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  1. Massive MIMO in Farmville. https://imgur.com/a/cFTDQVH More in the Premiere thread. - Trip
  2. One final comment on my UK visit, as I'm home now. Yesterday, at Heathrow, my LG G6 picked up Band 7 LTE from Vodafone, but no data would pass through it at all. My phone claimed I had no Internet connection. It'd drop down to Vodafone HSPA after a while, which also would not pass any data, before reconnecting to Band 7. - Trip
  3. Mike, While I've been in the UK, I sent you a diagnostic because as far as I can tell, SCP still doesn't log PSC when connected to HSPA, meaning that neighbor notes don't work and, of course, PSC data is unavailable in the log. Is there a specific reason for this by any chance? Seems like a relatively straight-forward adjustment from this armchair SCP user's point of view... - Trip
  4. At a hotel near Heathrow; flying out in the morning. The end result of my trip is that essentially, I was on HSPA from Reading on west. I had some LTE east of Reading, such as in Windsor. I guess O2 doesn't have Band 3 LTE running in most places outside of London and the immediate surrounding areas yet. I'll be looking through the data SCP picked up on my wife's phone after we're home, I think. - Trip
  5. So outside of London now, south of Reading, I'm mostly seeing HSPA. Wife's seeing LTE mixed with HSPA. - Trip
  6. My LG G6 only supports Band 3, so I'm spending a fair amount of time on HSPA when Band 3 LTE is unavailable. That said, service is generally good. I've only connected to O2 as far as I can tell, though I've only been in London at this point. My wife's LG G7 does support Bands 1 and 20 and she has seen those in places. Tomorrow we'll be making the first trip outside London and we'll see what happens. - Trip
  7. I, too, am aware of outdoor areas with no Verizon service. I might well be a Verizon customer if those areas weren't places I needed to be. (Sprint roams on US Cellular in those places, so I'm a Sprint customer.) - Trip
  8. They've bought some 2.5 GHz spectrum for fixed use, as shown in their presentation on page 18: https://investor.shentel.com/static-files/1de15196-74e9-42bf-9237-7f820c1a9b93 Q&A just ended. Key items: Apparently 90% of Shentel's prepaid is Boost. They don't know how the settlement impacts them from that perspective. Said that Richmond sliver expansion is still moving forward, though I've seen little evidence of that. If deal falls through, would consider expanding further with Sprint. - Trip
  9. On the Shentel call, they cannot provide comment on the various options, as expected, but the options were spelled out. The fourth option spelled out, of course, is a mutual agreement with T-Mobile for a new affiliation agreement. - Trip
  10. Right, I was unclear, but yes, it's the wireless business, not the whole company. I wouldn't go quite so far as to say "hostile takeover" but you're right that I've read it as T-Mobile has the option to buy, rather than Shentel having the option to sell. If T-Mobile wants to buy them out, the deal they've made obligates them to accept, though Shentel does get a very healthy payout for it, so they can only be so upset. Honestly, it's Option 1 that I fear the most. Option 3, I believe, ends up with them rebuilding their network to support 600/700/AWS, but I don't get the impression that they'd have to buy the spectrum, as that makes no sense if T-Mobile is required to shut down the competing network. But they wouldn't have the added income of the existing T-Mobile customers in the region or the discounted gear to jump start the build. Option 2 sounds like what Shentel wants to me--buy the customers at a discount to have them as added income, and get some of the 600/700/AWS gear at a discount to help get that build started. And, quite honestly, if I were in charge at T-Mobile, I would be glad to have the historically troublesome West Virginia market off my plate and in the hands of someone who has already made it competitive with less spectrum and especially with less low-band spectrum. Obviously, adding 600 and 700 in West Virginia, in particular, will help a lot. I'm just worried T-Mobile might want to be able to say they own their whole network and do it as a point of pride, even if it's super expensive to do so via Option 1. - Trip
  11. Shentel does not own any spectrum. They operate a network they constructed on Sprint's spectrum. My understanding is that within a certain number of days of the close of the sale, the merged entity has to inform Shentel of what it wants to do. There are three options, and I'm not going to promise that I remember them perfectly. 1) New T-Mobile buys Shentel at a premium. I don't remember the details, but I recall that even though Shentel doesn't own the spectrum, the company is valued as if it owned the spectrum in the buy-out. 2) New T-Mobile sells the T-Mobile customers and network to Shentel at a discount. Again, I don't recall the specifics, but I recall something about 75% of the actual value, and New T-Mobile must help finance the purchase at a very good rate if Shentel requests such financing. 3) New T-Mobile doesn't do anything. Shentel remains in business, but doesn't get the network assets or the customers in the region. However, New T-Mobile must then shut down the T-Mobile network in the Shentel region within two years. To me, it clearly feels structured to keep Shentel in business. In options 1 and 2, Shentel gets a great deal, and even the "do nothing" option ends up with Shentel still in business and New T-Mobile not running a competing network. It seems designed to encourage option 2, or at least, that's how I read it. - Trip
  12. Looks like Shentel's earnings call is tomorrow at 10AM. I wonder if they'll say anything about the merger. - Trip
  13. Got back from the southern part of the state today. Wow, has T-Mobile lit up. I locked my phone to Band 71 today, and I've connected to 26 of them so far since Friday, assuming Culpeper and Fauquier are not part of the market. (They were running before Friday.) That includes near-constant connection on B71 from about the Fairfax-Prince William County line to home south of Alexandria. - Trip
  14. Yesterday, WRC and WMPT transitioned to their new channels, clearing some of 600 MHz in the DC area. Today? https://imgur.com/a/Pg7Bclb - Trip
  15. No, that was south of the beltway on the way to the Alexandria Wegmans, near the intersection of Telegraph and South Kings Hwy. Right now, with the south end of the Metro closed, I've not been through the Pentagon City Metro station since the end of May. Won't be again until September. I've been taking the free shuttle from Huntington to Pentagon via I-395. T-Mobile has done a lot of densifying around here, but still has some really strange gaps in service. I'm hoping they keep the Sprint sites in those areas. As an example, Sprint works in the Old Town Alexandria Trader Joe's, while T-Mobile does not, because T-Mobile has nothing at all in the northeastern part of Old Town. It's an enormous hole that is very obvious if you look at the tower sites on a map. But then go to the southwestern part of Old Town and T-Mobile has a whole pile of sites seemingly right on top of each other. Given a choice, I'd rather use the T-Mobile network in this area than the Sprint network, though the T-Mobile network, itself, needs work. But in the Shentel region? I'm never happier to be a Sprint customer than when I'm in the Shentel region, particularly when my T-Mobile phone, and sometimes my AT&T and Verizon phones too, spend extended periods of time telling me "no service". Shentel in the Shentel region, perhaps with Shentel getting even more of the network in weaker areas for Sprint/T-Mobile, and T-Mobile elsewhere with improvements, is basically my dream network. - Trip
  16. Here it is. https://imgur.com/a/W6wxVTd - Trip
  17. I wish I had the screenshot, but it's sitting on my US Cellular phone at home. I forgot to post that on Friday, my wife and I went out shopping and I noticed my US Cellular phone was roaming on T-Mobile LTE instead of Sprint. I was trying to get it to look at Sprint B25, so I locked it to Band 25 to try to force it onto Sprint. I then found myself connected to T-Mobile B25, which was on the T-Mobile PCS carrier. They must be running MFBI on it now. I'll post my screenshot of it in SCP after work. - Trip
  18. The Shentel network is far and away much better than the T-Mobile network. It's not even close. I don't have a sense of number of customers T-Mobile has in that region. - Trip
  19. Yeah, see, statements like this are TERRIFYING. That's why I want to hear an answer from T-Mobile before panicking. - Trip
  20. I doubt T-Mobile has the right to sell Shentel's customers to others unless and until they acquire the Shentel network and customers. - Trip
  21. It's the whole reason I'm listening. Nothing yet. Can someone else send a message on Twitter, perhaps? - Trip
  22. Deal will not close while litigation is on-going. - Trip
  23. DN0410, assuming I'm reading that properly, makes me think AT&T. - Trip
  24. Unfortunately, I finally ended up with an "analyst" who was snippy and just like "does this impact your service?" and when I said no, that was the end of it. - Trip
  25. I just replied to his tweet asking about my home site. - Trip
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