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  1. I find it personally enjoyable to watch them pile on concessions for once.
  2. When the value factor is an order of magnitude than you make a fantastic point. 80 bucks is over a year of 5 buck bills. You will still get 5g eventually, and as that or before it happens you should be able to count on better coverage. Consistent speed is only as consistent as the network can reach from cell to cell with wide channels. Coverage is terrible without capacity, believe me. Flip that coin and 5 dollars seems to be an entry level price point for service. I would love to see more available bucket in terms of coverage, speed and consumption for 5 dollars, and unlimited to cost less. Depends on how efficient 5g is and what price level the market can bear I suppose fren.
  3. Gotchu, at least they gave it up quick.
  4. Is it device specific or something like 123456?
  5. Dish provides a greenfield 5g opportunity, 4g capacity or a partnerconglomerllcship. American grit as Charlie has described it from 2014-now has not built a network for cellular. Grit ain't free, spectrum only squawks if you energize it, and interest will bear soon. Band 70 would be neat. NR 70 would be sweet.
  6. I took 3 months but I was able to get my free year line cancelled. Unfortunately I still have the magic box. The chat agent said keep it a couple months ago, but that is how mystery collections letters show up. I will just harvest it for parts and return it, but who do I get in touch with to complete the return process? I have no label or shipping box.
  7. belusnecropolis


    After your update kicks in, maybe start here fren. Just takes a few for approval some days, but never long. S4GRU is the spot, you will like it.
  8. Imagine inflicting Comcast customer service + Sprint customer service on a customer base.
  9. Oh that is super nice! Thanks a million. In the meantime I tried my VZW prepaid line and no fortune was found. I will ask Sierra Wireless for a portal that provides me more information on activation too. I see a lot of these around now, the newer model is B14 capable and being installed in firstnet capable vehicles. Sure seems like something Sierra would want to utilize in a nice uniform policy.
  10. There are two QR code on the EM7565 for an IMEI and what I am presuming is the esim. Both are followed by just the numbers, they are engraved or laser printed in to the finish of the body. Model, FCC, IC id, Product of Vietnam. There is another lower and left 7 digit number, no idea. The LM960 has a plain finish. There is a sticker with a single QR code. Next to the QR code the IMEI, Model, FCCid, IC number, and then underneath it says assembled in china. I will go with the EM7565 since I have more info, and the LM960 is my stable daily driver.
  11. Sierra Wireless EM7565 Telit LM960 and LM940. Thanks for the good info there, that helps a lot and seems like how Sprint usually operates on sim in the prior form, confusing and a customer support nightmare. Hey, no one knew we could get a hotswap or a Sprint sim to actually work, then one day I just tried it and here we are. I will see what I can come up with.
  12. You can also pick up a Raspberry Pi or ZBT 826 router and an M.2/mPCIe LTE radio and USB adapter for less than 150 bucks. This would be carrier agnostic, you can log all day and not have to worry about running an app with the screen on your phone. You can lock bands, scan channels manually, configure your own carrier aggregation combos and even hook up a directional for more precise hunting. Just insert or swap any sim , set APN and go, which is a RARE BIRD in Sprint land. The Red Speckled Spotted hotswap SIM is real. Takes about an hour or two to build if you are slow. Also, you now have WiFi/fast ethernet available to share your sim's data connection and you can use a larger screen device for better browsing and live log viewing.
  13. I wonder how much of a nightmare it will be to get esim activated on an embedded radio, on Sprint?
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