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  1. A. I need your life. And B. I need those speeds. I love the A but, first things first.
  2. I've come across many other people also complaining about the poor low light, indoor photos (where people look like animations or overly made up) and grainy, fuzzy resolution. It's terrible and frustrating.
  3. My note 10 plus takes absolutely terrible selfies and pretty bad photos on the main camera as well. With all the praise that's been piled upon this phone's camera, I was expecting to be wowed but I'm not even pleased. Maybe I have a faulty device?? My S9 plus definitely took way better photos.
  4. Yeah I mailed it back to Sprint. I probably will get a bill for the cracked rear glass but one thing at a time, I suppose.
  5. It was $650 I believe. I chose to finance it rather than pay out right. Awesome deal.
  6. I gave up on the S9 plus. Got the Note 10 plus on Monday. Awesome device. Great sale at Best Buy. May be over now but even included upgraders like me. Fyi
  7. Was stoppage on said work related to the (possibly/maybe/who knows) pending Tmo merger?
  8. I'm not sure I buy that but I also don't really need it. But I do really want to know what the issue is with this damn phone that the prior and post generations could do it but the 9 can't. Like, what the actual F?
  9. Other than attempting to show how well we're holding up this flimsy house of cards? Not really. But, for what it's worth, I continue to experience fantastic speeds and improved service here in Atlanta. More coverage holes (like my job) have been filled recently. Pretty cool despite minimum investment!
  10. JonnygATL

    Pixel 4/4XL

    Well you can always call someone on fb messenger over WiFi. Most humans on Earth have fb. Not all, clearly. But most. Especially in the developed world.
  11. JonnygATL

    Pixel 4/4XL

    With screen mirroring there is absolutely no need for a Chromecast. Exceedingly simple. That's what I don't wanna give up.
  12. JonnygATL

    Pixel 4/4XL

    I really have been excited about this phone but the one thing that bothers me most about the idea of leaving Samsung for the Pixel line is losing the smart view easy screen mirroring to my Samsung smart tv (no wifi nor internet required). I don't know of any other phone brand that can connect to a smart TV without WiFi nor internet of any sort (as in both devices having to be on the same pre existing network). I guess I have an old Chromecast or 2 laying around somewhere but that seems cumbersome compared to Samsung's solution. I also wish the Pixels were better looking devices, as petty as that may be. Hmm.. decisions, decisions.
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