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  1. Please don't take what I comment with any sincerity. I am entertaining absurdly because this entire process has achieved the absolute heights of absurdity. If I didn't convey with 5G emissions the ridiculousness one would expect this merger to be framed in then I should have supplied an irony outro.
  2. The people's break away democratic republic states of California and New York are just going to sue them over 5G emissions anyway. Why settle?
  3. I remember drawing huge purple anatomical parts on the back 9 at pine lakes golf course in Myrtle Beach. Rip sensorly.
  4. Just ordered (aliexpress keep your adblock up)this guy because why not have 3 4x4 radios. FCC manual
  5. Lol this is the best joke anyone has ever played on some one else. 100 billion dollars . . . Unbelievable.
  6. If you have Sprint it is most likely T-Mobile roam like home, they also roam on AT&T LTE now, but it can be throttled pretty slow.
  7. I ditched all my chinese supplied amazon quality coax finally. Enter shiny new LMR400 jumpers from times microwave, 2x 3 foot, 2x 5 foot. I am able to negotiate IPv6 on T-Mobile with no throttle, throughput is now steady at 65, I am coming up on 100 off peak and it is still, sadly, in my lab. Spending the extra 15 bucks a cable is worth it, plus the connectors don't come stripped out! I used their coax previously for my 25-30' runs to the roof and they worked great. I've just been blowing my spend on new radios and routers so this finally made the list. I picked up an gl dot inet ar750s and Dairyman over at Rooter is getting a build for that ready. Still working on getting support for Telit modems in Rooter's mountain of scripts. My pile of EM7565's are always requiring dark magics to reanimate so I don't spend money with Sierra Wireless anymore, it is all so tiresome with them. I will pick up the new model LM960 in Q120 after they get a new firmware batched. The current 2nd model now has US certs and now does 4x4 MiMo on 2 contiguous carriers instead of just one. That is kind of nice. After those good folks get all the software wizardy handled I will drop the LM960 on the ar750s and use that to find some band 30/14 in town. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  8. 2x 1.7-2.7 panels dual port, 1x1.7-2.7(5') dual port, 2x 700-2.3 LPDA directionals. Aimed at the tower naturally, 3 in the lab, 2 lpda on roof. We are building one that hunts 4 and 5ca for a week or two, then they will settle in at home. EM20(m.2) does great with ATT, will test with T-Mobile in h721 deck later, I've worn in the lm960 on TMo in that thing, so that will be the traveller and I will swap carriers as new ones come online. This frees up an mPCIe slot for another WiFi, Zigbee, or Bluetooth radio maybe. Who knows? All part of the plan to put stuff on the roof.
  9. Currently working with two 4x4 cards, life is getting spicy fellas.
  10. I cut the cable after service, customer and network was just not worth the price. We have a wire, it is just terrible. They coiled 40 ft of RG-8 in my lawn next to my house. The run to the cable plant is about 15 feet. The router was 10 bucks a month and reset often, did not have WiFi. Customer service was incorrigible. After trying out my options I am able to carry a couple data plans and maintain a spend on endless cellular gear every month at the same cost as one CableCo subscription, and I have a fun hobby I get to post about. Whenever that fiber gets here I should have my sept-WAN setup mastered fren. My lab is a nightmare but I have said it before and I will say it again, I can have x hundred/thousand dollar network jalopy going in the garage as long as everything streams in HD in the home. Now that you have that hub keep your eye out for 5G massive MiMo setup on your tower.
  11. I am referencing your 5 top end broadband devices whenever some one here claims Sprint has a low ROI for rural build outs. Glad the 5G hub is working better for you Scott. If you want to venture into other carriers let me know, I would be glad to help you out. Question, do you use Sprint's public IP service? I know they offer one for, I believe, a 3$ add on if you require one. That is the only benefit I have found from them personally, but I use a VPN for my static IP needs on other carriers. Have a great weekend!
  12. Shooting for band 25/66/71 or 5 on T-Mobile Band 25/66a/66b/30/14 or 12 on AT&T Need to get a Kickstart plan from Sprint for 41/41/41/25, but because Sprint is Sprint you have to lease a device, call in, do a credit check, get a magic box, yeah... Anyone have a VZW UDP I could borrow for a few?
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