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  1. Quectel, I try to avoid the network of acquisition agents on Alibaba. I pay more but they come when they say they will.
  2. Have you experienced 5G yet on your handset since it is using T-mobile as mains?
  3. I sell them for 150 plus shipping. The proxicast is pretty sweet. Make sure to get the 5G model, it includes CBRS and the lower C-band going to auction this year.
  4. I can ask about acquiring some. MHF4>SMA male? What length do you need and how many?
  5. I made this thread for just that purpose. Yeah I did this first thing too. You need to solder to the board to complete externals. The U.FL connectors are only extensions of the MiMo antenna. This is correct. The RPi is kind of a turd for this unless you have it boot from a USB drive. Yes 4x MiMo at 3x aggregation pulls from 1.1-1.5 mA. Get you a thicc wall plug if you plan to pursue this more. Yeah I am the one that figured this out on this radio. It is a simple AT command, you just need the correct syntax and the IMEI from the Askey router. It is a great antenna. Medium gain but the ability to have a smaller footprint than 4 or 2 antenna. I get all of my MHF4 from LTEfix or another domestic supplier. Do you just need the correct connectors, N Male>LMR400>SMA male? I know a guy(me) if you need some. That antenna is light on the room but you would need to modify the internal connections to end in MFH4 to go from the antenna lead to the EM20. PoE is functional I always have ideas my living is building LTE routers and consulting so if you would like to communicate let me know when is a good time for you to talk later in the week.
  6. Here is the stock email WebSalesTeam@symm.onmicrosoft.com Or this person, I get many emails from them all the time. Alex Guerra Internet Sales Representative AlexG@symmetryelectronics.com Office: 310.643.3454 Direct: 310.643.3455 Fax: 310.297.0881 Also, it ships from Beautiful Texas USA. The tariff is just what they already paid and they are passing it on to you. They should be able to void your order and process a new one. They have done it for me for this exact same reason. Another thing is they try to hide the cheapo USPS 3 dollar shipping at the bottom of the shipping page, keep an eye out for that and save some $$$
  7. Shoot them an email, it takes them like 3 days to ship anything
  8. Good radio, do not forget to get MHF4 connectors for the antenna ports. Though it is mPCIe format it does not use the U.FL MHF1 ports most mPCIe cards use. Make sure your order is the LM960AIW203T0W1000 model available here, this is the A18 and most current model. The LM960AIW201T0W2000 is the first production model, and surprisingly still costs more via semiconductor store. Groovy. Yeah he got more last week and I bought a few of em while he had them. My order from ZBT is taking forever so I jumped on what he had. This is the best place if you have to go outdoors. Too high and you start getting your intra cell interference and like you said good shade. I know a good vendor that makes all these custom cables I order, let me know if you need some. Good prices, free shipping. I just order new cables most of the time but having tools on hand means you can make mods now if you don't have time to wait, but that is if you anticipate needing to do this often.
  9. I just built this PoE and USB 3 upgraded WG3526 with an LM960 in it today I am testing it on the two Kathrein antenna I put on my TrashMonsterâ„¢ tower. It works great so far. I use 3 foot of LMR400 7/16 DIN male to SMA male. The cards are pretty on par with each other. They both get lots of aggregation combos, the Quectel is Eng samples only and the LM960 is on production revision 2, model A18 now. IMEI manipulation is more for Quectel if you need that for your plan, Telit I haven't figured that part out yet. The 960 is mPCIe so no adapters for most embedded router slots, the EM20 is M.2 so unless you get one of those fancy new routers I mentioned above you need an adapter. What other questions do you have for me?
  10. Thanks! I build non carrier compliant but still compliant machines so if you need one before T-Mo builds one I am here.
  11. We also got a new to us Frank Sonata, we on Ver 3. People just love driving into my wife, I am installing an auto turret and some brush guard on this one I swear. So once I get all of these parts centrally located and built into New Frank, I am gonna head out for some more travel and fotos.
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