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  1. Yeah I went hunting with the modular and had no luck. I am only seeing the icon, no NR info, just LTE in SC Pro. I went back to the where I spotted it with the handset, scored a 5G logo and sent you a couple diagnostics. I had to absolutely rekt my bootloader to get service mode to load on my crappy ATT bloatwared phone but it was not populating any NR info either. I was only able to see the logo with LTE 750/14 active. I tried 66/30 only and did not populate the logo again. It is possible just one site has some ENDC finally and that is reflecting? I will keep seeking it Thanks for any help and all that you do for us.
  2. I am using the Samsung A71-5G on ATT. I recently noticed the 5G icon appear on my phone! I am guessing it is n66 since there is no n5 license for AT&T in my market. I looked in my logs but did not see any 5G info when I exported them pertaining to 5G cells or trail data. I am also guessing it is DSS because I was locked to bands 30/66/14 for LTE and I could still see all of the usual band 66/30 carriers. Band 14 was my PCC during this event. Would it help to send you a log when I notice this occur again? Or if it is of no value let me know. I am going to go hunt the signal down with a modular radio later anyway but if this would provide value to the app I would be glad to help out however I can. I will save any info I get when I confirm with my modular radio, I just set that radio to the same IMEI as my phone for easy sim swapping and it should behave the same.
  3. Yeah it really works nicely. This covers the area across from the sports complex at the local college. Many visitors gather here to cross the highway at the crosswalk and there is student housing under the other sectors so it does a good job of adding capacity in a small sector and not making a ton of noise for the other sectors. I will say on this one I am confused by the presence of all those radios that are unutilized on the west sector but it is a neat site for sure.
  4. Have you thought about moving the SIM to a device that can? FOSS like GoldenOrb is doing great work here and Mikrotik has a few solutions working on their latest Router OS beta.
  5. We have 80MHz on air, but backhaul is still rate limited to 175Mb p/s across the market 🙃 I was able to utilize the main antenna on my modular radio by locking on to an non modernized site for LTE bands 2+2+66 as anchor. Then on MiMo ports that are tuned to n41 I steered a parabolic to a different but modernized site that has new radio on air. When life gives you backhaul lemons make EN-DC lemonade Net 225MB p/s through a giant forest with well tuned antenna. Maxxxing gain but yeah it was fun, work and even with huge channels there is a plethora of things that can keep you away from those speeds. Still faster than available CableCo, so I don't mind the pain.
  6. I drove a 5G router I built across the county last week and every site is still 200Mb p/s peak. They did bring up two band 41 carriers in LTE at 20 and 15 MHz and another 5MHz of Sprint's former PCS. There is a lot of bandwidth on air but looks like they will provision more throughput from fiber after they are finished building. Enjoy this 4k video of a 4 sector site that is currently being built on the local campus.
  7. My T-Mobile plan switched to the MAXXX today on this billing cycle from the 1+ plan. Will I need new sim cards to achieve stand alone NR? I have a ton of routers out there with old sims in them I will be upgrading with RM510 radios for 5G. So I wonder if this is necessary and if so where can I get the new ones for free? The store wants 35 dollars and that is pretty silly. Thanks for any advice
  8. It is real, they finally updated one of my locals and added 5MHz of PCS to their sites that Sprint turned from EV-DO>LTE only last year. This one has 80MHz n41, 20MHz LTE 41, 2 separate but equal 5MHz slices of LTE in PCS with a 5MHz channel of W-CDMA, 10MHz of LTE 5 with a GSM carrier in the 850 guard band, 15MHz n71, 5MHz of LTE 71 and 10MHz of band 4. There is still a shared site that has Sprint PCS A-F PowerVision kit only and Tmo LTE2/4/5 I am watching for. I hope it is next. Pretty based. Enjoy this 4K video I took of it in an opportune break between electrical storms.
  9. I remember stumbling across a Sprint>crown castle SC network a few years ago. I am gonna go see if that thing is still there.
  10. That install looks drunk. The antenna are touching and one is in front of the other at the top lol
  11. Hey fren I have an RM510Q-GL in one right now until my mmWave board gets in, it works really well. I was one of those who lost an EM20 in the v1 M2M ;-; I still have that radio in a drawer lol. The EM20 was an engineering only run so make sure yours is on the a08 firmware, that was the last most stable release.
  12. We tore this thing down. It has external antenna ports available on the SoC. They are U.FL/MHF1 if you guys want to get modding this thing too.
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