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  1. https://www.shentel.com/news/2021/april/restructuring plans Ugh.... I guess this was inevitable. Hope they all land somewhere soon.
  2. Lots of info here, but I found this the most interesting: 100% higher? My goodness, but measured from when? Marcelo's recounting about the poor customer experience at Sprint is sobering.
  3. Perhaps this is reason enough alone to swap SIM's now. It's amazing how quickly T-Mobile moves on everything compared to Sprint, and this is in the middle of a pandemic no less.
  4. Sprint got the "Can you hear me now?" Verizon guy.... (I think we've heard the last of him since the Merger, but maybe he could come back as a T-Mobile guy?) Intel just got the "I'm a Mac" guy.... Only a matter of time before we see the T-Mobile girl (Carly Foulkes) show up in a Verizon commercial. No loyalty in this business.....
  5. Meanwhile, here's what's happening at TIDAL: Jack posted a whole thread about this. Here's some background: https://www.theverge.com/2021/3/4/22313108/square-inc-tidal-majority-stake-jack-dorsey-jay-z (Note: Sprint invested $200 Million for 33% of the Company back in 2017.) Between the 800 MHz rebanding finally being done, and TIDAL now getting new ownership by Jack's company "Square", we live in interesting times.
  6. True. My service now is better than it’s ever been and if they can stick it to Verizon and AT&T in the process, so much the better.
  7. Stuff like this is why I'm happy to be with Magenta now:
  8. Wow. For comparison.... Here's what Verizon is doing: https://www.verizon.com/about/news/verizon-elevates-super-bowl-lv Here's what AT&T is doing-in-part (more information is referenced in an earlier link): https://www.fiercewireless.com/operators/at-t-s-mmwave-5g-takes-off-at-tampa-airport
  9. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out. I've noticed a substantial service improvement on my device.
  10. T-Mobile just upgraded your rate plan: https://delivery.sprint.com/m/u/nxt/migration/faq.html Monthly taxes and fees are now included. Customers will be notified via text/email in the coming weeks. Per the FAQ, you can opt out of this plan upgrade if you want to.
  11. Yup. Marcelo completely misjudged what would appeal to mainstream customers, but what's most shocking is that he continued down that road despite customer metrics and NPS reports showing him that Sprint was rotting at the core due to insufficient network capex. Either he didn't understand what was happening or he didn't care, knowing that a merger was in the cards eventually. Yeah, the Sprint network did improve substantially at the end. I agree that there was only so much they could do with the lack of interest and resources from SoftBank. I give the engineering team a lot of credit. The
  12. No doubt about that. T-Mobile also has a tremendous social media presence which magnifies and spreads any news or partnerships. Sprint was never very good at social media. All you had to do was look at the follower count and the level of engagement on Twitter/Facebook for both companies. Sprint trailed T-Mobile substantially on these metrics. T-Mobile was/is also better at getting press coverage because its PR/Comms team was/is simply better. So the Drone Racing League can essentially be as big as any other announcement T-Mobile would make. Each social media follower can see, engage
  13. That's a good point. Had Sprint's network been performing well, and had Sprint made substantial investments in NASCAR cities and venues during this timeframe, I would say that the NASCAR sponsorship would have been an extravagant expenditure. However, Sprint's network was already faltering, and this was only exacerbated further when it got the iPhone in Fall 2011. When I think of each million dollars sunk into a marketing or sponsorship effort that didn't result in any appreciable customer gains (and probably had no effect on retention either given the customer losses over that period), I can'
  14. Sprint also had huge sponsorship deals with NASCAR and the NBA. Of course, if you look at the customer metrics at the time, that's when the network began to get creaky and Sprint began to lose a substantial number of customers over time. Sprint would have been better off spending the money on the network instead and none on sponsorships. I'd love to see a customer survey of how many people stayed with Sprint because of its sponsorship agreements vs how many left because of a poor network experience. In fact, I'd love to see it broken down to a per-person cost. The bean-counters came in an
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