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  1. Walking by the USDA today, I noticed a panel attached to the building, which I later determined to be a Verizon small cell. https://imgur.com/a/8rZe8Ly Don't see it? Here's a close-up. https://imgur.com/a/98u2DwE Not exactly where I would mount an antenna... - Trip
  2. Trip

    AT&T LTE and Network Discussion

    I have no idea. That's part of my question. I took more pictures today; they're probably not terribly helpful. I'm wary of photographing things near government property for obvious reasons. See here: https://imgur.com/a/s5KwHfe I'm not 100% sure, but I think I saw Verizon and T-Mobile GCIs there too. They were very strong and I did not observe other antennas around. - Trip
  3. Trip

    AT&T LTE and Network Discussion

    It could be. I'm not really sure how to interpret what I'm seeing on that tower. I see three spheres and then two panels. I also suspect Sprint is on it somehow (or extremely close by; 030493/0318E3), and plan to run by this afternoon with my T-Mobile and Verizon phones. - Trip
  4. Trip

    AT&T LTE and Network Discussion

    So, um, I have an interesting issue. Suddenly this morning, my AT&T phone (which I have locked to Band 14 at the moment) connected to 9FD76xx, which was a new GCI for me. Went to a chiropractor appointment in near McPherson Sq an walked back. After walking around on the mall a bit, I found it came from this: (Sorry the pictures aren't great) https://imgur.com/a/jFtDFM3 (What you can't see that's also interesting is that the white pickup truck parked in front of it has "Verizon Wireless" on the side of it for some reason. Might bring my Verizon phone tomorrow and wander over there, just in case.) What's odd about it is that when I'm close to it, my phone jumps between several different GCIs. 9FD76xx is one, but I also connected to A10B8xx, A10BAxx, A10BBxx, and A10BCxx, all at strengths better than -60 dBm. Checking MLS, that data indicates there's also an A10B9xx that I didn't see but that comes from it as well. Any idea why I would see so many GCIs from that one site? - Trip
  5. I actually also have this issue but didn't even think to report it as a bug. Nothing custom that I can think of, as I see it across multiple devices. - Trip
  6. Exciting times! I'm in the Shentel region for the first time since the funeral and in Farmville yesterday, although the Southern Virginia market Sprint sites still have the 028xxx GCIs, I connected to 0FE876 in the Wal-Mart parking lot with PCI 19, and also saw a PCI 28 neighbor cell that I never connected to. Going to drive by some candidate sites on the way out of town this morning and see where they're coming from. - Trip
  7. Trip

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Folks, pretty sure the subject of this discussion is not funding for border security measures, but rather about a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile. Please stay on topic. - Trip
  8. Trip

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    They may be deciding, but all the research and analysis work is done by staff and presented to them for the decision. - Trip
  9. That is T-Mobile roaming. The tower on Royal Ave (340) at Academy Dr. - Trip
  10. Trip

    AT&T LTE and Network Discussion

    Yesterday, I decided to try locking my phone to Band 5 to see if I could spot any AT&T Band 5 in the area. At the top of a hill, I connected to 9EC9A01, which was unidentified. I eventually realized I had calculated that value from HSPA--it's the site at Mount Vernon. Evidently, AT&T got tired of waiting to do a full upgrade and did a GMO on the existing site there. It had been the last HSPA-only site I knew of in the area, and does not appear to have any other LTE bands on it, which is why I think this. As far as I can tell, nothing else around me is running Band 5, even though several towers are running five other bands. (Bands 17/2/4/14/30.) - Trip
  11. Trip

    Network Vision/LTE - Washington DC Market

    About half of my commute is above ground, so I've definitely seen heard it. - Trip
  12. Trip

    Network Vision/LTE - Washington DC Market

    I'd love to have data, but not voice, in the tunnels. I hate people shouting into their phones on the Metro. That said, they've made progress, and I'm glad they have. Not on the part of the system I use every day, of course, but progress. And for Sprint, at least, it's Band 25/26/41 (with Mini Macros). - Trip
  13. Trip

    SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    I look forward to having the option for neighbor cells. It will help me in a certain specific case; the US Cellular tower on Willis Mountain uses the same PCIs as the new Shentel site in Dillwyn or Alpha (I forget which off-hand), and there's some amount of overlap between them. Because I know in my head about that overlap, I can tell what I'm actually seeing. The average person or even the advanced person unfamiliar with a local area would not. I know you struck it out, but the question you asked is an interesting one. I've not found any first-hand evidence that Shentel uses Mini Macros, but when I met with their lead RF engineer back in the summer, he indicated that they were in use. I'm just not sure where. - Trip
  14. Trip

    SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    One other note; I sent you diagnostics today for a Shentel site that added Band 41 but was incorrectly flagged as "B41 MM". 0x0FE615 + 0x1450 = 0xFFA65, part of the normal pattern, and it had three carriers, indicating it's not a Mini Macro. See here: First is the third carrier: https://imgur.com/a/qsBtPaB Then here's first carrier of the same sector of the same tower noted as "B41 MM": https://imgur.com/a/UnT0CID - Trip
  15. The Verizon spread doesn't really surprise me. 700 is on every tower, and in rural areas especially you may frequently find 700-only. My impression is that they have wideband AWS in more places than wideband PCS, and in my experience if only two bands are needed in an area, they choose AWS over PCS. - Trip