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  1. JonnygATL

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I wouldn't be privy to that information. I would imagine they would assess that if granted approval. What I'm interested to know is if the issues we've seen are widespread and far reaching, confined to just one or 2 particular MB generations, or if we've just been particularly unlucky. Those are the kind of metrics one would need before making such a drastic and costly decision.
  2. JonnygATL

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Oh wow, so it's not just me. Yeah I have a lot of problems with it and am thinking of unplugging it permanently. They need to figure out why some phones connect to it just fine and others do not (late model band 41 capable) amongst a few other very key issues.
  3. JonnygATL

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Mine only works during daylight hours (at least with my particular phone in my particular corner of NW Atlanta). It may not seem to make sense but my phone only connects to it from around 7 a.m. til around 7 p. M. Due to my work schedule, I'm often awake until 6 a. M. and sleeping until 2 p. M. So it definitely affects me as my data is useless when I'm at home and unable to connect to the MB . There must be some reason for this.
  4. JonnygATL

    Small cell

    Having so much difficulty with connecting to it kinda defeats the purpose of of having one at all. It also begs the question of how useful is it as a means of enhancing/expanding the network when the majority of passersby are likely not connecting to it (just as I am most times not).
  5. JonnygATL

    Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    God I'm so frustrated. Nevermind the update. I want usable data on my mb. Uggghhh.
  6. JonnygATL

    Small cell

    I dunno. My magic box is extremely annoying (being a form of small cell). Other sprint phones instantly latch onto it but not my gs9+. Weird. My roomie (ex) has a GS9 that instantly connects to mb. I can't be me more frustrated because without it, I'm on a mostly useless signal on bands 25 and 26. I have gotten no good answers so far as to why the gs9 seems to struggle with connecting to at least this type of small cell.
  7. JonnygATL

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I've not noticed any more or less aggressive hand downs to 3G here in Atlanta. Same very few trouble spots as always that still somehow lack 4G after 6 years of deployment. Frustrating but overall, things are good here.
  8. JonnygATL

    Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    And the dialer code had zero effect. I tried it 4 times. The other phone is on the mb, as usual.
  9. JonnygATL

    Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    It's on band 25 or 26, depending on where I am in the apartment, but not on band 41 on the macro network. It will connect to band 41 on the macro network outside but not inside. So, yeah, it's odd.
  10. JonnygATL

    Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    Anyone know how to force this damn phone onto my mb? The s8+ in the house automatically connects to the mb before we even enter the apartment but my s9+ will take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours befure it realizes there's a blazing fast and infinitely faster b41 connection available for use instead of mostly useless b25 or 26. At times, airplane mode cycling helps but usually it does not. Again, all the while the s8+ is happily connected to b41 from the MB. What gives?
  11. This is all very interesting. Let us know what you find out!
  12. Sorry yeah I meant calling plus. My bad. Definitely a significant distinction.
  13. Yeah even here in Atlanta it is borderline. Volte sucks with my magic box. I disable it. CDMA is awesome for voice. That's the "problem."
  14. Sprint has always been an odd cat and this only further solidifies that perception. Guys, stop being weird and just do your damn job! Then, you would not need to do these bizarre stunts in a bid to help alter public perception because it would already be positive. Jesus, they just don't get it. I have defended Sprint to my family and friends for almost two decades now and it's becoming quite tiresome.