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  1. Great question @Terrell352. Would definitely be helpful if it launches before The Big Game.
  2. Indeed indeed. Remember that this whole merger process began years ago with Sprint trying to acquire T-Mobile... and here we are now, with T-Mobile acquiring Sprint. What a sham.
  3. https://www.advfn.com/stock-market/NASDAQ/DISH/stock-news/81387856/softbank-offered-to-help-fund-dish-wireless-networ “SoftBank Group Corp. offered to help finance Dish Network Corp.'s construction of a new cellphone network intended to shore up competition if the merger of the nation's No. 3 and No. 4 wireless carriers closes, Dish's chairman said Wednesday” It’s full on parody now. Straight up clown world. It was a lie. All of it.
  4. I agree with you 100%. Masa was arrogant about things with Sprint. He completely misread the politics for the Merger on the first attempt, got stuck with it and then didn’t fully appreciate the regulatory environment with respect to his monopole network plan, which then forced Sprint to revert to a traditional network build. A merger isn’t meant to bailout this kind of thing, especially when he has the money.
  5. I’m against the merger because Masa clearly has the resources to revive and sustain Sprint, as he stated in his own words that he could pay off/down Sprint’s debt. https://www.bloombergquint.com/onweb/sprint-can-survive-without-t-mobile-ex-ceo-claure-testifies From that article: ”While T-Mobile and Sprint have cited the debt as a major reason why Sprint can’t survive on its own, the states presented email evidence demonstrating that that Sprint’s controlling owner, SoftBank Group Corp., was prepared to pay off Sprint’s debt if necessary. “If we need to pay back most or all of bonds, I’m willing to pay back all of those,” Masayoshi Son, the Tokyo-based technology conglomerate’s founder and and CEO, said in a Dec. 11, 2017 email to Claure.“ Masa’s inexplicable unwillingness to do so should not be absolved with a Merger that will have an anti-competitive effect on consumers.
  6. Sprint can retrench if it wants to. A merger shouldn’t be granted to keep that from happening, especially given that Masa has always had the means to bail Sprint out on his own. If Masa wants to let Sprint retrench, I’m fine with that. I may have to take my business of 8 lines elsewhere, but so it goes. If Masa had adequately supported Sprint by offsetting or completely negating its debt, it could have without a doubt been competitive with Verizon/AT&T, even with the comparatively low revenue flow it has versus the big two. Look what it’s been able to accomplish on “fuel vapors”.
  7. This strikes me as deliberate FUD by Claure. None of this would be necessary if Masa properly funded and adequately capitalized Sprint from the outset. But even more so, we know now that that this merger is a total farce, and it should fail because it’s clearly not necessary based on the disclosed communications that Masa was willing to pay off its debt. Masa: Time to reach for that checkbook.
  8. It’s defies explanation why Masa let Sprint wither on the vine for so long. Masa effectively devalued his own investment in Sprint to the point where Sprint couldn’t even be the majority partner in the merger he wanted. Finally the truth comes out: He always had the money to do it. For a while, it was claimed that SoftBank's covenants with Japanese banks prevented it from infusing more money into to Sprint: https://www.wsj.com/articles/doubts-grow-about-whether-softbank-can-save-sprint-1439346616 This latest news on Masa’s apparent willingness to pay off Sprint’s debt in whole or in part blows up that narrative completely.
  9. I honestly have no idea. It’s bizarre how he just let Sprint limp along.
  10. https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/judge-asks-legere-why-sprint-can-t-do-a-turnaround-like-t-mobile Great question.
  11. Wow. So now it’s out that Masa is willing to come up with the money. This merger is such a sham.
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