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  1. I still have yet to see any Sprint sites converted to T-Mobile around here, or even permits for any. - Trip
  2. I also have not gone very far. - Trip
  3. I've had to toggle Location Service off and on with my G8X in some cases to get it to update. I always check my coordinates to make sure they're updating as I've historically had GPS problems with some of my phones. - Trip
  4. I was going by what I saw on the website when I went earlier today. I assume the final bill will come to my e-mail tomorrow. - Trip
  5. Mine jumped by $5/line, but considering the eliminated taxes and fees, my bill only went up 15 cents overall. Considering I've seen those taxes and fees jump around month to month, I'm going to call the consistency this should bring to my bill a net win. - Trip
  6. Trip

    LG G8X Thin Q

    I'm very happy with mine. If you can get a good price on it, I don't see why not. - Trip
  7. I note they now do not expect the sale to close until the third quarter. I wish they would at least start running 312250 on the Shentel sites... - Trip
  8. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/04/after-a-decade-of-failure-lg-officially-quits-the-smartphone-market/ Sigh. - Trip
  9. I have seen it randomly kick me over to T-Mobile roaming, but service still works when it does that. I don't do texting and only do calling very infrequently, so I can't tell you whether or not those things work, though I think mine does 1X with T-Mobile LTE, as it typically would with roaming. Is 1X enabled on your device? I am sometimes able to get it to go back to Sprint with Airplane Mode, but it usually moves back on its own if I let it sit. I think I've had to reboot it a few times, but not often. - Trip
  10. There are plenty of places where Verizon could really use additional macro sites--especially if they're needing increased density for n77 to run properly. This feels like the Sprint small cell strategy all over again. In this area, I'm not sure I've ever seen a T-Mobile small cell. Verizon small cells are relatively common, particularly on the roofs of gas stations and shopping centers. AT&T has plans to put in a boat load on utility poles. Sprint, of course, has strand mount pretty much anywhere that coverage for 2.5 GHz was poor along larger roads, but mixed in with a few small
  11. https://www.fiercewireless.com/operators/verizon-s-ronan-dunne-says-carrier-may-densify-network-for-c-band Article about Verizon. Depressing to read: - Trip
  12. I meant to tell you that I noticed this over the weekend and find it IMMENSELY useful. Thank you so much! - Trip
  13. Haha, no worries. It's not one I'm itching to have! I'll be making a long round-trip today, so we'll see how it does! - Trip
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