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  1. Does this correlate to any of those EBS leases we found?
  2. The answer here is they don't know or are unable to fix it. Each fix applied has broken a previous one.
  3. Gotchu fren. When you get your data points in, let us know how many carriers and what frequencies you are seeing. I wonder if and how they will shuffle anything to accommodate New Radio, like the Magic Box or UE carriers. What is the available bandwidth Sprint leases on 2.5 in your daily travels? Thanks for what you have put together; these are great pictures.
  4. https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2019/3/21/18275640/tmobile-lte-wireless-home-internet-service-pilot-launch?fbclid=IwAR0rWAYcNAdkxiv9COGdbwV5Ts_Simm1hBXLPThgFmW3-NPa9NGpBlSKL1E Flashback to when John and his corpo fanbois were all telling us not to use a terabyte of data, that network capacity was somehow socialized to make us feelsbandman.jpg? Well we're still using terabytes, and now he sees it as viable because merger. Funny huh? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Oh yeah there is a ton moar. They are just in the inconvenient EBS license size to determine from my end if they are any help to your specific area.Unfortunately I've only been to AL once and I wasn't tracking licenses, as much more fun that would have been over work. Apparently Fixed Wireless Holdings, LLC is a front for Sprint EBS Leases. Here is a list of ULS results related to the State of AL and this EL EL CEE. All of the links are sorted to start on the map sector of their respective ULS page. A pair of them barely creep in from Florida but I included them below. https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/leaseMap.jsp?licKey=2833665&parentKey=null https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/leaseMap.jsp?licKey=2833675&parentKey=null https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/leaseMap.jsp?licKey=2833676&parentKey=null https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/leaseMap.jsp?licKey=2833895&parentKey=null https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/leaseMap.jsp?licKey=2833931&parentKey=null https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/leaseMap.jsp?licKey=2833933&parentKey=null These are the remaining results in the ULS for EBS, they are currently licensed to various Board of Edu's. They don't seem to specify how or where they are deployed or used but gives you an idea of the market slices. https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/licenseMap.jsp?licKey=2588129 https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/licenseMap.jsp?licKey=2592111 https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/licenseMap.jsp?licKey=2586195 Now, you can use some of your previous detective work to line up what frequencies you have seen or documented online, and where, from your Phone or MB to confirm these. Not very helpful, probably a lot of going back and confirming. This is just the nature of EBS licensing. It sucks.
  6. I just noticed the map only contains BRS info, there are probably EBS .edu leases not listed. I will check out the FCC ULS and get back atchu fren
  7. 2x2 Band 2 4x4 Band 2 Budgeting in some better auxiliaries this week, I activated 4x4 from 4x2. Gotta pump up that upload.
  8. Yeah we get higher throughput w T-mo as well, on bands 4+2 4x4 = 60Mb p/s vs 4+2+5 2x2 =55Mb p/s. I even found and authenticated band 4/66 on AT&T, MFBI too. I have had so much trouble just connecting to it, let alone getting 15Mb p/s down. rsrp is like -120, but SNR is -14. EARFCN's 66486 @10MHz and 66661 @5MHz checking in with 4x4 MIMO. Aggregated. This is a dream.
  9. 4x4 MIMO is fun! / How we learn to cope w (signal)Loss. Tl;dr: Physically measuring each connection as you test to confirm is important. Double checking port number values and what command line values represent. This is one of the early things to add to the checkbox for us tinkerers as 4x4 becomes more accessible. While cleaning up in the lab, I thought of something and naturally stopped to do some more work in the lab. I figured I should clean up the wiring a little more in my test box, and make room for another board, hopefully the rb11g, failover and such. I inventoried a few jumpers and connectors and found I could be a little more efficient in my setup. I added in some sma>3'>N adapters, instead of a couple more adapters I had screwed in already that kept it shorter. I am going to use those any way when I permamount this thing and add better auxiliary antennas for 4x4 MIMO, than what I have attached now. I decided to double check my understanding of the documentation Telit provides for the LM960. Well after some reading, some at#commands as swapped 2 for 2, deciding what 0 and 1 ports on what side correlate to the first two and the last two of the 4x4 setup it, turned out I had my setup wired exactly backwards. Very inefficient, not good. I no longer have loss on my upload and is now 7x faster. I am surprised at how well my backups pulled down. I understand how useless a couple of commands were in describing what I needed. It is even more tough when using one band that is always 4x4, but I used that to my advantage as only mains Tx and Rx. I connected and tested each variation of antenna>port. Naturally my 5 footer was best, it just had to be on the mains. Wanted to document my misunderstanding so others didn't have to, especially before it goes on a roof or up a pole. I also am much happier with performance, glad my antenna is not defective and it was fun to figure it out. Gotta sweep up. Have a great night everyone.
  10. Hey DanLodish345. I had the same thing come up the other day on my embedded router. Check out those earfcns' You are seeing some sweet MFBI fren. 66736 is the band mask translation for 2140MHz, 2250 refers to the same block, 2140MHz just when detected as Band 4 by your handset, that indicates blocks D(5MHz) + E(5MHz) for 10MHz FDD. It just kicked on here, hopefully AWS-3 capacity is coming. The best part, I was roaming on Sprint Top is L66, bottom is band(s) L4+5+2 aggregated. It was the first I had seen of it as well. See how the math is exactly the same as yours? We scored band 2 installations EOY 17, 5MHz is LTE on rural sites, city builds at 10MHz started appearing last summer so the rest should turn over soon, our whole market was modernized over the last year. Those speeds are really fast! Have a great day.
  11. Ships from beautiful Texas, USA. I picked the 3 dollar USPS shipping and it got here within 4 days from order completion; just under 300 bux total.
  12. Imagine paying used car tier money for a phone and it is neutered out of the box.
  13. Sprint roaming on T-mobile in market, aggregating all channels, 4x4 MIMO enabled from a site both carriers occupy at 1.2 miles Nlos.
  14. HA, looks like T-Mo does have MFBI enabled here finally. This is the first I have seen this. Thanks Sprint roaming. This is also an example of early firmware, they stated bands 71/66 are always on in the manual, even though after fun with roaming I locked it down to bands 41/25 😐 earfcn 66736 reports to the OG AWS1 block at 2250. Also a(nother) great example of no band/roaming restrictions. Unfortunately, I am unable to get a Sprint signal so no testing of the native network
  15. Sprint roaming on T-Mobile, 3xCA earfcn 2250/2450/675. Band 4@10MHz, Band 5@10MHz and Band 2@5MHz. I see no evidence of roaming service being offered only on a selected band or channel. This is every channel they have here deployed. Digital Dividend is still in the garage, so no restrictions here. The ping runs about 60ms higher over my T-mo service in a EM7565 so probably seeing some routing through Sprint here. The upload being garbage and that little bit of loss is reflected in this being supplemental downlink, so I have the antenna tuned kind of special.
  16. Late night lab fun w the Sprint SIM and LM960 sim incoming.
  17. Here are some sweet new Five Gee radios coming to market, lots of M dot 2 format. https://www.anandtech.com/show/14042/pictured-intel-and-qualcomm-to-offer-5g-modules-for-m2-slots? That Fibrocom model has 8 leads and four ports for 4x4 on both airlinks and stand alone operation. That is some really neat stuff that I look forward to picking up ASAP.
  18. Thanks, I'm wondering from a C-spire perspective has this spectrum been in service or if it is in areas they do not currently service where the licenses are located.
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