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  1. I love that service has progressed/improved in many, many areas (including the Lexington metro area) to the point where the forums are largely quiet. When service is great, there's not much reason to look forward to upgrades! I guess, because, they've long since been completed! Bittersweet but kinda awesome.
  2. Got Android 14 a few hours ago.
  3. I really don't care but this phone is the best I've ever owned. Love smart view, Dex and all of that and being able to control all my friends' TVs even while not at all on their wifi network. Well, so long as they're Samsung, LG or TCL. I'm evil at heart - what can I say?
  4. Thanks. I couldn't recall that other one. I took a screenshot for future reference. Happy New Year!!!!
  5. Ok so can we get a quick list of still viable dialer codes? Some work, some have seemingly been disabled. Just the top 5 most useful. S22 ultra.
  6. Heard. Ok. I actually don't really feel like I'm missing out. The 5G speeds here on n41 hover around 450 Mbps on average. I'm only checking out of sheer curiosity. I'm sure it'll be available by the first week or so of the new year, given how aggressive both TMobile and Samsung are in rolling out updates to enable new technologies (and all updates in general).
  7. Since getting a 5G phone a few weeks ago here in Atlanta (briefly the Pixel 7 Pro and now the S22 Ultra) I have only seen n41. That's not to say that n25 doesn't exist here but, rather, that n41 is so incredibly widespread and dense here that I haven't had a chance to see it. But I'll keep my eyes peeled and SCP running to scope it out.
  8. Just switched to the S22 Ultra from the Pixel 7 Pro. Love this beast!!
  9. Shit..as much as i hate to admit it......you're not wrong. Heard. Loud and clear.
  10. I spent TWO HOURS at best buy in Buckhead today and did finally switch it for the S22 Ultra.....which I'm kinda planning on marrying. I'm quite content with the upgrade (see what I did there?). P.s. it definitely works all over without wifi. Been doing it all evening.
  11. Right. And I was asking if there was a similar solution for the Pixel, be it native or available as a third party app. That was my question. I didn't answer it myself actually, but many folks with similar concerns online in other forums did, however. Also I was shocked to learn that I can't just run a usb-c to HDMI cable to mirror my screen via a wired connection because Google intentionally broke that functionality. No, you have to buy a bizarre, expensive and separate dock of some sort instead of just the cable that I already have. Seems a nasty, Apple-esque move. Pretty phone with awesome updates and great low light photo taking abilities (and insane 5G speeds, to be sure). Too bad it is just crippled in other areas (my opinion, not an argument). Cheers. Carry on.
  12. Because the few times I've needed it I have bought a one month Xfinity pass. But I usually don't need it at home....because I just screen mirror my phone for all my entertainment needs outside of the many over the air free HD channels available. And the phones I've had have all had unlimited data. I don't really use that much. I rarely exceed 40 gb in a month. I'll usually download for offline viewing while on wifi at work (though often times I do stream directly from mobile data). Then, once back at home, just cast my Samsung phone to a smart tv at the pad. Again, without wifi. I'm surprised this is news to some folks. Most people I know say that's one of the top reasons they're Samsung fans! But again....this is about seeing if a similar feature exists for the Pixel 7 series. It would seem that the answer is no. So...tomorrow is my off day. First item of the day...VOTE in the runoff election here in Georgia. Item 2.... take the train from the precinct to Best Buy in Buckhead to trade this thing back in lol. Good riddance!!
  13. That's odd. I've done it doing it since at least the Galaxy s6 edge and, no, I've never had wifi at home. Ever. My boyfriend and I both. We've never purchased home internet. Smart view does establish a Wi-Fi direct connection between the two devices, but it absolutely does not require a general Wi-Fi network at large, despite what the website might say. Try it somewhere other than home - like at best buy where there are lots of TVs (or a bar or anywhere that isn't home) but not a network that you are personally on - and you will see very quickly that it doesn't.
  14. But on a positive note the lower the lighting, the more the camera does shine. And I also pulled 834 down over N41 last night. Very impressive.
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