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  1. I don't usually see HSPA either, but when I do, it always bugs me that I see neighbor cell PSCs but they don't display notes. The PSC almost always appears in SCP when I'm HSPA, so clearly something is working from that perspective. But there's no field for it in the log database and it is, therefore, not being written. - Trip
  2. CDMA's ability to pull usable data from below the noise floor is pretty impressive. I remember in one of my college classes, we did the math to derive it, and sure enough, the math says it should be theoretically possible to retrieve the signal from below the noise floor, and the real world bears it out. (We also retrieved messages out of an example CDMA signal by hand. Very neat stuff.) I wish I had a good example to share; Wikipedia is very opaque and I'm not finding anything else helpful with a fast search. - Trip
  3. Something looks wrong with the map to me. If you look at Beacon Hill, for instance, there is 5G to the northeast and southeast of the site, but not immediately surrounding it or west of it. It almost looks like there's a smaller 4G site overlaid on top of it or something. The site at Kingstowne looks the same, as do several others I'm spot-checking. - Trip
  4. To expand a bit, according to the MLS data, the highest patterned GCI currently in use is FE8B0, which would translate to FFD00 for Band 41. If they followed the pattern that Sprint is using for Massive MIMO in DC, their first Massive MIMO would be at FFA90, which is already in use. It actually seems like Shentel is going to run out of pattern-capable GCIs relatively soon. It looks like FE96A is being used for a DAS, so that implies that FE969/FFDB9 is as high as it can go unless they shift those GCIs up some more or skip ahead to unused values in between. (The Mini Macro in Farmville is at FE9F4, for any interested.) I note the MLS data also shows FE985/FE986/FE987 being used near Harrisonburg with the PCIs matching the Mount Crawford site, so it looks like Massive MIMO is up there too. - Trip
  5. I drove up to it and saw the Massive MIMO panels. But although it fits the MM pattern, Shentel has filled up the GCIs that would typically be reserved for Massive MIMO and thus had to find a GCI to use elsewhere in the FExxx-FFxxx range. They also have small cells and other things in the FE9xx range, as Shentel seems to use it as their all-purpose overflow. - Trip
  6. Massive MIMO in Farmville. https://imgur.com/a/cFTDQVH More in the Premiere thread. - Trip
  7. One final comment on my UK visit, as I'm home now. Yesterday, at Heathrow, my LG G6 picked up Band 7 LTE from Vodafone, but no data would pass through it at all. My phone claimed I had no Internet connection. It'd drop down to Vodafone HSPA after a while, which also would not pass any data, before reconnecting to Band 7. - Trip
  8. Mike, While I've been in the UK, I sent you a diagnostic because as far as I can tell, SCP still doesn't log PSC when connected to HSPA, meaning that neighbor notes don't work and, of course, PSC data is unavailable in the log. Is there a specific reason for this by any chance? Seems like a relatively straight-forward adjustment from this armchair SCP user's point of view... - Trip
  9. At a hotel near Heathrow; flying out in the morning. The end result of my trip is that essentially, I was on HSPA from Reading on west. I had some LTE east of Reading, such as in Windsor. I guess O2 doesn't have Band 3 LTE running in most places outside of London and the immediate surrounding areas yet. I'll be looking through the data SCP picked up on my wife's phone after we're home, I think. - Trip
  10. So outside of London now, south of Reading, I'm mostly seeing HSPA. Wife's seeing LTE mixed with HSPA. - Trip
  11. My LG G6 only supports Band 3, so I'm spending a fair amount of time on HSPA when Band 3 LTE is unavailable. That said, service is generally good. I've only connected to O2 as far as I can tell, though I've only been in London at this point. My wife's LG G7 does support Bands 1 and 20 and she has seen those in places. Tomorrow we'll be making the first trip outside London and we'll see what happens. - Trip
  12. I, too, am aware of outdoor areas with no Verizon service. I might well be a Verizon customer if those areas weren't places I needed to be. (Sprint roams on US Cellular in those places, so I'm a Sprint customer.) - Trip
  13. They've bought some 2.5 GHz spectrum for fixed use, as shown in their presentation on page 18: https://investor.shentel.com/static-files/1de15196-74e9-42bf-9237-7f820c1a9b93 Q&A just ended. Key items: Apparently 90% of Shentel's prepaid is Boost. They don't know how the settlement impacts them from that perspective. Said that Richmond sliver expansion is still moving forward, though I've seen little evidence of that. If deal falls through, would consider expanding further with Sprint. - Trip
  14. On the Shentel call, they cannot provide comment on the various options, as expected, but the options were spelled out. The fourth option spelled out, of course, is a mutual agreement with T-Mobile for a new affiliation agreement. - Trip
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