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  1. Makes it that much more obvious they were just buying it to squat and try to sell for big profit. Unbelievable that it was allowed to go on this long. [emoji2959]
  2. My son had to send his S10+ in to have the USB port replaced, because it was reporting moisture even though it has (according to him) never been wet. I saw a number of other reported cases for several different Samsung models.
  3. If nobody covers them well now, it doesn't seem like a valid condition for dropping out of the suit to me. I can see some saying it's less likely to happen with one less major carrier, but I'm not convinced there will still be four very long if the merger doesn't happen.
  4. Hopefully LG won't take two years to push Q to the V50, so I can actually get you some 5G data. [emoji23]
  5. Was my diagnostic report helpful at all? I can't remember where I was when I sent it. If it would be helpful, I can drive to a 5G area and send one from there. Just let me know what would be the most helpful.
  6. Got the June security patch today, and the change log only referenced enhancements, not the security updates - can't remember if they are normally like that.
  7. Is this Sprint? If so what city and device?
  8. What device did you select? That is probably the old LTE Plus map. Some devices seem to be incorrectly showing that, and will just show LTE if you click through to the coverage tool.
  9. I haven't had time to do a detailed comparison of photos from my V40 to the V50, but the photos have examined recently definitely seem sharper. I wonder if they have fixed the over-processing that they've been guilty of in the past.
  10. I was driving, so I barely had time to glance down and hit go once in a while. I wasn't paying attention to SCP when I stopped and ran a stationary test. I'll check again this weekend.
  11. This was from the other day doing speed tests in different parts of downtown KC using an LG V50.
  12. Do you need beta testers for 5G devices in launched markets? 5G shows as 2.5 LTE. I tried searching the thread, but it's quite long.
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