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  1. We tore this thing down. It has external antenna ports available on the SoC. They are U.FL/MHF1 if you guys want to get modding this thing too.
  2. It is engineering sample phase and good luck getting some mmWave antennas with accompanying MHF7 to whatever the mmWave antenna connect to. The Dev board they offer is probably key to this but it costs more than the radio itself.
  3. I don't know of the 510 series having an AE variant. The 500 and 502 do. The AE is north american centric. GL=Global.
  4. We deported our docsis CableCo service a few years ago. I rolled my own last Spring that works with my One + line on n71 and n41. Here is my latest one. For fun I used the Tmo LTE gateway sim in it and it was crabby when forced onto 5G.
  5. I'm ready for them to update those crappy L850 radios into the old antennae they threw up here to n5 already. Lot's of old sites with 2 bands. Many such cases.
  6. https://www.askey.com.tw/about.html "Built on Trust Thanks to the trust of our worldwide customers, Askey has become a major player in the Information Technology arena. Askey is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Additionally, Askey owns a factory park in Suzhou, China, where it operates three highly advanced processing plants." Sweet. Def not AM1st
  7. Who knew the merger would be a jobs program for the PRC home modem industry? Multinational corporation's love milking this country at bottom dollar 🤑
  8. I have this service. I signed up at an address where I already have a voice line in a modified cellular router. I had the user send it to my unapproved address once they received it. It works fine for an always QCI9 line. Others may find it easier to just add a voice line to their current plan, and put that sim in a cellular router after modifying the IMEI to appear as a phone. If you can turn some screws and flash a router you are saving like 30 or 40 bucks a month and your line has priority. The only way to add external antennae to their Askey router is with some creative soldering.
  9. The map is no longer granular when zooming in. That was an easy way to see if a new tower went up or if one was serviced by T-Mobile.
  10. My QuecteI RM510Q-GL is here now. It works in USB and PCIe mode. This makes me happy.
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