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  1. Didn’t sprint admit they won’t be able to compete without the merger?
  2. Are TV stations in your area still using it? They can’t roll it out until then
  3. Of course he knew. Ultimately Dan Hesse truly had a vision for Sprint. Him and Masa had two different visions so which is why he stepped down (or forced out). I really want this merger to go through so Sprint customers can stop suffering from poor leadership. Ive been with T-Mobile for almost a month now and I love it.
  4. It would be nice if it gets approved by end of the year. Idk if my T-Mobile iPhone X is compatible with band 41 though
  5. Do we know when the FCC & DOJ will review the merger? Someone online said the merger can be approved as early as October this year
  6. In the event the merger doesn’t go through, do you think Sprint will sell some of its band 41 spectrum to T-Mobile? since Sprint needs the $ and T-Mobile needs the high-band spectrum
  7. Yup I can’t wait. Luckily Sprint has a good amount b41 deployed in urban areas. So I would assume T-Mobile will have to do a carrier update for their phones that are b41 capable.
  8. Looking back I wish Dish acquired Sprint too. I think the two would have been great since they could offer many services to consumers and not to mention Dish had a good amount of Spectrum at that time. What Sprint and T-Mobile are trying to accomplish right now is what Dish and Sprint could have done years ago.
  9. That’s why I didn’t get to excited with Sprints network announcements. I had a feeling something was trouble. I’m sad to see them go but Band 41 will live on forever!!!
  10. Really good. Haven’t experienced any lag or hiccup. Also Volte works like a champ. Haven’t dropped a call yet
  11. I made the switch to T-Mobile and I’m very impressed with their service. I can only imagine what the combine network will feel like. all of that tea is concerning. I feel betrayed lol. They basically said their network won’t be as good to what they claim it will be months ago. Sprint needs the merger. Whether it’s with T-Mobile or Dish or whoever. Sprint had a good run though.
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