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  1. Hey friend, I found a few band 25 small cells in my area that have been up for a couple years now via Crown Castle. None have been retrofitted and band 41 is on about 20 macros in our whole market of about 140 sites so just looking for info. Are you saying some have been retrofitted, were they separate projects and are band 25 only being added still? Thanks for any input. Great finds, keep it up!
  2. belusnecropolis

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Yes, GMO turnover to full build on Old Highway 90; It is almost as rural as it sounds. The beach area is limited to two carriers of band 41 mini macros, with 1 of 2 ports attached at the antennas on 6 of ~15 sites along the grand strand. Meanwhile inland a bit, The s1k is on top of the now Sprint location. It covers half of the parking lot of a shopping center. If you drive by the store the Airrave 3 and the s1k crush your connection trying to hand off to and fro. Good experience. I have no idea who is driving the bus here.
  3. belusnecropolis

    Build your own devices, routers, relays, IoT etc.

    This sounds groovy. Feel free to share your software, I know a ton of folks on this build these days. I have two.
  4. belusnecropolis

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    We got an 8t8r in the woods and an s1000 on the old Sprint shack so far this year. Surge denied for this Q here as well.
  5. belusnecropolis

    Build your own devices, routers, relays, IoT etc.

    One click firmware update smoked my nice, new Sierra Wireless card. Programming is hard I suppose, at Sierra Wireless. Excited about the Telit LM960 coming out. Comes in mPCIe format, 5xCA down, 4x4 MIM0 and 256 QAM, GPS and such. I applied for a free sample for our excellent lab. Price will probably be like 400 bucks so while they are handing them out I jumped in. That thing is going in a sweet rig for sure. Also, apparently I have to get a permit to erect a flagpole with a United States Flag on it in our backyard because government. Maybe that card will be out by then and we can build a neat antenna network. https://www.telit.com/m2m-iot-products/cellular-modules/data-cards/ Have a great week everyone and hope you are all enjoying your summer.
  6. It's getting worse than ever. I don't see so much lack of B41 as I see unusable B41. -85 B41 signal that's as usable as communicating with Antarctica from Oxford using smoke signals (have to manually defeat B41), dropping calls on handoffs with good CDMA signal, transitions between LTE bands are accompanied by up to 10 seconds of "No Service", similar periods of "No Service" during handoffs between LTE sites even with good signal. I can reproduce that behavior on the devices, and the dropped calls on four. Still, the only responses I get from Sprint are basically "Get lost" answers. I spoke too soon, Band 41 was down for about 5 days at one location. It restarted again successfully when the billing cycle reset yesterday. This was on a band 41/26 device.
  7. belusnecropolis

    Build your own devices, routers, relays, IoT etc.

    I scratched up enough scratch to get that second cat12 card. I can get bands 2(5MHz), 4(10MHz), 5(10MHz) on Tmo at home. Top score is 75 there on externals. I can get bands 2(15MHz), 4(10+5MHz), 30(10MHz), 12(10MHz) on ATT. Top score is 35 at home, they are a bit farther away so signal suffers, but are designing a flagpoletenna build to fix that We did score pretty sweet in the car the other day. Frank Sonata has more Mb p/s available here than MPH, jeez. Redundancy says go w two carriers, and they both have 10MHz of band 66 here to deploy yet. We will share results when I put it together and we master the wizardry of load balance and/or bonding. Will take time but should be super sweet if I could get 100x2 w some tuning. Hope everyone had a great, freedom packed 🇺🇸 Independence Day 🇺🇸. Have a great weekend everyone and keep building.
  8. No, the opposite. Have a few friends I set up with fast ethernet cellular routers, one in Grayling, one in Highland, one in Fenton and the last parked in St Johns. They all are pushing the top end of these routers at ~75-85 Mb p/s. 50-60 during peak times and ping is less than 50 ms. A bit more rural and north but I can't say I have had an issue reported. These plans range from BYOD free year, one spectrum reseller, and two Data only plans all UDP with 11+ gain antennae. Get them gains bro.
  9. belusnecropolis

    3G Shutdown

    3G still present here in the city along the coast and rural SC west of Conway. In NC and SC I count one 10MHz band 2/25 channel and about 3 three gee channels.
  10. belusnecropolis

    Build your own devices, routers, relays, IoT etc.

    Picked up a wg3526. 2Gb NIC, AC1200, SD card, USB 3.0. I stuck a 2x card in it when it came in last week to test. I got all those adapters last week for my 3x card so here is a how to in pictures to update to some cat12 goodness, then add the old card via USB3.0 for some 3x + 2x carrier aggregation goodness. yayyy all of our gear is here. Need that m.2>mPCIe to get this chip going. Add heat sinks and remove 3 screws to get your main board loose. Freeeeeeeedom!!!! Install adapter, make sure to screw from top down and trim plastic spacers, these will cause problems between PCB and case otherwise. In to win Like I said, upside down from the top and trim to fit. This is an adapter setting so you M U S T go Adapter>Spacers>Screws down or your m.2 card rubs on the insert. L O O K I N G G O O D Tighten that baby down oh so gently. Insert your EM7565>mhf4>RP-SMA adapters in the slot where your IPEX>SMA adapters for your previous mPCIe card went. These are the direct left and right holes labeled FOURGEE on the outside of the case. Tighten and attach antenna. To be totally BA, make sure to reuse your old cat7 card by attaching to a project box, add some IPEX antenna, a USB/SIM slot adapter and win at the game of ugly modems and speed. Have an amazing weekend everyone and post your build here.
  11. belusnecropolis

    Build your own devices, routers, relays, IoT etc.

    I ended up getting one of these together today before work. Boss travels a lot, Tmo service has a nice 2 hour deadspot in NC so I took that travel router up a couple of posts and added a short coax line to an omni, picked up VZW sim, added Verizon APN, programmed some band locking and she hands off smooth as silk while traveling. This was made a bit easier since Boss has a DC plug right on the dash, but I threw in an inverter just in case. That project was accelerated to say the least, woe is me now I have to buy another router!
  12. belusnecropolis

    What is the difference between Sprint APNs?

    I believe that would take a plan or SoC change, this is a great question but I am not sure. I know you can add a public IP address but that is not necessarily routable as you will hit that carrier NAT. I have noticed there were some n.ispsn routers handed out over the last year; I believe they were the newer 910 hotspot but they were recently switched over to r.ispsn on the mysterious "backend" we are here trying to learn about. It caused quite the nasty outage for some folks for a few days.
  13. belusnecropolis

    What is the difference between Sprint APNs?

    R=routable, N =Non routable X not sure. r.ispsn devices receive a routable ivp4 address.
  14. belusnecropolis

    Build your own devices, routers, relays, IoT etc.

    Quality shipment came to the post today. I had to get some more 3x cards before I could start on the gigabit build, they kind of show up as they come in so waiting for one moar to complete. I had one, but a friend of mine in Northernish MI needed some bandwidth and Sprint was the easiest option for them. Being one block outside the city limit they have DSL and DSL, seriously, they had to get two lines. So cat12>fast ethernet capable router and he is already creeping up to the limit on that with a pair of directional 11db radomes via 10ft coax, they are still indoors and not correctly polarized yet, so room to tune and they will be at 100 like that. Anyhoo, I will get this one mounted after I get the ordered adapters in. Waiting on some; M.2>mPCIe, unless you are putting this in your PeeCee, you may need this. mhf4>RP-SMA whips, all my stock gear and junkyard are ipex>SMA or N. SMA>N-male coax, this will connect to the giant antenna, impressive length. 24' Steel pole>Giant antenna had to get something a little custom ordered I can mount to the house and plant in the ground, quality US steel and Flag. This part may take the longest. Fun summer ahead for the HOA and I, plus we are making one for the car next. Have a great weekend everyone.