experience, no matter how much you tweak band 26. And I also don't see why the average person, the vast majority of users, really, would truly have a need to surf and talk simultaneously. Other than being a "me, too" issue I really don't think it's that important. I'll take rock solid call performance over something not that necessary any day of the week. After all, these things are still called "phones" for a reason.
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