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  1. Can confirm that T-Mobile bands 2 and 5 are broadcasting MFBI as 25 and 26. Notice earfcn's 8115 and 8840 respectively. Also, router GUI screens.
  2. SC user checking in, can confirm this is legit.
  3. The one new site Sprint added to our market in the last 5 years is in a TMobile dead zone right between sites. I believe they are coordinating.
  4. I get it, but could you let me know if you tried setting the APN to the one your plan is provisioned for? Maybe fast.t-mobile.com or fbb.home? What service is your plan provisioned as, is it a voice, tablet or connected device line? Is the SIM card attached to the plan locked to this or another device?
  5. Is your APN correct? What are your signal levels like? Is this plan provisioned as a data line and is it IMEI locked to a certain device?
  6. Yes you want a sled or a chassis of some sort that will operate it correctly. I do not have a pepwave to test the ones I have. If Pepwave has a forum, look there for any leads or other users who are looking for this combination. It obviously works in the m2m. I am working on adding a failover radio in next week's version. Did you mention the pepwave has a second radio yes? It is a cool feature to have.
  7. https://ltefix.com/shop/modems/quectel-modems/quectel-em12-g-cat12-m-2-modem/ EM20 is out of stock right now there though. Ebay has a couple sellers from China for 265 so who knows on shipping, I will see if I can source you one domestic.
  8. I don't know if it will be able to utilize a Quectel. The EM12 is a good radio. If you need more, get the EM20.
  9. I remember when a guy from Japan came to the states and prescribed a Tokyo style small cell deployment. This seems a bit different so I hope it works out better.
  10. The firmware is open source, so you can make it do what you like depending on the amount of time and skill you have to apply. I use golden orb, Modem Manager is popular, and open mptcp is a nice program. These are mostly prebaked packages that operate well with barbarians like me. Easy to flash and tinker. The router is nice. It is theV1. a V2 is coming in a couple months at most. If you like what you have and it does what you want than work on improving it as much as you are comfortable. then apply those ideas to how you will build next. It is amazing what does and does not apply sometimes between different kit. Keep reading on how the radios talk, each one speaks a little of it's own language and may work differently in routers sometimes. Then read all the hardware design guides twice. I love Quectel lately, and the LM960 is a pretty good card for at least a few years in different routers, machines or whatever robot people are plugging these things into these days. Have fun 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  11. Should have some more by next month. They are made in China and that place is melting down so it takes a few, I bulked up when I saw this nCoV was gonna be worse than the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China would lead us to believe. I use the AR5BXB92 2.4/5GHz in most builds, the 2.4GHz only card is there lowest tier. There is a Compex QCA9880 that offers a little more in 3 antennae if you need more range and throughput, I put this in where folks want extra. https://ltefix.com/product-category/wifi-adapters/ I use a GoldenOrb, I had to make my own version to get this running tip top. http://ofmodemsandmen.com/ If you would like me to build you a router like this let me know.
  12. H721 router; dual Sim, Gb ethernet, 2x m.2, 2x mPCIe, SD card, manual sim switch. Quectel EM-20G (N. America ver), M.2 2.4Ghz Atheros WiFi card, mPCIe 5GHz/2.4GHz Atheros WiFi card, mPCIe Lots of 1.13mm MHF4>SMA female and U.FL>RP-SMA cables Lots of stubby antennae Testing today for a buyer who uses AT&T.
  13. Device Manager>PORTS (COM & LPT) It will show a comm port, use the number next to that. Use the stock settings on putty and see what happens. Should get you a talkie going.
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