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  1. Hey Brad, I just meant with any of those, but all together would be a great second step. I have a few embedded radios and available band combinations in generic firmware tend to be broad. Unfortunately Band 41 has limited FDD aggregation band support. Band 25/26 is available so Ideally 2 and 5 fall in there like dood mentions below. Great solution! Super nice. My guess is development will gear more towards n41 but in the meantime this would be fantastic. I wonder if we will see a solution that allows us to aggregate channels from differing eNodeB or sectors. This would help in the transitional period of the merger. I also wonder if this is possible with that fancy virtualized dual action but one end point core all the software magicians speak of. I believe the canadien carriers have an example of what I am referring to.
  2. What is the likelihood of current handsets and modems gaining the support to aggregate bands 2/66/71/12/5 with band 41? Since band 25 is capable it seems possible on the network side of course. Unfortunately I am unable to find an example of these combinations and what kind of process it would take to make this happen for users.
  3. PSA: Telits mailer is compromised. If you received an invoice from them it is full of spam, do not open.
  4. Super nice. Thank you for all of this.
  5. Is the Pixel 3A capable of band locking? I haven't been to google since I had a nexus 5. I am a dialer code kind of person so if it can how do I get there simply? Do I need root and other dark sorcery? Thank you.
  6. Went all in on this new dual sim router built for failover. I am having quite the time getting all these radios to behave! Nice to be able to install an mPCIe WiFi card since all mediatek embedded radios are trash. Even this repurposed laptop WiFi card I installed does better. Currently hosting an LM960 and an EM7565. The custom port I needed to make in goldenorb for the LM960 do not play nice with the EM7565. I am going to get some Telit support baked in and then I should be good to go. The Telit card is still on version 1 firmware and no connection issues. The EM7565 . . . I have to perform reanimation on every time it needs an update. Telit card is just shooting 3's from half court now. The router has a small physical switch to manipulate which sim you want. I am going to put this in a box on the roof, I wonder how I could automate that switch? It would probably be better to just enjoy the stability this build offers with one radio and a 5GHz wifi card for outdoors, but I probably can't just do that.
  7. I think it will be the last holdout for CDMA 1xA. I don't see them taking the bandwidth offline and no sense buying n26 radios if it goes for sale. I think the two year is a safety valve in case too many folks still have CDMA phones/IoT devices.
  8. No, it is New Tmo's for 3 years; after which dish will pay about $3.6B to buy with the option for Tmo to lease back for 2 more years.
  9. First round was, but the 8t8r installed last year also only broadcast two channels until recently. Third channel seems to be for magic boxes. 160MHz available so who knows.
  10. Pretty low density here, one channel in band 25, and two in 2500 when you get close.
  11. The one place I don't experience carrier aggregation is the Sprint network.
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