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  1. http://tofgis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=b8c0bf05828c4104afb878b1d8f61c61 From this article https://www.theindychannel.com/news/call-6-investigators/fishers-homeowners-concerned-about-5g-rollout
  2. Well that game didn't go well. https://t.co/UoCWLKW1z0

  3. That had to feel great for J-Hey https://t.co/LX0G5LbOB1

  4. RT @digby56: Remember when Republicans made fun of John Kerry because he was a rich guy? https://t.co/qoMOYKPEQ9

  5. I think @BleacherNation needs to bring back the Where Are They Now series https://t.co/HbN0hOcEl4

  6. I miss Bill Hicks.

  7. Of course @Gizmodo Ingress has lots of portals in graveyards, so this shouldn't be a surprise. It's all the same data.

  8. RT @DexterFowler: Pretttttttttttttttty amazing I get to share my first all star experience with my brothers https://t.co/6Yv8qpm4Vy

  9. What is the best #sports website? My vote goes to @bleachernation https://t.co/gcabGghJPV

  10. RT @IowaCubs: Tommy La Stella's got moves ???? https://t.co/3HQ2dWjFvM

  11. Good thing they play most of the second half at home. https://t.co/F5DxujCX1E

  12. Great news! Bring on the pitchers! https://t.co/HYCREim3b1

  13. RT @sahadevsharma: Dexter Fowler said he turned up the intensity with his running today. Ran in curves and zig zags and felt no pain. Still…

  14. So you are saying everyone should back away from the cliff? https://t.co/mdpQOzkRi7

  15. RT @jeimer24C: ???????????? Day

  16. RT @BeschlossDC: LBJ signed Civil Rights Act at White House, today 1964: https://t.co/zTheFzWRVJ

  17. An awesome performance. Hopefully he saved a little for the game Wednesday that I am attending. https://t.co/omVzfRxOUH

  18. Twitter is so much better when the Cubs win.

  19. Well I guess @indianablood could use some of my vital fluids. https://t.co/USAPvQbqj1

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