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  1. Yes, 2x carrier aggregation on UL has been reported quite frequently in many markets lately.
  2. Business reasons are the only reasons I could see for this being so seemingly very important. That makes sense. But I don't walk and stare at my phone. At least not after a certain spill I took while walking home from work one night while trying to text my (then) other half. I recommend others not walk and try to surf simultaneously, either. If your moving feet are involved, chances are your eyes should be as well. Nothing on Facebook or Twitter is that important.
  3. Yes, seriously. It's your opinion and I have mine. I don't need your permission for that. But pretty much any store I frequent I have the wifi credentials saved to my phone. It's quite easy and I can talk and surf most everywhere I go in this fashion (though I wouldn't care to, really). Also people need to stop stressing about always being connected 24/7. Enjoy the damn conversation and post ignorant selfies later.
  4. That's a valid concern though there are several ways to protect oneself against such threats. But a valid concern indeed.
  5. Yeah I addressed that. You CAN talk and surf. Wi-Fi. I mean I can't think of many places I go where there is not Wi-Fi, including this city bus I'm currently writing this on. But I just don't think the network on most places - including here in Atlanta - is anywhere near dense enough to offer a quality VOLTE experience, no matter how much you tweak band 26. And I also don't see why the average person, the vast majority of users, really, would truly have a need to surf and talk simultaneously. Other than being a "me, too" issue I really don't think it's that important. I'll take rock solid call performance over something not that necessary any day of the week. After all, these things are still called "phones" for a reason.
  6. Well I personally don't think the network is ready yet. So I couldn't care less. The more time to adjust band 26 and do some infill work, the better. I don't get why everyone wants VOLTE anyway when it's just going to lead to dropped calls and less quality than tried and proven, highly reliable CDMA calls. What is the great advantage with this besides the ability to use the internet while on a call (which can be done already on any phone when on Wi-Fi)?
  7. Omg. Exactly. We all know the issues, mistakes and missteps. It's just a service. Walk the blank away if it doesn't meet your needs.
  8. Agreed. The way that communication is constructed seems to simply be a warning of a removal of service and not a required step toward a better place. Odd. Another missed opportunity.
  9. JonnygATL

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I wouldn't be privy to that information. I would imagine they would assess that if granted approval. What I'm interested to know is if the issues we've seen are widespread and far reaching, confined to just one or 2 particular MB generations, or if we've just been particularly unlucky. Those are the kind of metrics one would need before making such a drastic and costly decision.
  10. JonnygATL

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Oh wow, so it's not just me. Yeah I have a lot of problems with it and am thinking of unplugging it permanently. They need to figure out why some phones connect to it just fine and others do not (late model band 41 capable) amongst a few other very key issues.
  11. JonnygATL

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Mine only works during daylight hours (at least with my particular phone in my particular corner of NW Atlanta). It may not seem to make sense but my phone only connects to it from around 7 a.m. til around 7 p. M. Due to my work schedule, I'm often awake until 6 a. M. and sleeping until 2 p. M. So it definitely affects me as my data is useless when I'm at home and unable to connect to the MB . There must be some reason for this.
  12. JonnygATL

    Small cell

    Having so much difficulty with connecting to it kinda defeats the purpose of of having one at all. It also begs the question of how useful is it as a means of enhancing/expanding the network when the majority of passersby are likely not connecting to it (just as I am most times not).
  13. JonnygATL

    Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    God I'm so frustrated. Nevermind the update. I want usable data on my mb. Uggghhh.
  14. JonnygATL

    Small cell

    I dunno. My magic box is extremely annoying (being a form of small cell). Other sprint phones instantly latch onto it but not my gs9+. Weird. My roomie (ex) has a GS9 that instantly connects to mb. I can't be me more frustrated because without it, I'm on a mostly useless signal on bands 25 and 26. I have gotten no good answers so far as to why the gs9 seems to struggle with connecting to at least this type of small cell.