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  1. I'm not sure it tells you anything about T-Mobile. You're not roaming at that moment; that's still the Sprint network. The oddball GCI is because for Sprint sites where the GCI had a value already used by T-Mobile's existing sites, they very quickly shoved the Sprint GCIs off to other values that T-Mobile doesn't use instead. T-Mobile doesn't really follow very many patterns. - Trip
  2. Several interesting articles on my radar this morning. https://www.lightreading.com/4g3gwifi/t-mobiles-mexican-standoff-affects-hundreds-of-cell-sites/d/d-id/763945?_mc=RSS_LR_EDT "T-Mobile said that it has been forced to shut down or power down hundreds of cell sites along the US-Mexico border due to interference from Altán Redes, a private company building a 4G network for the Mexican government." ----- https://www.fiercewireless.com/operators/t-mobile-american-tower-ink-new-15-year-pact "T-Mobile announced a new 15-year master lease agreement (MLA) with American Tow
  3. That's what I'm hoping for as well. I'm wary of T-Mobile's rural deployments, and I'm hoping they'll at least take what they're given and not try to cut tower costs... - Trip
  4. If a customer is on Sprint because it works best for them (as I am), and shunting them to T-Mobile changes that (it would for me, in a vastly negative direction), it doesn't matter which network is "overall" better. I don't think you can translate your experience or even a statement about which is better overall into a general statement about whether or not there would be a lot of complaints. Even in areas where T-Mobile is better, Sprint is on different towers. People who have reception in their homes, workplaces, or other frequently visited areas today could lose that just because the exa
  5. Ah, I see, I misread. I thought it was best 5G network. 😳 - Trip
  6. Interesting. A network you barely ever connect to wins the prize for best network. I suppose if you never leave the urban core or, like, go inside buildings. - Trip
  7. You say this like it's a bad thing, but Shentel does it too and that's the best part of the Sprint network that I've experienced--and I'd argue that some of Sprint's problem has been that it doesn't do this. Not prioritizing the deployment is how you end up with Band 41 on towers surrounded by corn fields and cow pastures in Fauquier County, but a Band 25 GMO serving multiple shopping centers in Alexandria. But to your other point, there's a ton of Sprint 8T8R and MMIMO gear they could recycle in the short term to cover the rest of the Band 41 spectrum; perhaps even just moving it from
  8. I'm not sure how much of a rush T-Mobile is going to be in to turn off Band 41 LTE. Quite frankly, they need the capacity for the Sprint customers right now, and my understanding is that the existing NR equipment only does 100 MHz of LTE and/or NR, meaning any remaining spectrum would be wasted if Band 41 LTE were turned off before that NR equipment is, itself, replaced. I'm actually surprised they're running Band 41 LTE on T-Mobile in this area given that they could just run 100 MHz of NR and be done with it, but they must need the capacity on LTE for their own customers. If Band 41 LT
  9. I've been seeing T-Mobile neighbor cells for weeks (months?) now. They come and go though; it clearly checks for them, but then stops checking and reverts to Sprint bands. Maybe to enable roaming if needed? I often see US Cellular sites in the neighbor cells when I'm in that region as well. - Trip
  10. Not really a bug per se, but if the Action Bar color is set to red, for example, then the "Mobile Data: Inactive" is invisible when it's in that status because the text and the background are the same color. I'm not sure there's an obvious solution to that, or if one is even necessary, but I thought it was worth pointing out. That said, I've left it black on my devices so far. Having the text color in the Action Bar is sufficient for my purposes. I'm now able to easily glance at my devices and tell which one is which, for the first time in a while. (It was a lot easier when all my phones
  11. They do want to offer (or do offer, not sure if it launched yet) a fixed broadband service. - Trip
  12. Bull Run? Sudley? Hm, I was on 66 near there on Monday and only saw one site there on Band 41 LTE, closer to Centreville. Maybe they don't have as much spectrum there and aren't running Band 41 LTE? I was near, but not in, the Lake Barcroft/Bailey's area less than half an hour ago and definitely saw some neighbor cells on Band 41. I had a very faint connection to Band 41, probably from somewhere over there.
  13. I've had my T-Mobile phone locked on Band 41 for several days now, in order to track down T-Mobile Band 41. I've seen it show my home site in SCP, but always with No Service; presumably its final attempt to make a connection before giving up, and then the stale data lingers. I hope this is a sign they're planning to make both networks native to each other. Because there's really no reason not to, and I'm not sure why they would have gone through the trouble of changing a bunch of Sprint GCIs (most notably in Baltimore, from what I've observed first-hand, but I've seen it in other market
  14. I love the new color options! I can now easily ID my phones by the color of the "SignalCheck Pro" text at the top. If I decide that's not obvious enough, I'll switch it to the Action Bar background color. - Trip
  15. So I've now spotted T-Mobile Band 41 LTE on several sites in the Alexandria/Fairfax County, VA area, and I expect to see more area tomorrow. It appears to be on at least half a dozen that I've seen, though I'm not able to do a precise count right at the moment. Spectrum usage now appears to be something like this: 2518.4 MHz - small cell/strand mount 2538.2 MHz - T-Mobile LTE second carrier (I've not seen any small cell second carrier operations, so I assume that's been turned off) 2558.0 MHz - T-Mobile LTE first carrier 2640.4 MHz - Sprint LTE first carrier 2660.2 MHz - Spr
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