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  1. IKEA Chair My son Joey and his friend, Emeryville California IKEA July 2005
  2. Not to take this too far off topic, but yes. I have been bit by a black widow and brown recluse. One gave me a gnarly scar and the other made me think I was having a heart attack. Now let me put myself in the corner.
  3. A S4GRU Moderator did take action in this instance. Posting privileges temporarily removed. Robert
  4. Ehhh, I don't think the rougher waters is not technical in nature. It started when some Democratic lawmakers started to speak negatively. Their friends on the bureaucratic side are starting to explore their concerns. That's my theory. It was all but approved until the publicly made negative comments started. Robert
  5. Let's be careful with the political commentary. Please stay within the rules https://s4gru.com/forums/topic/1197-s4gru-posting-guidelines-aka-the-rulez/ Robert
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