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    "You can invite me back here in two years -- our network will be ranked No. 1 or No. 2," Claure said Wednesday at Recode's Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verde, Calif. He later clarified that he meant No. 1 or 2 in the major markets. (May 27, 2005)


    “The truth of the matter is we have the worst network quality scores in the industry,” Claure, who is now Sprint’s executive chair, told the judge.
    “It was getting really, really hard to sell [service] because new customers went home, tested their phone, and then realized they had coverage gaps,” Claure said about Sprint’s problems going back to 2017. “So the amount of returns started skyrocketing, and therefore, employees no longer wanted to work for Sprint. And then the churn of employees or salespeople started to skyrocket and so that became a big problem.
    “The quality of our network was four times worse than Verizon, half of T-Mobile and a little less than half of AT&T,” Claure added. (February 12, 2020)

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  1. That's so true. It'll be interesting to see how long T-Mobile keeps Sprint's legacy systems and procedures around. How much will things change by the time the next iPhone launches in Fall 2021?
  2. It's amazing how quickly T-Mobile is integrating Sprint's network assets after the merger and putting itself on real competitive footing with Verizon/AT&T. With the launch of the 5G iPhone, uptake of new 5G devices on T-Mobile's network must be substantial. T-Mobile's midband capacity from Sprint is making a real difference in usability and speed.
  3. Yup. U Street definitely fills up in the evening! Haven't been over there since COVID began, but people are always fiddling on their phones. 😀
  4. Interesting. I'm sure at some point T-Mobile will take an audit of what's going on with that DAS and either terminate the legacy Sprint support or have support added for T-Mobile. Curious what you find out when you go in. Let us know! I've always been bewildered by the fact that carriers didn't prioritize coverage and speed improvements at major points of transit. I pestered Sprint about its Union Station coverage issues for years to no avail. That's where the most people actually use their phones the most (likely because they're talking, texting or surfing/streaming while arriving/d
  5. I agree. So far, my experience has been much better. With Sprint's network, I routinely ran into congestion or coverage issues in a number of areas in the DMV, especially the Central Business District (Downtown DC), Columbia Heights and National Harbor. Indoor coverage has definitely been better too. Curious where T-Mobile would put mmWave....
  6. My download speeds have improved somewhat over the past couple of days. Obviously, T-Mobile is in the midst of merging things together. I'm now seeing 250-260 Mbps for download over 5G, but more importantly, I'm seeing 76 Mbps for upload, which is about a 7x improvement over what I was seeing on Sprint before. This makes my iPhone substantially more usable for common tasks like sending photos, etc. If T-Mobile can deliver a similar experience to Shentel's territory, I think customers will be happy with it. Maybe T-Mobile will deploy some mmWave here in DC as well (if they haven'
  7. That's a good point. I guess it comes down to the quality of the RF modeling and drive-testing that T-Mobile does?
  8. That's what I think I'm seeing on my iPhone 12 Pro now as well. Ran some speed tests: Seeing speeds of 227 Mbps/70 Mbps on 5G.... Seeing speeds of 138 Mbps/48 Mbps on LTE.... I was actually seeing faster peak download speeds on my iPhone 11 Pro on LTE (Of course, the upload was a mere fraction of this), but it was close to 300 Mbps at the same location I'm testing from now. Perhaps they're working on integrating the network?
  9. You probably also have to make sure that "Upgrade to Wi-Fi Calling" is enabled/checked on your laptop/desktop device as well.
  10. It's an iPhone 12 Pro straight out of the box directly from Sprint on an annual upgrade. I didn't check which SIM it has. How can you tell which one it has?
  11. Set up a family member's new iPhone 12 Pro for them yesterday. Still waiting on mine and one other one to ship.... I left it set it to "5G Auto" and enabled "Allow More Data on 5G". Plugged it into their CarPlay for their vehicle and took a trip from Bethesda into DC. It seemed to hold onto strong 5G coverage very well. I didn't run any speed tests on it, but voice quality was very good. One thing I did notice is that it still says "Sprint Wi-Fi" for Wi-Fi Calling. I figured it would say T-Mobile for these new devices, but perhaps that hasn't been migrated over yet?
  12. You really have to hand it to the T-Mobile network and engineering team since the merger. They're extremely proficient at network upgrades.
  13. In rewatching it, I have a feeling the Uncarrier event could be for T-Mobile's TV service (T-Vision) with no extra taxes/fees and no charge for a "box". There's a TV in the background, and Mike says "It's on." Would be nice if it was available to Sprint customers if this is the case.
  14. It would be nice if T-Mobile did some "Uncarrier" changes for Sprint.... such as removing taxes and fees from our plans.
  15. My understanding is that the bill credits apply over the full 30 months, and if you cancel early you are responsible for the full device price. Not sure if that also means upgrade early.
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