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  1. I just replied to his tweet asking about my home site. - Trip
  2. Blue dots are outdoor DAS facilities, I believe. And I hate to say it but that map appears to have some errors in it. There are definitely sites that have been upgraded that are missing, though I suppose they could have been done at the end of last year. But more concerning are a handful of red dots that reflect Clear sites awaiting upgrades that have not yet actually happened. My home site is marked in red on that map--it was still running Clear gear this morning. - Trip
  3. I'm willing to give T-Mobile credit for at least publishing a map. As far as I know, Verizon has yet to publish one. - Trip
  4. So 31451 checks if there's a 30001, but doesn't check whether the 30001 in the log is from Band 25/26 or Band 41. Maybe that would be a good way to separate it. If it looks up the lower site but it's not Band 25/26 (or is Band 41), assume it's not connected? - Trip
  5. I really like this picture from a Washington Post article about OPM. - Trip
  6. The idea that there is "no anti-trust concern" seems entirely at odds with what I have read about the HHI calculation for the merger. (HHI: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/h/hhi.asp ) The HHI value of the merged company would increase its value by 400-500 in the wireless market from what I understand, which puts it squarely within the range of anti-trust concerns, which arise when the HHI value increases by 200 or more. I'm even less clear on what the point of highlighting perceived media biases has to do with anything. - Trip
  7. The cheap walkie-talkies are usually unregistered and would cause interference when used. While you may not care, I find that wireless carriers do tend to care when there is interference in their spectrum. I don't disagree with you on public safety, though the question is "who pays for more density?" Adding sites adds cost, and I'm not clear who would pay for this massive overhaul of public safety, both moving from 450-512 and within 700/800. You didn't address the non-public safety entities in the band. There are quite a few of them. And neither of us touched the issue of the antennas not fitting in a typical cell phone. Further, I'm not sure who would buy this spectrum even if it were to be made available. - Trip
  8. What a nightmare that would be. In multiple ways. Tons of non-public safety operations are in 450-470. Every one of those cheapo walkie-talkies that you see at Wal-Mart is in 450-470, so the spectrum would be swimming in interference from them for years. On top of that, only certain channels from 470-512 aren't used by TV stations in fewer than a dozen markets. And on top of that, in the most congested markets, 700 and 800 are full, if you believe the public safety folks. - Trip
  9. I think it's harder to spot in urban areas. I was looking for it when I was out of town over the weekend and in the rural areas, when I know the cell tower is 10 miles away, the feet number is more obviously incorrect. Here in the city, where it's "close" but exactly how close never really enters my mind, it was easy to ignore. Thanks. Is the link universal? Like, does every GCI automatically jump to the one above? So would a 30001 link to 31451, and then if a 328A1 were to appear, would that also have the same note since 31451 has it? - Trip
  10. Three things: 1) I didn't even realize the TA values were off until I saw it in the change log. I've now turned the setting on for ALL of my devices and the distances now look more reasonable. Why couldn't I tell they were off? Because I have a hard time eyeballing distances like that in feet. Would it be possible to have a switch to convert those distances to miles instead? 2) I've got an interesting new issue. I now regularly see CDMA entries that have BID values of 0, all with garbage data, and my log now has a number of them. I'm not sure what change triggered this, but I don't like it. Much like how empty GCIs shouldn't be logged, can the same option be made for logging CDMA with BID values of 0? (Interesting note, when I observe them on the device that way, I frequently see BSL data indicating it belongs to a particular site, despite the BID value being 0.) 3) Not really a bug, but I connected to Massive MIMO site 031F4C and 031F4E at Wellington yesterday, but rather than needing a note added, those GCIs were identified as being related to the Westlawn site. The reason for this is that 031F4C and 031F4E are off by 0x1450 from two of the the Mini Macros at the Westlawn site (030AFC and 030AFE). As more Massive MIMO sites light up, and a second wave seems to be lighting up right now, I expect to see more of these cases. - Trip
  11. I have ssh access to a server I keep there with remote X tunneling. I got in just fine. It's a WZR-300HP with firmware version: DD-WRT v24SP2-MULTI (07/09/12) std - build 19438 I can see two sequential MAC addresses and IP addresses which I assume are associated with the Airave. But I figure as long as the GPS light is red, that's the main issue right now. I would expect the WAN light to be red if it were having trouble talking back to Sprint. - Trip
  12. I was thinking about this, and the router is a Buffalo router running DD-WRT, as I recall. Is there any way to tell for certain if DD-WRT is the issue, and if it is, any way to change DD-WRT's behavior? - Trip
  13. The LTE light is green, but I don't know if it's actually providing a connection. I've asked her to try replugging the GPS antenna and then do a hard reset. She's going to try tomorrow. We'll see what happens. - Trip
  14. My parents just got an Airave 4 and while I've not been there to tinker with it, my mom informs me that she has green lights except for GPS and CDMA which are red. I had her plug in the separate GPS antenna and place it near the window (and I had her flip it over since I think she had it upside down to start) and then pull the power/plug it back in, but that doesn't seem to have helped. Any ideas for other things she might try? - Trip
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