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  1. You are correct. I updated again without realizing you'd issued one and - voilá - problem quite resolved. Thank you.
  2. So I'm getting "Clearwire" notifications on SCP since upgrading to the latest update as far as provider goes when the bands are clearly tmo (2 and 4, usually...with a smattering of 41). All of these indicated T-Mobile prior to last update. Why the odd discrepancy? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?
  3. This is a very good point. True, soccer ("football") may be the largest sport in the world - by far - but this isn't the rest of the world. This is the U.S. and soccer just isn't on the radar really here in the sort of capacity that would make any difference to/resonate with Sprint subs or potential subs. You're not going to reach mainstream folks pushing what amounts at least in this country to a niche sport. It is shocking the number of missteps they took over the years. Even more shocking is that they survived as long as they did. I would contend that is at least pa
  4. I will see what they're up to in Lexington. We'll be there for an extremely bizarre and socially distanced Thanksgiving. I will take notes. It's also the first time they're all meeting the boyfriend. Nervous AF but not too nervous to scout for *T4GRU. 😏
  5. I had that happen a few weeks ago. A simple restart proved to be my fix.
  6. Oh that's awesome! Nice research you did. Simple but brilliant. Looking forward to seeing what you uncover!
  7. I have a note 10+ but can still speak to loving 2.5. Wireless Dex is amazing. Best part, hands down.
  8. Wow if they're putting N41 on towers in markets as small as Lexington (roughly 340,000 in city proper) already then they are really on a roll! As much as I love my hometown I wasn't expecting them to give secondary and tertiary markets any attention until at least a year from now at the earliest. Yes, Lexington had widespread band 41 but it was only capable of 2xCA as it was based on mini macs (somehow that sounds like little rappers in my head but anyway). I like the speed with which tmo moves!
  9. So after switching my phone back to Sprint by disallowing LTE roaming on my Note 10+, things went decidedly south. Predictively, my phone began performing rather poorly and wouldn't even load a simple web page...so I re-allowed LTE roaming (which seems to be how they're managing this in the background for Sprint users) gland now I'm cruising along handily on AWS spectrum. But, before connecting to band 4 I briefly connected to this here at my home in Midtown Atlanta. I feel like this is noteworthy. Am I wrong?
  10. I didn't see the option under LTE editing to turn off tmo bands one by my one so I completely disabled LTE roaming and now I, too, am thankfully back on my extremely robust and fast Sprint band 41 signal. I don't know how long this workaround will work, however. I'm guessing not through the holidays as that spectrum gets rapidly refarmed.
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