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  1. https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/t-mobile-sprint-deal-faces-another-setback-analysts?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=rss More analyst speculation, but interesting nonetheless. - Trip
  2. I was tinkering with Cell Mapper a week or two ago, and discovered that if I had special characters in my password, like an exclamation point, it wouldn't let me log into the app. When I used the website to change my password and remove the special characters (sticking with letters and numbers), I logged in without issue. - Trip
  3. https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/cowen-sees-court-blocking-t-mobile-sprint-deal Key quote: "The court set post-trial arguments for January 15, with each side having two hours to make their closing arguments. New Street expects the court will rule sometime between mid-February and mid-March." - Trip
  4. Trip

    LG G8X Thin Q

    The G8X with the second screen definitely looks intriguing, but I feel like it'd be a gimmick that I would try out once or twice, then remove from my phone and never use again. I'm still on my G6 because there wasn't a Black Friday deal that looked sufficiently good to make me want to buy something new. - Trip
  5. If the case runs 10 business days, that takes us to 12/20. Then the judge has to write a decision--during the holidays. I'd be shocked to see anything at all before January. Then, as Flompholph says, they could appeal. - Trip
  6. There is no more than 18 MHz available in any given individual market in T-Band, much of which is non-contiguous and some of which is impaired. It's only reserved in a handful of markets, and in many of those, is only 6 MHz. New York: 18 MHz Los Angeles: 6+6+6 MHz Chicago: 12 MHz Philadelphia: 12 MHz Dallas: 6 MHz Houston: 6 MHz Miami: 6 MHz San Francisco: 12 MHz Washington, DC: 12 MHz Pittsburgh: 6+6 MHz Boston: 6+6 MHz I'm not really sure what Congress was hoping to be able to sell in the first place. - Trip
  7. https://www.t-mobile.com/coverage/5g-coverage-map - Trip
  8. Just for kicks, I looked at a log copy from a few days ago. Filtering on the 311490 PLMN, I have 193 rows total. I have no rows for T-Mobile B71, but my LG G6 does not support Band 71. I have 10 rows for T-Mobile B12, eight of which were in western Maryland near Frostburg. The other two were momentary connections at the hospital near here and in New Jersey. - Trip
  9. The roaming restriction is based on first-hand experience. I have roamed on T-Mobile 600 and 700 before in select locations, but in many areas, I have never connected to T-Mobile 600 or 700, even when the alternative has been no service, and sometimes even while my T-Mobile phone is connected to 600 or 700. My impression is that in places where 600 and 700 are not loaded, they allow such roaming. In the places where it's under considerable demand, either due to high number of users or low density of sites, Sprint roaming appears restricted to AWS and PCS. - Trip
  10. LTE works. CDMA does not. Got it specifically for CDMA. - Trip
  11. I have never had a GPS lock on my parents' Airave. I've not had a chance to call Sprint to try to diagnose it, but the antenna is actually sitting on the outside of the window glass (inside the screen) and it still doesn't work. - Trip
  12. Yeah, Massive MIMO's been lighting up all over the place around here. - Trip
  13. Wait, they're launching it with "5G for Good" branding to build support for the merger, but won't launch it if the merger isn't closed by then? What? Those things seem like they're at odds with each other. - Trip
  14. Yeah, I thought I could get away with that, but it expired after a year. - Trip
  15. The problem with this example is that the Google Maps API is also heavily limited now. I had to switch my website over to Leaflet. So even what you've written so far would probably have to be rewritten. I've written code that does what we're discussing here in other projects, but the editing ability spread across multiple users in a friendly manner is where I run into problems. I've only ever written code that has one editor--myself. - Trip
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