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  1. Does ANYONE struggle with insufficient speeds? I give zero f-cks about the actual Mbps number. Does it hinder you at all , at any time? It doesn't me. It simply works. Is that so bad? And I'm on "just" 4G. Asking for a friend.
  2. Damn! You sad what you said. And you were exactly SPOT ON.
  3. Looks like I get CA on band 41 LTE again just as I used to on Sprint but now TMobile. Damn. File too big to attach. Still 4G. 121 Mbps. Still no need for 5G.
  4. Paul Laurence Dunbar class of 98!
  5. Same here but I've had them since 1998 - one year longer than even you. I was a senior in high school that year in Lexington, KY. Since then I've lived in both several portions of metro Cincinnati and also here in Atlanta. Even in the late 90s, I had no signal issues with Sprint even in Lexington. Anywhere I went - and I went to a lot of places during my college years (while at University of Kentucky)all over the United States - I tended to have service. When I didn't have it through Sprint I was roaming on Verizon for little or no cost. So it didn't matter to me as long as the damned thing worked. And it did....at least until the latter end of the 3G era during the much maligned rip and replace. By then I was deep into my stint here in Atlanta and after that really terrible period.....the service became stellar here. I mean awesome, even, at least at times. LTE here in Atlanta was absolutely fantastic. Low latency, high DL speeds.....tolerable upload speeds. That was a deliberate configuration as we all know but it certainly worked for most people. But change is inevitable and here we are. It's an ever evolving story!
  6. I personally think they've all got it wrong. 100% #teamchromebook over here!
  7. Was in San Juan area feb 20 through 23rd for my 41st bday....was amazing and so was tmobile's performance! Great signal everywhere i went while my ATT toting friend was stuck having to use wifi or my phone as a hotspot! Interesting.
  8. You are correct. I updated again without realizing you'd issued one and - voil√° - problem quite resolved. Thank you.
  9. So I'm getting "Clearwire" notifications on SCP since upgrading to the latest update as far as provider goes when the bands are clearly tmo (2 and 4, usually...with a smattering of 41). All of these indicated T-Mobile prior to last update. Why the odd discrepancy? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?
  10. This is a very good point. True, soccer ("football") may be the largest sport in the world - by far - but this isn't the rest of the world. This is the U.S. and soccer just isn't on the radar really here in the sort of capacity that would make any difference to/resonate with Sprint subs or potential subs. You're not going to reach mainstream folks pushing what amounts at least in this country to a niche sport. It is shocking the number of missteps they took over the years. Even more shocking is that they survived as long as they did. I would contend that is at least partially (if not wholly) due to the massive upgrades made to their network from 2H 2012 on. To suggest that the Sprint network didn't improve tremendously across the board would be a bold faced lie. They did a good job with threadbare resources. Ya gotta give em that.
  11. I had a weird issue when trying to create that previous post, hence its messy nature. My apologies. I'm for some reason not able to simply create a new post. The system thinks I'm trying to modify my previous post...which I'm not. But I can't find a way around it.
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