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  1. Mike, Not sure what happened, but I tested exporting and importing the database file again on my G8X and it worked twice. I'll let you know if I see it fail again and look for patterns. - Trip
  2. I'm not convinced much has actually changed yet. It seems to me like they've opened up roaming a touch more, but otherwise Sprint customers are still on the Sprint network as much as possible. I have yet to connect to T-Mobile anything since the day of the merger. - Trip
  3. The reason I checked this morning was that it was still on the old value yesterday. 6163 yesterday, 20243 today. - Trip
  4. dl_freq is the downlink frequency, not the TAC. Since the Internet seems to have no pictures whatsoever of what that screen looks like, I can't tell you what Apple might have called it. If your part of the DC market is like mine and has moved to the T-Mobile TAC values, it should be something like 20234 or 20236. Mine in Alexandria is 20243. You get the idea of the range of values. - Trip
  5. Google says to get into Field Test: https://osxdaily.com/2018/05/02/use-field-test-mode-iphone-x-ios/ It might be under Serving Cell Info rather than Serving Cell Measurements but I can't seem to find a picture indicating what is in Serving Cell Info to know for sure. - Trip
  6. First thing I did when I woke up just now was to look at my phone. Still connected to Band 41, but my TAC is now 20243, matching T-Mobile. - Trip
  7. I've seen the T-Mobile TACs change a number of times around here, too. I actually strongly dislike the T-Mobile TAC setup, which looks like a trainwreck to me, just like their GCIs and PCIs. I would be willing to go through the trouble of recompiling my entire database for T-Mobile if they would fix their GCIs, PCIs, and TACs to fit some kind of sane and sensible pattern. I fear that will not be the case. - Trip
  8. This implies that the change in Shentel land may have been an interim change, which cleared the 3xxxx range for moves to the T-Mobile values, and then perhaps the Shentel TACs will change again once they make the move to T-Mobile TACs in this part of the country. - Trip
  9. I'm looking at the MLS data for the past few days and it looks like the TACs may have changed in some areas where T-Mobile's TAC values begin with 3 or 4. For example, in Columbia, SC, it looks like one of T-Mobile's TAC values is 31598. It looks like any Sprint data collected from that area since at least 3/16 now has a TAC value of 31598, rather than the older 4353 value. - Trip
  10. I'm aware of the need to use the .db file. I'm not quite that slow in the head, and have successfully been using the .db file for some time now. I'll try to restart after importing, but I don't think it worked. It just dropped everything I had in it and that was that--like I attempted to then dump the database and found it to be empty again. I thought of that, as I'm beta testing. I compared my standard file against the one on my new phone and they looked the same, but I realized that if it dumps it out wrong, then I don't know how I would check what it's looking for at import. But I've only gotten the corrupt file error a few times, and I'd expect to see it consistently. Was the Stack Overflow link at all relevant? I figure it's a long shot, but that did match the symptom, at least, of what I was seeing. Ack. I don't know why the navigation bar turns out to be light gray, considering most of the app is black. Very annoying. Yes, switching to band-only or dBm-only, either one, works correctly. Just the combo does not. - Trip
  11. Trip

    LG G8X Thin Q

    I didn't realize Gboard had settings like that. Tried it, dug in, and I do like it. Thanks! - Trip
  12. Trip

    LG G8X Thin Q

    In SCP it's definitely a light gray, but I don't think it's white either. But it used to be black, and having it not black meant it kept drawing my attention when I had my phone in my car's holder with SCP open. At a stop, I set the bar to auto-hide just so it would stop distracting me from the road. (I keep my phones on such holders so the GPS works properly.) I'm not sure what was happening Saturday in Twitter, but it seems better now. I can't find another app that's doing it. - Trip
  13. Okay, now I'm wondering if there isn't an additional bug of some sort. I realized that my G6 properly showed a black navigation bar when SCP was open, but my G8X on Pie shows a gray one. Similarly, in apps where the status bar turns white, on my G6, the SCP icons would turn gray so I could see them, while on my G8X they remain white and are illegible. - Trip
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