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  1. I wonder what's so inherently different between the two that it can't be enabled (yet? At all?) On the S9. Interesting.
  2. That was my point. The S9 is not at all an "old" phone, especially when it's predecessor has it. Lol.
  3. Except for owners of the Galaxy S9. Anyone know why?
  4. You can't pluralize words by adding apostrophes. It's shocking how often this happens on these forums. This is grade school stuff, guys. Come on. Do better.
  5. Punctuation and grammar are more than a suggestion; they're paramount in conveying a proper and clear message. This isn't nitpicking. It's a necessary thing so that others can clearly understand your meaning. Please work on this as it's painful to attempt to read poorly constructed communications.
  6. ...and to what end?? It begs the question. I'm assuming to evaluate the quality of one's connection?
  7. What's an echo line? Sorry if I should know but I do not. Thanks in advance.
  8. The more interesting takeaway for me is that they're all fast, all good and pretty on par with each other in terms of speed. That's pretty big for Sprint to be included in that group.
  9. Yeah I never even knew Target had cell phones for sale. Or at least I never gave a f*ck. It's Best Buy or online. No reason for me to look elsewhere.
  10. Exactly. Their network is not ready in most places. They know this. Hence the extremely limited rollout. That's fine..just fix it with band 26 densification and cut off thresholds.
  11. As interesting as this is and even though I live in Atlanta, I can't say that I really care. 4G still has room to grow and is a pretty awesome technology. I couldn't care less about 5G in my city anytime soon. I'll wait til it matures I suppose as early adopting usually (always?) backfires, sometimes tremendously. That said, good for Sprint. They could use some positive street cred.
  12. I've shockingly had generally very good results with their chat bots. In the few instances where the bots couldn't help me, I was transferred to a real person and found resolution there.
  13. This idiot. At least his diatribes amuse me. But, yes, less red tape would be beneficial if we are to extract whatever useful nugget is imbedded therein.
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