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  1. First line only? Where did you find that? It wouldn't surprise me, because I think I only got the sign up text on my line, but it shows as active on all lines.
  2. What has everyone's experience been on VoNR that has enabled it? I hadn't given it a second thought until I saw it mentioned again.
  3. Mine was about 5 days after the start of my Sprint bill cycle, FWIW
  4. I haven't looked around much. I did check something I had seen on Reddit, where an unlocked phone (not a TMO sold phone) shows as locked even though it isn't really locked. I looked at some of my add-ons, nothing jumped out at me. Kinda wish I had taken some screenshots to compare before and after. I did do a hot sim swap just to confirm it works now.
  5. Stuck? I'm happy to stay where I'm at until all of the bugs are sorted out. 😂 But yeah, I don't think it's as few as that article implies. I do wonder what the number is.
  6. I don't see this one there, though I suppose I could be related to the one about no signal strength in the signal icons. This morning I had two signal icons, both without signal strength, and one apparently stale. I had an LTE and a 5G icon, and when I opened the app from the notification (there were two notifications, one empty and one populated - I've seen that before) it only showed LTE and WiFi. I threw away and reopened the app a couple times with no change, then used exit from the app menu and everything returned to normal when I reopened the app.
  7. I'm sure there will be some cleanup after that, but hopefully it's a small number.
  8. Is there a known issues log or post somewhere? I don't want to report a known issue. Edit: also I'm probably dumb for not sending a report while triaging.
  9. Fight Song. https://youtube.com/watch?v=XGbqGkS1c2w&feature=youtu.be
  10. If it's not something they deem an issue, no number is high enough 😬
  11. Yep. And without the right back haul, it doesn't matter how much speed and capacity the airwaves have.
  12. I'd upgrade hoping for a better radio, but I hate the bigger size! (And the camera bump if I'm being totally honest)
  13. Probably too late to help you, but I've had this problem on my S21, and I'm pretty sure my wife had it happen on her iPhone 12 Pro Max, so I'm thinking it's a TMO issue.
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