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  1. I was just on Sprint's website 5 minutes ago. Definitely still very much exists.
  2. Ya know what? I forgot all about HPUE. I don't recall if there were any solid metrics published that supported it actually making a substantial difference but if anyone can point me in that direction that would be great. Curious to see if it had any real effect and, if so, to what extent.
  3. Ok that's the one exception. This Kentucky boy can definitely throw down with some fried chicken!
  4. Samsung phones are extremely widespread. For others I am assuming it requires root access. But MSL =000000 and that's the simple key if you're on Samsung. One of the many reasons I have always been with them.
  5. I don't eat fast food. In fact, calling it "food" is a tremendous but laughable error. Yuck. No, put the money elsewhere.
  6. And TMobile has quite the temporal leg up on deploying said mid band, pre-existing spectrum with an already well seeded device portfolio that can take advantage of their 2.5 mid band spectrum. Will the other 2 eventually catch up? Probably. Money does talk, after all. But not before TMO enjoys its solitary vacation for 18 to 24 monts!
  7. When on band 66 texts seem to hang for several minutes or not go through at all.
  8. Oh wow that is sketch AF. I was planning on using my Galaxy forever benefit to grab the note 20 ultra. Mainly I actually want it for wireless Dex ability. That would be a game changer for me as I hate cords and I already have a bt keyboard and mouse. I really do use it as a computer and it's actually ok but wireless would make it a whole lot better. But I'm assuming wireless Dex support will come to my note 10 + this fall if history is any indication. If that's true, y'all can keep the damn thing and I'll keep mine. Lol
  9. That's an extreme version of what I said. Generally TMO is, in my mind, a relatively rock solid, customer centric company. I never said they were trying to "pull the wool" over anyone's eyes. That would imply malice. They weren't doing that but I thought I was extremely clear in stating that all companies seek to paint themselves in the absolute most positive light from the same set of data that others might draw a different conclusion from. Such is the nature of these things. It has always been thus and it likely always shall. That statement is 100% true. Sprint was a master at this, if
  10. Like I suspected, TMobile definitely does not have nearly as many "connections" as ATT. As all companies do, they are cherry picking certain data and presenting the numbers in a way that paints a rosier (more magenta??) picture than reality might otherwise suggest. Do they have more postpaid customers? Apparently but barely. But ATT has far more customers and connected devices when using the term "connections" and that is a much clearer picture of the actual situation. I'm all for TMobile but don't misunderstand the data. https://www.theverge.com/2020/8/6/21357737/t-mobile-att-bigger
  11. Probably not. Explains my non-existent dating life as well!
  12. Ok so when I go into Google and start to type in "Sprint" it indicates an "auto forward page." But when I finish typing out "sprint.com" and tap on it, I'm still taken to the same Sprint page I went to all summer long. Nothing has changed.
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