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  1. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out. I've noticed a substantial service improvement on my device.
  2. T-Mobile just upgraded your rate plan: https://delivery.sprint.com/m/u/nxt/migration/faq.html Monthly taxes and fees are now included. Customers will be notified via text/email in the coming weeks. Per the FAQ, you can opt out of this plan upgrade if you want to.
  3. Yup. Marcelo completely misjudged what would appeal to mainstream customers, but what's most shocking is that he continued down that road despite customer metrics and NPS reports showing him that Sprint was rotting at the core due to insufficient network capex. Either he didn't understand what was happening or he didn't care, knowing that a merger was in the cards eventually. Yeah, the Sprint network did improve substantially at the end. I agree that there was only so much they could do with the lack of interest and resources from SoftBank. I give the engineering team a lot of credit. The
  4. No doubt about that. T-Mobile also has a tremendous social media presence which magnifies and spreads any news or partnerships. Sprint was never very good at social media. All you had to do was look at the follower count and the level of engagement on Twitter/Facebook for both companies. Sprint trailed T-Mobile substantially on these metrics. T-Mobile was/is also better at getting press coverage because its PR/Comms team was/is simply better. So the Drone Racing League can essentially be as big as any other announcement T-Mobile would make. Each social media follower can see, engage
  5. That's a good point. Had Sprint's network been performing well, and had Sprint made substantial investments in NASCAR cities and venues during this timeframe, I would say that the NASCAR sponsorship would have been an extravagant expenditure. However, Sprint's network was already faltering, and this was only exacerbated further when it got the iPhone in Fall 2011. When I think of each million dollars sunk into a marketing or sponsorship effort that didn't result in any appreciable customer gains (and probably had no effect on retention either given the customer losses over that period), I can'
  6. Sprint also had huge sponsorship deals with NASCAR and the NBA. Of course, if you look at the customer metrics at the time, that's when the network began to get creaky and Sprint began to lose a substantial number of customers over time. Sprint would have been better off spending the money on the network instead and none on sponsorships. I'd love to see a customer survey of how many people stayed with Sprint because of its sponsorship agreements vs how many left because of a poor network experience. In fact, I'd love to see it broken down to a per-person cost. The bean-counters came in an
  7. Now this is cool. Sprint was so ineffective at marketing and partnerships by comparison that I cringed at times. T-Mobile is just really good at this kind of thing, and it feels good to be on this side of the fence post-merger. I always wondered if Sprint's marketing issues came from a limited budget, from poor vendor selection or from incompetent management. Perhaps a mix of all three.... but this is how you do it right.
  8. According to Neville, T-Mobile is touching about 2,000 sites per month: By the end of 2021, it should be able to cover 200 million people with midband 5G.
  9. That's so true. It'll be interesting to see how long T-Mobile keeps Sprint's legacy systems and procedures around. How much will things change by the time the next iPhone launches in Fall 2021?
  10. It's amazing how quickly T-Mobile is integrating Sprint's network assets after the merger and putting itself on real competitive footing with Verizon/AT&T. With the launch of the 5G iPhone, uptake of new 5G devices on T-Mobile's network must be substantial. T-Mobile's midband capacity from Sprint is making a real difference in usability and speed.
  11. Based on this article, it seems like mmWave has actually been deployed in DC as one of the "five cities" listed: https://www.fiercewireless.com/5g/verizon-s-5g-mmwave-crushing-it-but-for-how-long
  12. Yup. U Street definitely fills up in the evening! Haven't been over there since COVID began, but people are always fiddling on their phones. 😀
  13. Neat. I'll look forward to checking that out once the 14.3 update is released. (I never run Beta software.) My peak DL speeds on T-Mobile's 5G seem to be about the same as when I was on Sprint's LTE. However, my 5G speeds are much more consistent and reliable than when I was on Sprint. My UL speeds are up to 10x faster than Sprint's, which is a huge improvement in usability for the device. Everything App related in that respect is much faster. I'm seeing ~75 Mbps upload speeds. Yeah, there's a lot of runway left for N41. However, it seems it would make sense to put the mmWave gear on
  14. That's good to know. Thanks. I'm still getting used to this new Field Test Screen interface.... Under "Serving Cell Info" I'm seeing 66 under "freq_band_ind".
  15. Amazing progress by T-Mobile: So glad to see T-Mobile charging ahead against Red and Blue.....
  16. Is there any way to tell in my iPhone 12 Pro's Field Test Mode if I'm on mmWave? Wow. Field Test Mode looks really different than before.... Is that due to me being "on" T-Mobile with my device or being on iOS 14.2?
  17. That's a good question. I'd like to know this as well. Doesn't seem like there's mmWave on my local site at least. I'm seeing speeds just under 300 Mbps down and ~76 Mbps up. I'd expect to see higher DL speeds if mmWave was deployed on it.
  18. Interesting. I imagine that as part of its network integration that T-Mobile will eventually get around to either shutting off Sprint on that DAS (and relying on native T-Mobile coverage) or putting in for the addition of T-Mobile to it. It's something they're going to keep track of... After all, I'd imagine Sprint (and now T-Mobile) is paying a recurring fee to be on that DAS? Someone has to notice that line item expense, right?
  19. Interesting. I'm sure at some point T-Mobile will take an audit of what's going on with that DAS and either terminate the legacy Sprint support or have support added for T-Mobile. Curious what you find out when you go in. Let us know! I've always been bewildered by the fact that carriers didn't prioritize coverage and speed improvements at major points of transit. I pestered Sprint about its Union Station coverage issues for years to no avail. That's where the most people actually use their phones the most (likely because they're talking, texting or surfing/streaming while arriving/d
  20. I agree. So far, my experience has been much better. With Sprint's network, I routinely ran into congestion or coverage issues in a number of areas in the DMV, especially the Central Business District (Downtown DC), Columbia Heights and National Harbor. Indoor coverage has definitely been better too. Curious where T-Mobile would put mmWave....
  21. My download speeds have improved somewhat over the past couple of days. Obviously, T-Mobile is in the midst of merging things together. I'm now seeing 250-260 Mbps for download over 5G, but more importantly, I'm seeing 76 Mbps for upload, which is about a 7x improvement over what I was seeing on Sprint before. This makes my iPhone substantially more usable for common tasks like sending photos, etc. If T-Mobile can deliver a similar experience to Shentel's territory, I think customers will be happy with it. Maybe T-Mobile will deploy some mmWave here in DC as well (if they haven'
  22. That's a good point. I guess it comes down to the quality of the RF modeling and drive-testing that T-Mobile does?
  23. Looking forward to having this come together. T-Mobile is definitely earning its position alongside AT&T and Verizon through effective management and network building/planning.
  24. That's what I think I'm seeing on my iPhone 12 Pro now as well. Ran some speed tests: Seeing speeds of 227 Mbps/70 Mbps on 5G.... Seeing speeds of 138 Mbps/48 Mbps on LTE.... I was actually seeing faster peak download speeds on my iPhone 11 Pro on LTE (Of course, the upload was a mere fraction of this), but it was close to 300 Mbps at the same location I'm testing from now. Perhaps they're working on integrating the network?
  25. @S4GRU: On a completely unrelated note, I’m seeing this message in this topic thread. [[Template forums/front/topics/activity is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
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