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    "You can invite me back here in two years -- our network will be ranked No. 1 or No. 2," Claure said Wednesday at Recode's Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verde, Calif. He later clarified that he meant No. 1 or 2 in the major markets. (May 27, 2015)


    “The truth of the matter is we have the worst network quality scores in the industry,” Claure, who is now Sprint’s executive chair, told the judge.
    “It was getting really, really hard to sell [service] because new customers went home, tested their phone, and then realized they had coverage gaps,” Claure said about Sprint’s problems going back to 2017. “So the amount of returns started skyrocketing, and therefore, employees no longer wanted to work for Sprint. And then the churn of employees or salespeople started to skyrocket and so that became a big problem."
    “The quality of our network was four times worse than Verizon, half of T-Mobile and a little less than half of AT&T,” Claure added. (February 12, 2020)

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  1. I agree. I'm sure that T-Mobile will eventually communicate how Sprint customers will eventually be migrated over without having to do that. Ultimately the Sprint brand will be shut down so that will have to happen. This affects millions of customers so they'll need to come up with a simple, inexpensive and non-disruptive solution.
  2. That's interesting. At some point in the merger process when the the Sprint brand is "no more", they'll have to migrate all the Sprint customers to become T-Mobile customers and account for the current billing status of each account/line so that it's a seamless transition. We switched our lines to TNX, so I guess that's a predicate step for it. Hopefully they can do this while the "plane is in the air" and not require what that manager told you.
  3. I used to get a few SMS spam messages on Sprint. Since I've made the switch to TNX, I haven't gotten any at all.
  4. I was using Sprint's Spam Blocker App and I was still getting quite a few Spam Calls. After switching to TNX and using T-Mobile's Scam Shield App, I'm getting almost zero. T-Mobile has a much better Spam Call Blocker system and I'm glad I made the switch.
  5. I've noticed substantially fewer scam/spam calls since switching to TNX and using T-Mobile's Scam Shield App.
  6. Unfortunately, I'm seeing the gaps in the customer experience for TNX and I'm wondering if I should just leave the "T-Mobile Unlimited Freedom Plan with Included Taxes/Fees" behind and bring everything over to a T-Mobile Plan/Account at a certain point for usability and management sake. iOS: The experience on iOS has been fine. When I upgraded my 3 iPhone 12 Pro's it was easy to update the E911 Address for Wi-Fi Calling right on the device. Quick and done. Google Pixel 5: The experience on a Google Pixel 5 on eSIM for Sprint was mediocre. I received conflicting information about whet
  7. Pretty incredible. Of course, I wonder what percentage of Magenta Max Plan users forget to activate (or don't activate) UHD streaming on their devices.
  8. So we're on the T-Mobile Unlimited Freedom w/Taxes & Fees Included Plan. The ease/experience of switching to TNX varied greatly based on the type of device. Moved another iPhone 12 Pro to TNX myself (after doing the first two iPhone 12 Pro's in-store) and it was super easy. All I had to do was re-enable voicemail and Wi-Fi Calling right on the device. So we've got 3 iPhones moved over to TNX in total. Tried putting a TNX SIM into a Google Pixel 5 which has a Sprint eSIM on our plan and got an activation error message after I selected the TNX SIM Card for activation. Ultimate
  9. Is a Pixel 5 eligible for the T-Mobile Network Experience? Has anyone here done it? UPDATE: According to a second live chat it is eligible. The agent on my initial live chat said it wasn't.
  10. I'd rather them not pay a dividend that I'm taxed on (after it's already been taxed as earnings). It's better off going into Capex instead of to Uncle Sam.... at least that's my opinion anyway. Over the long term, I feel that that supports a better share price and return through dollar cost averaging instead of paying me a dividend. As for the results, it's pretty incredible how quickly T-Mobile is moving things along on integrating the Sprint network, at least based on what they've shared in the detailed presentation. At some point these merger synergies/savings will be reflected in futu
  11. Raising 2021 Merger Synergies Guidance on Continued Integration Progress Expect Merger synergies of $2.8 billion to $3.1 billion Approximately 50 percent of Sprint customer traffic is now carried on the T-Mobile network, 2x more than last quarter Approximately 20 percent of Sprint customers have been moved to the T-Mobile network
  12. Ok. Is there a charge if they mail you the SIM? I have other lines I want to migrate over.
  13. Finally got around to swapping a T-Mobile SIM into my iPhone 12 Pro for the "T-Mobile Network Experience". My first speed test on the street: My Upload speed on T-Mobile is almost 4x faster than my Xfinity Gigabit Internet service's Upload speed at home (35 Mbps).... and the Download speed isn't that far off either. Amazing. Doing the SIM Swap was super easy and fast at the T-Mobile Retail Store. T-Mobile is absolutely killing it with the Sprint assets they got from the Merger.... Oh what could have been.
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