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The Goal
The goal is to have some fun and raise some money to support S4GRU.  We are currently also doing a raffle for the Moto X Pure Edition.  
But you iPhone fans have wanted us to also do one that you'd be interested in.  This one is for you!  If we can raise enough money to cover the device by 8 PM Eastern Time on Friday, September 25th, then we will schedule the raffle.  The device is shown in rose gold and white colors, but the contest winner can select the colors.
This device is not limited to only Sprint.  It comes fully unlocked, so the winner can use this device on most networks in the U.S. and many outside the U.S. too.
The Plan
If we are able to raise at least as much as the device costs us plus incidental charges like taxes and shipping, we will add any additional proceeds to the S4GRU general fund.  If we can't raise enough, we may cancel the project and offer to refund everyone their money.
And which model it ends up being depends on how much money we can raise.  If we raise just $700, it will be the 16GB.  For each additional $250 we collect beyond $700, we will give another $100 in upgrades toward upgrading to the 6s Plus or more memory.


We currently have raised enough that the contest winner will get to choose from the 128 GB iPhone 6s or 64GB iPhone 6s Plus model.  Further upgrade selections can be paid by the contest winner, if they so desire.

The Raffle
Each donation to the iPHONE 6s PROMO will receive a range of numbers, equating to one number for every dollar you donate.  The minimum donation to the cause is $10.  If you donate $10, you get a range of 10 numbers.  If you donate $100, you get a range of 100 numbers.  The more you donate, the greater your chances of winning.  There is no limit to the amount you can donate...in amount or frequency.  But it needs to be at least $10 per donation to the iPHONE 6s PROMO.
You will receive a Private Message (or email if you are not a S4GRU member) from S4GRU giving you your numbers after your donation.  Most likely within 8-12 hours, but could take a day or two.
We will stop accepting donations at 8PM Eastern on Friday, September 25th.  Any donations received after that time will not be counted toward this promotion.  I will announce when we will hold the drawing...we will do it in a live chat setting.  Date and time to be announced.  We will select a number at random using my random number generator app in my BlackBerry Z30.  You do not need to be present in the live chat to win.


All money donated to the raffle will be credited to your S4GRU accumulation total and will count toward future upgrades.  If you are not currently a S4GRU Sponsor, you will be given Sponsor status for six months with the minimum $10 raffle donation.

To Enter
Go to the S4GRU PayPal Donation section by clicking on this hyperlink or by going to the S4GRU Main Forums Page and clicking the donate button in the upper right hand corner.  Enter an amount you want to donate for this promotion, minimum $10.  In the notes section, tell us your screen name and type iPHONE 6s PROMO.  If you forget to do that in the PayPal donation, then send me a Message.  You will get a message response giving you your raffle numbers by 10 PM Eastern on 9/25/2015.  If you don't get them, message me.
S4GRU Membership is not required to enter.  S4GRU Staff Members and their families are ineligible to win.  Dollars spent on the promotion will count toward future member upgrades.  There is no cash value of the prize.  S4GRU will pay the shipping costs to the winner.  The device is unlocked and Apple says it is compatible with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile.  Band 30 support on AT&T may not be available.  It likely can be used on many more networks, but S4GRU cannot guarantee operability on any network.  A SIM card purchase for the winner's preferred network may be required and is not paid by S4GRU.  This contest is void where prohibited.  Pre-scheduled automatic recurring payments to S4GRU during the contest period will not be eligible for entry in the contest.  The contest may be subject to amendment or cancellation as necessary.

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We are now half way to our funding goal on the iPhone 6s raffle.  Keep donating and push us over our $700 minimum to ensure this raffle occurs.  You can donate as many times as you want, minimum $10 each donation.  The more you donate, the more chances you have in winning.  Some like to cover as much of the board as possible by getting there number spread out.  You can do that by entering multiple times.

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Someone should post this on /r/apple


You misspelled it:  /r/affle.





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We are now 3/4 of the way to funding at least the 16GB model.  Please keep donating!  The more you enter, the more chances you have to win!  ;)



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We are less than $100 from the minimum funding for the iPhone 6s raffle.  Keep the donations coming and close the deal.  Remember, you can donate more than once!

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We now have received enough donations to minimum fund the 16GB model.  So those of you who were waiting to donate until there was a guaranteed prize, now is your time.  Donate and join the raffle today!



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Hey Robert, where do we stand? Are we getting close to the next higher option?


I need to log last night's and today's donations.  But I'm guessing we are around $825-$850 on the iPhone.  We need to get to $950 on the iPhone drawing to get to the next level.  Which would upgrade the model to 64GB iPhone 6s or 16GB iPhone 6s Plus.  Whichever the winner prefers.


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We now have taken in enough donations that the winner will get a choice between a 16GB iPhone 6s Plus or a 64GB iPhone 6s. Keep donating and maybe we can get to the next model level. Thanks for all who have joined.


Using Tapatalk on BlackBerry Z30

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