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  1. I've not read the SEC filing lately, so I won't promise I'm 100% correct in case my memory is faulty. But because these terms are part of the existing affiliate agreement, I would assume that agreement continues to hold until it ends in 2029 (unless renegotiated sooner), including use of the branding and spectrum. I know nothing about the billing system. - Trip
  2. Yes. Option 1 is T-Mobile acquires Shentel. As I understand it, T-Mobile would have to pay a price equal to the value of the entire company, but I'm not clear if that would mean paying an inflated price for just the wireless part of Shentel or if it means they have to buy Shentel outright. In either case, it would seem to be aimed at making a buy-out unattractive, or at least, that's how I read it. Option 2 is Shentel can acquire T-Mobile's customers and network in its region at a discount. If Shentel needs financing to fund it, I believe T-Mobile is obligated to provide it, or at least arrange for it, at a low rate. Option 3 is neither side decides to spend any money. In that case, T-Mobile shuts down operations within the Shentel region within two years. My preference is definitely for Option 2, though I'd accept Option 3 as well. My assumption is that Option 2 would lead to a more orderly merging of the networks than Option 3 would, and would imply some level of working together. It would also allow for Shentel to receive the income from T-Mobile's current customers in the region, however many of those there might be. - Trip
  3. Here's hoping T-Mobile passes on the option. - Trip
  4. Okay, now that I said I hadn't seen any activity, I'm wondering if I saw something new this afternoon. https://imgur.com/a/kD5lUkr I copied one of the pictures and annotated it in red. Am I right? - Trip
  5. Sigh. In attempting to put the database back on my phone this evening after doing an update, it obliterated the database again. It had been working as normal for several weeks. I think I'm going to [finally] apply the Android 10 update and see what happens. Maybe it'll help... EDIT: When I rebooted, it came back up with data included. No idea what to make of it. Reimported from the file just in case, and it remained present, so we'll see, I guess. Separately, how hard would it be to make it possible to filter the Neighbor Notes? I noticed earlier today that I'm seeing neighbors on Bands 12 and 2 pretty often. Naturally, it tries to look for notes for those PCIs with PLMN 310120, even though they're clearly T-Mobile neighbors. Would it be possible to add a "Sprint transition mode" or something where it matches Band 25/26/41 neighbor notes to 310120 and other neighbor notes to 310260? - Trip
  6. They've done four-sector sites down where I grew up. 600/700 only though, so no 5G-NR at this time. Are those antennas 600/700 only, or do they also cover PCS/AWS? - Trip
  7. I keep looking, but I haven't seen any n41 gear appear in this area (DC). In fact, I don't really see all that many T-Mobile permits floating around at all. - Trip
  8. I don't think they intend to do that. I believe they intend to move everyone over to T-Mobile, even if the Sprint network is better. - Trip
  9. This is correct. In my travels, I've seen: 01/02/03 AWS or PCS, 04/05/06 700, 07/08/09 PCS or AWS. 01/02/03/04 AWS or PCS, 05/06/07/08 700, 09/0A/0B/0C PCS or AWS. 01/02/03 AWS or PCS, 04/05/06 700, 07/08/09 PCS or AWS with 0A, 0B, and 0C being the fourth sector for each band and not necessarily in any particular order. 01/02/03(/04) AWS, 0B/0C/0D(/0E) PCS, 15/16/17(/18) 700. So "nowhere near as consistent" is very accurate. It seems that 3D/3E/3F(/40) is always 600 though. - Trip
  10. My experience is that Shentel beats the stuffing out of T-Mobile pretty much everywhere it runs the Sprint network, except in the rural parts of the most recent expansion area (which they put on hold pending the merger). Shentel invests in its region, and T-Mobile tries to fill the map. In Buckingham County, VA, Shentel has 17 sites. T-Mobile has 2. You wouldn't know it from the coverage map, but you'd know it from the service on the ground. - Trip
  11. They have 180 days to negotiate, which is until about 10/1. Then 60 days for T-Mobile to buy out Shentel (until about 12/1), then 60 days for Shentel to buy out T-Mobile (until about 2/1), then if all else fails, T-Mobile has two years after that to shut down its network in Shentel territory. I'm assuming they'll come to terms, good or bad, before all of that plays out. - Trip
  12. Not sure when it started, but I noticed yesterday that my home screen widget for SCP stopped working. It was frozen on old values, but would still bring up SCP if I tapped it. I then removed it from my home screen and added it again, and now it says that SCP is not running and tapping it does not open SCP. - Trip
  13. Having used the green on my US Cellular phone today, I feel that is too dark as well, particularly when on the road with bright sunshine. How hard would it be to allow the entry of custom colors? I'd love to be able to make it just off-white enough to tint it. - Trip
  14. Thanks for the suggestions but, um, it fixed itself while on the road. Really. https://imgur.com/a/SJZzQXT This is the appropriate part of the database on my new US Cellular phone. I really wanted to capture the new data on Band 66 (and changed Band 5) GCIs in Farmville, so what I did was while I was connected to each sector before leaving US Cellular land today, I opened the note text and hit "Save". It looks like when it connected to T-Mobile LTE, it started logging and didn't stop, but you can see all the data that was missing when I saved the notes prior. - Trip
  15. I tried renaming and saving the LTE entry for the row I removed and it saves without populating the timestamps or coordinates. I really don't know what to make of this. - Trip
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