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  1. Wi-Fi calling drops more often than VoLTE does, and I've yet to see it successfully hand off to the cell network. Actually, I suspect that's part of the problem; I have Wi-Fi calling disabled on my phone, yet I seem to get a notification that Wi-Fi calling can't connect on a semi-regular basis, as if it's enabled. I suspect T-Mobile has my phone set to ignore my preference and use Wi-Fi calling anyway. I've taken to turning off Wi-Fi on my phone as well to get around that particular issue when I know I'm leaving the house. I'd love to block it at the router if I could figure out how.
  2. Beats me. I honestly don't remember how well it worked before the buy-out, as I didn't make a lot of long calls on my cell phone before COVID-19. But it definitely irks me now. One would think that T-Mobile would have this sorted out by now. I'll drop a call and when I call back it'll be on CDMA. Or I've taken to just turning off VoLTE entirely before making calls that I know, in advance, will be lengthy. Doesn't help when someone calls me. Beyond the lack of service in the Shentel region, lack of ability to turn off VoLTE was one of the reasons I had myself removed from ROAMAHOME.
  3. Until VoLTE stops dropping calls without the "end of call" tone while my phone sits unmoving on my desk, I certainly still need CDMA. - Trip
  4. If it was solely about where I lived, it wouldn't matter. I have Verizon FIOS at home, so wireless service is irrelevant to me. What matters is where I go. In those places, Sprint beats the stuffing out of T-Mobile all day long. I have mapped towers (over 16,400 now) for a number of areas, not just places I go regularly, where Sprint has no service, but T-Mobile has sparse service. By contrast, there are places where Sprint built out a real network, but T-Mobile also built out a sparse network. Evidence suggests to me that T-Mobile builds in less populated areas to fill out the map.
  5. All I can think while reading all of this is how very user-hostile it all is. They had two years to plan for the integration and this trainwreck is the result? - Trip
  6. We'll find out. Given the prevalence of 312250 in my area, I have to imagine T-Mobile will ultimately keep most Shentel tower sites, except ones that are co-located or perhaps on immediately adjacent towers. - Trip
  7. Yes, that's my experience as well, and comports with what I was told by someone in the know when I asked if there was a "keep" list. Given they had two years to plan, I'm not sure why they didn't work this out then, but... - Trip
  8. Here's the (very short) SEC filing: https://www.sec.gov/ix?doc=/Archives/edgar/data/1283699/000119312521025274/d262639d8k.htm I do find the math to be interesting. The entire Sprint network with its ~41 million non-wholesale customers went for $26 billion, while Shentel was valued at $2.1 billion with just 1.1 million customers (not sure if wholesale customers are included or not, assuming not as I assume Shentel can't do wholesaling). Had Shentel been valued as low as Sprint, the purchase price would have been under $1 billion. Speaks to the quality of the Shentel part of th
  9. And here's the sale announcement: https://investor.shentel.com/news-releases/news-release-details/shenandoah-telecommunications-company-announces-195-billion - Trip
  10. And here's the Shentel announcement: https://investor.shentel.com/news-releases/news-release-details/shenandoah-telecommunications-company-announces-195-billion - Trip
  11. I have a pay-as-you-go prepaid SIM, which requires $10/month to activate. I throw $11 on it during a month when I want to use it for logging. - Trip
  12. I'm a lot less skeptical than I was a few months ago about the future of the Shentel region. Based on what I've seen in this area, almost every non-co-located Sprint site now seems to be running the 312250 PLMN, implying they're all "keep" sites. I would expect similar in the Shentel region, so presumably they would be keeping the network together. Of course, I'll believe it when I see it. You never know when it comes to the more rural areas. I would like to see Shentel leave the Network Vision panels in place with PCS on them, and add a 600/700 panel to each site. Cheap and easy. W
  13. SignalCheck already has a last_time field. - Trip
  14. What is the source for this? I see a reference to "analysts" but no source link. Auction participation data is confidential at this stage in the process, so as best I can tell, these numbers are made up. - Trip
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