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  1. SignalCheck already has a last_time field. - Trip
  2. What is the source for this? I see a reference to "analysts" but no source link. Auction participation data is confidential at this stage in the process, so as best I can tell, these numbers are made up. - Trip
  3. Yikes. That seems like bad news. I hope it's not a result of being required to target Android 10. If so, it implies a lot more software is going to break as it updates and that I need to upgrade my phones much earlier than I anticipated. (I really thought I was set for a few years.) EDIT: I noticed that Tower Collector had also updated to a version released on 12/5, and it still gets data. So hopefully that means there is a solution to be had and it's not strictly caused by targeting Android 10. Yes, I have both the latest beta before 12/2 and whatever was before that installed
  4. Realizing I should provide additional details. Phones are Moto E5 Play and Moto G4 Play, so they run Android 8 and 7.1, respectively. Aside from SCP losing its mind with this update, they otherwise seem to still work, and I was able to use them with Tower Collector this morning to record data to submit to MLS/OpenCellID and store locally for export. (So I did confirm some things while I was out and about.) This is all I see out of SCP in the latest build, this image is from the E5 Play: https://imgur.com/a/afOTXuG I won't be going anywhere that I really want to have them until 12
  5. I just tried pulling the previous beta off my US Cellular phone and my AT&T phone, both of which hadn't been updated, and now even that version just crashes on startup on my T-Mobile phones. Sigh. - Trip
  6. Just installed the latest beta on both T-Mobile test phones (that was a bad idea), both Moto E5 Play and G4 Play and SCP is completely broken on both, reporting no data at all. Works fine on my LG G8X (Sprint). Diagnostics sent. Can you send me the APK for the previous version? - Trip
  7. I hate articles like this. https://www.lightreading.com/ossbss/t-mobile-outlines-sprint-network-shutdown-plans/d/d-id/765997? Title sounds informative, article doesn't even deliver a sliver of what the title promises. Actual webcast is here: https://investor.t-mobile.com/news-and-events/events-and-presentations/event-details/2020/UBS-Global-TMT-Conference/default.aspx If I find time, I'll give it a look later. If anyone else beats me to it, then I won't bother. - Trip
  8. There are quite a few areas where T-Mobile severely underperforms Shentel right now. Except for actual roaming, none of the measures T-Mobile is using in Sprint territory are currently implemented in Shentel land right now, which means you don't fall back on Shentel when T-Mobile is too weak--you can only roam after everything falls off a cliff. - Trip
  9. I believe this $400 phone is as cheap as you're going to get right at the moment: https://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phone/t-mobile-revvl-5g 5G-NR is just too new, and the really cheap phones don't have it yet. - Trip
  10. Having made the round trip down to Farmville and back yesterday, I can say that a number of additional sites are now broadcasting 312250. I'm pleasantly surprised how many there are. Interestingly, two of them are actually co-located with T-Mobile sites, if I'm not mistaken about the locations of one or the other. But the others are all not co-located and would provide T-Mobile with extra density. I need to drive into Old Town Alexandria again and check on the three sites I had checked a few weeks ago, but if this is more representative of what T-Mobile intends to keep, I'm much happie
  11. Could it be simpler than this? Could 312250 be real-world testing--see which non-overlapping sites actually end up with substantial amounts of traffic on them to identify holes that these sites could fill? The thought just occurred to me, though if that were the case, then I'd expect to see 312250 everywhere at once, I suppose, with sites gradually filtered out rather than added in. - Trip
  12. Follow-up to this post. One of the sites I had driven up to suddenly showed up as a 312250 site this morning even though it did not when I first checked. So perhaps they are rolling it out in stages after all? - Trip
  13. And as long as they do that, then all will be well. I'm just not putting money on it happening. - Trip
  14. I am, by contrast, extremely wary of T-Mobile buying Shentel. Shentel is a known quantity, and T-Mobile is not. I'm very concerned they will try to cover the area as cheaply as possible rather than providing the best service as Shentel does today. If they keep all the Shentel sites, then great. If they decide to thin them... that's bad. - Trip
  15. I rather like this idea, to be honest. 😆 - Trip
  16. I rather like this idea, to be honest. - Trip
  17. No. I have, at present, three phones on active lines (AT&T via FreedomPop, US Cellular prepaid, and my main Sprint line) and three phones using SIMs solely to show LTE signal (Verizon E5 Play, T-Mobile E5 Play, and T-Mobile G4 Play). The two with this issue are in the latter group (which the third, the T-Mobile E5 Play, doesn't seem to have this issue that I've noticed), but they generally say "Connected to LTE" except sometimes when they don't. But yes, the statistics are updating. I tend to eyeball my phones in case, for example, the GPS stops updating, which has been less of a p
  18. Great! One other question I have is about the logging functionality. I've been having some issues with specifically my Verizon phone not logging things at times even though logging is enabled and both GCI and TAC are present. I added back one of my old G4 Plays to try to chase down the B26 312250/B41 T-Mobile while keeping my primary T-Mobile phone available for B71, but have had a similar issue there. I cannot be 100% sure, it seems that both of these phones will sometimes show correct and updating data but have "Connecting..." at the top right rather than "Connected to LTE." (Th
  19. Addendum: I got last night's OpenCellID data and it shows additional sites across the country with 312250, but the data is very spotty. Pretty sure I'm the only person in the DC metro area who has contributed 312250 data to OpenCellID based on what I'm seeing. The Mozilla Location Service data doesn't have anything for 312250 at all. I contribute there as well, so not sure where that data went. - Trip
  20. A few observations about T-Mobile's network over the past few weeks. 1) It looks like T-Mobile is making some type of change to the software configuration of the 600/700 panels, even if only one of 600 or 700 is actually deployed on them, such that each are getting new GCIs separate from the existing values. It seems to be happening in batches, as I've seen sites changing gradually over the past several weeks while passing through the same areas. As it stands now, some sites have up to six or seven (!) GCIs, the original for PCS, a slightly newer one for AWS, then a brand new one f
  21. 312-250 appears to be for sites that T-Mobile plans to keep that are not co-located with existing T-Mobile sites. I've seen something like 8 or 9 of them. I'm not sure how it should be displayed though; it currently is Sprint** which is not bad. I feel like it should be Sprint since it's not a site that's fully integrated yet... maybe it should be as simple as "Sprint Keep"? The one thing I would like is for the notes to follow from the associated 310120/312530 site onto 312250 and do the 0x1450 offset like 310120/312530 does. I've merged my Sprint and T-Mobile databases and so the Sprint
  22. If it's anything other than making the two networks appear native to each other, I'm not interested. - Trip
  23. Answered my own question. https://imgur.com/a/e1o4UlR Yes, by putting my T-Mobile phone on Band 26, I was able to force it onto 312250. When it should have handed off to the neighbor cell, it instead dropped to No Service. So I'm set to try to identify some keep sites. - Trip
  24. The obvious way to find them would be to find a way to lock my phone to the 312250 PLMN, but do you happen to know if it's being applied to Band 26 on those sites as well as Band 41? Because I could just lock my phone on Band 26 to achieve the same goal in that case. - Trip
  25. Amusingly, that would fit the bill. The site I connected to was definitely one that represents a gap in T-Mobile service on any band. I have no idea why T-Mobile wasn't on that building in the first place. If that is in fact the case, I'd be thoroughly interested to find out which sites fit are broadcasting 312250. Hm, I wonder if I can lock my phone to a specific PLMN... - Trip
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