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  1. It usually takes ECFS a day or two to make public things that are filed. I'm not sure why T-Mobile included a link that didn't work yet in their press release, but it may well start working later today. Here's the FCC PN announcing the clock stoppage: https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DA-19-161A1.pdf This appears to be the February 22 document: https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/102221766502159/Feb 21 Public Ex Parte.pdf I do not see the March 6 filing yet. - Trip
  2. I believe it. They can certainly operate 5G-NR on 600 MHz, which I assume is what they plan to do. If, as some articles have suggested, failure to operate 5G-NR in mmWave spectrum makes it not "real 5G", however... - Trip
  3. It appears that the three sites on the eastern shore of the Potomac at the three sites in DC. So coverage doesn't extend into Maryland. This is odd, because there are a number of Massive MIMO installations, from what I can glean from the MLS data, between the DC/Maryland border and the Beltway in Montgomery County, including near Bethesda and the water tower at Cabin John. - Trip
  4. In the DC area, that correlates well with sites where Massive MIMO sites have been observed on the air already. There are additional sites outside of that area where permits have been applied for that indicate Massive MIMO gear will be installed. - Trip
  5. Trip

    HAM Radio

    I only own two radios, a Baofeng that I keep in the car and a Yaesu VX-7R. I wanted to get something on HF but I can't justify the money. - Trip
  6. So, this is interesting. https://imgur.com/a/D9y82Ru It looks like Sprint has stopped using 311870 for Clear sites, and is now using 310120 as the PLMN for them. This means, as you can see in the Crystal City South image, that it's now showing as "Sprint B41 SC" even though it's a Clear site. I don't know why Goat Hill, for instance, did not show up that way. - Trip
  7. Trip

    HAM Radio

    73 de N4MJC. I barely use my license, though. And for the record, "ham" isn't an acronym, so you don't need to spell it out in all caps. - Trip
  8. 5G is marketing hype. The key difference between 4G and 5G in the lower bands is essentially latency (not important for most use cases) and slightly better occupied bandwidth. Speeds aren't markedly different from what I understand. T-Mobile's rural deployments are pretty bad. I would know, I drive through some of them regularly. Nobody who actually lives in those places would switch to it, because the towers are too far apart. In those areas, Shentel beats the stuffing out of T-Mobile. That's why I'm arguing in favor of having local entities manage the network in rural areas. - Trip
  9. I'm sorry, I just don't see this as a big problem. Assuming they can line up good partners, like Shentel, I don't see why Sprint couldn't become a federation of smaller, local companies that each run their own little regions, but under the Sprint umbrella, the way Shentel does it. Maybe people will tell me that partners didn't work out in the past, which raises the question of what makes Shentel so much better than the others, and how can it be replicated? - Trip
  10. My assumption is that 0 could be valid, but in my specific circumstances, it never actually is. Making it a switchable option would be enormously helpful for me; sometimes when changing sites, my Motorola phones seem to lose the TAC while keeping the previous GCI and showing whatever PCI it's connecting to, whereas my LG Sprint phone loses the GCI in those cases, preventing the bad data from being logged. It's rather unhelpful. I look forward to the next beta! - Trip
  11. Mike, Here's a picture showing it in the database editing software. I've circled it in red. https://imgur.com/a/MeTsS8k Also, circled in orange, note the Sprint B5 for a US Cellular site. I see that in the app fairly regularly, along with nTelos B5. Not sure what's up with that, either. - Trip
  12. In my log database. It's usually US, but sometimes I'll see U.S. instead. Sometimes even for different sectors on the same site. (Unrelatedly, I'd love it if it were possible to prevent the log from updating when the TAC is 0 but is normally populated. I've found that the PCI values entered into the database are incorrect when the TAC is missing, and of course the TAC being 0 ends up in the database as well.) - Trip
  13. Massaponax belongs in the DC or Richmond thread, but I'll answer it here anyway. I've only been through there while driving on I-95. If your service was good before, they've added Band 41 to the existing site. If it wasn't, they've not added any new sites. - Trip
  14. The shot clock is entirely informal and is frequently paused and resumed. See here: https://www.fcc.gov/transaction/t-mobile-sprint The transaction is paused on Day 84 right now, even though the clock was first started on July 18, more than 6 months ago. - Trip
  15. Mike, Do you happen to know why some US Cellular logs have the provider as "US Cellular" while others have "U.S. Cellular"? - Trip
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