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  1. This thread is on repeat, need to redirect it [emoji2957] Garden hose
  2. I watched it for a while today as I drove in and out of 5G coverage, and the indicator in the app was always in sync with the system 5G icon.
  3. Will do.. curious what you are using to detect 5G since nothing seems to be showing in diagnostic mode.
  4. Got the update on my V50. I got da 5Gs! [emoji23] I think by the time I sent the diag report I might have dropped to LTE. I didn't see any 5G in the diag data. Then again, I didn't see that section at all until you pointed it out to me. [emoji16]
  5. Can we just expel California from the US already?!
  6. It's also dependent on the new Android 10 APIs providing 5G info, which is dependent on the manufacturer implementing it. So far the V50 hasn't had any 5G data in the reports even when on an active 5G connection.
  7. Ball game *Didn't think this thread was ever going to steer in the right direction for this game.. [emoji23]
  8. That's okay, since Sprint's coming to T-Mobile. [emoji16] I predict another solid phone from LG that sells poorly because for whatever reason LG is viewed negatively of their phones aren't head and shoulders ahead of Samsung's. Just makes me scratch my head. Though their handling of Android upgrades in the past has me almost frustrated enough to switch. I am hoping Sony keeps making phones long enough for me to get one down the road once the merger is completed.
  9. They're hearing very little at this point, I'm sure.
  10. I thought device subsidies were dead outside exceptions?
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