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  1. USA Mobile Network Experience Report (July 2019) https://www.opensignal.com/reports/2019/07/usa/mobile-network-experience Here’s where Sprint stands. Lots of work to do... although Sprint was only .1 behind AT&T in 4G availability percentage.
  2. I ran multiple Rootmetrics App speed tests along the route. I utilized different servers and ran the tests multiple times. At certain locations while on the tracks, I was able to pull 100 Mbps down. At other locations it dropped out completely for a couple minutes, dropped to 1x or it was barely hanging on to 1 bar of LTE as we went along. It did this repeatedly. I ran speedtests when it did that and I reported the issue in the My Sprint App. Given that I received a mix of good and essentially “zero” speeds in locations, I’m not sure that signal degradation was the issue. I believe it’s more due to poor tower spacing and congestion. Based on my experience yesterday, Sprint’s service along Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor needs some major improvement, because honestly I was left holding a brick at times. Emails wouldn’t load. Links wouldn’t load. You can’t market a service like this.
  3. The tweet states that 285 macro sites have been upgraded and that 41 small cell sites have been brought on air. That figure doesn’t seem to correlate with the number/color of dots on the map image.
  4. As first spotted by @nexgencpu. Curious what the difference is between the red and blue dots.
  5. I agree with you to a point. 5G does serve a purpose, and if it helps address a saturated LTE network, then that’s great. However, my experience yesterday is a glaring example of how Sprint is not accomplishing the basics. Millions of customers ride the Northeast Corridor every year. That’s millions of prospective and current Sprint customers. A network not working when you need it to is the quickest way to lose a customer (or not gain one), and if you tell a friend/colleague who’s on another carrier that your device doesn’t have coverage to do something (and they do), why would they ever switch?
  6. All this news about 5G is great, but I was on Amtrak yesterday for a day trip between Washington DC (Union Station) and Iselin, NJ (Metropark Station), and Sprint’s coverage while on the trip was atrocious. It repeatedly dropped to no 1x, 1x, 1 bar of LTE, or unusable LTE with more than one bar. (I have a fully updated iPhone XS and I reported the network issues where/when I could.) It makes me wonder if any of Sprint’s Network Team has tested/ridden the Amtrak Northeast Corridor and tried using their device(s). How can they expect anyone to get work done (or other personal usage) while on the trip with this level of network performance? Hopefully Sprint addresses this, because 5G only goes so far in acquiring new and keeping customers. Sprint needs to address these fundamentals.
  7. Sprint Closes Asset Sale, Inches Closer to T-Mobile Merger Inching along...
  8. Here’s Sprint’s Unlimited Plan Pricing/Features: https://www.sprint.com/en/shop/plans/unlimited-cell-phone-plan.html The plans are differentiated by SD/HD/Full HD streaming, Hotspot Allotment, International Roaming Allotment and bundled services. It’s all on the page. Four lines on: Unlimited Basic: $140/Month Unlimited Plus: $180/Month Unlimited Premium: $220/Month Vs Framily: https://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-redefines-the-wireless-family-with-the-new-sprint-framily-plan.htm 4 lines on Framily with the Unlimited Data add-on for each line is $60/Month per line, for a total of $240/Month. You should consider switching plans.
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