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  1. That's impressive. My best speed to date is 674, and a few above 550. I assume there's no way to tell after the fact how much bandwidth was being used? My signal check exported data doesn't seem to show it.
  2. Is this widely known? I had no idea, possibly because I've never been throttled on native coverage. I doubt I've ever used it when roaming.
  3. Never having a Samsung phone before I never looked into that app. It's this one, right?
  4. If only T-Mobile had roaming in my biggest problem area, where Sprint does have roaming.
  5. I don't know if there is a definitive answer on this or not. I was surprised to find the S21 I ordered from Sprint came with a Sprint SIM installed and the TNX SIM separate in the box, still attached to the card it comes in. I went ahead and swapped and activated the TNX SIM to see if my experience would be better than it was on my OnePlus 8. I have had a couple of hiccups, but other than those occurrences, it has worked fine. I kept the Sprint SIM in case I change my mind.
  6. I vaguely remember reading years ago that some networks had the ability to tell you when an SMS was delivered.
  7. I was going to say it just started working in my Nexus 5 again, but then realized you are testing with a much older device than that even. 😂 I had uninstalled it for a while thinking that changing the target Android version had broken it. Not sure why it wasn't working for a while.
  8. LOL I meant how long are they free. From what you're saying, I guess they are free as long as you keep them after the 12 month minimum?
  9. Oh wow! I missed that news too! I'd say the free Tidal for Sprint subs is not long for this world then.
  10. I had a similar screen on my OnePlus 8 after switching to TNX yesterday afternoon. I wasn't sure if it was real or not, so I sent a report to you. It did have other stuff though, so maybe it was real.
  11. I just saw the update in the Play Store and saw the message in the update notes about updating in the app, so that worked. I'm not sure if everything went as expected, but it wasn't quite what I expected. My shortheimers is kicking in, so I already don't remember the exact sequence 😁, but this is close: - As soon as I opened Signal Check Pro, it notified me about the update - I tapped update, and saw the active download arrow appear in the notification bar, then go away. - Nothing else happened. - I closed the app using the exit option in the menu (I wish I had just used the home button, but..) - Re-opened Signal Check, and was notified that the update was ready to install. -Tapped install, got the animated install screen. - Wait, maybe this is when I used the exit function? 🤷‍♂️ - Reopened the app and got the change log notification. Sorry, I tried to remember. Hope that helps, but probably not. 🤦‍♂️ Bottom line, it did work. I should have used the screen recorder. 🤣
  12. I haven't done a lot of speed tests recently, but recently I was out picking up groceries (I think that's where I was.. I need to double-check the location from the test...) and decided to do a test. I'm quite sure this is the fastest I have ever gotten, I just can't remember what the previous best was. Pretty impressed by the upload speed as much as anything. This is my OnePlus 8 on a ROAMAHOME line. I
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