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  1. Another one: https://www.fiercewireless.com/financial/softbank-to-sell-majority-stake-brightstar
  2. The iPhone 5G launch delay actually gives T-Mobile a a few extra weeks to make network upgrades, so this may actually work out for the best. Given how aggressively T-Mobile is doing tower upgrades for 2.5 GHz, I think they'll address the densest markets first as part of the iPhone 5G launch. They have all the data on where everyone is and what device they currently have (and potential upgrades), for both Sprint and T-Mobile, so I think this will work out just fine.
  3. Things just keep getting more interesting for SoftBank Post-Merger: https://nvidianews.nvidia.com/news/nvidia-to-acquire-arm-for-40-billion-creating-worlds-premier-computing-company-for-the-age-of-ai
  4. I'm surprised I'm not on 3XCA for Band 41. How much spectrum is being utilized for 5G in DC currently?
  5. Thanks. I have Component Carrier 0 on Band 41 and Component Carrier 1 on Band 41. What should I be looking at on this page?
  6. Thanks for the info. What screen would I find the CA Configuration on?
  7. Maybe? I'm not sure how to tell. This is what came up on the Field Test (verbatim) when I ran it.
  8. According to Field Test on my iPhone 11 Pro, I'm now picking up the following at home here in DC: LTE Neighbor 0 Band 12 (-68 nbr_rsrp) LTE Neighbor 1 Band 41 (-80 nbr_rsrp) LTE Neighbor 2 Band 41 (-98 nbr_rsrp) LTE Neighbor 3 Band 41 (-101 nbr_rsrp) -- No Band 25/26.
  9. Are S20+ 5G devices running natively on T-Mobile's network now out of the box?
  10. That's pretty neat. Yeah, I'm planning on doing my usual annual upgrade and getting the 5G iPhone when it comes out. Hopefully Apple puts both Sub-6 GHz and mmWave support on it. I'd imagine they'd have to support both given that Verizon's 5G network is essentially mmWave.
  11. No prob! Curious about this as well so I'll check it out. We're still on the Unlimited Freedom Plan with the "Love My Credit Union" Rewards. Won't have access to it until the weekend. Having been on iOS since the early days, I couldn't believe how disjointed and "junky" the setup process still is for Samsung. At least I got it cleaned up, but wow. BTW: Is there any mmWave in/around DC?
  12. It's a family member's device so I don't have it nearby. When I see it next, I'll check it. Is it under the About Phone menu or somewhere else?
  13. Just set up a Galaxy S20+ 5G on one of our Sprint lines. I was stunned to see so much junk (which I removed) during the setup process, including a bunch of Sprint icons that wanted to install themselves. (Pay Bill, Upgrade Eligibility) Is this something we can expect to improve under T-Mobile? The device also said Sprint 5G on initial boot. I fully updated it and completed setup. At what point will the device switch over to the T-Mobile network and use it as an anchor?
  14. Not necessarily. Depends who bids for it, how much they get and what they have to pay for it. Had the merger not occurred (with Masa failing to infuse any cash into the business), Sprint would be in an even worse position as T-Mobile could have picked some up, unless AT&T or Verizon grabbed it all. Sprint was already circling the drain. This would have finished them off in my opinion. Sprint didn't have the money for lowband, and it wouldn't have had the money for this spectrum either. The efficiencies realized through merger synergies should allow T-Mobile to pick up some if it
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