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  1. Tapatalk has been much faster on this site the last few days. Was there a change made, or was it an app update?
  2. Did you just get it a few days ago? I remember you posting in the Galaxy S9/9+ thread recently. You should post your thoughts on it in the V40 thread.
  3. Grabber5.0

    LG V40 thread

    Wow, pretty good speed.
  4. Strange. Not a Pixel, but none of my Nexus devices (5 and 5X) ever gave me any trouble switching between Sprint and my Tracfone or T-Mobile prepaid SIMs. I would think it not possible for an unlocked device to get locked to the Sprint network. But that is probably a gross oversimplification. Wait, are you saying it's still activated on Sprint? Like on an active line? That I could see being a problem, particularly with Fi since they also use the Sprint network in addition to T-Mobile. I do believe I did a SIM swap as a test with my Nexus 5X when it was still active on my Sprint line though.
  5. Grabber5.0

    LG V40 thread

    I just tried my son's RAVpower fast wireless charger, and it didn't show fast wireless charging on the screen like it does on his S9+. Don't know if it is just not compatible with that charger or not supported. What should the charging rate be? The highest I saw in Accubattery was about 700mA.
  6. This is by far the slowest loading forum I have in Tapatalk, though XDA isn't far behind. Sometimes the topics list won't load at all for me. I've never tried clearing the app cache. Posting seems normal though.
  7. Grabber5.0

    LG V40 thread

    Update regarding RF performance. Over the weekend I was in a location with known poor coverage. We have 3 new phones - iPhone XS, XS Max, and LG V40. The iPhones had no trouble picking up a usable LTE signal inside, but the V40 would only connect to an 800MHz CDMA signal, and the data was barely usable. Similar to previous experience there, I had to go outside to pick up the LTE signal. Given that the iPhones were able to use LTE, it was disappointing that the V40 couldn't. Even though it wasn't any worse, it also was not any better. I didn't know if there was a way to see what band of LTE the iPhones were using, so I am not sure what they were using. When I would occasionally roam in the house, it was usually reported as US Cellular, band 12 I believe, by signal check pro, and worked pretty well.
  8. Grabber5.0

    LG V40 thread

    I don't think so. The bundled charger is just labeled fast charge, and my Qi charger is a couple of years old, so it is probably pretty slow.
  9. Grabber5.0

    LG V40 thread

    Something else I forgot to mention, the V40 is enabled for calling plus on LTE and wifi, and it has been working very well so far. I usually keep it disabled for WiFi, since my WiFi is a bit weak in some parts of my house.
  10. A little anecdotal note on radio performance. I am currently a location with known poor coverage. We have 3 new phones - iPhone XS, XS Max, and LG V40. The iPhones are having no trouble picking up a usable LTE signal inside, but the V40 only connects to 3G unless I go outside, and the data is barely usable. It is band 26 LTE (800MHz) based on Signal Check on the V40 when I go outside and pick up the LTE signal. Actually now that I think about it, the V40 is probably on 1xrtt inside, not 3G, because Signal Check is showing 800 for both CDMA and LTE.
  11. Grabber5.0

    LG V40 thread

    Interesting.. I don't really know how to read the debug screens, but it would appear upload CA is enabled, though only one upload channel shows with the three download channels here. Any idea why the fast.com speed test would get a good upload speed at the same time the speedtest.net app doesn't? These screen shots are from tests taken moments apart and are repeatable.
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