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  1. I feel like this guy has a complex that he sold on the low and feels that the barrier to get back in is so high he can only reenter via government fiat.
  2. Kind of surprised I have not had any questions about this yet.
  3. My local site has Sprint with powervision PCS A-F SISO antenna on it still.
  4. I never saw a version of that card that had all 4 carriers on it. I do not have any other firmware for it,
  5. Message me a good number and time to reach out to you this weekend. Busy indeed. You made the effort so have one LM960 stuffs https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15HPMvqtyZw0bNEsAb_9yAZUNNwfa6Bni?usp=sharing The file for your reggie, non A18 LM960 is the 4th one. The Telit WHQL etc.
  6. lol it will not power on. Who knows it is new. Hello fren, I can help you. The LM960 may have to be put in USB 2 mode. AT#USBSWITCH=1 will do it. Do you have a sled you can use to talk to it with a PeeCee? They will be open again next week. Super pumped. I can reach out to one of their admin to make sure they have them.
  7. EM20 is end of life so they will become rare over the next month or two. They have replaced it with the EM160-GR. I have one, it is a pretty sweet card. More will be coming off the boat over the coming weeks. I have been waiting since April for a second run engineering sample of the RM500 and RM510. They have been in customs for a week and *almost* were returned because the importer needed some info but I got em in time and should be here next week. I have built a bunch of routers with the RM500 and it is a great LTE performer so far. I would get one of those if you get the oppurtunity.
  8. I built a sub 6Hz 5G multi SIM hotspot that cost me less than a mid range 5G phone to hold me over. I can build a mmWave capable one for the cost of a mid range phone. If the radio in my 100 dollar Potatorola doesn't cut it for speed I just turn on wifi and then everyone around me has 5G access from multiple carriers. This also meets my needs for tracking, logging upgrades.
  9. I just got a shipment of spicy new 5G radios and all I have are UDP voice & data and bucket IoT lines. I just wrote the radios to appear as an S20+ to see if I can get 5G access on my Voice UDP without getting throttled for being in an embedded modem. I don't know if they have a special APN. I still use just use cheap Motorola phones, they come with a some bloat if you get it from the carrier. I am too rough on a handset to spend on one of the nicer machines like iPhone or Samsung but they do appear to be very fast and powerful. Will you get the 5G iPhone this year that is expected? I b
  10. I think it is in settings, network and internet, APN config or something like this. I appreciate it, I am wondering if Sprint or T-mobile is using a specific APN for 5G access. Thanks! Sorry i am no help on your initial question.
  11. PC's for People, Calyx and other EBS reseller subscribers are telling me they have lost the public IP address; that was the benefit of the routable APN. Mostly over the last few weeks and they will not be getting it back. If you have the option to add a public IP to your device plan and you find this service valuable I recommend you do so quickly. T-Mobile's availability of routable addresses is mostly limited to business plans and the pricing is downright outrageous.
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