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  1. Just drove by this site again and it's no longer running Band 26. Just Sprint Bands 25 and 41. - Trip
  2. Interesting comment in the T-Mobile Q2 Earnings Report yesterday. https://s24.q4cdn.com/400059132/files/doc_financials/2021/q2/NG_TMUS-06_30_2021-EX-99.1.pdf Specifically, this part: • Approximately 80% of Sprint customer traffic is now carried on the T-Mobile network • One-third of Sprint customers have been moved to the T-Mobile network Not terribly surprising to me that the customers who use the most data were most anxious to move to T-Mobile, while the majority of customers--who don't use much data--are perfectly happy with the Sprint network as it is. I'm definitely in that category and in no rush to give up the superior coverage of the Sprint network for the possibly-superior capacity of the T-Mobile network. (Also, at least in my case, since LG phones are now discontinued, moving to a new T-Mobile phone means extensive phone shopping that I'm not looking forward to, rather than just picking up the latest LG device and being happy.) After all this time, I still have yet to see any Sprint site conversions that are operating. I've seen precisely one that has new gear, but still only seems to have Sprint bands running on it (along with 312250). I don't know what is taking them so long. - Trip
  3. Wouldn't surprise me, but I will say that the map looks accurate in terms of sites actually operating B41 gear, based on what I've seen. I was able to use it to add a number of sites I haven't visited yet based on the map. - Trip
  4. Drove up US-15 again yesterday, and found that additional sites have been marked as keep sites. Basically, every site along 15 between Farmville and Culpeper that wasn't co-located with T-Mobile (or nearly so) is now running 312250. - Trip
  5. They wouldn't need it. If they hold both A- and B-blocks, that's 25x25 total, and they could run Band 26 across 15x15 of that spectrum. Band 26 covers all of Band 5 plus the Sprint spectrum. - Trip
  6. If you've rolled your eyes at claims that wireless facilities harm property values like I have, you might find this new study to be interesting: https://www.aglmediagroup.com/study-small-wireless-facilities/ It actually attempts to determine whether there's such harm, and finds no solid evidence. - Trip
  7. No idea of the equipment vendor. I'm bad at that sort of thing. But I've seen the 300,000 and 600,000 offsets in certain places. In most of those places, it's now been shifted back to the normal GCI. - Trip
  8. Verizon, in my experience, is very consistent, but their sector IDs are decimal. 1/2/3 is 700 12/22/32 AWS 13/23/33 AWS (second carrier) 14/24/34 PCS 15/25/35 PCS (second carrier) 16/26/36 850 17/27/37 850 ===== AT&T has a pattern for some bands, but newer bands don't have one. 01-04 B5 08-0B B2 0F-12 B12 16-19 B66 In between are a bunch of DAS reservations, basically repeats of the above sequence for various DAS or small cell configurations. 95-98 B30 Then anything else like B2 second carrier, B66 second carrier, or B14 are just sort of randomly tossed into the A0-FF range, varying market to market. ===== US Cellular had been using different GCIs for B5 and B12, offset by 0x2000, but has recently been upgrading sites to a single GCI following this pattern: 01-03 B12 0B-0D B5 15-17 B2 1F-21 B4 29-2B B66 - Trip
  9. Some of the sector IDs are similar here in the DC/VA/MD/PA region. (All values hex.) B41 is 83-86/8D-90. B2 second carrier is 6F-72. B71 is 3D-40. The other three bands. Newer setups follow that pattern: 01-04 B66/0B-0E B2/15-18 B12 But older sites vary wildly. In some places, it's 01-03 B66/04-06 B12/07-09 B2. In others, where LTE was first deployed on B2, B66 and B2 are flipped. If B66/B2 were deployed long before B12, then B12 might be on 15-18 but B66/B2 on 01-03/07-09. 4-sector sites are more or less unpredictable. In some cases, it's 01-04 B66/05-08 B12/09-0C B2. In some areas, B66 and B2 are flipped, as above. In some places, it's the 3-sector pattern but with 0A, 0B, and 0C used for the fourth sector in no particular order. And then, of course, the site ID part of the GCIs are a trainwreck. Some sites have as many as 7 different GCIs, though most of those are being consolidated into fewer now. Most B41 sites are now on a single, separate GCI, though at first they were split across three. B71/B12 panels have their own GCIs. Band 66 can sometimes also have a separate GCI from Band 2, but that's pretty uncommon. Some 4-sector sites have separate GCIs on the fourth sector, as well. - Trip
  10. The Shentel sale closed on 7/1, so they own it now. - Trip
  11. When I'm out locating 312250 sites, I lock a T-Mobile phone on Band 26. Then the only thing it can possibly connect to is Sprint. T-Mobile has their Band 2 operations running MFBI as Band 25, so that option isn't great either. I sometimes manually adjust my Band 26 lock to include Band 25 near a site that I suspect is a 312250 site but which is B25-only. I've located a few of those. - Trip
  12. As seen on one of my T-Mobile phones: https://imgur.com/a/Ya7dkOL - Trip
  13. The earliest data in the Open Cell ID data is from mid June, so that would be consistent. - Trip
  14. Verizon, in my experience, is pretty consistent. Not so for AT&T and T-Mobile. - Trip
  15. Oh! In Gordonsville proper. Yeah, that area has no native T-Mobile service. But I believe they recently added the 312250 PLMN to the Gordonsville Shentel site, so it should work now, I would think. (I'll know for sure if they added 312250 on Friday.) - Trip
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