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  1. Yes, but it appears to be the same as T-Mobile's offer. At least that's what I see on their site.
  2. I don't know if you are still waiting, but the OnePlus is showing 50% off on Sprint's site now. I ordered one this morning for in store pickup. Edit: well lease payment is 50% off, full price is still $699.
  3. I would imagine for existing Sprint customers, they will access both networks like they've done for other devices.
  4. For me it's the loss of the true third rear camera, and frankly I'm tired of LG's poor handling of monthly updates and upgrades. As much as I've liked my V40 and V50, it's not enough anymore.
  5. Guess my 5G reporting days are over for a while soon. Doesn't sound like you ever got much of anything useful from my V50 anyway. Are Samsung devices where you are getting the most info? I'm not sure what my next device will be.. the S20 does not excite me much, and I'm not crazy about the curved screen on the OnePlus 8. Also a question - the accent color does not show when I'm forced down to 1X or EVDO. It did show right away when I was on LTE and enabled it.
  6. Looks like I'd better go for a drive to try to pick up Sprint 5G one. last. time. [emoji24]
  7. Yes, I miss using Textra and being able to back up and restore my messages between phones! Google's backup is not reliable or acceptable for this.
  8. Enjoy it while it lasts. Once they're done with your market, it won't get 5G anymore. They haven't done KC yet either, but they will.
  9. I believe he's talking about the new OnePlus 8, not an iPhone.
  10. I hope I can see some of these new features before my V50 loses access to 5G. [emoji22]
  11. Could be worse. My LG V50 still on January. [emoji1787]
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