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  1. I imagine they are. But I don't know for fact. Robert
  2. They have already refarmed a lot of PCS for LTE. Most of America is down to 1 or 2 CDMA carriers.
  3. I also think there is a TAC transition there south of Southcenter too, if memory serves. A transition area with a very weak signal and lots of noise from weak distant sites) would result in a lot of drops. A strong localized signal far over the noise floor is required in this location for VoLTE calls. Robert
  4. I just got the same email. Hopefully it will hold all our pins. Robert
  5. Based on what we're seeing in the field, it doesn't look like it. Besides, I don't really think they can. Until merging is fully approved, they have to keep their businesses going as if they will be separate. Otherwise, it opens them up to a lot of problems with approving jurisdictions, the SEC and shareholders. And even customers for that matter. You don't want to open yourself up to a lot of criticism and controversy when you are so close to getting approved. I'd be surprised if even the Tmo report was true. It may be coincidental. Like they are running out of the work that was already planned before the merger talk started and now it is becoming difficult to make new plans while in limbo, so they are focusing on capacity in the short term. Something along those lines. It would be shocking if Tmo was just deciding to scrap their existing plans and do noting because a merger is being sought. Robert
  6. S4GRU

    One Plus 7 Pro 5G

    My OnePlus 2 is still in use. It's a rock solid device. My 13 year old son uses it, and was a hand me down from his two older sisters. After I used it initially for nearly 1-1/2 years. It's as good as the day I bought it, over four years ago. Although no wireless charging on a flagship device nowadays is unforgivable! It was even a let down back in 2015 when the OnePlus 2 came out that it didn't have wireless charging. Robert
  7. Yeah, the worst I have seen the 3x3 perform was 2-3Mbps, and that was in early deployment when sites were islands. Now that there is good density with 3x3, it's typically 5-15Mbps in most places. Whereas Tmo's 5x5 L700 is 0-5Mbps in most places I travel (especially in Mason and Thurston counties). The South Mountain site in Mason County (my home site) is worthless from Tmo. Speed tests time out most of the time. If I can get any throughput, it's like 200-300kbps. From a -95dBm signal. Also from home, I can get Sprint on 3x3 with Sprint on a -115dBm signal and get about 5Mbps. But I also get a 10x10 on a -118dBm signal that pushes 20Mbps. I can't get the Tmo 10x10 on B4 at all from my house. Unless I go outside. And then it still performs slightly worse than the Sprint 3x3. To all you doubters about 3x3, RAvirani and I can attest to Sprint being a great network in Western Washington. Even with 3x3 on Band 26. And it's probably because they feel they have to manage it aggressively. And they should. They probably should do the same nationwide. Robert
  8. Between me personally and work phones, I have an active line on Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile (and access to USCC via Google Fi). Just currently no AT&T lines. Robert
  9. It's 5x5, 10x10 or 15x15, depending on county. Robert
  10. Also, we are going to see a HUGE RANGE of speeds with 5G. The maximum speeds is when you have a perfect signal and conditions on all streams with perfect backhaul conditions ON A SERVER THAT CAN HANDLE THE THRUPUT. Perfect signal conditions on so many streams will be very rare in normal usage. So we will see the gamut in the wild between 50Mbps-750Mbps. Not to mention differences in vendors. If you think Sprint's 5G inconsistency is something, check out the inconsistency at Verizon. At least Sprint can get some consistent coverage going. TwoDotFive has turned out to be low band for 5G (at least compared to the others). Robert
  11. Here in Western Washington the 3x3 B26 LTE carrier works better than Sprint's 5x5 in most markets. The key is having a robust network on other bands, good density and aggressive band switching when other bands are available. Samsung and Sprint have nailed it here. One of the best markets in the country. Robert
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