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  1. belusnecropolis

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Indeed, I hope so too.
  2. belusnecropolis

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Lolol ethernet connectivity will probably come with the next hardware version.
  3. I keep a band 46 capable router in the car for just such occasions.
  4. Tablets or mobile broadband devices do as well
  5. belusnecropolis

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I got a version 2, I would break this one down but is just a fancy screen compared to the first one right? Ordered return and the Gold Edition™. I will have to wait a couple weeks for travel, but I will do a holiday teardown when I get back if no one beats me to it.
  6. belusnecropolis

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Yes, call back. This happened to me and a Gen2 showed up.
  7. belusnecropolis

    Note 9 rumor thread.

    Jesus christmas trees!
  8. belusnecropolis

    Note 9 rumor thread.

    This could unironically only happen to user @danlodish345 Glad you are ok man! This is a pretty impressive yet unique set of events leading to what looks like a smoldering handset. Call Samsung my dude and see if they'll give you some kind of exchange for finding out what it takes to vampire slay a phone.
  9. belusnecropolis

    AT&T LTE and Network Discussion

    Our area is actually sold under an old Cingular affiliate, Horry Telephone Cooperative. We have a pair of Corporate stores in town for wireless subscribers and whatever media ATT bought last week. HTC is the fiber and backbone provider for our area. They were slow to roll out HSPA here, so ATT made a big push a couple years ago in the area to update base stations. It seems to have worked out; updating to bands 2/30 in an overlay went smooth right after the 2g shutdown. It looks like those will be touched again with band 14, and 30 will now be coming to most sites. Bands 4/12 are active on every site. Have you seen any ATT small cells? I haven't yet outside of COWs.
  10. belusnecropolis

    AT&T LTE and Network Discussion

    H1900 5MHz here, everything else is LTE. No band 5 license in our area.
  11. belusnecropolis

    AT&T LTE and Network Discussion

    At our location we have 10MHz band 30, 10 and 5MHz^2 band 4, 15MHz band 2, 10MHz band 12 active on the network; I see firstnet in the network scan but won't have a band 14 enabled radio for a month or so. We have a two routers with detailed logging enabled, one is stationary and one is mobile. How should we best contribute data to this thread?
  12. No in the south east US, It is good now. Tmobile roaming for sure is your culprit, as you saw with band 2. It is a tower or cluster update. Takes time to get through the tubes.
  13. Experienced this same thing for two weeks here while it rolled out. Good luck!