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  1. So I went to my parents' new house yesterday and they had the Magic Box sitting in the kitchen window. It was working and had excellent reception of B25 from Mont Alto, PA, mostly because their B25 in the house was excellent as well. Their problem was with the sound quality of the voice service, which of course, the Magic Box won't help. Now they have Comcast for a landline phone and Internet, and the Magic Box wasn't going to do anything for them anyway, so I took the Magic Box with me. Part of me is tempted to try it here, but part of me thinks I should just return it. Thoughts? - Trip
  2. No, didn't make it to Tahoe. We had a (very tardy) van take us to Carson City for dinner, and other than that, I spent my entire time in the casino. I don't know what it is about people and barbecue--a lot of people seem to rave about bad barbecue. Maybe it's because I've lived in a part of the country with really good barbecue, but here in DC, a lot of people rave about this BBQ place in DC that, despite being there several times, I can't find anything particularly great about. The person I know best who likes it is from Florida and then went to school in Georgia, too, so he really should know better. I don't really know what to make of it. - Trip
  3. Thanks. I'm home now. Ate in the hotel/casinos on Wednesday evening and Thursday, then breakfast and lunch were provided by the conference on Friday and Saturday, dinner Saturday as well, and Friday we went to Carson City to "Red's Old 395 Grill" which others raved about but I wasn't as keen on. At least I managed to get some TV and cell data! - Trip
  4. T-Mobile and AT&T are in at least Silver Legacy and Eldorado. Just Sprint is isolated to Circus Circus only. - Trip
  5. I just find it strange that the three buildings are connected--without going outside--and yet the Sprint DAS is only in one of them. Meanwhile, Verizon is in all three. I'll follow-up when I know about T-Mobile and AT&T. - Trip
  6. I'm in Reno for a conference at the Silver Legacy Casino, and this is kind of weird. I've not taken my T-Mobile or AT&T phones around yet, but I took my Verizon phone and, of course, my Sprint phone. Verizon has a DAS spread across the three casinos (Eldorado, Silver Legacy, Circus Circus) with a different sector of GCI 009395xx for each casino. Sprint is on the DAS as well, but only in Circus Circus (0AC1C312). In the other two, my phone instead connects to a macro a few blocks away. - Trip
  7. Please demonstrate what consequences AT&T is facing for raising prices twice in the year after their merger, despite representing to regulators that permitting the merger with Time Warner would permit them to lower prices. - Trip
  8. So, my parents are moving from the home I grew up in down in southern Virginia to a home near Pond Bank, PA, which is in the Shentel region. While they were there over the weekend to close on the new house, my mom apparently noted poor cell reception. I told my parents there were solutions which I would work out for them, but that didn't stop my dad from calling Sprint who is now shipping them a Magic Box, which as we know, is not approved for use in the Shentel region. AIRSPAN MAGIC BOX GEN 3 I had been planning to try to get them an Airave. Am I correct that this device will not act as an Airave does, and will need to be returned to Sprint after it arrives? - Trip
  9. Yeah, I noticed it yesterday but was waiting to confirm today before posting that not only is there now service in the tunnel north of Braddock Road and the tunnel south of King Street, as this press release indicates, but I also see service in the yellow tunnel between Pentagon and the bridge. The only part of my commute still missing service is the stretch south of L'enfant Plaza down to the bridge. - Trip
  10. Shentel's on a different tower nearby though, I think. I believe on the tall Exxon sign near I-81 and US-50. I have record of AT&T and T-Mobile on that tower. Am I correct in assuming Verizon is on it as well? (Looks like T-Mobile is the bottom rack and AT&T the middle rack...) - Trip
  11. This is a non-sequitur. My whole point was that they have the service on paper, but not in reality. If they put 5G-NR on 600 MHz on those same towers that currently have 700 MHz, they can fill a map full of rural areas running "5G" with the actual service being as poor as it is today. (And, if 5G-NR is a more fragile airlink than LTE, then it will be poorer.) Spectrum is not the issue, deployment is. Lose how? Once they've merged, what is the remedy if they decide to give the FCC, DOJ, and the American people the middle finger? I remind you to check out all the remedies that have been used on AT&T so far, such as... ... huh, I can't think of any. - Trip
  12. Promise in one hand and do something else in the other... Fact of the matter is that right now, while T-Mobile has made the map look good, the actual service in rural areas is not good--at least in my experience--and that's with LTE. I'm not confident that the merger will improve this. I'm not sure why you expect it to. Are they going to put many billions of dollars into an escrow account that will be used only to fund rural deployment within a certain time frame and be forfeited to the government if not used? If not, then what is their promise other than words that could easily be ignored the moment after the merger is approved? Remember the time AT&T promised they wouldn't increase prices after merging with Time Warner and did so twice within a year? What was their promise worth? What makes T-Mobile's different? - Trip
  13. Trip

    LG G8 News & Rumors

    I got a huge mailer about the G8. Nothing about it made me anxious to buy it. I'm going to keep an eye on out for the V50, but I anticipate it will be too expensive. We'll see what the G8 costs on Black Friday; I may or may not upgrade then. (Is the rear power button gone for good?) - Trip
  14. That would actually explain it pretty well. Thanks. - Trip
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