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  1. Telit model FN980 Five Gee m.2 card marketing materials. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oRDUAftby4IPLNMKeN7l9C9BnC9s5Wig/view?usp=sharing
  2. imgur.com is a file sharing site that allows you to upload and share via a direct link.
  3. Would you please post pictures of your setup when you are finished with them?
  4. https://photos.app.goo.gl/WrkZbZm8ThDKk8246 I forgot to poast this. Here is the speed tests we did while driving around with this thing day 1. It really does not care what tower it is on. It hands off well. We put 50 miles on it that day, probably covered about 12 different cells. I am going to try the hirose adapters I have left over from the 2k17 Nighthawk 4x4 experiment. I'll clamp em to the board and then run some antennae in and see what pops up.
  5. I'm hoping the few millions of new customers they can grab offering service in new areas offsets this some. Plus the FCC loves giving away money lately for rural build outs.
  6. I wonder if the spectrum will be cleared for border usage by the time Dish gets this band.
  7. Made sure to test connection with case removed first. This confirms antenna are built into the top half. Trying the u.fl connectors on both antenna sets was disappointing. No connection. The sim was not friendly in my other devices, like I figured. It is IMEI locked to the Askey device. Guess this means solder if we want to mod this thing gang.
  8. Preparing T-Mobile Home Internet Askey router for modifications. Remove the 4 soft pads, and the small Phillips screws located underneath. Bottom comes right off. This really way to easy. I earned this after trashing so many other ones. Remove the board by pressing on the two white tabs at the length ends holding the PCB. Angle front end up and remove switch side. Boop. That took about 3 minutes. I feel so lazy now. Anyway I will get to poking at these u.fl ports. Like @645824 said, the small path ports are not MHF4 on this router either. They are probably named in the testing documents somewhere so I will dig there later. Looks like the auxiliary antenna are accessible though I could always just solder up those ends to something as well. Lots to do. Lots to plan. I also have a sim to test out in other devices. Have a great night everyone.
  9. If your WiFi signal goes down as you unplug them, that would also be a good indicator.
  10. 1. Neat! Nice work. 2 & 3 The LTE antennas will usually be in the path of the antenna on the PCB. I assume all antenna are part of the case now so if the antenna feed from the board where they make that connection with the antenna in the case, those are your LTE antenna. It is easier if you are able to identify the LTE and WIFI radios from any FCC docs, and just follow the paths coming from those LTE radio====MHF4 port=====gold contacts at PCB edge. You should try hooking up an antenna to those at least and see what happens. Who knows?
  11. Should be able to draw some good interest once we get these torn down and figured out. Expect lots of proprietary protocol so finding a comm port on the modem will be tricky if that is your thing. Getting an antenna design going is what I am excited for most. All I can do with the software is try to break it hard enough in the most blatant manner possible. I have to be nice to this case though, I shredded a MR100 Nighthawk and a couple of magic boxes no problem, I'm trying to keep this thing at least a few more months, so I am excited to see what I can come up with. If you manage to teardown Sprint's premiere 5G home router and set up some externals that would be really neat to see. Jim @LTEfix is great. We boomer chat on facebook and get confused by all the software, bitmaps and such. He really has a great domestic business going sourcing all this stuff. Thanks to his services I have an elaborate junkyard going and now 3 year Ever Improving LTE Internet Project.
  12. Well I found where to start taking this thing apart. I'll break it down tonight. Gotta step up the antenna game on this official Home Internet Box.
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