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  1. A friend and I are building a pair of Cat. 20 routers. He has Sprint service to test, here are his results with a macronode that tops at 3x aggregation, 4x2 MiMo, about a mile from his site. He is using 1 dual port -19 dB gain antenna tuned 2.4-2.7GHz and 1 dual port -15 dB gain antenna for 2.4-2.7GHz to match 4x2 MiMo. We are using Quectel Cat 20 M.2 embedded radios and LMR400 coax. It is mounted 35 feet in the air. PoE. The ping sucks because we are working on making QMI stable in certain router builds so MBIM. Bruh are you telling me I should have just skipped all this and bought an inseego?
  2. Those things usually can't even stay powered on long enough before they bork a firmware update. I figured the HTC hub would net something like this speed before an off the shelf, USB tethered modem.
  3. Since November it has stopped reporting correctly on my T-Mobile Potatorola E5+ and Pixel 3a. The app has never let me log in to my account for some reason, I tried all the usual thing user @mdob07 mentioned. Before this time it would still report and I could view progress on the browser later at home. Now it puts few points up and disregards changing reporting times. I have kept it screened on and kept other mapping apps open at times to see if this made reporting better but I stopped using it. Now it is just another signal app and viewing on chrome desktop is pretty broken.
  4. Get an AT&T iPad plan, insert the provisioned SIM after buying a Nighthawk or building an LTE router, avoid middle men and save money.
  5. Call first or go to the AT&T corporate store nearest you. Ask for the stand alone iPad plan for $20 a month with unlimited data. It was originally designed to be an add on to single line phone plans but is simply usable with only an IMEI and a credit check. I just used the IMEI of the iPad they had in the store. If this does not work Best Buy may have this option. If you also like, Jim over at LTEfix knows a guy that can help you out. The mobley option is now unattainable, the unlimited RV plan is toasted, and the new connected car modem plan is like 30 or 40 bucks stand alone. This is the way to go if you do not have post paid service already and If you do, well I believe you can just add an iPad line like this.
  6. https://dcp2.att.com/OEPNDClient/ It is a 30 day unlimited data session. You can setup autopay. 22Gb deprioritization. 35 bux plus taxes, fees.
  7. Netgear Nighthawk>ATT Tablet plan(Post paid is 20/mo prepaid is 35/mo)>\ EdgeRouterX>Your Router Spectrum Router>/ This is your easiest, most affordable, off the shelf and mobile setup.
  8. Lots of streamers, camgirls, gamers and news reporter types require a consistent upload to acquire max stats and venmo creds.
  9. T-Mo and VZW hold the 850 licences here and there are no small cells yet. I am also in a T affiliate market. Even though HTC participated in just about every spectrum auction recently, they don't seem inclined to put it to use.
  10. lol they aren't. They have been like this for 2 years now, my mono pole got band 2 slapped on and they are using one rrh for two sectors; they just upgraded like 6 sites along the main tourist drag and called it tony the tiger. If they are 70% done with FirstNet, then surrounding areas better be at 150%.
  11. My area is covered in these. Bands 2/12 LTE band 2 HSPA.
  12. Are you still seeing 3G from these sites, and what bandwidth and frequency are they using?
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